Update On The Franciscans Of The Immaculata -Their Czar’s Suppression And Their Amazonian Revolution


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The New Franciscans of the Immaculata By Giuseppe Nardi – On The Eponymous Flower


Head of Congregation of Religious Cardinal Braz de Aviz  Gives Insights — Why Attack Holy Franciscans of the Immaculate – By Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower

Read between the lines and the new religion he expounds is clearly there

Cdl Braz –  Many things of the tradition, many things that belong to the past culture, are no longer suitable. 

Today we do not think of the priesthood as the most important thing. We have to go through another door: be in the secret and be able to
find that brotherhood.


The coast of Normandy fighting off the invasion of traditional religious orders suppression and attacks against sacred tradition and celibacy

Vatican religious life chief Cardinal João Braz de Aviz: Pope wants priestly celibacy questioned at Amazon Synod | News | LifeSite


The Amazon Flows Into the Tiber (With the Help of the Rhine) -By Julio Loredo   TFP.org

The Benedictine monk and theologian Fr. Giulio Meiattini is right: “This is the most daring move that could be conceived and attempted by the secretariat of a synod of the Catholic Church. The document [Instrumentum laboris] proposes and contains nothing less than a reversal ab imis fundamentis of the very idea of the Church and the Christian faith.” If the Rhine pouring into the Tiber caused the conciliar disaster, what can be expected from the far more powerful Amazon River?


The Left-wing Media and The Amazon Synod: Hand-in-Hand with Indigenism -By Marcos Machado On The Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Cdl. Müller: German bishops don’t speak about God  Criticizes German-influenced Amazon synod document

Cardinal Gerhard Muller: ‘True Reform of the Church Is About Her Renewal in Christ’ – On NC Register


Bishop Schneider responds to the demands of Bishop Kräutler and of the working document of the Amazon document –On gloria.tv


Benedict XVI Wanted Bergoglio as Secretary of State  –On gloria.tv


Argentine priest says Benedict wanted Bergoglio as Secretary of State – On Crux


Global Attack Against the Seal of the Confessional. Either Prison Or Excommunication – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso


Steve Skojec Has A Good On Villanova And The Curious Case of Maximum Beans – On OnePeterFive


The Coming Tribalism

Immoral & ecumenical carnival in Aachen during Mass – The Natural Ends Of The Novus Ordo – An Evolving Rite For An Evolving Religion – On Revolution In Photos and Video On TIA


July 22 – With his lady’s permission, this lord left court to become a monk, then abbot – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Wandrille, or Wandregisilus, Abbot Abbot of Fontenelles, in Normandy  He was nearly related to Pepin of Landen and Erchinoald, the two first lords in the kingdom of Austrasia; and in his youth was made count of the palace under Dagobert


Mary Magdalene, saint of July 22


Fra Angelico painting Of Mary Magdalene, kissing the feet of Our Lord

Transexual Movement Now Converges With Planned Parenthood And The Catholic Revolution In The Church


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Leana Wen wouldn’t use ‘trans-inclusive’ language as Planned Parenthood president | News | LifeSite


Planned Parenthood Aborts President After 8 Months for Rejecting ‘Trans-inclusive Language’ – On Info Wars


Sources have it that Lena the out-going Planned Parenthood czar refused to carry through with piggy backing the House Democrats call for pushing the fictional social justice issue that transsexuals – (men dressed up in women’s cloths and operated on to look like women) must be subsidized and cared for in case they wish to have abortions

Her behind the scenes argument against pushing something to the center that is scientifically impossible is that PP would lose all credibility , be tagged as a Democrat Party lobbyist group for the transsexual movement and should instead focus on abortion as a “right” within health care . The PP board illustrated that this was not the trajectory of the culture and their organization right now. It is in all actuality preparing for the election with thesis statements aligning themselves with these other positions in moving as far left as the organization is  capable of going. And on that note they fired her because she does not understand the priorities of the new global religion

So the interwoven nature with liberal politics as the evolving consequences of the separation of Church and State continue. The question being repeatedly asked is , how did it get this far and to what extent is the Church actively driving much of this.

