Euthanasia & Suicide Promotion Takes Center Stage- Body Parts A Billion Dollar Industry


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Doctors lobby for new euthanasia rules so organs can be ‘as fresh as possible’ | LifeSite

Every State Has A Team Of People On Standby To Harvest Motorcycle Accident Victims – They Are Today’s Human Vultures – Very Active On Saturday Nights And Holidays

California Gov Jerry Brown Signs Law Allowing People to Kill Their Family in Assisted Suicides |

Euthanasia Bioethicist: Elderly People Should Be Able to Kill Themselves Because They’ve “Done” With Life |

British Medical Association Wants to Allow Doctors to Starve Mentally Disables Patients to Death |

Euthanasia New British Organ Donation System Will Harvest People’s Organs Without Their Consent |

Hospital Offers Disabled Man Euthanasia Instead of Medical Care and Treatment |

Three children killed under Belgium’s euthanasia law |

Euthanasia Seifert: “Brain death does not exist: I explain you why” – La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana

Spanish Congress agrees to examine euthanasia bill -On CNA

Hospital Staff Caught Euthanizing Hundreds of Patients: “If a Nurse Didn’t Like You, You Were a Goner” |

Gosport nurses first raised alarm over use of painkillers 30 years ago – On The Telegraph

UK’s Alder Hey Spent Close To A Quarter Of A Million Dollars In Litigation In Order To Kill Alfie Evan

Hospital Spent Nearly $200,000 on Lawyers to Pull Plug on Toddler Alfie Evans’ Life Support |

The Country Of The UK Is A Killing Machine

Hospital Killed More Than 450 Patients in Massive Euthanasia Campaign By “Shortening Their Lives” |

As assisted suicide law is reinstated, critics say Californians ‘deserve better’ –On CNS

At CHOP, two New Jersey  boys were diagnosed with brain death. Here’s what that means as the fight begins – Philly News

Euthanasia – Assisted Suicide Clinic Operator Gets Away With Scamming People for Thousands Before They Killed Themselves |

Euthanasia – Winston Churchill, Charlie Gard, and Alfie Evans – The American TFP

AMA Debating Whether to Continue Opposing Assisted Suicide |

Euthanasia – Assisted suicide rejected in Portugal | News | LifeSite

Portugal parliament rejects euthanasia decriminalization – BBC News

Founder of notorious euthanasia clinic on trial for exploiting clients for profit | News | LifeSite

Little Girls Family Fights Of Euthanasia Doctors Brain Death Distinction And Lives – On Life News

Unnatural Death – How hospitals profit from euthanasia in the money machine  – On CMTV

Judge Overturns California Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide, Rules It Unconstitutional |

Media Corruption – Assisted suicide of old married couples romanticized by mainstream media | News | LifeSite

Euthanasia News -American Medical Association Says No to Assisted Suicide |

Find out about the sins and the evils of organ donating that only the few and the devout are completely aware of

Highly Recommended Is Dr. Paul Byrne’s Life Guardian Foundation   To Protect and Preserve Life

From The Archives

If Ireland Falls To The gods Of Moloch There Will Be A Lot More Alfies, Euthanasia, And More Culture Of Death | TCE |

Full UPDATE On Euthanasia And All The Latest Resources and Source Stories | TCE |


How Don John Obtained His Information – Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), also called Queen Margot – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

News Round Up – Can The Church Defend Herself Against Pope Francis Bergoglio ?


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Pope role in study of Argentine sex abuse case in spotlight |Associated Press

Pope Faces Scrutiny over Assistance for Convicted Clerical Abuser – OnePeterFive

Pope’s Adviser: Responding to Accusers ‘Feeds Their Megalomania’ – On CMTV

Papal Advisor Says Abp. Carlo Vigano is Insane Abp. Victor Manuel Fernández: ‘ideological obsession more powerful than sanity.’\

Can the Church Defend Herself Against Bergoglio? By Christopher A. Ferrara On The Remnant Newspaper –

Pope invites cardinals implicated in sex abuse cover-up to Youth Synod | News | LifeSite

Vigano Threatens To Reveal More Documents –On

“Quaerere Deum.” Twelve Years Ago On the Dot, the September 12 of the Church of Benedict – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Francis’ Emergency Meeting Ignores Vigano’s Indictment against Him and 32 Church Officials -On The Fatima Center

Marcello Pera on Pope Francis: Not the Gospel, but Politics -by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

US Psychologist: Those Who Use the Term Clericalism Are Participating in the Coverup – On The Eponymous Flower

Understanding the modified teaching on capital punishment / by Steven A. Long

German bishop accused by priest of covering up abuse cases to attend Youth Synod | Makie Hickson | LifeSite

Safe Haven for Predator Priests

Priest admits to sexual abuse of minors still ministers in South America

Special Report: Murder in the Diocese of Buffalo?

