Building A Great, Strange, And Extravagant Church With Transgenders At The Center


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Be aware that the Synod in Rome is including LGBT (with “T” as in transgender in all their inclusive official proclamations


Is Transgender Ideology Child Abuse ? By Dr. Michelle Cretella – President Of The American College Of Pediatricians On The Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family & Property – Crusade Mag Cover Story

PDF on the link ->

Is Transgender Ideology Child Abuse – TFP

Saint Catherine Of Emmerich – Overview of Her Visions Are In Order – On The Journal For Catholic Culture – Latin Mass Magazine

“ I saw many Pastors that were taken up with ideas that are dangerous to the Church. They were building a great, strange, and extravagant Church. Everyone was to be admitted in order to be untied and have equal rights: evangelicals, Catholics, and sects of every description“

PDF on the link ->

St A. Catherine Emmerich Vision Overview

The Egalitarian Refuses to Admire Anything Higher Than What He Is Used to  – By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira –On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The majority of the protestant sects now admit LGBT people as completely acceptable and the push in denominational Christianity is to have these people in teaching ministries

Pope Pius XI on False Ecumenism and No Salvation outside the Church –

“he unity of Christians cannot be otherwise obtained than by securing the return of the separated to the one true Church of Christ from which they once unhappily withdrew. To the one true Church of Christ, We say, that stands forth before all, and that by the will of its Founder will remain forever the same as when He Himself established it for the salvation of all mankind.”

‘Let them listen to Lactantius crying: “It is only the Catholic Church that retains the true worship. It is the fountain of truth, it is the household of the faith, it is the temple of God: If anyone does not enter it, or if anyone departs from it, he is a stranger to the hope of life and salvation. Let no one deceive himself by continuous wranglings. Life and salvation are in the balance, which if not looked to carefully and diligently will be lost and destroyed.”

Mortalium Animos PIUS XI The Promotion of True Religious Unity

Key News From LifeSite On The Subject

‘No more boys and girls’: BBC champions ‘gender free’ child raising in new documentary | News | LifeSite

Trans News = Meet Leonne Zeegers, the first gender-neutral Dutch citizen | World news | The Guardian

Croatian bishops denounce anti-violence convention hijacked by Trans ideology – On The Tablet

NJ Pro Transgender Priest Slams Church Militant

From the recent archives on this subject from TCE

The rise to power of the devil’s 1st creation – we are witnessing the antithesis of the followers of John the Baptist preparing “IT’s” way –

A Red Heifer Is Born -A 2000 Yr Old Prophesy – Trans Power Rises – Followed By Wars & Rumors Of Wars – In The Fall Of Western Christendom | TCE |

The Satanic Transvestite Acceptance In Secular & Catholic Culture Increases | TCE |

Transgender vs. Down Syndrome Which Species Will Survive | TCE |

October 21 – Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria’s Traditional Family – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Inset Archduchess Maria Josefa of Austria (1867-1944) and sons Karl and Maximilian, 1910.

The Two Churches In The Catholic Church On Display- Revolution vs. Counter Revolution


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In today’s perspectives

The Feast of St Luke has a dbl 1st class sung Mass at 6:00pm at Holy Innocents NYC and the 54 Day Novena
At Ave Maria University the Alumni Associations have successfully forced Pres Jim Towey to resign following his harsh criticism of Acb Vigano and his Eminence Cdl Raymond Burke saying “If our identity is not an orthodox alternative to the  modernism majority then who are we now ?”
On the weekend of Nov 16th at Malvern PA retreat house there is to be a traditional weekend retreat led by Cardinal Raymond Burke for 300 men sponsored by the Knights of The Immaculate which immediately sold out BUT as of yesterday they informed me via phone to share with readers they are opening over a dozen seats on wait list and there is always approximately 5% cancellations on retreats due to family issues  -Knights Of The Immaculata – Malvern Retreat House : Malvern Retreat House

