France Is On Fire – The Solution = Women Deacons And More Pope Francis Politicians The Center of Europe In The Eye Of The Storm


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Notre-Dame de Paris: the Light and the Flames – On The American TFP

France: Two Seminaries Close, More To Follow –On

Watch –the video of  how prophetic – THE ROOSTER of NOTRE DAME is : Omen for Europe On The Remnant Newspaper

Press Review: Notre-Dame de Paris’ Fire as Seen From Abroad – FSSPX.News

The solution to the abandonment en masse of the novus ordo experiment , its Seminaries , Schools, and Churches= Simple ,  women deacons, marriage blessings to sodomite couples , virtual silence of the majority on the legal trench battles on the murder of the unborn and the disabled and to continue to attempt to unite conflicting creeds into a pan- religion

Vatican Media Official: Francis Did Not Nix Possibility of Female Deacons -By Dr. Maike Hickson On Tradition In Action

Here they come

German bishop laments ‘shackle’ of Church’s refusal to ordain women | News | LifeSite

German bishops’ plan on sex abuse crisis ‘crazy’, ‘false’: former Vatican doctrine chief | News | LifeSite

The Pope as Politician; The Politician as Pope – On The Fatima Center

Pope Francis Changes Doctrine by “Double-Talk” And “Stealth” says John Rist, 83, a British professor of ancient philosophy and patristics, scholar – On

Now Francis’ Electrician Is in Trouble –On

Cdl. Wuerl preaches at commemorative Mass in Rome Alongside other U.S. prelates unfazed by cover-ups, lies – On L’Observatore Romano

DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s disgraced guest – On Rorate Caeli

Bishop Orders His Priests Not to Dress as Priests – Church revolution in pictures  On


The answers lie in a restoration via a full scale cultural return to sacred tradition and theocracy

The Deadly Plots Thicken – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The solemn festivity which the magistrates were accustomed to hold in the Hôtel de Ville, a banquet, always presided over by the Governor-General, was about to take place

Hôtel de Ville, In Brüssels

May 24 – Bl. Hermann Joseph – <Monk and Mystic – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Statue of Bl. Hermann Joseph presenting an apple to the Infant Jesus. and Our Lady The  Statue is atop a fountain in Waidmarkt, Köln.

Letter of Saint John Bosco to the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, May 24, 1873 – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Kaiser Franz Joseph

Pope Francis Revolution vs. The Resistance And Restoration Movement


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Roberto de Mattei on Resisting the Pope in the Modern Age – OnePeterFive

Proselytism, the Phantasm of Pope Francis – Magister On Settimo Cielo-  L’Espresso

More Catholic than the Pope? -by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

Making the best case for that open letter on papal heresy | By Phil Lawlor On Catholic

Pope Francis tells the press: ‘The church is on your side,’ denounces fake news | America Magazine

The Pope Franics agreement with the Catholic Church of China seems to be working out great 24 Catholic churches to be razed in Chinese diocese  Priests say all belong to official not underground church

CHINA – VATICAN Handan, Shen Liu church demolition begins. The destruction of 23 more churches is scheduled (VIDEO),-Shen-Liu-church-demolition-begins.-The-destruction-of-23-more-churches-is-scheduled-(VIDEO)-46947.html

Is a pope spreading confusion just as bad as a pope committing heresy? | | LifeSite

Watch “Is Pope Francis trying to open the door to contraception? | John-Henry Westen Show Ep. 9” on YouTube

From The Recent Archives

Are The Pope’s Heresies Escalating Towards Schism ? In the News Round Up | TCE |


New Developments On The Resistance And Restoration Movement 


Watch | Resist and Restore | Before any Restoration, there must first come a Resistance.| On CMTV’s The Vortex

CHARTRES PILGRIMAGE GREAT NEWS: Spectacular New Starting Point – On The Remnant Newspaper

How to Prepare – Chartres Pilgrimage USA

New book: The Case for Liturgical Restoration – On Rorate Caeli

Rebuilding Authentic Catholicism upon the Ruins of the Conciliar Experiment – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Catholic Poland In Still Catholic – Restoration Minded Catholics Should Peruse These Stunning Photos Of Procession of the Relics of St Stanislaus in Krakow – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

This is NOT the 1950s this is recent and traditional  Catholic !