A whistleblower priest ends up dead

And Yet Another Faithful Catholic Priest, Is Persecuted By The Blaise

A Catholic Priest and Sexual Abuse Survivor, Burns LGBT Rainbow Flag And Is Persecuted

The Church Cannot Change Her Hierarchical Structure Instituted by Christ – By Luiz Sérgio Solimeo On The Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family And Property

Our Lady of La Salette, Patron of September

The rejection of Our Lady’s messages makes the chastisement unavoidable – By Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira On Tradition In Action

Our Lady , Virgen_la_Salette,  weeps over the sins of mankind and predicts a chastisement

As We Launch Into Ember Days Fasting Another Round Of Papal Dissent & Dioceses Crisis


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 How critical it is to refresh ourselves on this week’s Embertide and the dire need for fasting for health and spirit for both ourselves and the Church

The fulfillment of Jewish law in orthodox liturgical Christianity on Ember days

Time for Worldwide Sacrifice: Ember Week in September – On Rorate

Diving into the Catholic Treasury: A Revival of the Ember Days – On OnePeterFive 

And prepare, for the next heresy – Synods As The Main Vehicle

New Apostolic Constitution Appears to Formalize the Hijacking of the Synod Process – On OnePeterFive

Pope Francis Boosts Authority of the Synod of Bishops

In new apostolic constitution, the Holy Father gives the body new powers including applying magisterial authority to a synod’s final document – On NC Register

Italian Daily Claims Possession of “Top Secret” Vatican Report on “Moral and Financial Corruption of Vatican Clergy” – OnePeterFive

A Most Amazing Sermon On The Truth And Pope Francis And That’s It Fired By The Bishop /- As We Now Enter A Time Of Martyrs And Saints In The Making – On

Pope Francis Names Priest Accused of Abuse as Chicago Auxiliary

Cupich’s soon-to-be auxiliary bishop was cleared in ’08 misconduct probe: | Chicago Sun-Times

Waiting for Gregorian Reforms 2.0

Do we need another Synod of Sutri to deal with the Pope’s malfeasance?

Masonry And Communism Infiltrate The Church Using Moral Relativism And Pro- Sodomy Positions

Vatican Rocked by Leak of 300-Page Dossier

Anti-Masonic Books -On TIA

Catholic abuse crisis is likely no accident, but a strategy to ‘destroy Church from within’ Communism | LifeSite

Francis, the Abortionist, and McCarrick – The Lepanto Institute

Cardinal Müller Uncovers [Francis’] Heresies

Catholic abuse crisis is likely no accident, but a strategy to ‘destroy Church from within’ Communism | LifeSite

The Hunt for Viganò Begins – On The Eponymous Flower

4 More Dioceses In Armed Raids in Chile – Purging The Corruption – On CMTV

Jesuit at Gay NY Parish Removed for ‘Boundary Violations’ – On CMTV

A WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS: The Political Scandal behind the Clerical Scandal – On The Remnant Newspaper

Part I: War and Rumors of War..

NY Archdiocese Shake-Up After AG Launches Criminal Probe – On CMTV

Sex abuse claims rock Dutch Catholic Church – Media report claims half of the bishops covered up sexual abuse – On Yahoo News

Over the next decade Utrecht archdiocese will close down most of its 280 churches. Less than 15 churches will remain, according to Cardinal Wim Eijk Talking to (September 15) Eijk … – On

The Homosexual Network in Detroit, Part II

The Homosexual Network in Detroit, Part I

Maynooth: ‘Cesspool of Liberal Theology and Heterodoxy’ – On CMTV

Former gay man: Christ’s cross has power to purge Church of homosexual corruption | LifeSite

The Fearlessness of St John Chrysostom – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

How the secrets of St. Francis’ life were captured on this 700 year-old fresco | LifeSite

September 19 – The Pope asks Princess Mary to marry James II of England – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Pope Clement X


Catholicism And Communism – Can The Body Of Christ Fight A Multi-front Infiltration War


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Benedict XVI Accuses Church of Complicity With Nazi Crimes– On

Expert Explains Vatican Compromise With Communist China – On CMTV

Steven Mosher: ‘That’s the recipe for the elimination of the Catholic Church, not tolerance of it’

