We Have A Revolution Within The Church Opposing The Faithful Church – News Round Up


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The Faithful Church

The Good Bishops , Priests, and Religious 

·         Archbishop Cordileone calls for study of homosexuality-abuse connection | News | LifeSite

  • “Archbishop Vigano’s allegations must be addressed” –On tv

“Archbishop Vigano’s allegations must be addressed. No stone must remain
unturned. Ignoring these allegations will leave a cloud of doubt over the
Church.” Francesco Cesareo, chair of the U.S. bishops’ independent advisory
panel on abuse.

St. Agnes of Assisi – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Younger sister of St. Clare and Abbess of the Poor Ladies, born at Assisi, 1197, or 1198; died 1253.


The Ideology

The Bad and The Dissident In Revolution

  • What a Web Theodore McCarrick Weaved – Neumayer On The American Spectator
    • This week I learned from a well-placed source in New Jersey that Paterson Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli, who served McCarrick in Newark, is harboring a priest under state investigation for embezzling money to finance his gay lifestyle. The priest, Fr. Patrick Ryan, mysteriously announced in late October that he was taking “time away” from his parish, St. James of the Marches in Totowa, New Jersey, in order to deal with some “health” issues.“The real reason is that he has been stealing from the second collection for years and is under investigation,” says my source. “He has a Spanish lover and an offshore account.”Presumably, Serratelli will attend the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting in Baltimore this upcoming week. If his fellow bishops are serious about exorcising the demons of McCarrick and his legion of enablers and protégés from the Church in America, they will demand answers from Serratelli about this unfolding scandal. But in all likelihood they will cover for him, just as they covered for his patron. Once again it looks like Caesar, the laity, and the press will have to do what the bishops won’t.
  • https://spectator.org/what-a-web-theodore-mccarrick-weaved/
  • Pope Francis is generating “heresies, schisms, and controversies”, Italian prelate Nicola Bux, a friend of Benedic XVI and adviser to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, told the Italian Journalist Aldo Maria Valli
  • https://gloria.tv/article/ZJJfybMGFQma3kZjs3TFuGNuj
  •   Pope Bergoglio Journalists Use Viganò Family Dispute In Order to Sidetrack From Scandals – On gloria.tv
  • https://gloria.tv/article/2MuL2a44GgMe3UhoWGYGxMeYH
  • Bishop Stika Attacks Raymond Arroyo – On gloria.tv
  • https://gloria.tv/photo/78Riuvh9ayUK219XqBGABcdwn
  • Chilean cardinal confirms exit from Pope Francis’s advisory body amid mounting credible allegations- On Crux Now
  • https://cruxnow.com/church-in-the-americas/2018/11/15/chilean-cardinal-confirms-exit-from-pope-franciss-advisory-body/
  • Bishop Olson Calls for Bishops to Rebuke Viganò – On CMTV
  • https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/bishop-olson-calls-for-bishops-to-rebuke-vigano
  • US bishops’ advisory council: Investigate seminaries to prevent ‘predatory’ homosexual abuse | News | LifeSite
  • https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/us-bishops-advisory-council-investigate-seminaries-to-prevent-predator
  • The USCCB Issues A Final Statement Of Compliance With The Vatican Corruption
    • President of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Makes Statement at Close of Public Sessions; Fall General Assembly, Baltimore Nov. 12-14 A process for investigating complaints against bishops reported through a third-party compliance hotline. We will complete a proposal for a single national lay commission and a proposal for a national network relying upon the established diocesan review boards, with their lay expertise, to be overseen by the metropolitan or senior suffragan.
    • Finalizing the Standards of Accountability for Bishops.
    • Finalizing the Protocol for Removed Bishops.
    • Studying national guidelines for the publication of lists of names of those clerics facing substantiated claims of abuse.
    • Supporting the fair and timely completion of the various investigations into the situation surrounding Archbishop McCarrick and publication of their results. We are grateful for the Holy See’s Statement of October 6 in this regard.
    • http://www.usccb.org/news/2018/18-187.cfm
    • Catholic church abuse scandal: New York parishioners put requests for bishop’s resignation in collection basket – CNN

In The Real News Is The Gospel

From the book of the prophet Daniel 9:1-4a, 18-27 Daniel’s prayer and vision

It was the first year that Darius, son of Ahasuerus, of the race of the Medes, reigned over the kingdom of the Chaldeans; in the first year of his reign I, Daniel, tried to understand in the Scriptures the counting of the years of which the Lord spoke to the prophet Jeremiah: that for the ruins of Jerusalem seventy years must be fulfilled.