The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise: By Cardinal Robert Sarah

Pray Rosary to combat ‘inhuman ideologies’: Dubia cardinal || LifeSite

Vatican II Catholicism vs. Traditional Catholicism

“ We cannot change Revelation. It’s true the Revelation develops. The word is “development” — it develops with time. And we with time understand the faith better and better. The way to understand the faith today, after Vatican II, is different than the way of understanding the faith before Vatican II. Why? Because there is a development of knowledge. You are right. And this isn’t something new, because the very nature — the very nature — of Revelation is in continual movement to clarify itself.” Just so you know that statement is not merely a sophism , it is a formal and material heresy that violates infallible Catholicism and sums up their method for propagating ALL their errors Recent Profane Novelties: A Dialogue on the Death Penalty

In Defense Against Freemasonry

And the revolution marches on through the Church ever more violently

May 14, 1264: The Right to Revolt – Simon de Montfort Defeats King Henry III at Battle of Lewes – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

May 22 – Queen’s Confessor – Blessed John Forest – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Newgate Prison door, London

May 22 – Hanged for Printing a Book – Blessed James Duckett – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

After two or three years he married a Catholic widow, but out of his twelve years of married life, no less than nine were spent in prison, owing to his zeal in propagating Catholic literature and his wonderful constancy in his new-found faith.

newgate cell

Image processed by CodeCarvings

The Pro-life News Round Up For The 3rd Week Of May 2019


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Top Stories

Prolife Laws Battle

Invitro fertilization vs. Adoption

  • In-Vitro Jewelry: A Step beyond Horrendous by Marian T Horvat
  • Consequence of Vatican IISome curious readers might be asking: What does this have to do with the progressivist Church?. After all, this column is supposed to provide orientation to understand the crisis in the Church.I do not believe that this kind of company could have existed before Vatican II and its disastrous consequences on the Church and society. As the Church embraced the modern world following the directives of Vatican II, the world’s errors and sins entered the Catholic home: revolt, immorality, contraception, and even in vitro f It should not be a surprise that outside the Catholic home even greater abominations should swell. Without the Catholic Church to wisely place brakes on what remained of Christian Civilization, Hell broke loose. Truly, this human embryo jewelry is a piece of Hell unloosed on earth. Man’s indifference to such an outrage is a call to Heaven for a chastisement.
  • ‘Have You Thought about Adopting?’ Reflections on Infertility – On OnePeterFive

The Church vs The Prolife Movement – The Battle Continues

AP news wire supplies absurd ‘fact check’ on infanticide  Reports but ignores 143 born alive as recorded by CDC

President Trump Was Right: CDC Confirms 143 Babies Born Alive After Abortions, Left to Die |

Emergencies In The News

The Battles Have Their Results

4D Ultrasound Image of Abby Johnson’s Baby Broadcast in Time Square New York —On Catholic Family News

Abby Johnson: Sims’ Video Justifying His Actions ‘Isn’t Cutting It’ | Breitbart

Think praying outside abortion clinics is pointless? This pro-lifer proves otherwise | News | LifeSite

May 21 – The last of his noble lineage, he started a spiritual one -St. Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod – On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod commissioned Notre-Dame de la Garde, an ornate Neo-Byzantine basilica on the south side of the old port of Marseille.

De Soto meets the mighty Mississippi – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

De Soto and the Conquistadores At The Missisippi




New Round Up- The Battle For the Soul Of The Church and Society Breaks Into Mainstream Catholicism


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Breaking News from Italy – Watch Salvini: “Personally, I entrust Italy, my life and your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let’s entrust ourselves to the six Patrons of Europe.”  – On Rorate

INTERVIEW: Dutch Cardinal Willem Eijk answers questions on crisis in Church, loss of faith | News | LifeSite

Watch “Rebuilding the Walls of Catholic Church: Ezra and Nehemiah as our Models” Good Short Tutorial By Dr. Taylor  On YouTube

Cologne’s cardinal warns against inventing ‘a new Church’ – On

 Highway to St. Louis’ Danger Zone – The Battle for dominance between Freemasonry and Catholicism -By Kristine Canavan  On CMTV

The Fatima Message & Our Ongoing Battle for the Soul of the Church – On OnePeterFive

Rebuilding Authentic Catholicism upon the Ruins of the Conciliar Experiment – By Peter Kwasniewski  On Novus Motus Liturgicus

The bad roots of Progressivism make for a poisonous tree | LifeSite

It’s ‘illusion’ for Christians to seek peace with world which rejects God: Abp. Schneider | News | LifeSite

Reflection about the “Testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò from August 22, 2018 – On Gloria Dei

Francis Allies Reveal Their Plans for Revolutionary Change – Julia Meloni On Crisis Magazine

A Mission That Baptized No One in Fifty-Three Years: The Flawed Evangelization Model of the Pan-Amazonian Synod –

Homosexuals In the Seminaries. A Startling Survey In Brazil – Magister On Settimo Cielo  L’Espresso

The Reform of the Curia, the Dragon of the Papacy  On FSSPX.News

Vatican reform plan is ‘absurd,’ says Pope’s former doctrine chief, asks if it’s ‘Marxist’ | News | LifeSite

2019 Rome Life Forum to Explore “City of Man vs. City of God”: Interview with Forum Speaker Alan Fimister — On Catholic Family News

Whither Our Catholic Churches By Father John Perricone  On The Journal Of Catholic Culture and Tradition TLM Magazine

Three characteristics mark Modernist architecture’s Long March into the Gnostic demimonde. First, it must be First, it must be nondidactic  the new art must always appear obscure, ambiguous, and undefined ; eschewing any elements of classic Catholic truths or piety;

