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Pope Francis’ appointment of Jesuits to lead Vatican offices an ‘anomaly’ in church’s history | National Catholic Reporter

The Jesuit Religion vs. Catholicism and The Power of The New Jesuitism / A Jesuit coup? Speculation rises of a Vatican takeover by the Pope’s own religious order | News | LifeSite

A Pope With the “Myth” of the People – Magister On Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso

More on the Bergoglian Myth of “the People.” – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

Catholics urged to divulge ‘eco-sins’ during Confession as Bishops launch a new environmental campaign – On Telegralh UK

“Carthago delenda est! (So, what about Vatican II?) By Father Michael Johnson, FSSPX  – On The Remnant Newspaper

50 Years of the New Mass: The Making of the Roman Missal – FSSPX.News

Golden Anniversary of a Leaden Project: Why the Traditional Mass Will Outlast Its Replacement – On Catholic Family News

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On Vatican II – ‘No One Can Go Against the Traditional Teaching of the Catholic Church!’ – On TIA

De Mattei: Who was the worst Pope in the history of the Church?  On Rorate

Approval Of Communism Continues Into Tragedy

Financial Corruption Continues

The Corruption Of Theology And The Despoiling Of Sacred Tradition Continues

The Heresies Of Pope Francis’ Bishops Come To Light

Climatized Socialism

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In Sacred devotional news for the day and date

The Altar of St Francis Xavier in Rome – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

An Altarpiece of St Barbara – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Michigan Church Treasure Trove of Saints’ Relics – Keeping the legacy of St. Nicholas — and many other saints — alive – On CMTV

Restoring the Feast of St. Nicholas by Rachel L. Lozowski – On TIA

December 6 -Life of Good Saint Nicholas from Legenda Aurea by Jacobus de Voragine On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites Here beginneth the Life of Saint Nicholas the Bishop.

St Nicholas Saving Three Innocents from Decapitation by Palmerino Di Guido.


















Pro-life News Round-Up For 1st Week In January – A Strong Counter Revolution Increases In Strength

David Daleiden Sues PP Exec for Defamation – Savita Ginde called undercover videos ‘fake news’ – On CMTV

Ambulance Transports Woman to Hospital from Rhode Island Planned Parenthood as Suspected Tissue Trafficking there Continues – On Abortion 9-11

Dec 3rd – Chicago Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Hemorrhaging Abortion Patient for 12th Time in 20 Months – On Operation Rescue

Elizabeth Warren dreams of wearing Planned Parenthood scarf ‘when I’m sworn in as president’ – On Live Action

New Discovery – Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic May Still be Selling Baby Parts From Aborted Babies |

Republican Senator Susan Collins Votes Against President Trump’s Pro-Life Judicial Nominee |

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine opposed her party Tuesday when she voted against one of President Donald Trump’s conservative judicial nominees.

Collins was the only Republican who voted against Sarah Pitlyk as a federal judge for the Eastern District of Missouri, The Hill reports.

Pro-life lawyer who defended David Daleiden confirmed as federal district judge | News | LifeSite

I’m a former abortionist. Here’s my plea to LeRoy Carhart | LifeSite

Georgia Senate pick with ties to abortion industry now says she supports heartbeat bill | News | LifeSite

Hollywood And The Culture Of Death – Mark Ruffalo and Danny Devito Celebrate Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz That Kills Babies |

St. Louis Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes 75th Woman as Abortion License Hangs in the Balance Over Patient Dangers – On Operation Rescue

China’s horrific abortion regime is worse than anyone can imagine. Here’s proof | LifeSite

College Rejects Pro-Life Group on Campus: It Would “Cause Stress for the Student Body” |

Studies Show Suicide Rate for Women Having Abortions is Higher Than Women Giving Birth |

Planned Parenthood Sued by Unattended Woman Who Fell off a Table and Broke Her Neck – On Operation Rescue

New Abortion Litmus Test for Democratic Attorneys General – No support for AG candidates who fail to back killing of unborn – On CMTV