I turned to the Lord God, pleading in earnest prayer, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes. I prayed to the Lord, my God, and confessed, “Give ear, O my God, and listen; open your eyes and see our ruins and the city which bears your name. When we present our petition before you, we rely not on our just deeds, but on your great mercy. O Lord, hear! O Lord, pardon! O Lord, be attentive and act without delay, for your own sake, O my God, because this city and your people bear your name!”

I was still occupied with my prayer, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, presenting my petition to the Lord, my God, on behalf of his holy mountain—I was still occupied with this prayer, when Gabriel, the one whom I had seen before in vision, came to me in rapid flight at the time of the evening sacrifice. He instructed me in these words: “Daniel, I have now come to give you understanding. When you began your petition, an answer was given which I have come to announce, because you are beloved. Therefore, mark the answer and understand the vision.

From a homily written in the second century The living Church is the body of Christ

My name is constantly blasphemed by unbelievers, says the Lord. Woe to the man who causes my name to be blasphemed. Why is the Lord’s name blasphemed? Because we say one thing and do another. When they hear the words of God on our lips, unbelievers are amazed at their beauty and power, but when they see that those words have no effect in our lives, their admiration turns to scorn, and they dismiss such words as myths and fairy tales.

They listen, for example, when we tell them that God has said: It is no credit to you if you love those who love you, but only if you love your enemies, and those who hate you. They are full of admiration at such extraordinary virtue, but when they observe that we not only fail to love people who hate us, but even those who love us, they laugh us to scorn, and the Name is blasphemed.

Therefore, brothers, if we do the will of God the Father, we shall be members of the first spiritual Church that was created before the sun and the moon; but if we fail to do the will of the Lord, we shall be among those to whom it is said in Scripture: My house has been made into a robbers’ den. We must choose then, if we want to be saved, to be members of the Church of life.

You surely cannot be ignorant of the fact that the living Church is the body of Christ; for Scripture says: God made man male and female. Now the male signifies Christ, and the female signifies the Church, which, according to both the Old and the New Testament, is no recent creation, but has existed from the beginning. At first the Church was purely spiritual, even as our Jesus was spiritual, but it appeared in the last days to save us.

For the spiritual Church was made manifest in the body of Christ, in order to show us that if we uphold its honor in the outward, visible form, and do not defile it, we shall, through the Holy Spirit be made its members in the true, spiritual sense. For the body of the Church is a copy of the Spirit, and no one who defaces the copy can have any part in what the copy represents. In other words, brothers, you must preserve the honor of the body in order to share in the Spirit. For if we say that the body is the Church and the Spirit is Christ, it follows that anyone who dishonors his body, dishonors the Church. Such a man will have no part in the Spirit, which is Christ. But if the Holy Spirit is joined to it, this body can receive an immortal life that is wonderful beyond words, for the blessings God has made ready for his chosen ones surpass all human powers of description.

St. Agnes of Assisi

Zero Credibility – Pope Francis & The US Bishops – The TCE Drudge Report Round Up


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Pope Orders US Bishops to Be as Negligent as the Vatican Is – On The Remnant Newspaper –


A Welcome Diagnosis but No Cure – On The Fatima Center


From Martini To Bergoglio. Toward a Vatican Council III –Magister On Settimo Cielo –  L’Espresso


Shock, Confusion As Vatican Orders American Bishops Not to Vote on Abuse Measures – On OnePeterFive


The Courageous Archbishop Vigano

Dissatisfaction with Francis grows On Church Revolution In Pictures


 The US Bishops vs. A Rising Lay Reform Movement

Cardinal Burke

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

More On Pope Francis Widening Crisis

 The Jesuits And Father James Martin

More On Pope Francis

Conclusions And Analysis Continue To Be Drawn

Pope St. Nicholas I

Islamic Invasion News Round Up Of The Week On Traditional Catholics Emerge


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WATCH – Israeli Bus Hit by Hamas Missile Just after Soldiers Disembarked – On Breitbart


One killed as 370 rockets launched from Gaza hit Israel’s south; IDF strikes Strip – Palestinians – Haaretz.com


Catholic Dreamers’ Failed Dialogue with Islam | Anne Barbeau Gardiner By New Oxford Review


Belgian Catholic church to broadcast Islamic call to prayer during ‘concert of peace’ – On The Voice Of Europe


Islam On the Prudence of Borders – On Crisis Magazine


Report Shows UK Borders ‘Not Secured by Any Stretch of the Imagination’ – On Breitbart


EU votes for total ban on organizations opposed to mass Muslim migration, thought police to be created- On Robert Spencer’s Site


Glazov Moment: Janet Jackson’s Surrender to Sharia. – Glasov Gang On YouTube


War and the Rumors of War – Catholicism.org



Recent Archive

News Round Up On The Islamisation Of The West | TCE |


Saint of November 13 – Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini


The Shrine of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini

In Upper Manhattan, Restoring the Golden Halo of Mother Cabrini – The New York Times


November 13 – He calmed the fear of the end of the world -St. Abbon On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Photo of Fleury Abbey by Gilbertus. The Abbey is in Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, France, founded about 640. It possesses the relics of St. Benedict of Nursia.