Secondly, it had to be nontraditional: it could never be any periods of former Church history, on the unspoken assumption that 1965 was to be the new year of a refashioned Church, Finally and most crucially it must be non-Roman all

art (statues, chalices, vestments) must never convey a formality or splendor of the Church’s self-understanding as the true Church but rather appear indigenous and ardently preliterate. An occasional Byzantine icon would be tolerated only because at least it was non-Roman

Pdf on the link below->

Whither Our Catholic Churches Fr J Perricone -TLM 2019 Winter Spring –

Viva La Counterrevolution! – By Frank S. Farello, M.A., M.I. (Militia Immaculata) On CMTV

A burgeoning movement against moral evil as the traditional apostolates and the youth converge to face the revolution

We find an in-depth analysis of the underpinnings of the collapse of the world moral order in Revolution and Counter-Revolution by the great Catholic thinker and influential author Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. His treatise helps us understand that the 60s revolution was only a part of the third prong of a burgeoning move toward worldwide atheism that emerged from the decay of morality that began in the Middle Ages. 

The first prong to surface was what de Oliveira calls the “Pseudo-Reformation,” which implanted “the spirit of doubt, religious liberalism and ecclesiastical egalitarianism in the different sects it produced.”

The revolution emerging so long ago from the decay of morality in the Middle Ages has now overwhelmed every human institution in its path — even those in the Catholic Church. The future belongs to the young, and apparently, today’s youth are unwilling to accept a future which contains rampant atheism and the continued evils of unbridled debauchery

But just as de Oliveira predicted, a counterrevolution would someday arise that would not be “a mere recitation of the evil deeds of the revolution in the past, but an effort to bar its course in the present.”

Today, we see the beginnings of that counterrevolution in many young people, who have grown up with Kuhner’s laundry list of horrors as everyday occurrences in their young lives, whether actual personal experiences or part of the daily distorted programs used to “entertain” them.

These examples are part of a growing trend where the leaders of the counterrevolution are found among those most affected by the growing evils spreading across the earth: the young.

The Pro-life Battle In The International Revolution


  • Stop U.S. Tax Dollars From Funding Population Control In China – On PRI
  • In-Vitro Jewelry: A Step beyond Horrendous by Marian T Horvat Consequence of Vatican IISome curious readers might be asking: What does this have to do with the progressivist Church?. After all, this column is supposed to provide orientation to understand the crisis in the Church. I do not believe that this kind of company could have existed before Vatican II and its disastrous consequences on the Church and society. As the Church embraced the modern world following the directives of Vatican II, the world’s errors and sins entered the Catholic home: revolt, immorality, contraception, and even in vitro f It should not be a surprise that outside the Catholic home even greater abominations should swell. Without the Catholic Church to wisely place brakes on what remained of Christian Civilization, Hell broke loose. Truly, this human embryo jewelry is a piece of Hell unloosed on earth. Man’s indifference to such an outrage is a call to Heaven for a chastisement.

Islam and Immigration en masse and the new socialism

  • Burke: God doesn’t make one-world government ‘just and legitimate’ | News | LifeSite





Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism? – American TFP

Vatican Diplomat Ignores Persecution of Chinese Catholics Cdl. Pietro Parolin: Communist fusing of faith and socialism “is not a threat.

 ‘No opposition between sinicization and inculturation’ Parolin tells China media –On Catholic World Report

Vatican Betrayal Update: Cardinal Parolin Dances for the Butchers of Beijing – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

Beijing and Rome can work together, Parolin tells Chinese media | On The Catholic Herald

Pompeo Jabs China and Russia over Growing Ambitions in the Arctic – On Breitbart Communism

Vatican Eager to Canonize Evita and Peronism – On The Eponymous Flower


Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Tendencies, Ideas, and Facts – by A.S. Guimaraes based in Plinio Correa de Oliveira

Like the large and venomous snake above, the action of the secret forces is camouflaged everywhere in society. The naive don’t see the danger, and don’t believe in a conspiracy against Christendom.  National Geographic, August 2004

 “I came to extirpate heresy, not to embrace it” – St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

May 20 – Mentor of the Duke of Ferrara -Blessed Colomba of Rieti  -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

May 20 – St. Bernardine of Siena – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites




















Sacred Tradition As The Key To The Catholic Restoration And Reform


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Why Liturgy Really is the Key to Everything -On OnePeterFive

The Precious Medieval Symbolism of the Mass by Emile Male On TIA

Event: FSSP Superior-General celebrates Solemn Mass in Colombia – On Rorate

ICKP Summer Study Program on Galatians with Daily Traditional Mass – As Posted On Rorate

The program will be held at St. Mary’s Oratory in Wausau, Wisconsin, a parish of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. The 19th-century church, renovated in the first years of the 21st century, is considered one of the most beautiful examples in North America of German High Gothic












Sacred Architecture and Sanctuaries – Challenged vs. Preserve

Sacred Tradition as seen on Gloria tv

  • Shepherd’s Fountain – This fountain stands near the Shepherds Chapel outside Bethlehem. It marks the field where shepherds were told by an angelic choir of Christ’s birth. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr – On




Video of a Solemn Ambrosian Mass On Novus Motus Liturgicus

From the small “t” tradition section

Traditional Architecture Still Preserved In NYC / Photos Atop the Globe and Clocktower of the Paramount Building in Times Square | Untapped Cities

In The Novus Ordo News

The New Rite Is Imploding – On Gallup News

Watch – Idolatrous Afro ritual in a Turin church – On Church Revolution In Pictures – Via TIA

When Fr. Giancarlo Gosmar, the parish priest, received complaints, he answered that he had seen nothing irreverent in that performance, although the dance is part of a pagan ritual and the dancers had their torso semi-naked.