When it’s Not Too Late: Can the Abortion Pill be Reversed? – Focus on the Family

Pro-Life Nations Reject UN’s Cultural Colonialism on Abortion, Population – On The Daily Signal

Ohio bill would ban abortion under usual murder laws  Rep.: ‘The time for regulating evil & compromise is over’

Ohio introduces personhood bill to recognize all abortions as murder | News | LifeSite

New York Law Forces Churches and Christian Groups to Hire Pro-Abortion Employees |

Appeal Filed in ‘Goliath vs. David’ Legal Battle – On CMTV

Abortions in the United States Hit All-Time Low, More Babies Saved From Abortion Than Ever CDC reports a 24% decline since 2009 |

Louisiana Abortion Mill Accused of Hiding Evidence -Hope Medical Group failed to report rape of underage girls – On CMTV

Louisiana AG: Abortion center broke the law, then tried to cover it up | News | LifeSite

The Judas Complex -With US bishops, actions speak louder than words – On CMTV

Indian government body touts ‘world’s first male contraceptive’ to reduce population | News | LifeSite

Shocking  -U.S. Bishops’ Pro-Life Chairman Joins Pro-Life Coalition in Asking President to Oppose Amendment Enriching Global Abortion Providers

Catholic Group Quits UK’s Cardiff Univ After Pro-Abortion -Anglican and Methodist students vote against Catholics – By Jules Gomes On CMTV

Doctor offering free ultrasounds to women called ‘cruel and inhumane’ – On Live Action

Pro-abortion billionaire Michael Bloomberg joins presidential race, fearing weakness of other Dems | News | LifeSite

Germany video: Muslim migrant breaks alcohol bottles, tries to set the alcohol on fire, causes $1100 in damage  – On Robert Spencer’s Site

NATO Member Turkey to Begin Testing Russian S-400 Defense System – On Breitbart

Netanyahu: Israel to Take all Necessary Actions Against Iranian Aggression – On Breitbart\

Hollywood And The Culture Of Death – Mark Ruffalo and Danny Devito Celebrate Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz That Kills Babies |

From The Recent Archives

Pro-Life News Round Up For The 3rd Week Of November 2019 | TCE |

The Forgotten Pro-Life Movement Against The Revolution Of Euthanasia In The News Round Up | TCE |

December 5 – Noble matron faithful unto death -St. Crispina On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Crispina


The Satanic, The 5th And Final Revolution Begins On The Stepping Stones Of The Tribalism Movement


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Catholics Mobilize for Huge Protest Against Satanic Black Mass in Houston – TFP Student Action

In This 5th Satanic Revolution Era-  If They Escape Contraception and Abortion – The Enemy Will Try To Get Them To Kill themselves

Three Powerful Ways to Prevent the Tragedy of Young Children Committing Suicide – TFP

5 excuses education radicals use to corrupt your children in school | Which Includes Homosexual expression or gender “transition” will prevent suicide. | LifeSite

More Satanic Movement Evidence On Gloria Tv

Even more evidence of the satanic 5th revolution

The 5th Revolution – The Satanic – There is a need for child sacrifice

The movement must have its religious and political leaders – and it is forbidden to forbid them from teaching to our families

From The Recent Archives On Topic

When Jesus our savior refused Satan To Be the Prince Of All Of Fallen Creation – from the top of the parapit and Jesus rebuked him We are reminded that he could not create as much as a single bee or a single bird- The enemy of the world promised that one day he would create something and everyone would begin to worship it . That day has arrived as prophesied His creation is the transvestite and it now it will rise to power over whole countries and the world’s stage will be divided and wars will begin to fight for the worship of  “IT”

The 3rd Gender Rises To Power With The Intent Of Being Worshiped | TCE |

Armies Of Orcs-The Creation Of The 3rd Sex – And The Emergence Of A Transsexual Church | TCE |