Apologies Rain Down In Catholic Media On The Pope Crisis – US Bishops And Cardinal Burke In The News


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There has been an avalanche of apologies of sorts from Catholic prelates and media of late .
Those that criticized traditional Catholics and defended Pope Francis heterodoxy and heretical positions for years and have done about faces 
Monsignor Charles Pope took to the air on EWTN this past Thursday evening and echoed the sentiments that this Pontificate is one in which families need to protect themselves from Apologies Rain Down – = The Francis Effect: A beautiful apology to traditional Catholics” – On Rorate Caeli https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2018/11/the-francis-effect-beautiful-apology-to.html
Raymond Arroyo began reinforcing same one year ago.  Dr Marshal Taylor theologian & journalist  with a huge following of hundreds of thousands to his Catholic internet show , was questioned on his behavior & position from 2013 to 2017, ‘ dito’ , formal apology to traditional and conservative Catholics all over the world.
Michael Voris, Saint Michael’s media – CMTV, summer 2018 an about face on the Pope but no apologies for all the people he previously  denounced for forming a faithful resistance movement against Pope Francis and subsequently joined.– Church Militant Statement on the Pope – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yScaroYHlVw National Catholic Register is another but at least an apology there and an acknowledgement that the Pope is clearly teaching error and should be resisted . Phil Lawlor and his Catholic Culture apostolate , a complete apology in 2018 asking forgiveness and seeking to restore his Catholic credibility and so many other Catholic news concerns, theologians, and Priests that followed suit…including from the pulpit. “Be not afraid”  (of the Truth)
It also appears that liberal to moderate John Allen ( Crux ) is about to fold and reverse any day now as many are saying
I urge everyone to watch a newly released talk on you tube that came out of the Catholic Identity Conference – Diane Montagna of Life Site News on the Youth Synod , one of the most talented female Catholic journalists and speakers in the field,  ranks up there w Elizabeth Yore,  Hillary White , and  Christine Niles
Its about 75 minutes but pure inside facts SYNOD on YOUTH: A Rome Journalist Reports -Catholic Identity Conference – Diane Montagna LifeSite News- YouTube Video via Remnant News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9JR0keUwY0

The American TFP , while each county’s TFP is autonomous & international alliances are loose, in  2018 saw the American Society join the Brazilian, Chilean, and other South American TFPs calling out our Pope and calling for a Faithful Catholic resistance  movement and a book launching

A Church in crisis needs well informed members who fight back, with respect!

Think of the millions of loyal Catholics who are confused. Many feel guilty about voicing their disapproval of the Pope’s actions. Yet still the doubts remain.

They worry that things are changing so rapidly and wonder what the future holds.

They ask: Is chaos taking over in the Church of God? How can the contradictions between what is now being said be reconciled with what the Church has always taught? Can we fight back? How? Do you know people like this? Are you one of them? Pope Francis’s “Paradigm Shift” can be your guide through the issues that are troubling the Church and Her loyal children. You can understand the forces that are ripping the Church apart.

You can fight back if you understand the means that the Church has put at your disposal. You can encourage dismayed friends and family members. Anyone who loves the Church can help to defend Her.

Holy Mother Church needs your prayers, but she also needs your intelligent action. She needs you to understand events and explain them to others.

 These are the issues:

Holy Communion for those living in sin

Amoris Laetitia

Acceptance of same-sex “marriage”


Islam and immigration

Retreat from Humanae Vitae

Indifferentism and relativism

Before you can explain the issues, you need to know about them.

Before you can fight back, you need to know the right way to do it.

It’s all in the book, Pope Francis’s “Paradigm Shift”: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church

Pope Francis’s “Paradigm Shift”: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church? An Assessment of His Pontificate’s First Five Years


In summary we are surrounded by it.  It’s in the Papacy , it’s in the Bishops of the US, it’s in the Episcopate abroad and many others in the hierarchy- It’s a growing international apostasy and it is ok for faithful Catholics to say ‘I made a mistake’. I was late to see what the modernist infiltration is doing &  I’m sorry , I want to remain a loyal Catholic while doing everything I can to protect my family from them until the restoration takes back the hierarchy.