Distancing oneself from the profane and returning to tradition in order to remain Catholic

Max Jacob, French Born Saintly Sinner – That Felt It Necessary To Leave Paris – On Crisis Magazine

After a few more years of struggle in Montmartre, Jacob realized that his life as a Christian would be impossible as long as he lived in Paris. In 1921, he left the capital for the small village of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, spending almost all his remaining days in proximity to the Abbaye Fleury in prayer with the Benedictines. “This is the only place,” said Jacob, “where I can live without sinning seriously every day of my life.” His many friends in the worlds of art and literature would visit him there, where conversations that began on art, poetry, or cinema would always end on religion and in prayer

St. Louis IX of France Takes the Cross – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

A model 3rd Order Franciscan Who Used His Vast Wealth For Crusades , Construction Of Hospitals , Cathedrals , Churches , Schools , And The Glory Of God

Preservation Society Works to Stop Sell-Off of Catholic Churches – Once-sacred spaces are being torn down or re-purposed into clubs or offices – On CMTV

St. Louis IX of France Takes the Cross – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Social Hierarchy Helps Us Love God -On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Man is his expansiveness, whereby He wants what is convenient to Him, not just what is necessary. This abundance, this type of superfluity—[revolutionaries] today speak so much against the superfluous—all of Creation is God’s superfluity. Creation is this kind of superfluity made by God.

May 19 – Charlemagne’s Scholar – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The Impeccable Tradition Of True Devotion – Consecration To the Mother Of God For The Purposes Of Self Restoration – Trilogy II –On  The American TFP

New Latin Mass Association to be Formed in New Jersey – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

From the recent archives

Tradition Faces Down The Revolution In The News Round Up | TCE |


Msgr. Enrico Dante, Papal MC -As posted by Eddie Toribio MC – Holy Innocents NYC

Every lover of the Roman Liturgy will at some point run across a video or a photo of the ceremonies at the Papal Court with Msgr. Dante as the main Papal Master of Ceremonies (MC).

Fifty-two years ago today (April 24, 1967), he passed to the next life. He was one of the greatest lovers, defenders, and promoters of the traditional and immemorial ceremonies of the Roman Church, which he piously and faithfully served for 51 years (from 1914 till his forced retirement in 1965). No one suffered more than he when Bugnini (with Paul VI’s approval) mutilated, limited, suppressed, and attempted to destroy the traditional ceremonies of the Roman Mass. During one of the Vatican sessions, he publicly demanded that the Liturgy had to remain “the sole prerogative of the Holy See,” but he was ignored and changes to the Liturgy were made without scruples and reverence.

He knew how to coordinate very complex and long ceremonies with impeccable precision and efficiency. He was a doctor in philosophy, theology, and civil and canon law. He was also an official member of the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary.

His “career” as Master of Ceremonies began on March 25, 1914 when he was admitted as a member of the Academy for Pontifical (Papal) Ceremonies, and on October 26, 1923 he was nominated to the Sacred Congregation of Rites by Pope Pius XI, of which he became “substitute” in September of 1930. In 1943, he was made sub-secretary of the Sacred Congregation of the Papal Ceremonies as a Domestic Prelate.

During the years of the horrible changes to the traditional ceremonies of the Roman Rite, he was not consulted much and was actively sidestepped by Bugnini and company. He was eventually made a Cardinal in 1965 in order to get him out of the way as Papal MC because “he would not be able to cope with the changes.”

He was called “the director of God,” as he was the only one who whispered orders (in Latin) to the Supreme Pontiff (“stand up,” “sit down,” “genuflect,” “kneel,” “bless,” etc.). He served under 5 popes, took part in 5 conclaves and 5 coronations, about 100 beatifications, and about 50 canonizations.

Little known is the fact that after the election of Paul VI one of the “obediences” to the newly-elected Pope by the Cardinals was delayed by 30 minutes because the good Msgr. Dante had overslept, due to the fatigue after all the demanding work that went into the conclave.

For over 40 years he heard confessions at Sacro Cuore al Suffragio in Rome. He was also an avid sports fan (soccer, tennis, swimming, and mountain climbing), which motivated him to help found the Associazione Sportiva Roma.