Real Life Traditional Catholic Answers And Actions to The Satanic Revolution

  • A Review of the Prof. Roberto de Mattei Book: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Prophet of the Reign of Mary By Norman Fulkerson The age of the reign of Mary on the heals of the era of chastisement
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Anyone? –By Fr. John Perricone  PhD— Concerns the timeline of the Revolution, the Modernist threat and the age-old remedy to defeat it: The Angelic Doctor – On CHRISTIFIDELES
  • Vatican postpones beatification of Fulton Sheen after request by some US bishops | News | LifeSite In 1947, Archbishop Sheen in a memorable radio sermon laid out the dozen or so tricks the anti-Christ will use to destroy Christians. Like the devil, whose trademark signature is to twist the truth to sell sin, so the anti-Christ, according to Sheen, will twist the minds of men to make them believe he is the “Great Humanitarian” who will “talk peace, prosperity, and plenty.”“He will write books on the new idea of God to suit the way people live. He will invoke religion to destroy religion. He will even speak of Christ and say that he was the greatest man who ever lived,” he said. “In the midst of all his seeming love for humanity and his glib talk of freedom and equality, he will have one great secret which he will tell to no one; he will not believe in God,” he continued. “And because his religion will be brotherhood without the fatherhood of God, he will deceive even the elect.” 

December 4  – St. Peter Chrysologus, By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA

December 4 – Saint Osmund, founder of the Cathedral system of Church governance – – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

December 4 – Saint Barbara – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

In the 12th century, the relics of Saint Barbara were brought from Constantinople to the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, where they were kept until the 1930s, when they were transferred to St. Vladimir’s Cathedral in the same city.



The Transsexual Movement’s March Into The Roman Catholic Church


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The Heretic Father Jimmy Leads The Revolution Deeper Into The Church

Cardinals Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests Knee Deep In Homosexual Corruption – As OurFaithful Catholic Laity Call For A Reform Of The Novus Ordo

The Culture Begins To Wake Up

The Trans Movement To Create A Third Sex Is After The Children !

In The Recent Archives On This Topic

The Transsexual Movement Element Of The Revolution Is Being Led By Our Catholic Church – The Dominoes Fall From The Top | TCE |

Papal honors for Courage director point to clear Catholic witness – Group supports former homosexuals who aim to live chastely, faithfully – CNA

Keep The Horse – Nobility and Analogous Traditional ElitesRudolph, Count of Hapsburg, whilst hunting one day, observed a priest carrying the Viaticum to the sick, whereupon he immediately alighted, and insisted on the priest mounting in his place. The offer was accepted.

Pope Francis News Round Up – Marxism Economies Push – Vatican II Masonry- Tribalism and One World Church Movements – The Marks Of This Pontificate



 Top Stories and Videos

Watch “The Third Secret and the Crisis in the Church (Christopher Ferrara)” with review on the highlights of Iota Unam – On YouTube

Archbishop Viganò: Vatican II’s Nostra Aetate Exhibits “Terrible Discontinuity” with Pre-Conciliar Magisterium – Matt Gaspers On Catholic Family News

On the shortage of priests  -A statistical analysis of the evolution of the clerical and lay populations of the Church since Vatican II By Jack P. Oostveen On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Pope praises document about God willing diversity of religions in ‘interreligious dialogue’ speech | News | LifeSite

Pachamama and the Gods of Ancient Greece. The Lesson of Paul in Athens – By Sandro Magister On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Watch –  IMPEACHMENT: The Pope Francis Edition – On The Remnant TV

Signatory Defends “Protest against Pope Francis’s Sacrilegious Acts” – Catholic Family News

Why Is Pope Francis So Fond Of Tyrants by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

This week: The US bishops test relations with Rome | Catholic Culture

Pope Francis ” Dispute ideas, pope tells theologians, but don’t confuse the faithful like I do ”   | Archdiocese of Baltimore – On

The Pope’s Financial Scandals

Marxism Support In This Pontificate and The Resistance Movement

Man Made Climate Change Is The Population Control of Liberation Theologians And Marxists Around The Globe As We Evolve To Killing Our Children For A Greater Good