On the left coast, Bishop McElroy defended one of his male employees that married a man with additional dissidence saying “He can marry whoever he wants”
The Archdiocese of Wash DC used faithful Catholics money from the Bishops annual appeal fund to run video ads on CNN defending the Arch-heretic Cdl Wuerl.
The final Synod Document, pre-written and leaked, will attempt to normalize the mortal sins of sodomy.Theologians & Catholic sociologists are saying that with 1/3 of the Church since the Council ( people and property) gone , this will further divide the Church and empty the next 1/3 of the Church and leaving no resources remaining to defend against the enveloping of islam. Despite the fact that dozens of novus ordo dioceses and orders in the west have not had a single vocation in years, there are very good apostolates to divert donations to….”the traditional ones” . These traditional orders are bursting with vocations  & waiting lists and needing assistance with rapid construction expansion as traditional Benedictine orders are showing multiple restorations. Most are familiar with Mary Queen Of The Apostles, which was originally attached to FSSP in Scranton PA but due a flood of vocations became a priory & subsequently moved to Gower, MO. This past September, as you may recall they were raised to an Abbey have dozens of nuns and a waiting list. Then in Oklahoma, Clear Creek Abbey is in its 17th year now with over 50 monks & 6 priests , multiple buildings, in need of phased construction funding, can now be seen from satellite photos . Send THEM your $ tithing. There is also a thriving order of traditional Benedictine Monks in  New Mexico.

Additionally if folks are looking for solid ground floor start-ups to become benefactors and part of the generational surviving remnant there are several . The Harrisburg, PA Hermitage was consecrated by a  PA Bishop this summer and has its first six men.

Aware that Ave Maria U is conservative Catholic and not specifically ‘traditional’ Catholic ( with a reform of the reform liturgy that ‘pseudo’ combines the two ) cognizant of the vast differences between the two Florida is looking to rival all the traditional apostolates that have taken over the Catholicity of Missouri. A new traditional Catholic college in Florida launching is set and non for profit fund raising is asking for help Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum as seen below

Roman Catholicism

The Other Church


Revolution In Society

St. Luke the Evangelist, Saint of October 18 – By Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

St. Luke painting the Blessed Virgin

News Round Up- Islam -The Second Front Of The War On Christendom Doubles Down


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Leading Islam scholar: Jihad will destroy Western civilization | Frank Hawkins On LifeSite

Americans pressured ‘to think a certain way’ of Islam  “We’re staying silent out of fear” –On The Washington Post

Study finds more self-censorship here than on other topics

Imam to preach Eucharistic sermon at University Church, Oxford –On

When Islam Became a Race. – Jamie Glazov On The Glazov Moment:  Via YouTube

Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Palestinian Sharia Judge Admits That Jihad Against Israel Is All About Islam – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Pakistan: Thousands of Muslims rally to demand death for Christian woman accused of blasphemy – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Islamic Palestinian Rioters Use Explosive Device to Damage Israel Border Fence – On Breitbart

Welcome to Saw-Di Arabia – On

The disappeared journalist – Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi is actually a Saudi journalist who fled Saudi Arabia in September 2017 and is a critic of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and the nation’s de facto ruler Mohammad bin Salman. He has also criticised Saudi Arabian-led [and U.S. supported] intervention in Yemen.

Watch = Robert Spencer Video: Marine Le Pen Ordered to Take Psychiatric Tests for Opposing Jihad Terror

Shocking photos from the Geller Report

London: 423 new mosques, 100 Shariah courts, more than in many Muslim countries – Geller Report

Italian Priest Kidnapped in Niger – On THISDAYLIVE

Germany’s Cardinal Marx Donates 50,000 Euros to Islamic Invasion Fleet – On EP

Cologne Germany – Hostage Taken, Shots Fired at German Railway Station – On Breitbart

Recent Archive

Lest We Forget Why We Gather For OL of the Rosary – Against The Islamization Of Education & Culture In The West | TCE |


The Holy Name of the Virgin Mary; in thanksgiving for the victory over the Turks at Vienna – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

King Jan III Sobieski saying farewell to his family before leaving to fight the Turks at Vienna

Emperor Sigismund III of Poland painted by Albrecht Dürer

Hierarchy’s Scandals Hit Local Jersey City Teacher – Wuerl & Papal Fall Out Only Begins


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Jersey City Catholic Education In The News

Catholic school fires teacher after she handed out famed evangelist’s letter on clergy abuse crisis | News | LifeSite

Saint Dominic’s Academy , Jersey City – is situated between Hudson Catholic (formerly an all boys High School ) and Saint Peters College . It was sadly and formerly an orthodox Catholic girls HS run by Dominican Sisters.