With his removal as Papal MC and with his death, a whole genetic type of Papal M.C.s came to such a drastic and icon



Ratzinger – Dissenting Views And The Neo-Judaism In The New Catholicism


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Many overlook the new Ratzinger doctrine that joins together the messianic peoples, present day Jewish and Catholic people uniting with atheists and communists as a new philosophical Catholic doctrine for continued implementation

The redux of the Arianism movement within the Catholic Church is real.

In its foundations they first had to overthrow extra ecclesiam nulla salus, “Outside the Church there is no salvation”  which is first redefined and anyone expressing the traditional Catholic interpretation is sanctioned.

Infallible Roman Catholic teaching is that the old covenant to the Jews was completely abrogated and they unfaithfully returned to paganism . The temple veil was rent in two and the temple was subsequently permanently destroyed . The new Jerusalem and the new  Priesthood is that of the Catholic Church , this is what the Roman Catholic Church teaches . Then the Ratzinger invention on the old Covenant, that it was never abrogated and the Jews are saved without conversion comes forth. This teaching was invented by Ratzinger and the Council fathers out of the cosmic Christ philosophies that emerged in the generation of academics immediately prior. It was then elaborated and re-articulated in many Vatican documents and forums by Pope John Paul II & Francis I.

But in a new Pope they then wanted no connection with a Pope (like JP-II) that was in a battle with Communism in his own lands but one who supports at least socialism and liberation theology as it relates to the Vatican II teachings & documents on the relationship between atheistic communistic peoples and the new messianic people theology . The progressivist notion of the broadening of the messianic peoples appears many places in the Council documents but never so clearly as Lumen Gentium 9b “ It says the Messianic people would be the seed of unity latent in all men “ So that this messianic people , although it does not actually look like a small flock, is nonetheless a lasting and sure seed of unity, hope, and salvation for the whole human race” Upon describing the ever widening concentric circles to be reached by ‘dialogue’ Guadium Et Spes explains the amplitude of the reality described above as ‘messianic peoples’ which would even include atheists and communists” 

GS continues with  “The desire for such dialogue, which can lead to truth through love alone, excludes no one”

Ratzinger, one of the main architects of this language and doctrine then went on after the Council , along with Chenu, de Lubac, Konig, Suenens, Camara, Tisserant, Congar, Rahner,  and the rest of the most dissident prelates in the history of the Church to explain “the new communion as ‘the fraternity of all Christians’ among themselves and all men.” In various excerpts, while then Cardinal Ratzinger he paid tribute to inter- confessionalism and religious indifferentism . He indicates a Messianic perspective of “communion “ among men linking it to the Sacrament of the Eucharist . In his other writings he goes on to discuss this linkage to the cosmic Christ theology of Pierre Tiehard Chardin. Ratzinger summarizes his writings and theology in “Ill concetto della Chiesa nel pensiero patristico “ , among other places.

The error therein is the confusing of the faithful which form the mystical body of Christ with the moral and supernatural presence that Christ has in the Church by means of grace as contrasted with his real and physical presence in the sacrament of the Eucharist . Accoding to catholic doctrine they are TWO distinct presences A. Guimaeraes gives a complete exposition on the purposeful conciliar confusion in his Animus Delendi II

This support towards the movement of secularizing the Church serves not just as the purpose of of challenging  two thousand year old doctrinal positions of the Church but continued to preach the necessity for sustaining “on-going” adaptions. One would ask to what end – It is you will find , over and over again,  a gnostic judaism school of arianism within Catholicism which is a quite a powerful movement and also using socialism/liberation theology within the new rite as a vehicle. The incubator of the Council was the Sorbonne who then used well-meaning people and institutions as its soldiers of implementation The conciliar Church harnessed revolutionary aims of the Sorbonne , using Liberation Theology, Basic Christian ‘Covenantal Communities, Neo-Catechumens, Pentecostal movements of underground Churches and other ancillary Catholic institutions. We could provide examples of the interconnected bridges that could be footnoted in the thousands that dovetail their direct and indirect support to same , that are astounding.

Many believed that on the surface Cardinal Ratzinger was against all this and provided opposition to Liberation theology . Nothing could be further from the truth on this assertion. While he had merely condemned “some” of the negative aspects of the Marxist elements of liberation theology , on a whole he gave his unanimous support to the fact that it was “the liberation theology doctrine “ which was an accepting promoter of the whole above mentioned program which in turn paved the way and the connection to arianism within the Church. We are indeed headed towards gnostic judasim in the new Catholicism , not merely a false ecumenism with it but an overt syncretism with it.