US Catholic Bishops Fund Pro-Abort Socialists in Indiana – The Lepanto Institute Catholics in the pews of novus ordo diocesan Churches continue to fund , abortion , homosexuality, and socialism http://www.lepantoinstitute.org/catholic-campaign-for-human-development/us-catholic-bishops-fund-pro-abort-socialists-in-Indiana/

Special FSSP Masses, Adoration, Confessions in Baltimore during USCCB Meeting (Nov 12-15) On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Faithful Protest Outside Vatican Nunciature, “Give Us Cardinal Burke” – On gloria.tv


Cardinal Burke: “God’s Law is Higher Than Pontifical Secret” – On EP


Cardinal Burke on Vigano: To Ignore Him is Negligence – On The Remnant Newspaper –


By Professor Roberto de Mattei: Rebuilding Christian society by living and professing one’s vocation in the Church.

Youth Really Longs for a Call to Heroism From the Church


Evidence The Consecation Of Russia Was Never Done

We Must Love War! – On Fatima Center

The 100th anniversary of the end of “the war to end all wars,” let us remember – the Catholic way – those who lost their lives in battle, by praying for them.


Centenary of the Great War

The Kaiser and the Cardinal — Catholic Family News


Kaiser Wilhelm II –On The Dead Emperors’ Society


The Errors Of Russia Will Spread

November 12 – Four years in Stalin’s concentration camp – Blessed Hryhorij Lakota-On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


St. Martin of Tours – Old All Hallows



The Cardinal & Msgr Wach


New Round Up – Update On Female Religious, Sisters, & Nuns – And The Traditional Mass From Around The Loop


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Update On Sisters ,  Nuns And Female Religious Of Two Opposing Religions Within The Roman Catholic Church

The Mass & Sacred Tradition

The Oath Against Modernism – On Regina Magazine



VM Voices Carnegie Hall _ Poland Centenary 11-14-18 – See flyer for more details –>

November 9 – He burned the pagan temple while out on bail – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Theodore of Amasea


November 9 – Dedication of the Lateran Basilica –By  Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


Lateran, the Feast of the Church Militant: Rome is the Concrete Name of Catholicity – On Rorate Caeli


Scenes from the Lives of the Holy Hermits, or “Thebaid”, by Paolo Uccello, 1460s; now in the Academia Gallery in Florence. (Public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.) 

News Round Up On The Islamisation Of The West


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Moslems Can and Do Convert: Story of Muhammad Moussaoui – Catholicism.org http://catholicism.org/moslems-can-and-do-convert-story-of-muhammad-moussaoui.html A Muslim’s Remarkable Conversion to Catholicism – The American TFP http://www.tfp.org/a-muslims-remarkable-conversion-to-catholicism/

Asia Bibi

Criticism of Mohammad’s Pagan God



The Heart Of The Matter

Recent archive – October 2018

News Round Up- Islam -The Second Front Of The War On Christendom Doubles Down | TCE |



Islam – November 7 – Martyred in Mecca – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Islam – November 7 – He Went on Crusade to Atone for His Sins – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Equestrian statue of Engelbert I of Cologne at Schloss Burg in Solingen

Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces, Feastday of November 8 By  Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


Our Lady The Mediatrix Of All Graces

Pro-life News Round Up In Post Of The 2018 Midterm Elections


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Reflections on the eve of 2018 midterm elections: Anti-God campaigners vs. the faithful | LifeSite


Key takeaways for social conservative voters


No Blue Wave Yet Troubles Are Ahead – On Crisis Magazine


The Divide That Runs Through America Is Religious – On Crisis Magazine


The Militia Immaculata On The Neccesity Of Recentering The Pro-life Movement Through The Mother Of God – YouTube

FYI False ecumenism is providing a derailing of sorts off the center of the tracks of the pro-life movement – The MI seeks to correct


Planned Parenthood Spent $1.5 Million Against Alabama Amendment Saying Unborn Babies Have Right to Life | LifeNews.com


Video: Senator Secretly Receives Donations From Planned Parenthood -On CMTV

Democrat Claire McCaskill disguising herself as a moderate to appeal to Missouri voters


Let’s Sacrifice The Kids

Is America resigned to being a nation of child sacrifice and mutilation? | LifeSite

Meanwhile, abortionists have no monopoly on child-abusing medical procedures. The bodies of vulnerable children are being forever mangled by white-coated adults at the exploding number of “transgender” clinics in America.