The Egalitarianism Movement Of Sacraments Suppression By The Pope’s Men

From The Recent Archives On This Topic

Pope Francis Pontificate Escalates Into Full Revolution In All Categories In The News Round-Up | TCE |

AMAZON SACRILEGE: Christmas Novena of Reparation – The Remnant Newspaper –

The Arian Islamic Origins Of Communism Faces Down The Western World With Strong Support From Within Our Own | TCE |

December 3 – St. Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Castillo de Javier, in the province of Navarra, España.The castle of the Xavier family

Sacred Tradition News Round Up On The Feast Of OL Of The Miraculous Medal


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Important Article On Living a Liturgical Life: The Catholic Liturgical Year – Important Terms -On The Fatima Network

Paul VI’s Contempt for Catholics Who Did Not Welcome the Liturgical Reform –  By Peter Kwasniewski On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Sorting Out Difficulties in Liturgical Allegiance – By Peter Kwasniewski On OnePeterFive

O Felix Culpa: The Unknown Story of the First Australian Mass – Again It Was The Irish – On FSSPX.News

The Feast of All Saints – At The Remnant’s  Catholic Identity Conference  Pontifical Mass Photopost with Bishop Schneider in Pittsburgh – On The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest

Farnborough Abbey, Pontifical Requiem, Schola Sainte Cécile Ordinariate Mass in Philadelphia to Celebrate Newman Canonization, October 15

On Tuesday, October 15th, a solemn Mass in the Ordinariate Use will take place at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, to celebrate the canonization of Bl. John Henry Newman. The vicar general of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, Father Timothy Perkins, will celebrate and preach; a polyphonic choir will sing Harold Darke’s Communion in F for the Ordinary, and a chancel schola will sing the Propers of Mass in Gregorian chant. The Mass will begin at 7pm; the cathedral is located at 1723 Race Street.

Ordinariate Rite Mass for the Feast of Blessed John Henry Newman — Holy Rosary Parish

Polish Archbishop Reaffirms Christ As King of Poland – Abp. Michalik: Power of Christ’s Cross trumps Satan’s kingdom of sin – On CMTV

Packed Houston Rally in Reparation for Black Mass Thousands of Christians united in prayer across the country – ( Organized By The TFP )- Reported On By CMTV

Catholic Masculinity Series: Following the Model of St Joseph – By Kennedy Hall On The Fatima Center

The Devil’s Fallen Angels Escalate The Battle In Brazil: No Giant Statue to Our Lady of Aparecida – On  FSSPX.News

Three Reasons Why Chick-fil-A’s Bad Decision Matters – Corporate America Installs a New Dictatorship  On Return to Order

7 Reasons to Declare A New Marian Dogma Now – Mary Co-redemptrix – Mark Miravali On Mother Of All Peoples

From The Recent Archives On Sacred Tradition

The Blessed Virgin, The Knights Of Our Lady And Tradition Have Always Been Relied On In Eras Of Church Crisis | TCE |

From The Files On Local small “t” tradition

Traditional Catholic Used Books Go Up For Sale –

Booksale: Belloc, Hymnals, Chant Books, etc. –By  Peter Kwasniewski On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Look What Disney Movies Have Become – = Review of Disney show Villainous by Elizabeth Lozowski -On TIA

Iconic Watchtower  Sign Of The Jehovahs Witnesses Arian Cult Finally Falls – Sign in Brooklyn Replaced with WELCOME Sign – Untapped New York

Lyndhurst Gothic Revival Mansion Tarrytown NY

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 3

November 27 – St. Maximus , , Bishop of Riez, Confessor – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 27 – The king who made France “First-born daughter of the Church” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 27 – St. Peter of Alexandria, By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On Tradition In Action

November 27 – Feast of  Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal – Final Novena Prayers On America Needs Fatima


The Forgotten Pro-Life Movement Against The Revolution Of Euthanasia In The News Round Up


