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On The Conciliar Church Boris Pasternak quoting Doctor Zhivago

Reform or Revolution ?

“That’s a very naïve statement’,  said Pogorevhikh, ‘What you call disorder is just as normal a state of things as the order you are so keen on. All this destruction – it’s the right and proper preliminary stage of a wide construction plan. Society has not yet disintegrated sufficiently. It must fall to pieces completely, then a genuine revolutionary government will put the pieces together on a completely new basis. Yury felt sick. He went out into the corridor”

Professor James Daly of McMaster University of Ontario NCR 1977

“It is one thing to pull off a revolution , quite another to do so and then have the gall to pretend nothing ‘substantial’ has been changed. It is not enough for our liturgical Robespierres to win; they must go on to claim that they never used the guillotine”

Free Love, Divorce, and Homosexuality as Goals of the Revolution – American TFP

The Communism Connection Of The Spreading Of The Extreme Socialist Position To Undermine Marriage And Traditional Families


Schizophrenia Reigns “Vatican archbishop: Critics of Pope Francis are not faithful to Tradition” | News | LifeSite

His reasoning is an hysterical must read – straight out of the revolutionary Catholic evolution theories of the dissident Jesuit theologian Pierre Tielhard de Chardin


Vatican Archbishop Makes Up His Own “Truth” –On  gloria.tv

He calls Francis’ distortion of the Faith a “development of the doctrine”


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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: Pope Francis vs. the Catholic ChurchRTV’s ‘Sunday Sermons from South St. Paul’ blows the lid off Pope Francis’s attempt to change the constant teaching of the Catholic Church on capital punishment. In what surely must be one of the most courageous sermons of 2018, this diocesan priest takes the gloves off and asks:

“What’s it going to be? The constant teaching established by Scripture, doctors and fathers of the Church, sainted popes and God Himself? Or that which rests on the whim of Pope Francis, who seems to think the Catholic Church’s binding teaching is whatever his opinion happens to be.”

God help us, what is this man thinking, that in the middle of the most outrageous clerical sex scandal to date he decides it’s time to go after capital punishment…

Listen to what an inspiring traditional Catholic sermon sounds like from a fearless man of God- preceding the Sacrifice of the Canon of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass !


The Absolute “No” To the Death Penalty. A Victory For the Gospel, Or For “Secular Humanism”? – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


EWTN Papal Posse on Pope’s new death penalty ban – YouTube


Roberto de Mattei: Is the Death Penalty Intrinsically Evil? On The Remnant Newspaper


Pope The Remnant Newspaper – The Death Penalty, Instituted by God Himself (The Biblical Basis for Catholic Teaching on Capital Punishment)


Allowing death penalty is Catholic doctrine and cannot be overturned: two Catholic profs | News | LifeSite


Pope’s C9 A Microcosm Of Everything That Is Wrong With The Church

Expert Results Of Curial Reform Decidedly Haphazard – CNS


Revolution continues in Wisconsin Catholic Churches

Retreats for ‘gay priests, brothers’ and ‘lesbian sisters’ to take place in Milwaukee archdiocese | News | LifeSite


Church Revolution In Photos – Italian Bishop embraces ‘married’ homo priest- On TIA


Austrian Abbot Quits Over Clerical Sex Abuse Fatigue – On CMTV

https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/austria \

Catholics tell Cdl. Cupich: Clerical sex abuse ‘has everything to do with homosexuality’ | News | LifeSite


The best way to get bishops covering up sex abuse to resign | The Pulse | LifeSite


The New World Order , The EU, Masonry, And Mainstream Catholic Infiltration | TCE |


The Roots Of Modernism And The Infiltration Of Ecclesial Freemasonry Into The New Catholic Church | TCE |


Places in Fort Greene, NYC: An Untapped Cities Guide | Untapped Cities

Historical Sites Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Fort Greene is home to several architectural masterpieces, the most famous among these being the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. Built in 1909, this Masonic granite temple is regarded as one of the most beautiful structures in the United States and features an impressive brick, marble and terra cotta exterior. According to The New York Times, the original intent of this structure was to be a meeting place for the Masons of Brooklyn (hence the name). In 1977, it was then sold to a “clandestine” Mason group. This group couldn’t afford the daunting cost of upkeep, so they rented out the space on a regular basis. The building now serves as a concert venue, “Masonic Boom,” and is part of the Fort Greene Historic District, which includes the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and Fort Greene Park (more on the park’s history to come). Right next to it is another architectural masterpiece, the Queen of All Saints Church, built in the gothic revival style from 1910 to 1913. Address: 317 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

August 7 – Opponent of Gregory VII – (Henry IV) – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


August 8 – They hated him because he enforced celibacy of the clergy – Bl. Altmann

On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


August 8 – Princes, prelates, and priests revealed their consciences to him – Bl. Peter Faber Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Reliquary of Bl. Altmann of Passau in the Church of Göttweig Abbey – Photo by Bwag –