As children are physically deformed for life, and killed in abortion clinics, we know that Adolf Hitler, a committed eugenicist, would be proud. So would the Old Testament pagan gods of child sacrifice.


Exorcist and Catholics Respond to Curse Against Kavanaugh – On NC Register


Media Facebook Apologizes After Banning Pro-Life Group’s Ads for the 6th Time, Claims It’s a “Mistake” | LifeNews.com


Radical Abortion Law Goes Into Effect in Colombia Having Lost Its National Identity With Its Roman Catholic Faith  – Colombia aprueba el aborto hasta el momento de nacer

October 17, 2018, the Supreme Court of Colombia approved that abortion can be done on a child in the womb of his mother until the moment before his birth.


Planned Parenthood Spending $50 Million Trying to Take Over Congress | LifeNews.com


Professor Dianne Irving explains The accurate, objective, scientific facts of human embryology.pdf


Pertinent Archives

November 7 – Franciscan Friar Bl. Bernardine of Fossa  Author Of The Life Of St Bernadine Of Siena  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Bl. Bernardine of Fossa


The Revolution – News Round Up – Pope Francis and The Bishops – The Roots Of The Rebellion


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This post could rightly be called revolution in evolution and the philosophical dogmas of ecclesial freemasonry – It does not have to be sodomy acceptance movement in the Church , the illicit nature of overturning the death penalty or making suicide acceptable. It does not have to be silence in the face of scandals, silence in the face of hundreds of Bishops financially and theologically supporting, contraception, abortifacients and the murder of the unborn. It does not have to be the subject of false ecumenism transcending into syncretism with false arian religions , of India, Islam, Budha, and Adventism . It is instead whatever the “experience” of man in the collective says the truth is. The unity of this so termed diversity into one and through it truth evolves. This is the new religion in Catholicism that is being pushed very hard. It is a progressive modernism made up of a hybrid of new-jesuitism, doctrinal eveolution, syncretism, the embracing of the abstract, immanentism, panentheism (meaning “all-in-God”, from the Ancient Greek πᾶν pân, “all”, ἐν en, “in” and Θεός Theós, “God”) is the belief that the divine pervades and interpenetrates every part of the universe and also extends beyond time and space. Reference – Immanentism: Catholicism and Religious Experience, by D.Q. McInerny, Ph.D. – Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter By denying the transcendence of God, it of course utterly falsifies the divine nature. To deny the transcendence of God is to refuse to acknowledge the fact that He is absolutely distinct from and superior to His creatures, and the result of doing that is to end up with a knowledge which, whatever else may be said of it, is not knowledge of the one true God at all. (It becomes the cult of man parenthesis emphasis mine) https://fssp.com/immanentism-catholicism-and-religious-experience-by-d-q-mcinerny-ph-d/

Pope Francis met with the Pentecostal Church of The Reconciliation – And gave the following substantiation among many before and after the following statements-

 “The Church is one in diversity. And to use a beautiful word of an Evangelist whom I love very much , a diversity “reconciled” by the Holy Spirit….We are in the epoch of globalization and we think about what globalization is and what unity would be in the Church: perhaps a sphere, where all points are equidistant from the center, all equal? No ! This is uniformity. And the Holy Spirit doesn’t create uniformity. What shape can we find/ Let us consider a prism: the prism is unity, but all its parts are different; each has its own peculiarity, it’s charisma. This is unity in diversity. It is on this path that we Christians do what we call by the theological name ecumenism.

These are the text book exact philosophies, particularly on joining together diverse opposites into unity and eliminating all doctrine and uniformity of ecclesial freemasonry. Anyone can look it up themselves , buy a study book on what degreed –aproned freemasons believe and teach. To bring this about they believe that they must bring about “revolution”. A word our Holy Father has called for and invoked over 100 times in his pontificate calling for a “revolution” in this sector or that sector of creeds and belief as well as in social justice and politics work.

This is also his truth and Principals for Divine Revelation. He believes the word of God is a dynamic ‘changing” reality As Pope Francis explained in his interview with Fr. Anthony Spadaro in a famous interview “The Church’s synodality would consist in “an attitude of listening and discernment of all that the Spirit moves in the consciousness of the people of God”- (The Truths of God in the Church should be ever changing and remaking itself- is the Scottish Rite and Grand Orient’s understanding of the phoenix a remaking through self-destruction.