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Watch Live: New Suicide Drug Is The Real Red Flag – On Info Wars

Survey: 84% of Dutch Pediatricians Want Euthanasia for Kids -Push for killing off children continues – On CMTV

Colorado Catholic Hospital Sued for Disallowing Euthanasia As A Terminally ill patient sues Centura Health for refusing assisted suicide – By Christine Niles On CMTV

Media tout questionable study claiming abortion doesn’t increase suicide attempts | News | LifeSite

 ‘Dr. Death,’ inventor of ‘suicide pod,’ unveils suicide livestream service  Inventor of ‘suicide pod’ unveils livestream service Nitschke watches suicide in real time to boost ‘quality | News | LifeSite

Suicide: Human Right or Human Tragedy? | On New Oxford Review

NYPD Cop Allegedly Commits Suicide, Eighth This Year – On Breitbart

NJ Assisted Suicide Law Now in Full Effect – On CMTV

Shock article: Assisted suicide should be allowed for prison inmates – On Live Action

Woman with terminal cancer: ‘Assisted suicide is not the answer’ – On Live Action

Gov’t-appointed ‘guardian’ forbids all contact with elderly woman at hospice, treats her ‘worse than prisoner’ | News | LifeSite

After photos of her deteriorating condition were shared, the guardian has also told the facility no one can photograph Marian Leonard.

Murder as ‘Mercy’ —The Encroaching Culture Of Death | On CMTV’s| The Download

WATCH This Key Video : Doctor exposes how poorly medical community treats ‘brain-dead’ patients | News | LifeSite

 Dutch euthanasia doctor on trial for restraining, then killing resistant woman | News | LifeSite

Another Forced Euthanasia – TX Hospital to Pull the Plug on Toddler – In CMTV 


Euthanasia UPDATED: Facebook posts contradict Seattle archdiocese claims on parishioner’s planned suicide

 Archbishop granted Catholic funeral to gay right-to-die activist before he killed himself | News | LifeSite

U of Michigan hospital trying to yank life support from 14-year-old boy
against parents’ wishes | News | LifeSite

Dutch euthanasia doctor on trial for restraining, then killing resisting woman | News | LifeSite

Woman Took Her 89-Year-Old Aunt to the Hospital. Doctors Said She Had Pneumonia, Offered to Kill Her |

Medical Genocide: Hidden Mass Murder in China’s Organ Transplant Industry – On

Neurologist exposes ‘brain death’ myth behind multi-billion-dollar organ transplant industry | News | LifeSite

China is harvesting organs from Falun Gong members, finds expert panel – Reuters

Woman Narrowly Escapes Hospital Trying to Yank Her Life Support Without Consent, Transferred to New Clinic |

Oregon Suicide Laws Remove Protections for Vulnerable Patients

Ontario court: Doctors must refer patients for abortion, assisted suicide – On CNA

Costa Rica doctors accused of illegally harvesting organs for U.S. clients face trial | News | LifeSite

Cardinal Sarah laments death of ‘martyr’ Vincent Lambert, a victim of euthanasia | News | LifeSite

VIDEO: Doctor exposes how poorly medical community treats ‘brain-dead’ patients – Euthanasia /Organ Harvesting

‘Don’t be an organ donor’: Dr. Paul Byrne – On YouTube

From The Key Archives On This Important Subject

Death Too Soon | Organ Harvesting -Expose’ On Mic’d Up

Find out about the sins and the evils of organ donating that only the few and the devout are completely aware of

Life Guardian Foundation   To Protect and Preserve Life

Breaking News On The Hidden Pro-Life Movement Against Brain Death – Organ Harvesting Industry – Forced Euthanasia | TCE |

Involuntary Euthanasia The Overlooked Pro-life Battle In The News Round Up | TCE |

November 26 – St. Leonard of Port Maurice – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 26 – How a Catholic Queen gave Spain its Golden Age – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Queen Isabella I (“The Catholic”)

Monument to Isabella of Castile, erected in Madrid in 1883. The Queen is guided by Gonzalo de Córdoba.