Part III – How Heresy Spreads Through The Errors of Moral Relativism – From The Newsletter Of The Society For The Defense Of Tradition, Family, And Property

Part III – How Heresy Spreads Through The Errors of Moral Relativism -TFP

Don’t be fooled – Karl Marx was a hate-filled totalitarian whose ideas
killed millions | News | LifeSite

A resurgence of interest in Marx’s thought has been ongoing since 2008, when
the global economic crisis led many to question the viability of the
capitalist system, always the main object of Marxist criticism. Now the
200th anniversary of the birth of Marx (on May 5th) is being hailed openly
by mainstream thinkers and even Catholic clergy as a cause for respectful
commemoration, if not outright celebration.

The Orthodox Masquerade -Communism And  The Church of ‘Patriarch’ Kyrill Unveiled by Lucas Janusckiewicz Coletta

Sowers of the Current Chaos – On Crisis Magazine

Corrupting and Destructive Socialism -by John Wagner 10th Grade @ St. Louis de Montfort Academy

An answer to prayer! Vatican’s sellout of Chinese Catholics hits a snag – Fatima Center

Cardinal Jozsef Mindzenty -Persecuted by Communism, Betrayed by Paul VI by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Socialists win Mexican election in landslide, raising concerns for life and family | News | LifeSite

Pope embraces Marxist president of Bolivia – Church Revolution in Pictures \

Communism Chinese churches get ready for Sinicization-

= China. Cardinal Zen’s “Scare” Has Its Good Reasons – Magister On Settimo Cielo L’Espresso

Chinese authorities demolish Way of the Cross in Henan –

Marxist Government Defends Controversial Cardinal Elect – On

Faithful Catholics outraged Vatican would negotiate with communists

Vatican and China in new talks over thorny issue of appointment of bishops | South China Morning Post

Doctors Without Borders Is A Political Organization That Frequently Sides With Communists and Hard Core Socialists – Promoted Here In This Catholic News Service advertisement of the Church’s social justice suppression of evangelization and conversion program

Church in Spain prepares to welcome migrants turned away in Italy

The Support Of Cultural Marxism Movement In The Catholic Church And Society 

Archbishop José Gomez and the Church of Diversity — Catholic Family News

Vatican advances recognition of Chinese CPA – Sheshan Sanctuary Honored By Catholicism  -On Church Revolution In Pictures

CHINA Underground Protestant church shut down for remembering Tiananmen

A revolution is coming to America. Where will you stand? | LifeSite

HONG KONG-CHINA 115 thousand at vigil in memory of Tiananmen dead (Photo)

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx was “impressed” by Karl Marx’ Communist Manifesto, at least for its “great language”. Talking to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (April 29), Cardinal Reinhard MarxOn Gloria TV

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False Equality – Egalitarianism –Socialism Forms Of Communism –Russia’s Errors And The New Catholicism – | TCE |

Jan Sobieski Before the Gates of Vienna 1683 – On EP

Things have been dark before and our enemies are many and powerful. There are traitors within, but we have won before with God’s help and our true friends.

August 17 – Her great beauty aroused the jealousy of the queen -St. Beatrix da Silva -On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


St. Beatrix da Silva

New Allegations Against Pope Francis, Cardinals, & Bishops As The Pope Attacks Back During Mass & Summoning Bishops


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Pope SHOCKS With Homily, Attacks ‘Great Accuser’ Satan For Exposing Bishops’ Sins In Church Scandal | Daily Wire

Another Case of Abuse Cover-up by Francis? Students at School for the Deaf Say They Were Repeatedly Raped by Priests – Complicit Clergy

Argentine abuse investigation involves priest previously reported to Pope Francis – On Catholic News Service – CNS

Argentine Police Raid Children’s Home Linked to Pope Francis
Dozens of children from Provolo Institute claim to have been raped by clergy

Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires: Some More Unanswered Questions Never Happened in My Dioc

BREAKING VIDEO: Theodore McCarrick was involved in Amoris Laetitia’s overturning of Catholic Doctrine – On Toronto Catholic Witness

Pope Finally Agrees to Meet With Head of US Bishops – On CMTV

Mike Matt to Massimo Faggioli, James Martin SJ, Austen Ivereigh and the whole crew covering for Francis:

“If your only response to this list of credible accusations against Pope Francis and some of his men, if your only response is to attack archbishop Vigano you are part of the cover-up.