Teachers are now forbidden by the Dean of Students to use the term “Father” when speaking of God. Instead, she was told that in-class prayers should be addressed to the “Creator” because “Father” is “too masculine” and God shouldn’t be portrayed that way.

Teachers are  forbidden to make available the Sacrament of Penance for their students, as well as being prohibited from presenting authentic Church teaching about homosexuality even in religion classes, and are instead instructed to be “tolerant.”

And all this over a well written, well balanced open letter of Ralph Martin’s she shared with the students. Ralph Martin is not even a traditionalist , he’s merely conservative.

How very tragic and sad -the radical liberals have overtaken Catholic institutions with a strange new religion

Catholic Teacher Fired Over Letter Linking Homosexual Clergy to Abuse Crisis – On CMTV

Catholic school board kills policy banning pro-abortion funding after union pressure | News | LifeSite

New Church, New Faith, New Pope – OnePeterFive

That assessment was too narrow. As Ross Douthat shows in his book, To Change the Church, Francis is not only changing the Papacy, but also changing Catholicism itself.

We now see why Pope Benedict XVI resigned. In early 2013, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was already 76 years old. He had been identified by certain cardinals as the right man for the job, but if he needed five years to get the job done, time was running out. Benedict was (and is) still alive. Benedict needed to be forced out. Someday, the full story how they did it will come out.

We can also see why the Vatican not only commemorated, but celebrated the riforma protestante in 2017. Francis, the Great Reformer, needed to be seen as following in the footsteps of the last great reformer.

Pope Francis: Catholic Church Deserves More |

The Case Against Pope Francis By Michael B Dougherty On National Review

Cardinal Ouellet’s Response to Archbishop Viganò Lacks Credibility – On Crisis Magazine

Cupich’s Double Standard on Homosexuality – On Complicit Clergy

Two men and the truth – The Lepanto Institute

Alan Keyes On Pope Francis True Accusation — Is it of Satan, or of God? – On CMTV

Turbulent Appointment Process for Pope Francis New Substitute for Secretary of State And Allegations Of A Homosexual Life – On EP

The Wrong People Francis Can’t Get Rid Of -Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

The Fall of the Gay Mafia’s Don – George Neumayr On The American Spectator

PA State Attorney General  Blasts Wuerl’s Resignation – On CMTV

The Pope Ignores the Damage as Another Prelate Falls – The New York Times

Fake News D.C. Archdiocese runs ad on CNN praising Cdl. Wuerl’s ‘accomplishments’ | News | LifeSite

Remember When Biden & Pelosi Commit Sacrilege at Papal Mass by Mary Ann Kreitzer

Cardinal Wuerl said ” ‘I will never refuse Communion to politicians based on their abortion politics’

Pope praises families of married Eastern-rite priests |

How a global ‘LGBT’ coalition is lobbying the Vatican Youth Synod | News | LifeSite

Audience for the youth ends in crazy rock – On Church Revolution In Pictures – On TIA



Why is St. Gerard Majella invoked by thousands as “The Mother’s Saint”? It appears strange that a man, and a religious lay brother at that, should be so acclaimed. It might seem that a married woman, who had been blessed with the privilege of motherhood, would be chosen by Divine providence for this office.

However, the fact is that the countless favours and prodigies obtained for mothers and their children through the intercession of St. Gerard seem to suggest the role selected for him. Although the Church has not officially proclaimed him the patron of mothers, it is hoped that one day she may do so. During his life he helped mothers in need; since his death, in 1755, there has been a continuous flow of extraordinary favours granted to mothers who prayed to him; today there are millions who look to him for help in obtaining the blessing of motherhood and in the difficulties attendant on motherhood.