Pope Francis evolutionary concept of Divine Revelation continue on the event of the 25th anniversary of the Conciliar Catechism where he began refuting the concept that it should always be the same. He ceremonially stated “ Only a partial vision regards ‘the deposit of the faith’ as something static . The word of God cannot be moth balled like some old blanket in an attempt to keep insects at bay! No. the word of God is a changing dynamic , a living reality that develops and grows because it is aimed at a fulfillment that none can halt…..” – The ever changing nature of God that cannot be stopped is straight from the speeches of some of the world’s leading mason figures throughout history.

He continue “ Doctrine cannot be preserved without allowing it to develop, nor can it be ties to an interpretation that is rigid and immutable without demeaning the work of the Holy Spirit.” Aside from the obvious  fact that these pronouncements are blasphemous, heretical, and offensive to faithful Catholics that know their religion well there is much more to it here.

It’s not him alone per se . He is not some evil person or anti-Christ figure as many erroneous Catholics have promulgated in misguided caricatures. He is the product of an ascending revolution of the Council which was completely present to varying degrees in all the Conciliar Popes. He is merely using the previous Pope’s works as a guidebook manual. He is the implementer Pope of the application that have already been established. The logical framework was already established by the dissident revolutionary Popes before him especially Pope Benedict. Ratzinger was the writer, philosopher and theologian of their revolution. He let the progressivists party of the revolution know who he was by abandoning cassock attending every session of Council in business suit and black tie. Everyone forgets that Father Ratzinger, Bishop Ratzinger has written some of the most heretical books the Church has ever seen, of which I have read several and could do a line by line with anyone who disbelieves this. This was all prior to his conversion and his late in life attempt to reverse course 180 degrees and revert to tradition. The progressives did not conspire against him to leave the Pontificate that loved him through the end of his Pontificate because he paved the way for the revolution’s next phase that they believe cannot be stopped

News Round-Up From Around The Loop On The Revolution In Our Beleaguered Mother Church Follows


One fine morning retired Archbishop-Nuncio Carlo Vigano woke-up to discover a hidden neo-Arian church, led by de facto heretics and sexual perverts.

Sitting On His Throne of Moses, Francis Closes Synod – On The Remnant Newspaper


Bishop Schneider Confirms Vatican Ban On His Traveling – On gloria.tv


Gomorrah in the 21st Century. The Appeal of a Cardinal and Church Historian -Cdl Brandmüller,  On The German monthly “Vatican Magazin” Translation Into English And Italian By Sandro Magister -On Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso

The situation is comparable to that of the Church in the 11th and 12th century.” As an authoritative Church historian and as president of the pontifical committee of historical sciences from 1998 to 2009, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 89, has no doubt when he sees the present-day Church “shaken to its foundations” on account of the spread of sexual abuse and homosexuality “in an almost epidemic manner among the clergy and even in the hierarchy.”


How the Word “Pastoral” Has Been Distorted by Progressivists in the Church – On The Society For The Defense of Tradition Family And Property


Francis Church Goes From Scandal to Scandal- George Neumayer On The American Spectator


Pope Francis Columbian Nuncio Attempted in Vain to Dodge The Police – On gloria.tv


Pope Francis Uses Canonisations For “Populist Reasons” – On The Argentinean blog ‘Caminante-Wanderer’


Youth Delegate Joseph Sapati Moeono-Kolio Advocates For Social Justice Liberation Theology – On Gloria Tv


Pope Is Annoyed by “Locutions” From Medjugorje — New Interview Book by Brazilian Priest – On Eponymous Flower


The Perfidious Revival of Martin Luther (Part 1) – On The Fatima Center


The Perfidious Revival of Martin Luther (Part 2) – On The Fatima Center


The Perfidious Revival of Martin Luther (Part 3) – On The Fatima Center


The Perfidious Revival of Martin Luther (Part 4) – Fatima Center


Whistleblower says Buffalo bishop knew of sexual abuse allegations, but did nothing – 60 Minutes – CBS News


The Final Document of the Synod. The Votes on the Most Controversial Points – Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso


Homosexual Attack Against Catholic Church Tax Exemption Due To Adoption Agency Rules Prohibiting Abuse Of Children Via Homosexual Adoption

Texas bishops support Catholic Charities in wake of gay adoption lawsuit- On CNA


The Silence And Cover-up Continues In The Hierarchy – As Vatican cites immunity in refusal to send French court summons to CDF prefect | CatholicHerald.co.uk

A French court ordered Cardinal Ladaria to testify over an alleged failure to report abuse

The Vatican has invoked diplomatic immunity in refusing to deliver a French court summons to the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, in a case against a French cardinal.

The Holy See informed the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in September that it would not notify Cardinal Ladaria of an order to testify before the Lyon court regarding a letter he sent while secretary of the CDF.