Pope convokes world-wide meeting of bishops on abuse crisis |


Pope Finally Agrees to Meet With Head of US Bishops – On CMTV

A meeting of the world’s bishops to talk about abuse? Please, not more talk. Action! | Phil Lawlor On  Catholic

Letter confirms Vatican officials knew of McCarrick allegations in 2000 | CNS top stories

Vatican ‘planning response’ to Viganò claims |

Vatican Cardinal Calls Abp. Vigano’s Testimony Diabolical
Cdl. Edwin O’Brien is named as a member of the homosexual lobby

Grand Master Letter 8 September 2018.pdf on the link

Erotic-lesbian performance for Pope Francis – On TIA’s Church Revolution In Pictures

Pope should not resign, but church abuse tribunal needed: Steve Bannon | On Reuters

Gänswein: Sex abuse crisis is Church’s ‘9/11,’ but seeking God is the only way forward

Cdl. Tobin Launches Public Relations Offensive – where he analogizes Pope John XXIII’s Council and view of the Church as a garden with fruit and pesticide

Cardinal DiNardo and USCCB officials to meet with Pope Francis – On CNS

Francis, a Pope Who Says One Thing and the Opposite – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Bad Popes and the ‘Anti-Church’ – Brother Andre Of The Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart On

Pope Benedict’s top aide broaches abuse crisis, quotes cardinal’s apocalyptic critique of Francis | LifeSite

New Facts by Pro-Francis Journalist Bolster Viganò–On

Another Bishop (Grand Rapids) Stands with Viganò – On The Remnant Newspaper

Evil Cardinal Wuerl May Resign – On The Eponymous Flower

Wuerl to meet with Pope Francis to discuss resignation |

Catholic clergyman calls on Cardinal Wuerl to resign – The Boston Globe

In a public letter the Cardinal’s #1 man and MC (master of ceremonies at all Cathedral liturgies ) calls for his resignation and refuses to attend and or stand next to Cardinal Wuerl in any liturgy the Cardinal celebrates

Watch – Narcissistic Sociopath | On Cdl Wuerl  | On The Vortex

Cardinal Cupich Eats His Own Foot – On CMTV

Nuns demand arrest of Jalandhar India Rapists Bishop Franco Mulakal | Kochi News – Times of India

 3 Chilean Bishops Questioned Over Abuse Cover-Ups – On CMTV

Chilean civil court could get access to Vatican documents on Karadima case – On CMTV

There Is “War in the Church” – Pro-gay Cardinal Schönborn – On

Tear Down this Papal Wall of Silence – On Crisis Magazine

Catholics protest USCCB meeting, call on bishops to send gay and predator priests packing | News | LifeSite

NY Investigation Looms as Campaign for Transparency Continues – Michael Hitchborn On CMTV

Who’s laughing now? – Christopher Ferrara On The Fatima Center

The law catches up with the jokers of the prelates

One Priest’s Plea to Pope Francis- On CMTV

‘Silence and Prayer’ When the House Is Falling Down – On OnePeterFive

Vermont Launches Criminal Probe Into Priest Sex Abuse

First “Gay Marriage”: Now This Priest Is Celebrating for Old Catholics – On EP

NY Priest: Homosexual Subculture ‘Must Be Rooted Out’ From Church – On CMTV

Military Air Force Chaplain Who Correctly  Blames ‘Effeminate’ Gay Priests for Church Abuse Scandals Is Being Investigated  |

Pontifical Secrecy: Was Viganò Authorized to Break It? On CMTV

Additional Commentary

The Viganò crisis: ‘The conservatives are winning’ – On Rorate

Bbbbbaby, you ain’t seen nnnothin yet! : RCF’s Stephen Brady “We’re back, you evil bastards…” – What’s Up With Francis-Church?

Phil Lawler Comes Clean – On Regina Magazine

From the recent archives

Whether Pope Francis Survives Depends On The Decision Of The Grand Orient And Whether This Papacy Will Let It Continue To Live Through The Vatican Bank And The Errors Of Russia | TCE |

Becoming Soldiers of the Conciliar Revolution – On TIA


Sept 12th = The Holy Name of Mary –

The Orchestration of 09-11-01 Against The Backdrop Of Traditional Masses


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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth | World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7

10 Remnants of the Original World Trade Center Still on Site in NYC | On Untapped Cities

In local NYC Transit WTC news

Officer Janno Lieber, and NYC Transit President Andy Byford were on hand on Saturday to cut the ribbon for the official opening. Service started at noon, with the first 1 train pulling in to cheering crowds.

The air-tempered station is ADA accessible and features other amenities and upgrades, including Help Point kiosks on each platform and on the two station mezzanines.