October 16 – Apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Saint Margret Mary Alacoque – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

On the occasion of the The 101st Anniversary of the Militia Immaculatae –October 16th –  By The Militia Immaculatae Of The Traditional Observance


The Feast Of Saint Gerard Majella at the National Shrine Of Saint Gerard At Saint Lucy’s Newark, NJ





George Orwell’s 1984 -Big Brother / The Canonization Of The Council vs. Liturgical Reform


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Slavery in Modern Clothing in Orwell’s 1984 – Crisis Magazine

In this excellently written piece the reader can naturally see the ‘Big Brother Of 1984’,  ‘The Novus Ordo’  , And Vatican II As Synonymous

Orwell portrays a politically correct social order that robs human beings of dignity, political rights under the law, freedom of thought and religion, a culture of the arts, and the right to marry and found a family. Political correctness is the closing of the human mind to common sense, self-evident truth, moral law, and the wisdom of tradition

Oppositions – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

To the cult of man who has made himself God, the Church opposes the cult of God-made-man. To the absence of God in the world, the Church opposes His Real Presence on the altar.To the banality and sterility of evil, the Church opposes the wondrous life-giving Cross.To the sacrificial machinery of liberalism, the Church opposes the one liberating Sacrifice of Calvary

What Does the Canonization of Paul VI Mean for the Liturgy and Liturgical Reform? On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Dom Alcuin Reid: “Vatican II’s Vision Has Survived A Liturgical Winter” On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Catholics at the End of the Earth –  On Regina Magazine

Penance in Fatima & Other Apparitions – by Homer Sweeney On TIA

Why We Need Not (and Should Not) Call Paul VI ‘Saint’ – On OnePeterFive

The Canonization Crisis – Part II – By Christopher Ferrara On The Remnant Newspaper

REMINDER: The Case for Pacelli– On Rorate Caeli

Guest Note: “Paul VI: the ‘Pastoral’ Canonization of the Spirit of Vatican II” — by Fr. Pio Pace – On Rorate Caeli

“Saint” Paul VI? More Doubt and Confusion — By The Late John Venari On Catholic Family News

New “Saints” Without Popular Veneration –  On

SSPX Statement On Canonization of Paul VI – On EP

Paul VI: the theory of Teilhard de Chardin is a model to find God – On TIA

Paul VI opened the door of the Church for abuses- – On TIA

Paul VI and the Canonization of Vatican II | Jake Neu | On First Things

Four Characteristics of the Liberal Mind That Are Destroying Society – On Return To Order

Rite Of Canonization Of Seven Blesseds

TCE Archive From March 2018

Inside News Feeds – From A Pope Paul VI Canonization To The Pope Francis Crisis’ – How Did It Get This Far ? | On TCE |


Saint Teresa Of Avila

Saint Teresa Of Avila And Saint John Of The Cross At The Feet Of Our Lady & Our Savior

Catholic News Round Up As Both Pope Francis & The Synod Continue To Challenge Catholicism


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Pope accepts Cardinal Wuerl’s resignation | News | LifeSite

Liars Covering Up For Each Other With Sugar Coated Language – An Outrage

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Cardinal Wuerl, DC archbishop linked to sex-abuse cover-up | Fox News

Francis’ glowing send-off of Wuerl signals he’s ‘not the Pope to clean out the stables’: scholar | News | LifeSite

Vatican Rigging the McCarrick Investigation – On CMTV

Watch – Now The Rigged Vatican Instigation Into McCarick Scandals Will Outrageously Blame the Saint! | The Vortex On CMTV

In The Most Under Reported Pope Francis/USCCB/McCarick News  – Catholic Relief Services’ Major McCarrick Problem – On The Lepanto Institute

Pope Confuses Faithful Over Mary’s Perpetual Virginity
Pope’s comments contradict Church Fathers teachings that Mary vowed to lifelong virginity.

Pope Francis Suggests Mary Did Not Intend to Be ‘Ever Virgin’ – On Breitbart

Bergoglio Suggests Mary Did Not Intend to Be ‘Ever Virgin’ – On Jesus Christ, Our Shepherd

Synod Report Displays Ignorance About Homeschooling – On NCR

A Synod slap at home schoolers | On Catholic Culture

Belgian bishop at Synod brings up married priests

 Synod Gets Into Challengeing Priestly Celibacy ‘Some married men would answer a call to priesthood’, bishop says

These People Will “Write” the [Already Written] Final Synod Document – On

Phil Lawler’s Scorching Response to Cardinal Ouellet – OnePeterFive

How could you, Archbishop Vigano? | Catholic Culture

Cardinal Present at “Drug Fueled” Orgy at CDF – On EP

Source: Vatican Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio was at drug-fueled homosexual party, and Pope knows it | News | LifeSite