As Cardinal Ratzinger he presented the following encyclical of his complete support for Liberation Theology The heretical Vatican document can be found here on the Vatican website

Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation – By Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Any perceived tension or differences between his Papacy and Pope Francis , the latter Papacy which is merely the implementer of the conciliar Catholic revolution, is for show and smoke screen for the non-initiated & well-read who are not up on these topics

They both believe  Emmanuel Barber quote herein as  “ The new gnostic Catholic Church is broad and tolerant . It respects the customs and the laws of all peoples and allows admittance to all men – of all nationalities ,languages and races , born and educated in any religion”

It’s a very large network to which the both of them are just front men

Vatican Eager to Canonize Evita and Peronism – On The Eponymous Flower

Former Benedict XVI , the then Cardinal Ratzinger and former lead periti expert at Vatican II, calling into question the dogma of Christ as true God and true man and his heretical sympathizing with Arianism  ” Is it possible for God to be man ? A man completely human and at the same time true God, and hence entitled to demand Faith from all in all ages ? Or is this simply a case of overestimating a moment from the past ? Once again are we not encountering a mentality that we no longer share ? The Pauline interpretation of the Old Testament follows a method that we no longer accept as valid and consequently , for a philologist and historian , his interpretation is now almost wholly unacceptable .” These published statements from  Ratzinger in his Fe’ e Futoro were never retracted , to this very day.

All of these thesis were previously condemned by Traditional Catholicism . This new progressivism that came to a head and broke through into the Council was vociferously fought against by an entire line of preconciliar Popes in it’s pre-incarnation form , the Modernism of the post enlightenment era. The summary of their predecessors of the 18th and 19th century philosophers have much in common among each other and much in common among what was formally condemned by the Roman Catholic Church

It’s Arianism plain and simple , a reinventing into today’s rabiinal talmudic judaism which is a completely different religion from the Catholic old testament Judaism and making bridges into it that go beyond Christ

Pope Francis acceptingly receives a copy of ‘The Jewish Annotated New Testament’

“The theological significance of the dialogue between Jews and Christians” Should be called the theological heresy of the dialogue between Jews and Christians

Grace and Vocation without Remorse: Comments on the Treatise De Iudaeis | Articles | Communio

See Sandro Magister’s column for more on the evolving Catholic doctrine on the new judaism

Pope Francis In Crisis In The Footsteps Of The Same Benedict XVI and John Paul II School Of Thought | TCE |

The many traditional Catholics that believe that Benedict XVI was the suppressed savior and Francis I some type of anti-Christ supporter is misled and does not understand much about this century and half revolution within the Catholic Church that preceded us . The Franciscans of the Immaculata were uniquely knowledgeable of this subject and its close connection to the freemason prelates within the Church and this was ‘one’ of the reasons the order was given to silence and sanction them

The Church vs The Other Church Upon Us Is Part of the Great Chastisement That Was Prophesized

The Vatican Spiral – And The New Religion Construction – Updates


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What we are witnessing in the Conciliar Church is the modernists purposeful converging of the various streams of progressivism. The streams are varied but all of them are escalating and converging as follows  

We have the aggressive secularizing of the Church and the Catholic populace. We have the implementation of a “new” gospel that seeks to imbalance and challenge Sacred Tradition so as to put in its place a humanitarian religion , a syncretizing globalism , based on man. It wishes to use “cultural” revolution to attack the current global economic systems and temporarily use socialism and communism as a “means” to arrive at yet another new economic system of a supposed distributism.

  This Vatican promotes the U.N. and the E.U. and vociferously condemns anyone who criticizes these entities, and to basically outlaw any rising national sovereignties and Catholic National States.  To accomplish this ecumenism with non-Christian religions, with immorality, with a constant language revising of its position on sodomy. It must continue to develop and promote the following . It promotes an Arian theology and anti-Trinitarian position within Catholic schools of philosophy. It promotes a gnosticism in Catholic academics and schools of thought that goes beyond ecumenism and evolution support in seeking out forms of syncretism with non-Christian religions most especially with neo-Judaism. It dethrones the Kingship of Christ and reverses any rights or privileges of the Mystical Body of Christ. It uses a radical environmentalism and a socialistic liberation theology to unite the various factions. It seeks to complete the revolution within the Church began within the 16 documents of Vatican II and expand on each of the heresies latent within each of these documents , but none so much as conciliarism , which is the dismantling of Roman Catholic hierarchy in favor of an illegal form of Bishops Conferences, to which still has no official jurisdiction in the Catholic Church,  unto this very day.

  And lastly we have the new Rite Mass that is being used as the primary vehicle to drive the new religion into the remaining, but rapidly dwindling, Catholic population . For the remnant that has networked and mustered together a faithful Catholic resistance, a counter revolution, by means of the traditional rite , traditional Catholic families , friends , traditional Catholic classes, and home libraries – against this the attack is venomous , multi-faceted, and seeks to wipe us off the face of the earth

The battle lines are clearly drawn between the revolution and the counter revolution . The enemy has the high ground and have us outnumbered on both flanks but we have the sun (Son) at our backs and as Knights of the Immacualta , with the power of Her intercession with us, what looms forth is the type of battle the prepared Catholic warrior has lived for and why WE are the ones brought to the front lines in our day

As the Scripture says ,in Joshua 24 “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

We continue to watch thousands leave the Church but Catholic soldiers stand their ground and will not be chased out of their own home by occupiers of the enemy . As Scripture says in Psalm 91 “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right: but it shall not come nigh to thee.”