Study shows high correlation between homosexual priests, clerical abuse : News Headlines | Catholic Culture


Gaslit: By Pope Francis Part One – On Regina Magazine


 [Catholic Caucus] VaticanNews Styles Pope as “Successor of Christ”


Embrace The Cross And You Shall Be Freed From The Matrix

The Cross of Caravaca – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Holy Cross of Caravaca

The Election , The Timed Caravan, And The Pro-Abortion Congressmen & Women


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The illicit and/or illicit nature of abortion on trial in the Tuesday Nov 6th Midterm elections – as Soros /Democrats Funding continue to pour in

State Abortion Laws vs. Federal Abortion Laws vs. The Church

A Great Incompatibility Has Descended Upon the Nation – American TFP



President Donald Trump

Good Archives From Earlier In 2018

Good Archives From Earlier In 2017


November 5 – Her name means “God is an oath” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Elizabeth with Our Lord and St. John the Baptist



Pope Francis And His Bishops News Round-Up On The Sensus Fidelium Of Souls In Peril


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Pope Francis’s “Sin of the Elite” and New, Egalitarian Mariology – TFP.org

Pope Francis has once again confused, scandalized and disoriented the flock he is called to teach, guide and sanctify.

This time he has done it with the shocking statement—contrary to the Gospels, the Tradition of the Church and the common feeling of the faithful—that Mary Most Holy was a common, “normal girl” just like any young woman of today.


When Non-Negotiable Values Are Neglected – The American TFP


Reflections on Archbishop Viganò’s Courageous Third Letter By Msgr. Charles Pope Charles Pope On National Catholic Register

In Thin-skinned times such as these, Archbishop Viganò’s most recent letter shines forth as a clarion call to Catholics everywhere


At Last, a Reckoning on the Abuse Scandal? Vigano  | On New Oxford Review


The third Vigano testimony: for a change, a pastor who talks about saving souls | Catholic Culture


Viganò, the Homoheresy, and Spiritual Blindness – Brother André Marie On Catholicism.org


Former nuncio to US admits hearing rumors of McCarrick misconduct in 1994 | CatholicHerald.co.uk


Synod document’s focus on ‘synodality’ did not come from bishops’ discussion : News Headlines | On Catholic Culture

Strangeness – In a draft final document for the Synod of Bishops, the concept of “synodality” is discussed at length, although the topic was not discussed at any length during the Synod sessions.

“In September, Pope Francis released a new apostolic constitution, Episcopalis Communio, which substantially expanded the powers of the Synod. In that document the Pope wrote that statements approved by a Synod of Bishops could have the same sort of magisterial authority that is ordinarily reserved for papal documents. The focus on synodality in a final statement from the October 2018 Synod could have the odd effect of claiming this magisterial authority for ideas that did not originate with the bishops themselves, but with the Pontiff.”


The Well Respected Theologian Martin Mosebach, “Francis Turns the Church into Something Unrecognizable” – On gloria.tv

The German novelist Martin Mosebach – an internationally known proponent of the Roman Rite – said during a panel discussion in Hannover, Germany, that he cannot find any “consistency” in Pope Francis’ thoughts, Die-Tagespost.de reported on October 30.


Pope Francis ends Youth Synod by again rebuking ‘Great Accuser’ for ‘persecuting’ Church | News | LifeSite


Petition Demands Pope Francis Removal of PA Bishop Bambera · Change.org
Scranton bishop accused of sheltering predator priests


Archbishop of Johannesburg Says Priests Guilty of Sex Abuse Should be Excommunicated Latae Sententiae – Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower


Fr Ramsey, “The Pope ought to remove McCarrick from the priesthood” – La Stampa

Father Boniface Ramsey, the Dominican who taught at the seminar of the Immaculate Conception in Newark learning of the homosexual harassment perpetrated by Bishop Theodore McCarrick, and wrote to Nuncio Gabriel Montalvo the day after McCarrick’s appointment in Washington, asks the Pope to publicly remove from the now former cardinal from priesthood. Ramsey wrote a detailed memoir published in the American Catholic magazine Commonweal. 


Byzantine Catholic Patriarch declares a schism writes an open letter yesterday calling for a Council to be convened outside of Rome , for a new Pope to be elected from amongst the remaining orthodox prelates and for all pro-homosexual prelates to be excluded

The Bishops’ Synod has brought the Church to the brink of schism – what is the solution? – On gloria.tv


If Catholic bishops change their weak approach to politics, we can defeat the culture of death | LifeSite


Another NY auxiliary bishop is credibly accused of sexual abuse | CatholicHerald.co.uk


Archdiocese Of Cologne Reports Four Priests to Secular Authorities – On EP


Modernist Austrian Bishop Issues Deadly “Rainbow Pastoral” – On EP


The Jesuit-run America magazine has weighed in on the debate regarding homosexuality and the Catholic priesthood, insisting that ordaining gay men does not increase the risk of clerical sex abuse.