Papolatry vs. Catholicism

No jousting for these knights… | On Catholic Culture

Francis Leaves Regularly with Cardinal Maradiaga The Vice Pope, Himself Accused Of Substantiated Allegations of Multiple Cases Of Sex Abuse Cover-up

Vatican II at 56: Like all Totalitarianisms of the 20th Century, Vatican II will still cause great havoc – On Rorate

The Modernist Roots of Our Current Crisis – Crisis Magazine

The prophet Jeremiah places stark choices before us: “Thus says the Lord: ‘Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.’ But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’” (6:16).

Church Scandal Through the Eyes of St. Thomas More – Crisis Magazine

Saint Thomas More himself applied the story of sleepy apostles to the Church in England. In the Sadness of Christ, he compared Peter, James, and John, who were “buried in sleep,” with Judas, who remained wide-awake. More asked his readers: “Does not this contrast between the traitor and the apostles present to us a clear and sharp mirror image (as it were), a sad and terrible view of what has happened through the ages from those times even to our own?” The mirror image was sharp because the apostles represented negligent bishops while “other governors and other caesars,” like Cromwell and Henry, sought the destruction of the Church in England.

So More asked a second question, “why do not bishops contemplate in this scene their own somnolence?” More wished “that they would reproduce their virtues just as eagerly as they embrace their authority and as faithfully as they display their sloth and sleepiness!” Sleep, thus, becomes a metaphor for placing the faith in jeopardy. For many bishops “are sleepy and apathetic in sowing virtues among the people and maintain the truth, while the enemies of Christ, in order to sow vices and uproot the faith (that is, insofar as they can, to seize Christ and cruelly crucify him once again), are wide awake—so much wiser (as Christ says) are the sons of darkness in their generation than the sons of light.” The sons of darkness are “wise” because of their energy, cunning, and daring in their assaults upon the Church, while the sons of light, Christ’s representatives through apostolic succession, remain disheartened, perplexed, and fearful.

Pew: Catholicism Suffers Highest Net Losses Due to Religious Switching (Amid A Disastrous Pontificate) – On Brietbart

Synod On The Youth Part #3 – The Synodal Crisis Relationship To Vatican II | TCE |


October 12 – Difficulties in his youth prepared him for later trials – St. Wilfrid On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Wilfrid

Politics Round Up -Radicalism Ramps Up – On The Feast Of The Maternity of Our Lady


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A Must Watch –

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, And The Entire Political Crisis Take a look at Palo Alto University – On YouTube

Welcome to Saw-Di Arabia – (See Inset Photo Of Trump And Saudi Prince) On

U.S. raises pressure on Saudi Arabia over missing journalist

* Journalist’s disappearance triggers global concern

The Real Story President Abraham Lincoln – the War Criminal –On

Why America’s Second Confederacy Could Begin On Nov 6th

Why 13 States—IncludingTexas, California, and New York—Are Ready to “Secede” from America – Video and Text On The Legacy Report

Republican bill would stop US embassies flying gay ‘pride’ flags | News | LifeSite

Rush Limbaugh: Elections are now the ‘only thing standing’ in the left’s way | News | LifeSite

Camille Paglia: Trump Already Headed Towards Reelection, Democrats Have Overplayed Their Hand | Video | RealClearPolitics

Michael Avenatti Predicts Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted by Year’s End

If You Don’t Know THIS, You Don’t Know the “Notorious R.B.G” – or How Her Radical Ideology Has Changed America

New Face of the Democratic Party – On CMTV

Behind the Bronze Doors: Soros Radicals collude with Vatican – On The Remnant Newspaper

Republican bill would stop US embassies flying gay ‘pride’ flags | News | LifeSite

Catholic Politics And Trump – Deep State Delirium – On The Remnant Newspaper

Expect one of these a month for years to come until the new Rite of the Catholic Church is reformed and the “collegial” power given to Bishops and Bishops Conferences is revoked and returned to the Universal Church and a centralized orthodox Curial Congregation