The Amazon Synod and the Vatican’s Radical Environmentalism – On

On October 15, 2017, Pope Francis announced a special assembly of the Synod of Bishops, scheduled to take place in October 2019 in Rome.

Vatican Turns the Virtue of Nationalism Into a Cardinal Vice – On CMTV

Pope Francis says I need a new supranational ‘legally constituted authority’ to meet the great moral evils of ‘climate change’ and ‘new slavery.’

Another Vatican Gimmick in Service of Globalist Aims – On Fatima Center

In a letter he sent to “young economists and entrepreneurs” on May 1, Pope Francis continued what can only be called a transformation of the papacy — or rather, his papacy — into an instrument of the globalist agenda according to which, paradoxically, the lords of hyper-capitalism, such as Soros, Gates and Bezos, seek to destroy the free enterprise and private property of smaller owners under the rubrics of “climate change,” “compassion” for the poor and socialist measures for wealth redistribution that burden the middle class while the plutocrats with whom Franscis is so comfortable only get richer.

Pope Rejects ‘Excessive Demand for Sovereignty’, Pushes Idea of Global Authority | CBN News

Pope: Calls For An Attack On Capitalism Says “Need paradigm shift in all economic activities, Capitalism must consider human, environmental impact”  On CNA

The Law Is Encouraged To Be Broken To Protect Communist Immigrants 

Curia Cardinal Breaks the Law in Order to Help Those Who Also Break the Law –On

What is all this based on ?……. A New Gospel

Blessed Are The Unbalanced? – On Fatima Center

“…the Gospel — I believe you understand me — is an ‘unbalanced’ doctrine.”
– Pope Francis, May 10 address to diocesan assembly in Rome.

Francis Suddenly Calls His Favorite Insult “Pharisee” A “Negative Stereotype” – On

Pope Francis says one thing today, and the opposite tomorrow. After having insulted Catholics and others countless times as “Pharisees,” he suddenly experienced a conversion.

Radical Modernist Turns Radical Papist: “When Pope Francis Speaks It’s Magisterium” – On

Pope Francis Overturns Vatican Prohibition on Medjugorie – On The Eponymous Flower

Implementing Conciliarism – A Revolutionary Form Of Ecclesial Church Government Proposed At Vatican II

·         Pope Francis Signs Document Protecting “Consensual” Clerical Sodomy – On the Fatima Center

Defending The Pope vs. Reforming The Corruption Of This Papacy

Women Religious ?

Vatican II In The News

Reform The Corruption In Our Holy Mother Church Through Sacred Tradition

  • The Vortex—Fanatical Catholics – All the people that instituted reform from corruption were fanatical Catholics that became Saints – On
  • Beauty in the Ruins: Seeking Submissions About Catholic Life in a Time of Crisis -On OnePeterFive
  • Before long, however, the need for an honest, unflinching look at the news coming out of Rome diverted much of our attention to what seems to be a never-ending cascade of outrageous stories of the crisis in the Church. And while it’s important that we recognize, document, and confront these evils, there is little spiritual benefit to staring at the incoming asteroid every. single. day. We need more than a daily barrage of bad news. We need to remind ourselves of the beauty of Catholicism, and why it is the force that produced countless saints and shaped all of Western Civilization.
  • May 15 – William Lockhart – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites
  • Like so many others whose early life has been passed in a purely Protestant atmosphere, Lockhart had hitherto taken it for granted that Protestantism represented the religion of the Apostles, and that to the title Catholics could, properly speaking, lay no claim. The reading of Froude’s “Remains” and Faber’s “Foreign Churches” showed him how mistaken this opinion was. To set his doubts at rest, he visited Manning at Lavington, but felt so awed in the archdeacon’s presence that he did not dare to enter into a controversy
  • May 15 – Beautiful Princess, Tragic Story – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Baptism of St. Dymphna. One of Seven Scenes from the Life and Veneration of Saint Dymphna painted by Goswijn van der Weyden.

Involuntary Euthanasia The Overlooked Pro-life Battle In The News Round Up


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Re-examining ‘brain death’: Doctors may be harvesting organs before donors are dead | LifeSite

Husband Keeps “Brain Dead” Pregnant Wife Alive for 56 Days to Give Birth |

Find out about the sins and the evils of organ donating that only the few and the devout are completely aware of

Life Guardian Foundation   To Protect and Preserve Life

Death Too Soon | Organ Harvesting -Expose’ On Mic’d Up

Ending isolation key to fighting assisted suicide, Catholic heath group founder says – On CNS

“Brain Dead” Woman in Coma for 30 Years Wakes Up and Regains Consciousness |

Canada’s bishops allow Catholic hospitals to host consultations for euthanasia | News | LifeSite

Stealth Euthanasia – Bp. Michael Olson is against Texans’ right to life – Brad Eli On CMTV

Texas Law Used to Hasten Patients’ Death – On CMTV

Petition asks Maryland governor and legislators to oppose assisted suicide | News | LifeSite