Jesuit-run America mag runs article denying link between homosexuality and clergy sex abuse | News | LifeSite


Human Bones Found in Vatican-Owned Building in Rome- Has The Ear Marks Of The Next Scandal In The Making – On CMTV


Bones May be Vatican Bank Employee’s Daughter Missing Since 1983 – EP

But this has nothing to do with the behind the scenes raging battle of freemason control of Vatican Banking and the tenets of its doctrines – Nothing to see here folks keep moving ?!


Watch – WITNESS TO THE TRUTH – Fight for the Church- On The Vortex

 Perverts , Freemasons and the heirs of communist sympathizers cannot be accepted into the seminaries or appointed to positions of influence in the Church — period.

 What are you fighting for? Are you fighting for the truth — Catholic truth? Are you laying it on the line, fighting the perversion of the truth that has been brought about by the homoheresy and Freemasonry and lackluster leaders?

 Fight for the Church — with everything you have. Fight for Her. Be a witness to the truth.


How NOT to restore trust in the Catholic hierarchy | On Catholic Culture

The Roman rumor mill is notoriously unreliable, so readers should not panic—yet—about the reports that Cardinal Joseph Tobin is a front-runner among the candidates for appointment as the next Archbishop of Washington, DC. But if the reports are accurate (and they are widespread, for what that’s worth), Sohrab Ahmari has it right in his New York Post column—“talk about a slap in the face, if that happens.”


Rome Knew About McCarrick In 1994 | The American Conservative

Another big scoop by Catholic journalist Robert Duncan, writing from Rome. It’s behind a Catholic News Service paywall now, but here’s an excerpt:

A former nuncio to the United States acknowledged hearing rumors about the sexual misconduct of Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick already in 1994.

Cardinal Agostino Cacciavillan, who served as pro-nuncio to the United States from 1990 to 1998, told Catholic News Service Oct. 29 that he received a phone call from a woman in the months preceding St. John Paul II’s visit to the United States in 1995.

“I remember in 1994, during the preparation of the papal visit to New York, Newark and Baltimore,” Cardinal Cacciavillan said, “I received a telephone call” at the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington, D.C.


EWTN panel: Francis is damaging himself and Church by not answering Viganò’s allegations | News | LifeSite


One year later, Fr. Weinandy reflects on his groundbreaking letter to Pope Francis | LifeSite


Irish primate says Viganò ‘hijacked’ World Meeting of Families


Watch This Episode Of “ Trump and the Vatican”  | The Vortex


Fatima For The Next Generation – Catholic Answers to the Toughest Questions on Faith, Life and Family – John Henry Westen On The Fatima Center Via YouTube


Youth Synod Bishops belittle homeschooling: ‘Are parents qualified?’ | LifeSite


Thousands sign petition opposing McCarrick’s pal Cdl. Tobin as next D.C. archbishop  | LifeSite

And N.Y. Post column says he’d equal ‘a slap in the face’


‘Slap in the face’: Cdl. Tobin considered for archbishop of DC | LifeSite


Priest who was witness in bishop rape case found dead | CatholicHerald.co.uk



Excellent To The Point Synopsis Article –  The Third Revolution in the Catholic Church – OnePeterFive


Hussite priestess invited to the synod – Church Revolution In Pictures On The TIA

In an interview to America Magazine, she declared: “For me, ordination [of women] is not a question of gender but human dignity and equal possibilities… We believe in Christ and can find a way – as Pope Francis says – to work and pray together.” 



Our Lady The Message of Fatima – Return to Fatima

The Importance Of The Consecration To Russia


The Institution Of All Souls Day – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Souls In Peril – Impending Ship Wreck

John 5: 25-29
At that time, Jesus said to the multitudes of the Jews: Amen, amen, I say unto you, that the hour cometh, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live. For as the Father hath life in Himself, so He hath given to the Son also to have life in Himself; and He hath given Him power to do judgment, because He is the Son of man. Wonder not at this, for the hour cometh wherein all that are in the graves shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that have done good things shall come forth unto the resurrection of life, but they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of judgment.

Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord;
and let perpetual light shine upon
(Ps 111: 7)
The just shall be in
everlasting remembrance; he shall not
fear the evil hearing