The Blessed Virgin, The Knights Of Our Lady And Tradition Have Always Been Relied On In Eras Of Church Crisis


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Dr William Mahrt on The Mass of the Americas – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Canon Jean Moreau Featured In Pontifical Mass Of The Americas 2019 in Wash DC Cathedral

he example of Madame Elisabeth of France – When the majority had abandoned the authentic faith

Approved prayer to ask for the intercession of the Servant of God Elisabeth of France “Adorable Heart of Jesus, in recognition of Your infinite charity, I give you my heart.”

Authority Is From God, but Also for Him – By By Michael Whitcraft On Return to Order

Peasants at the Palace Gates – On

Pope Cites Fictional French Epic to Prove Christians Are Violent – On Breitbart

Have the bones of Queen Emma been found in Winchester Cathedral? • The Crown Chronicles

When the Norse God Thor and Our Lord Met in Battle – By Massimo Scapin On OnePeterFive

Gaucher de Châtillon Dies Defending St. Louis IX of France – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Mary, Who Will Crush the Head of the Serpent – On OnePeterFive

Fatima, the catechism of Mary: God and sin – On FSSPX.News

Who Painted the First Picture of Our Lady? – By Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira On The American TFP

Announcing The Arrival of The Queen! – The Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts

England’s ‘Return to Walsingham’? Catholics readying country’s rededication as ‘Our Lady’s Dowry’  – On CMTV

Pope Pius,XII Approved Apparition – Our Lady of Revelation series – Sensus Fidelium

Did Our Lady Have a Sister? -The Answer Is No On

Sainte Anne and the Immaculate Conception -On FSSPX.News

Lessons From Our Lady of the Good Encounter – The American TFP

Consecration Aids: 1: A Challenge? – The Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts

Will Rome fall for the Medjugorje hoax? – On Crisis Magazine

Vatican Order Undermines The Order Of Virginity –

Vatican: Consecrated virgins no longer have to be virgins | News | LifeSite

Paix Liturgique – Traditional Spiritual Retreats For All Priests With A Benedict XVI Quote

Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times (Part 1) – YouTube

🔥🔥 HELL IS REAL 🔥🔥 -WARNING- this video contains disturbing images ( a scary reminder) – On

10 Over-the-Top Holiday Decorations You Can See in NYC This Season | Untapped Cities

Recommended Books

The Time Honored Three Hearts Tradition – Book – As Followed By Cardinal Raymond L. Burke

New Book Sheds More Light on Recent Approved Apparitions Of The Three Hearts On NC Register

The Crusader of the 20th Century: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – Chapter VI, 12. The postconciliar crisis explodes and tradition answers the revolution

A Handbook on Guadalupe: Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate:

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Tendencies, Ideas, and Facts – by A.S. Guimaraes based in Plinio Correa de Oliveira

Like the large and venomous snake above, the action of the secret forces is camouflaged everywhere in society. The naive don’t see the danger, and don’t believe in a conspiracy against Christendom.  National Geographic, August 2004

New Book Sheds More Light on Recent Approved Apparitions Of The Three Hearts On NC Register

The premier version of the Little Office that we use

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Rare 1954 3rd Order Franciscan Edition issued by Pope Pius XII – Large Print w/ English and Latin side by Side

Give us his spirit of Elias so that, filled with zeal, which molds heroes and martyrs, and prudence, which chooses the best means to achieve the end, we may again be united for the good of the Counter-Revolution

Servitudo ex Caritate .pdf

Servitude through Charity (1985) by Atila S. Guimarães
An explanation of the Holy Slavery to Our Lady taking Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira as a mediator

Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII: A Theme Illuminating American Social History

Since the eighteenth century, generations have been schooled in utopian principles proclaiming total equality as the guarantor of liberty and justice for all. The egalitarian myth of a classless society was proffered as the unquestionable path down which mankind must travel to reach perfect social harmony. This book shatters these myths and provides a Catholic approach to the way society should be structured as seen by the Popes.