The original Cortlandt St station after the 9/11 attacks.

“The opening of WTC Cortlandt returns a subway station to a vibrant neighborhood and represents a major milestone in the recovery and growth of downtown Manhattan,” said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota. “WTC Cortlandt is more than a new subway station. It is symbolic of New Yorkers’ resolve in restoring and substantially improving the entire World Trade Center site.”

“We are excited to bring the 1 line back to World Trade Center with the new WTC Cortlandt station,” said Hakim. “Lower Manhattan is attracting families and businesses who want to put their roots down here, and we are so happy to be part of the fabric of a vibrant community that continues to inspire us all.”

“When I got to the MTA a year ago, I made it a priority to get this station back in service,” said Lieber. “I’m thrilled our team has been able to deliver.  As this project shows, the MTA is changing how we manage major projects, so we can give New Yorkers better mass transit facilities faster and at lower cost.”

“The successful construction of the WTC Cortlandt station in the city’s most challenging building site represents our ability to deliver on our promises to modernize and rejuvenate the subway system,” said Byford.

Prior to construction of the new station, the MTA rebuilt 1,200 feet of tunnel and tracks and made significant repairs to the station shell, track tunnels and track infrastructure. This enabled the rapid restoration of 1 line service to the South Ferry terminal while reconstruction continued. The remainder of the old Cortlandt St station was demolished as part of the overall reconstruction of the World Trade Center site.

The station as it appears at the opening.

The construction of the WTC Cortlandt station began in 2015 when the MTA was given control of the site, which is located within the greater World Trade Center site overseen by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. A partnership of several agencies, including the MTA and PANYNJ, worked on the design of the new station.

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said the opening represents “another key milestone in the evolution of the WTC campus as a dynamic anchor of the Lower Manhattan community,” noting the cooperation between the two authorities to keep the 1 line running during construction.

Detail from CHORUS, the art installation on the walls of the station.

The station features a white marble mosaic spanning the walls of both platforms. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and created by the renowned multimedia artist Ann Hamilton, the installation titled “CHORUS” includes small marble pieces – or tesserae – that spell out text from the Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The surface invites customers to touch the text as they read the words.

About 3,000 people died and 6,000 were injured as a direct result of attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, when  three hijacked passenger airliners to hit the twin towers and the Pentagon. An attempt upon Washington, D.C., was thwarted when the passengers aboard a fourth hijacked aircraft fought with their captors. That plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

From the archive of TCE

AE911 – Our Engineers And Architects For 09-11 Truth Org Continues | TCE  |


September 11 – Italian army invades the Papal State without a declaration of war – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Watch A Pagan Mass Ceremony In The Strasbourg  Catholic Cathedral for the
beatification of Mother Alphonse-Marie (September 9)

LINEN ON THE HEDGEROW: The man who has done more to keep the Latin Mass alive in England and Wales…
First-ever traditional consecration of a Benedictine Abbess in the U.S., and the start of a novena – On Rorate

The Vigil of the Nativity of the Virgin with Beautiful Music Only In The Ambrosian Rite

Photopost  -Ordinations Week at International Seminary Of The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest 2018

The Rebuilding Of Traditional Catholicism Expands Again At | Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles

FSSP El Paso Celebrates Assumption Day with Bishop Perry – Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

Traditional Dominican Rite Requiem Mass For The Victims Of 09-11 @ St Vincent Ferrer

Relics to visit Diocese – Diocese of Paterson – Clifton, NJ

Bishop Serratelli has announced that relics of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina will visit the Diocese for public veneration on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at St. Peter the Apostle Church here to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death. The historic event will conclude with a Mass at 7 p.m. in honor of St. Pio, to be celebrated by Msgr. Herbert Tillyer, St. Peter the Apostle’s pastor.

Sept 12th is an important Feast of the Holy Name of Mary of Mary – Traditional Holy Mass at The Church of the Holy Innocents NYC  – The Shrine of the Unborn at 6:00pm

The Feast of the Holy Name of Mary where the muslim Turks despite higher numbers were overthrown – CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA:

Traditional Sung Mass For The Holy Name Of Mary – Pontifical Shrine of OL Mt Carmel NYC @ 730pm

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross Friday 09-15 has high sung Masses at multiple Churches reverting to tradition for restoration

Holy Innocents at 6:00pm, in Jersey City Saint Anthony of Padua at 8:00pm

Brick NJ’s Saint Dominic at 6:00pm

And in Brooklyn’s Holy Name of Jesus at 7:00pm

In the Bronx at 7:00pm

Masses also the double 2nd class Feast Of Our Lady of Sorrows on 09-15 at the Pontifical Shrine of OL Of Mount Carmel and at 1:00pm at Holy Innocents ,