Suicide activists say legal euthanasia is inevitable. Here are hopeful signs it’s not | LifeSite

Texas ‘Death Panel’ Law Goes to Court – On CMTV

Here We Go – Euthanasia doctor hired for prime role at Ottawa Catholic palliative care hospital | News | LifeSite

Canadian MPs fight to protect doctors, patients against euthanasia | Catholic Herald

Hospital director moves to kill disabled Vincent Lambert, France’s Terri Schiavo | News | LifeSite

Religious care home refuses euthanasia in Belgium, causing popular uproar | News | LifeSite

Canadian Catholic Hospital Hires Euthanasia Advocate – On CMTV

Family Spends Possible Last Mother’s Day With Mom, Hospital Will Yank Her Life Support Without Consent |

Texas 10-Day Rule Set to Claim Another Victim – On CMTV

Euthanasia Gets A Bishop’s Support As
Archbishop Defends Killer Working At Catholic Hospital – On

Euthanasia doctor hired for prime role at Ottawa Catholic palliative care hospital | News | LifeSite

Court Rules Disabled Patient Can be Starved to Death Against His Parents’ Wishes |

More than 1 per cent of deaths in Canada caused by euthanasia | Catholic Herald

UN committee saves brain-damaged Frenchman from death by hunger, thirst | News | LifeSite


Recent Archive

Breaking News On The Hidden Pro-Life Movement Against Brain Death – Organ Harvesting Industry – Forced Euthanasia | TCE |

St. Ampellius, Ampelio – May 14, Commentary Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA

May 14 – Bl. Gil of Santarem – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

After devoting some time to the study of philosophy and medicine at Coimbra he set out for Paris, with the intention of perfecting himself in the science of medicine and obtaining the doctor’s degree.

St. Giles giving to the poor


Wisdom 5:1-5 – From the Propers of today’s traditional Mass for St Boniface

Then shall the just stand with great constancy against those that have afflicted them and taken away their labors. These seeing it, shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall beamazed at the suddenness of their unexpected salvation, saying within themselves, repenting, and groaning for anguish of spirit: These are they whom we had some time in derision and for a parable of reproach. We fools esteemed their life madness and their end without honor; behold how they are numbered among the children of God, and their lot is amongthe Saints.

Mainstream News And Social Media Attacking Conservatives & Catholics In The News Round Up


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Facebook Co-Founder Decries ‘Unchecked Power’ of Social Media Giant Chris Hughes wants the company regulated. ” It’s Time to Break Up Facebook “- The New York Times

YouTube pulls ads on interview with LifeSite co-founder, says it ‘isn’t suitable’ | News | LifeSite

Pollak: Mark Levin’s ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ Explores Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Democrat-Media Complex’ | Breitbart

Soros-backed journalism institute targets 29 conservative outlets in its ‘UnNews’ report | LifeSite

Facebook goes on a banning spree bans Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Louis Farrakhan and other right-wing personalities | The Independent

Muslim Advocacy Group Cheers Facebook’s Ban of Milo, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer –On Info Wars

Facebook’s $5 billion FTC settlement could hold Mark Zuckerberg ‘personally accountable’ for future privacy scandals –On Info Wars

New York Times Falsely Claims No One Believes Muslim Brotherhood is a Terror Group – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Nick Sandmann Sues NBC for $275 Million – Third lawsuit against media for false attacks – On CMTV

Catholic businessman loses membership, contract for linking to LifeSiteNews | News | LifeSite

NBC report on ‘ultra-conservative’ Catholics smears Steve Bannon, anti-globalists |  LifeSite

NBC report on ‘ultra-conservative’ Catholics smears Steve Bannon, anti-globalists |  LifeSite

Why the liberal media don’t show sympathy for torched churches, murdered Christians | Lifesitenews

Fox News anchors shut down mention of attacks on churches in France | News | LifeSite

Ex-BBC employee reports anti-Catholicism, crushing ignorance of Christianity at BBC | News | LifeSite

WATCH: Twitter Official Can’t Answer Why It Deemed Pro-Life Quote From Mother Teresa “Hate Speech” |

Exclusive Documents Detailing Google’s ‘News Blacklist’ Show Manual Manipulation Of Special Search Results | The Daily Caller Media

Left Ramps Up Attempts to Shut Down Conservative Speech – ON CMTV

GoFundMe Bans ‘Vaccine Misinformation’ Fundraising – On Vaxxter

Families, Lawyers, AE911Truth File Lawsuit against FBI over ‘9/11 Review Commission Report’

Bringing Digital Transformation to the Catholic Church – Mapping Project And The Good Use Of Digitial Media – On ArcGiS News

Molly Burhans, the founder and executive director of a nonprofit called GoodLands, with help and support from Esri, is currently mapping out all the land owned by the Catholic Church.

May 10 – His apostolate paved the way for some of the greatest saints of Spain – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Antoninus of Florence, saint of May 10

Sculpture of archbishop St. Antoninus at one of the portals of the Duomo in Florence Italy