Lawsuit accuses Calif. bishops of sex abuse cover-up – On CNS

Pew: Catholicism Suffers Highest Net Losses Due to Religious Switching (Amid A Disastrous Pontificate) – On Brietbart

Economy Of Scale vs Traditional Family Stores –

The Mouse that Roared and Defeated Walmart –

What a Catholic Economy Looks Like – On Crisis Magazine

Democrats Prefer Socialism to Capitalism
Gallup finds Democratic Party is leaning further left – On The NY Post

Over 200 Liberal Newspapers Launch Massive Coordinated Attack on President Trump |

Democracy The Masses Are the Main Enemy of True Democracy – Pius XII: 1944 Christmas Message on the subject of democracy

The People and the Masses

Deep State Discoveries in America


Recent Archive On Political Round Up- Summer 2018

4th Of July Week News Round Up- Liberal Left Politics -vs. Pres. Trump & Honorable Christian Order | TCE |

Our Lady And ……..Cannot Say We Were Not Warned – On

The Divine Maternity of Our Lady, feastday of October 11- By Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveria On TIA

Our Lady and the Christ Child, Cathedral of Milan

Synod On The Youth Part #3 – The Synodal Crisis Relationship To Vatican II


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RIP, Vatican II Catholicism (1962-2018) – On OnePeterFive

Fortes In Fide  By Fr. Jean- Michel Gieze –SSPX – On The Angelus Sept/Oct 2018 Issue

In his Theological Studies column in the quarterly Society journal – Fr Jean-Michel gives an excellent chronology of the fight against the errors of the past Council of Vatican II and how it relates to the current era and Pontificate- replete with Synods and Bishops Conferences  – pdf on the link —>

Fortes In Fide By Fr Jean- Michel Gieze –SSPX – On The Angelus Sept-Oct 2018 Issue

Pope Provides for Predator Presence at Youth Synod – On EP

The Misplaced Priorities of Youth Synod Organizers – By William Kilpatrick On Crisis Magazine

First Synod reports focus on abuse and sexuality |

The theme of the synod is “young people, the faith and vocational discernment,” but the working group English-A, which includes bishops from the United States, Australia, Ireland and England, said, “the context for vocational discernment has changed utterly. Our group suggests that the issue of child sexual abuse in the church cannot be skimmed over tangentially in a few short sentences.”

“The shattered trust, the trauma and lifelong suffering of survivors; the catastrophic failures in case management; the continued silence and denial by some of these awful crimes and sins – these issues cry out to be named openly by the synod,” the group said.

Synod2018: Young People Discussion Groups Offer Reports (Full Text) – ZENIT – English

However, the context for vocational discernment has changed utterly. Our Group suggests that the issue of child sexual abuse in the Church cannot be skimmed over tangentially in a few short sentences. The shattered trust, the trauma and lifelong suffering of survivors; the catastrophic failures in case management; the continued silence and denial by some of these awful crimes and sins – these issues cry out to be named openly by the Synod.

A Harmful Dependence for the Mind of the Youth by Fr. Philippe Bourrat On The Angelus Online

Screens & digital devices and the call to ‘return to order’

This transformation of man into an informed human reposes upon a promethean faith without limit in the technological capacity to surpass the physical and temporal limits of his nature: his intelligence and the acquisition of his knowledge, the brevity and fragility of his life could see its constraints diminished or suppressed. That which the theatres formerly envisioned in the scenarios of science fiction, the digital giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, without forgetting certain Chinese giants), already realize. More than a race of obvious financial issues, this revolution would like to reform man integrally, by making a creature of science and technology. Ultimately, man becomes god, an immortal and omniscient god.

Why Apple Is Shaking in Its Boots –By John Horvat II On  Return to Order

The Fear of Moral Values

Apple knows something that most people don’t know. There are a lot of Americans that might take offense by the wrong programming. We are not talking about activists. Instead, we are referring to that broad swath of Americans who still cling, however tenuously, to Christian morals, family and property.