And In Local news

Alex Honnold Climbs Halfway Up a Jersey City New Jersey Skyscraper | On The New Yorker

The Church Must Again Become a Sign of Contradiction – OnePeterFive

Diverting the Message of Fatima And The Chastisement Warnings – by Homer Sweeney


Praying the Rosary and devotion to Her Immaculate Heart are important parts of the Fatima message

A Red Heifer Is Born -A 2000 Yr Old Prophesy – Trans Power Rises – Followed By Wars & Rumors Of Wars – In The Fall Of Western Christendom


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A perfect red heifer was born fulfilling a 2000 year old prophesy

Other scriptural exegetes and theologians side with the Jews coming to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah but simultaneously the rise of the anti-Christ unstoppable as seen in the devil’s first creation, the transvestite

Once Masonry not only accepts the transvestite but gets behind the enforcement of its rise to power you will see things begin to rapidly change

Then secondly

“And then there shall be wars and rumors of wars ”
Watch Alex Jones Breaking Syria World War III News Alert –


Islam and the coming world war

What the Coming Uncivil War Is Really About – By John Horvat II – On Return To Order

When Society Falls Apart, Socialist Tyranny Can Happen Anywhere – By John Horvat II On Return To Order

Our Lady of Covadonga, Patron of September 7

In 711 the Muslim Arabs invaded the Iberian Peninsula. The Visigothic King Rodrigo died facing them in the Andalusian field of Guadalete in southern Spain. Taking a position of resistance against the rapid conquest and domination of the infidel, Don Pelayo led a group of valorous knights who had withdrawn to the northern mountains of the Asturias to recoup and fight.

The Catholics led by Pelayo face the superior Muslim forces


Our Lady Of Fatima (whose fulfillment we are living through the begining of the end of days in the era of chastisement ) Pray for us

The News Is Now Furiously Fast And Intense


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The Following Updates Follow
New Mexico Attorney General just announced a task force investigation into the New Mexico Catholic Church’s corruption

Last Saturday in the Pope’s public talk he addressed the crisis saying we must address the real emergency which is plastic littered all over God’s oceans and a task force must be established immediately to address

Francis Finally Acknowledges the Crisis: ‘Litter’ in the Oceans – The


Antonio Spadaro the Pope’s spokesperson released a preview of the Pope’s new book he edited saying this Pope is concerned with the poor , the marginalized ,and the environment and not afraid to answer questions and quickly respond to any sectors of society ( The synopsis IF You can believe it was not intended as a parody of the existing situation ) He also said this is not a Pope who is overly focused on clarifying Catholic theology writing books in a room (An obvious attack on Benedict XVI and several Popes that became Saints who wrote key theological works) He then re-tweeted an attack against US independent Catholic media  attempts to follow the worldwide call of lay led Catholic reform – Spadaro called for an interdict should be placed on EWTN and Raymond Arroyo ” silenced” or removed
To which a half dozen Catholic  journals said was outrageous
Also today

The cover story in the  leading newspaper in Germany addresses the crisis by saying that the Pope’s no answer as an answer to so many groups calling for the Pope to answer the allegations is an unconcienceable slap in the face to all Catholics and this admin is beginning to sound like the calls for silence of the 3rd Reich

Following both  NY and NJ Attorney Generals launching investigations into ten different Dioceses and Bishops offices Nebraska Attorney announced same and urged other states (since they are transferring sodomite abusers between various novus ordo diocesan parishes between States – If enough States AGs have related interstate investigations the federal dept of justice will have to be involved

The head of the US Bishops Pro-Life Committee Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City has stated today that they find Acb Vigano’s testimony and claims to be highly credible and are officially adding their voice to the call for an investigation into Pope Francis

Following this statement Denver Archbishop released a statement support Vigano and calling for an investigation into Pope Francis

The highly influential Catholic business association Legatus with 3000 elite members representing a significant portion of all major contributions to the Vatican has just put its annual Vatican tithe “in escrow,” until further notice , citing the current crisis in the Church , or until such time as Pope Francis agrees to an open investigation

A very prominent Catholic woman the former undersecretary of the department of energy , a Catholic lawyers guild member, and the current Chairperson of the board of directors of Christendom ,one of the last remaining Catholic colleges in the United States is Donna Bethel seconding Legatus move and saying in this era the laity are being called to action to initiate the reform of the Church – Divert all funding from them until the dissident radicality is removed (Essentially she’s calling for ecclesial euthanasia by starvation – my own term, until they are all purged