From The News Round Up Articles On Our Lady – Archive From Early This Year

Traditional Roman Catholic Journals – Our Lady And North America Before The Puritans In Focus | TCE |


Yesterday’s Presentation of Our Lady at the Temple, feastday of November 21 – By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA

November 22 – The Eternal Glory of the Caecilia Family – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Virgin and martyr, patroness of church music, died at Rome.


Is It Licit To Challenge The Council The Pope and Study The SSPX Teachings To Evangelize Our Own Errors With Sacred Tradition And Beauty In the News Round Up


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Watch/Listen SILENCE GIVES CONSENT: Pope Must Answer Charge of Heresy! – On YouTube

In this week’s Sunday sermon from south St. Paul Diocesan Church , Father discusses the ramifications of a catholic denying either the divinity of Christ or His Resurrection. Drawing from Sacred Scripture, Father points out how those who deny either one can according to St. Paul, be rightly condemned as an anti-christ.

One of the many subplots of the recent Synod in Rome involved a bizarre accusation by a friend of Francis, a journalist, who claimed that Francis told him that he does not believe Jesus Christ was Divine while He walked the Earth.

 Video And Public Letter

Open Letter To Pope Francis – Read and Watch CHURCH in CRISIS: World’s Catholics Resist Pope to His Face – On The Remnant Newspaper –

From Rome, Michael Matt writes an Open Letter to Pope Francis explaining to him why faithful Catholics the world over are resisting this radically leftist pope to his face.

Borrowing from St. Paul in Galatians, Michael promises not only to resist Francis but also to teach his children to resist him and to never stop resisting him until he dies or radically reconsiders his campaign to destroy what’s left of the human element of Christ’s Church.

This video also includes many of the more important clips of bizarre occurrences in this the worst pontificate in the history of the Church.

Who is Francis? How did he get into Peter’s Chairs, and what’s it going to take to get him out? From Pope Francis, libera nos Domine.

Prefacing our remarks and newsblog round up today with:  the fact that the continuing theme of uniting the clans – we are not SSPX nor do we advocate for people packing up and moving into an SSPX Chapel but these are our brothers and now we have key Bishops and theologians echoing the fact that it is not THE TEACHINGS of the SSPX but merely of maintaining Roman Catholicism and what was always held to be true through all of salvations history

How and why we must acknowledge the core problems of Vatican II at the roots of the current crisis in the hierarchy of our Church and with our Pope . It must be studied in detail and we’ve all avoided the painful study and review for too long

Bishop Schneider’s handbook for correcting errors in life of Church today By Maike Hickson | LifeSite [BINGO]

In dealing with the Vatican and the SSPX, Bishop Schneider  realized that the Vatican used “a kind of argument from authority, but not rooted in a deeper theological reasoning, and without going into the substance of the arguments.” The Vatican said, according to Schneider: “You are wrong, our position is the only correct one and it represents the continuity with the previous tradition of the Church.”Further developments strengthened Bishop Schneider’s conviction that we need to listen more carefully to the arguments of the SSPX: “With the growing crisis in the Church, and especially given the situation created after the two Synods on the Family, the publication of Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’s approval of the pastoral guidelines of the bishops of the Buenos Aires region (which foresee, among other things, the admittance to Holy Communion of unrepentant adulterers), and the declaration on diversity of religions he signed in Abu Dhabi, I realized that we need to take the arguments of the SSPX more seriously.”

As he states later in the book: “This pontificate is a logical consequence of the Council’ and of the ambiguous elements in some of the Council texts.”Bishop Schneider now realizes that “some expressions of the Council could not so easily be reconciled with the constant doctrinal tradition of the Church.” He says: ”

Since he at the time did not read the texts of the 1962-1965 Council directly, but, rather, commentaries by conservative authors presenting them, he had at first “no concern or suspicion that there might be problems with the texts of the Council.” At the time, he practiced a “total ‘infallibilization’ of the Council.” Now Bishop Schneider sees that this conclusion was wrong I noticed that some teachings—let us say, on the topics of religious freedom, collegiality, the attitude towards non-Christian religions, and the attitude towards the world—were not in an organic continuum with previous tradition.