On Deposing Popes: A Historical Review – On OnePeterFive

Vatican II –From The Onset To Its Logical Conclusion

The 60th Anniversary of the Death of Pope Pius XII By Gregory DiPippo On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Watch – Fr. Hesse explains why Vatican II is Not A (Binding ) Council of the Church –On

Philosophy Gnosis: the Pole of the Devil’s Egalitarian Conspiracy – Part I – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Teilhard de Chardin: The Vatican II Architect You Need to Know

Ascent To Vatican II Is Not Required To Be A Catholic

Msgr. Ocáriz’s Serious Theological Blunder by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira

Vatican II – and Pope Franics – Prophetic reflection by the late Dietrich Von Hildebrand (Enemies Within The Church )

The Great Theologian  And Author Dietrich Von Hildebrand – On the hierarchy coming to power in the Church

“The enemies who were hidden in the Trojan Horse have stepped out of their encampment and the active work of destruction is in high gear… The purpose of this book is… to give a short, clear presentation of the principal errors which are being presented today as a breakthrough of the ‘modern’ man who has ‘come of age,’ whom one can supposedly no longer expect to believe the teaching of the Church in the form it has taken up to now…. Secondly, we shall especially try to unmask those hidden, subtle errors … under beautiful, apparently noble titles, and whose danger is often overlooked even by believing Catholics.”

Authentic Insightful Faithful Catholic Resources and Book Recommendations

As we prepare for more great authentic Catholic talks to come out of next week’s parallel alternative Conference for the Youth in Rome Oct 19th through Oct 21st we recall and view/review the last amazing Conferences’ Talks

Voice Of The Family Presents – Rome Life Forum /Lepanto – June 2018 Professor Roberto de Mattei – Resistance To Unjust Conscience In Doctrine and History  – 40 Minutes On You Tube

Voice Of The Family Presents – Rome Life Forum /Lepanto – June 2018  Raymond Cardinal Burke, To Restore All Things in Christ: The Reign of Christ the King through His Glorious Pierced Heart — 40 Minutes On You Tube

Voice Of The Family Presents – Rome Life Forum /Lepanto – June 2018  Mgr Livio Melina, Conscience and Truth in the Magisterium of Carlo Cardinal Caffa – 30 Minutes On You Tube

Trojan Horse in the City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained

The Great Façade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution – By Christopher A. Ferrara, Jr. Thomas E. Woods,  and Dr. John Rao,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

The Rhine flows into the Tiber: A history of Vatican II: Ralph M Wiltgen,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Revolution and Counter-Revolution. (Third Edition) By Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Archive Review Of The Prof Dietrich Von Hildebrand Book The Devastated Vineyard By Michael Davies On Angelus

In this Preface he sets out the purpose of his book in very clear terms:

“The purpose of this book is, first of all, to give a short, clear presentation of the principal errors which are being presented today as a breakthrough to the “modern” man who has “come of age,” whom one can supposedly no longer expect to believe the teaching of the Church in the form it has taken up to now . . . Secondly, we shall especially try to unmask those hidden, subtle errors which are usually introduced under beautiful, apparently noble titles, and whose danger is often overlooked even by believing Catholics.”

Recent Archive Part #2

Disgraceful Rome Synod On The Youth Surprises Part #2 – Continued | TCE |

October 10 – How to overcome bad ancestry – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Charles V by Virgil Solis


Statue of Saint Francis Borgia at the entrance of Bethlehem Church in Barcelona

Disgraceful Rome Synod On The Youth Surprises Part #2 – Continued


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Watch This Episode Of ROCKIN’ the SCANDAL: A Catholic Response (CIC 2018) – On Remnant Underground TV

Watch Free Episode Of The CMTV Premium Program ‘ The Download’ —Synod of Confusion | On CMTV

Youth Synod starts under the symbol of witchcraft

Pope selects youth from pro-gay Vatican consultant’s media org to attend Synod | News | LifeSite

Young People Synod 2018: First Full Day in Rome — Catholic Family News

Need Traditional Liturgy

One very concrete way (as “concrete” seems to be a popular ecclesial term these days) to introduce young Catholics to beauty, order, and permanence is through exposure to the traditional Latin Mass. During the official press briefing this afternoon, the topic of liturgy was mentioned by a few members of the panel. As such, I posed a question – in particular, to Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, Australia – about the importance of beautiful, reverent liturgy and whether or not a wider access to the traditional rite of Mass has been discussed by the Synod Fathers.