Then an open letter to the Pope signed by over 30,000 Catholics again all Faithful Catholic women urging the Pope to answer the charges

A must read is this excerpt from the well-respected historian philosopher of the Malta Order Henry Sires

Here’s what the book ‘The Dictator Pope’ says about Pope Francis’ handling of sex abuse cases

He writes “When Pope Francis’s friends start making remarks like that, a wheel has come off the Francis bandwagon.” (Radical liberal publications previously defending Pope Francis to the death like National Catholic Reporter are starting to write hit pieces on the Pope that cover-up allegations from multiple countries such as Argentina Chile and Italy from Priests Deacons and Laity are highly credible )

Pope Francis has asked his Curia and Vatican Canonists to come up with legal ways to sanction Acb Vigano

Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti blasted other Bishops for denying the crisis is a homosexual problem in the Church is a form of cover-up

With a second Canon Lawyer (Peters) calling for the Pope to resign and the count of Bishops calling for an investigation into Pope Francis having now exceeded 50 Bishops – ‘Code of Silence’ Documentary Is re-released and being analyzed by Canonists

Excerpt from Sex Abuse in the Church: the Code of Silence – YouTube

Cdl Wuerl the arrogant has stated he is not going to resign despite the verdict of the majority of his own Priests that told him that he should in a meeting with them ordered by Pope Francis . He said instead he will initiate six weeks of healing – Our only recourse now seems to be the Dept of Justice the Wash DC attorney general , both of whom I intend on writing on the critical danger to Catholics his remaining in active ministry poses

Bishop Daly of Spokane responded saying this crisis is not clericalism it is clearly diabolical , these people have no intention of leaving office

The overwhelming relationship to liturgical and doctrinal abuse by each prelate accused is clear and hardwired evidence that is strangely showing little to no coverage

Cardinal Burke questioned on the Crisis has stated ‘People are calling on the Pope to answer the AcB Vigano charges he has yet to answer the heterodoxy charges of the dubia. The Dubia must be answered because within it lies the source of many prelates justification of dissidence

Figments. If Instead of Bergoglio They Had Elected Cardinal Scola Pope – Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso

The explosive indictment against Pope Francis by the former nuncio in the United States Carlo Maria Viganò has obscured the other controversial points of this pontificate. In particular, that of communion for the divorced and remarried.

Watch – Cardinal O’Brien and the Sex Abuse Cover-Up – On -Mic’d Up – On CMTV

Blurb on Pope Francis’ new book criticizes Benedict | News | LifeSite

Known as the pope’s “mouthpiece,” Spadaro, editor-in-chief of the influential Vatican-based Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica, recently retweeted a call for EWTN to be placed under interdict — a step short of excommunication — “until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo.”

A US bishop in Charleston SC calls on Pope Francis to address Viganò allegations ‘directly’ | News | LifeSite

Cincinnati archbishop: Vatican must ‘open the McCarrick file’ | News | LifeSite

Recent Archive

This News Round Up Contains The Actual 11 Page Acb Vigano Testimony No One Wants To Actually Read & Line Item Address | TCE |

Just In From From Brazilian TFP

Papal Condemnations Show That Democratization Is Not the Solution to the Abuse Scandals –

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – On The Fatima Center

September 7 – The Outrage of Anagni – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

It had been the practice to speak of the spiritual and temporal powers in terms of pope and emperor, and it was long before it was realized, at least on the papal side, that the civil power, defeated as emperor, had returned to the attack with more aggressive vigour as the Monarchy and the State. The papal-imperial controversy continued, though with increasing unreality, when the pope was at Avignon, and the emperor was Louis of Bavaria, and little effort was made to adapt to the new conditions the older theory of the co-ordinate powers of Church and State, both of immediate Divine origin but differing in dignity.

Sciarra Colonna slapping Pope Boniface VIII in the face.



