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What is the revolution in the new evolving Catholic theology and the new western Catholic Mass ?

The summary is paradigm change of which we have all rolled into one package the following, egalitarianism, masonic philosophies, irenicism, protest theology of the Mass, the awakening of man, enlightenment, secular humanism, moral relativism, liberation theology, modernism, progressivism, the denunciation of royalism, nobility, theocracy and tridentine Catholicism, the promotion of conciliarism, Catholic democracy, the resurrecting of the old covenant as no logner abrogated, socialism, feminism, women’s liberation, syncretism, and most of all…… the Mass as a Holy meal and a celebratory sacrifice of praise ( which is a heresy)

What is the traditional Roman Catholic Mass and its authentic soteriology.

Grace is the only way any human achieves salvation. The main Sacrament of seven Sacraments is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the primary means to which grace is attained and sustained . This is a Sacrifice of God The Son to God the Father – by ONE consecrated ordained celibate Priest who during the Canon of the Mass becomes “the” Christ ‘en persona’ Christi’ in the person of Christ, offering a substitutionary oblation for sin . A solemn rending of our hearts on our knees in joining our human sacrifice through the immaculate mother of God and into the sacred heart of Jesus and his divinity in union with both the Saints, the eternal magisterium of the Catholic Church and all of our dead that we name during the Sacrifice. A solemn propitiation for our sin into his hypostasis is the Catholic Mass in a never ending last and 7th Covenant between God and mankind in exchange for salvation

This is the established form of absolute truth and the infallible teachings of the mystical body of Christ , the Holy Roman Catholic Church outside of which there is no salvation


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A New poll in the US shows among the major orders in the US there were NO = Zero vocations in 2016  – Less than 20% of the orders have their fingers crossed on the Cross for ONE vocation to make vows in 2017 and less than 10% two persons per order making vows

Meanwhile the young people in both the US and abroad are flocking to the Traditional Orders of Our Restoration Movement . Our Pope denounced them and all of us as Pelagians ! Look at the clerical person’s face standing next to the Holy Father as the Pope says these words, on the link.

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As the 2018 Roman Forum kicked off in Italy this summer (2018), RTV released a little explanatory video of this event from last year, this to help all Catholics–whether able to travel to Italy or not–take some comfort and hope in this traditional Catholic leadership conference of Catholic activists from all over the world who are not giving up, who are fighting back, and who are committed to the Traditional Latin Mass and the proclamation of the social Kingship of Jesus. The Traditional Catholic counterrevolution is rising.


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The agreement the Vatican has been working towards with full Communion with the Orthodox was – as just explained to the Pope a very small percentage of the Orthodox

The majority still have major doctrinal differences – their Patriarch’s advised them not to attend – the Pope basically then said in the homily – (paraphrasing) We have to start blowing off doctrine and differences


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