Watch – Cardinal At The Synod Suprised, Youth want better liturgies

Related Archive

Pope Francis denounces ‘restorationist’ orders bursting with young people | News | LifeSite


Synod 2018: Weekend Highlights, Viganò Developments – October 8th 2018 – On The Fatima Center

Chaput at Synod: Document contains ‘false flattery’ World doesn’t need ‘just another purveyor of ethical pieties

Archbishop Chaput’s First Synod Intervention at the Synod 2018 on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment (October 4, 2018) – Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Faithful Catholics Blast Direction of Youth Synod – October 8th 2018 – On CMTV

Demand bishops to reinforce Church teaching on sexuality, chastity

MSM Reports on Papal Sex Abuse Cover-up  
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St. Bruno refusing the Archbishopric. Painting by Vicente Carducho


The Jesuit LGBT Synod vs. The Traditional Roman Rite


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 In a detailed explanation of the current crisis and a  road map forward , a prophetic book written back in 2004 by Theologian and Author Atila Sinke Guimaraes – On Vatican II , Homosexuality, and Pedophilia  with detailed explanations on how the three are closely interwoven

The book opens with

“How is it possible that the Vatican remains silent regarding homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic clergy? In the United States it is common to link the impunity of these priests to the cover-up of the Bishops. But why were such Bishops in turn not punished or at least strongly censured? Why are many homosexual and pedophile priests being chosen to be become Bishops? Certainly, with such attitudes the Vatican promotes these vices. What is the explanation?

In this book Guimarães offers two reasons:

First, Vatican Council II introduced a new morals in the Catholic Church. This new morality is meant to adapt itself to modern psychological theories that presume sexual desires should not be repressed.

Second, homosexuality and pedophilia infiltrated such high positions in the Catholic Hierarchy that for the present-day Vatican to punish the guilty parties would be tantamount to gravely damaging itself.

These are causes many Catholic suspect, but only few have the courage to express. This book constitutes a noble denunciation made for the love of the Catholic Church, and turned toward Our Lord asking Him to heal her.

The work is also a valuable resource tool, presenting Catholic teaching on homosexuality with quotes from Scriptures, Popes, Saints and Canon Law.”

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Body Of Christ Marjore

Photo Credits to Matt Cashore

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Priests are refusing Holy Communion in the hand at the Synod On The Youth – Watch An Angry woman who tries to grab the host and an agile Holy Priest defends the Body of Christ

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The former See of the last reigning consolidated Catholic Monarchy of Eastern and Western Europe and the Habsburgs , prior to the Masonic initiation of WWI to initiate a new order and upstage Catholicism’s international reign

Does this honestly look like anything that resembles Roman Catholicism, this is a 30 second live synopsis on the fall of the west

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The headlines in the September 7 issue of L’Osservatore Romano presented the pope’s Letter on the World’s Day of Prayer for Creation. The Letter is about access “to clean water.” The ancient Romans were famous for building aqueducts to bring water into cities. If anyone lacks water today, it is not because we do not know how to purify and distribute water resources. It is almost entirely due to economic and political choices. The technical means or know-how for providing water is not a major theological concern of Christianity as such. Christ walked on water, turned water into wine, helped a woman at a well draw it up, and was baptized with it in the Jordan. He never designed a dam to provide water for Nazareth or Jerusalem. He evidently assumed that men could eventually figure this task out without the need of revelation.

A pope can mention the problem of water availability or other such issues, but his is not the task to provide technical solutions even if he had a doctorate in water engineering. One can question whether the pope’s views of economics and politics that tend toward socialism encourage a system that easily provides water on a large-scale basis. Many people of good will wonder why, if the pope can talk of clean water, he cannot talk about his own record or what he holds on issues that certainly do fall within his competency. These latter issues are what perplex people and which give impetus to the reportage of Der Spiegel.

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Well this is where Your Excellencies have to step up and accept responsibility. Whether it was from poor formation, or neglect, or cowardice or concern for your career, you are responsible for this — all of it.

You defied the Vatican and kept allowing homosexual men into seminary. You looked the other way when it was obvious the priesthood in the United States was converting into a gay profession, as The New York Times called it. You gave a slap on the limp wrist to various priests you knew were homosexually active in your dioceses.

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