This News Round Up Contains The Actual 11 Page Acb Vigano Testimony No One Wants To Actually Read & Line Item Address


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The 11 Page Testimony Of Archbishop Vigano That Nobody Wants To Read But Only To Talk About

Commonweal magazine asks Pope to answer Viganò – ‘However dubious’ the claims, ‘the faithful deserve answers

The Remnant Newspaper – V for Vigano

Former presidential candidate on Viganò testimony: ‘This is a homosexual scandal’ | News | LifeSite

Catholic Trump Supporters Want Fed Action – On CMTV

These times were prophesized by Our Lady of Fatima & Good Success & LaSalette & Akita

Watch The Preview Of “ The Vatican Deception” – Movie – Worldwide Release Planned Oct 13th 2018 –

Watch – Importing Gay Seminarians- 30 Minute Panel | The Download | On CMTV

Breaking – Casa Jesus: Gay Seminarian Pipeline Set Up by Cdl. Bernardin – Christine Niles On CMTV

Farrell: “I didn’t know of McCarrick’s misbehavior” – On La Stampa

De Mattei: Archbishop Viganò – punished for telling the truth? On Rorate

Italian Vatican Expert on Why He Fights for the Church – On CMTV

Why Archbishop Viganò is almost certainly telling the truth – Edward Fesser

Employees Within A Buffalo Diocese Obtain And Release Secret Documents – And Bishop Goes Crazy – As The Conscience Of People Begin Contributing To The Restoration

Bishop Malone ramps up security after 7 Eyewitness News obtains secret documents – Buffalo, NY

Bishop Malone says he fell short in handling allegations, but won’t resign

Scranton PA bishop bars predecessor from public ministry

Child Protection/Safe Environment « Diocese of Scranton

Watch The Video – Of An Irish Priest at Cathedral in Newry teaches homosexual marriage is now okay –On

Wuerl named over 200 times in Penn. grand jury report – McCarrick successor defends his record of handling homosexual abuse

Cardinal Wuerl named in Pennsylvania grand jury report, responds to criticism |

Cardinal Wuerl defended his record of handling sexual abuse allegations

“As I have made clear throughout my more than 30 years as a bishop, the sexual abuse of children by some members of the Catholic Church is a terrible tragedy, and the Church can never express enough our deep sorrow and contrition for the abuse, and for the failure to respond promptly and completely,” the cardinal said.

Except that it has less to do with child abuse and more to do with homosexual Priests homosexually abusing adults and all types of people

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Connoisseurs of Corruption – Ed Faust On The Fatima Center

September 6 – Blessed Thomas Tsuji – Educated In The Years Before The Jesuit Order Became Corrupt – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Martyrs of Nagasaki. 16-17th-century Japanese painting

The Great Chastisement Has Begun As The Corruption Of The Papacy Culminates The Infiltration Of The Catholic Church


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In Face of the Scandals, the Church, Holy and Immortal, Shall Prevail! -On TFP

The Great Clarifier Clarifying (What “ideology” exactly, Holiness?) –Hilary White  On The Remnant Newspaper

“The Innocence of Serpents”: Francis’ Silence is not Jesus’ Silence (John Zmirak) by John Zmirak  – On Rorate

Catholic Church lay board that probed sex abuse 15 years ago seeks reappointment – Chicago Times

Pope Francis hosts embattled Cardinal Donald Wuerl in Rome, tells him: Talk with your priests – The Washington Post

Under Pressure to Resign, Cardinal Wuerl Meets With Priests About Future – WSJ

New Bombshell On Farrell – Dossier Hits The Vatican – On

A “New Bomb”in the Vatican? Italian Daily Teases CDF Dossier on Cardinal Kevin Farrell – OnePeterFive

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Says Sex Abuse Scandal Is ‘Devastating For Catholic Church’ | The Daily Caller

Defending Pope Francis, Vatican Allies May Strengthen Viganò’s Hand – The New York Times

Another Priest removed from parish for clear, honest sermon about The Present Crisis | Fr. Z’s BlogFr. Z’s Blog

David Yallop Dies — Author is Sensational Book on Death of John Paul I  – On EP

The role of freemasonry in the Vatican, the alleged murder of John Paul I to retread the modernist take out over of the Vatican that was becoming de-railed and Vatican banking

NY Attorney General May Launch Grand Jury Investigation – On CMTV

Life Site News Updates

Francis ignored, covered-up abuse in Argentina before becoming pope, documentary finds | News | LifeSite

Pope Francis preaches on being ‘silent’ before ‘wild dogs’ in face of Viganó allegations | News | LifeSite

List of bishops, cardinals who support investigating Pope Francis On Viganò’s claims (live updates) Is Now At 40  | News | LifeSite

Pope names new Vatican bishop who claims Jesus didn’t ‘establish rules’ | News | LifeSite

Reflection On Pope Francis As The Public Apologies Begin

Rod Was Right and I Was Wrong – On Crisis Magazine

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September 4 – She predicted the speedy death of the emperor -St. Rose of Viterbo On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Saint Rose Viterbo