The Forgotten Dogma: No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church by Father Isaac Mary Relyea  – On The Fatima Network

Watch  Key Interview “Are Archbishop Lefebvre and SSPX Bad or Good? w Dr Taylor Marshall and Michael Matt” on YouTube

Watch “Vatican II vs Syllabus of Errors Part 1” of 3 on YouTube

Watch “Vatican II vs. Syllabus of Errors Part 2 of 3 – On YouTube

Watch “Vatican II vs Syllabus of Errors Part 3 of 3  – On YouTube

Are the Documents of Vatican II Infallible? – V – by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira On TIA

Breaking – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò New Letter on the Danger of Syncretism – English Translation herein of the article published en Italia -On Inside The Vatican “The World Neo-Religion Will have its Temple”

The Proposed Draft Of The Temple Of The One World Religion

An artists conception of a night-time aerial view of the Abrahamic Family House- in Abu Dhabi Each building is dedicated to one of the three monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam

Pope Francis in Budhist temple (No Shoes allowed) – On

Video of Vatican cardinal at Pachamama, ‘Father Sun’ ceremony surfaces | News | LifeSite

An Introduction to the Terrifying Tribal World Being Proposed  Are We Preaching A General Dismantling ? By Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira -On The American TFP

Following The Money

  • Alexander (the Pacha Idol Dunker) Tschugguel Gives Public Speech in Texas (FULL VERSION) – Presented By Dr. Taylor Marshal On YouTube Insider Info On The Complete Funding Of The Synod Through One Syncretistic German Diocese

What Makes The Elite Tick? Learn more about the people behind the scenes – Gnosticism and Freemasonry – On Info Wars

Gnosticism Destroys Biblical Understanding – Part 2 – On The Fatima Center

Dutch bishop joins statement calling for Pope to repent of Pachamama idolatry at Amazon Synod | News | LifeSite

Tradition Evangelizes With Clear Truth And Beauty

The first answer is reparation for this sin and the apostasies of the hierarchy our Holy Mother Church and against the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God

The Last Stop on THE Miracle Statue of the Portugal Fatima Apparitions is Holy Innocents NYC

Hundreds will descend this Friday evening (11-22) for a Traditional Sung High Mass of The Immaculate Heart followed by an outdoor candle lit  procession of reparation (unusual in the cold season in NY) The faithful will then guard her through the evening of Holy Rosary reciting and conclude with a traditional midnight Mass – See flyer for more details ->

Vatican corruption is beyond theological , follow the money

“Not Just Saint Peter’s Basilica, But the Entire Vatican Should be Exorcised” By Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower

For the people that believe it is impossible for the majority of the hierarchy of our Holy Church to be infiltrated by the ungodly, Sacred Scripture gives them the answer

How Did We Get to This Situation? – By Father Alberto Strumia On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Father Dreher FSSP removes his signature from the Open Letter protesting idolatry after what appears to be pressure from “superiors”  On Catholic Family News

Blind to the Crisis of the Church: Lamentations of Father Cavalcoli – On FSSPX.News “ It is also Romano Amerio’s masterful thesis, in his powerful book Iota Unum, which shows that since Vatican II, the men of the Church have been devoted to a “secondary Christianity,” i.e., to the elements of Christian culture, more or less neglecting the supernatural end, the struggle of grace and the necessity of the divine and Catholic faith.”

Recent Archive Of The News Round Up On this Subject

Traditionalists In Shameful Silence As The Pope’s New Amazonian Rite Marches Into Interculturation Phase | TCE |


November 21 – St. Albert – Cardinal, Bishop of Liège, On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 21 – Pope St. Gelasius I – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Pope St. Gelasius I An Amazing Faithful Pope