The Roman Catholic Church has retreated from the public square and has instead quietly enabled the revolution in all its sectors with the ideology and theology of the philosophers of the Vatican II Council Fathers – full stop .

What is the philosophical revolution and its components in the Church that enable all this ?

The Vatican II periti and reverend Fathers Karl Rahner , Henry De Lubac , Joseph Ratzinger , Hans Von Balthasar , and their cosmology author – (although not present in person a the Council – but there in spirit with all his books and papers in circulation ) which was and still is – Pierre Tielhard de Chardin .

They maintained evolution with a fervor . and not just ape to man – But man’s understanding of God and Man . and man’s on-going redefinition of both subjects. Evolution is essential to them to overthrow Genesis and Adam & Eve . Why ? original sin must go . Sin and the human must be redefined as evolving and not having fallen and in the process of being restored . In their view God the Father is the one in the process of being restored by the god-man Jesus who is not so much redeeming humanity but redeeming the sin of God the Father and the fall of the Trinity -in their dualism

This heresy is at the heart of Vatican II theologians , exegetes , and philosophers in order to overthrow original sin , which they teach to the youth in the NEW Catholic Schools that it is a myth  Why ? For the egalitarian redefinition of hierarchy for the exaltation of the feminine  Why? What is the end result ? Their belief is that the original humans were androgynous and the redemption is the process of restoring humanity to androgyny which cannot be fulfilled until original sin is completely overthrown and redefined Why? In order to back up the Church’s secularization and embracement of the new world order it must have new Catholic philosophies . For them this was one of the primary drivers for the Council.  In order to create and implement new interpretations Genesis is denounced as eastern mystery religion by the Council Fathers and they overwhelmingly passed legislation to empower themselves to bring about new moral norms within these new and evolving mystical notions

This androgynous race will be the elite in their restoration and will lead the abolishment of property to communal ownership of everything as one – Evolving towards one gender and one ownership , in order to accomplish these goals the Sacraments to which the Graces of Salvation are attained and sustained MUST be changed and to this they have complete unity on

In their views , the past concepts of Sacramental marriage MUST be renounced as well Exorcism of babies in the Sacrament of Baptism , renounced further still is the absolving of sins by God through a Priest on ones knees in a closed Confessional – renounced in favor of the new empowerment which is face to face reconciliation whereby the Priest merely participates in the forgiveness that comes from “the Community” The Sacrament of Extreme Unction of the dying is disestablished in the new order and the Sacrament of the anointing of the sick for anyone of any condition that feels they need it  …..and these new Rite Sacraments are in necessary of changing because the new human within his new rights is evolving and changing

The most important aspect of this is that morality and sin is evolving as is the human . Its not just some homosexual lusting of some Priests for other Priests. It’s part of the new Catholic religion withinside the Church This is what they believe and it’s not secret . It’s published in the majority of the Council Father’s philosophers many text books, articles , papersm and talks

The unwritten oral portion of all this that accompanies it , that they follow in practice that outfits like Church Militant TV , Tradition In Action , and others are diligently trying to expose due to their Catholic faithfulness in order to help restore the Church, as the laity are not optioned to do but commanded to do , in times of crisis,  as they have in previous centuries of the Church

These prelates and philosophers believe that men MUST get together with other men sexually as should women with other women and in their cosmogenesis they will , together , evolve to God’s original creation prior to God the Father’s sins within the Trinity

Here are some details of their beliefs

  • Everything that was followed in the way of core beliefs in Catholicism prior to the Council were due to ignorance
  • People that do not tolerate all sins, all religions , and all of the above mentioned must be called out for the greater sin of ‘intolerance’ to the new order
  • The original humanity was designed to live as androgynous humans forever and to not own property The idea of a male King , a Christian theocratic ruler , that owns the majority of the lands of a Christian country and distributes a feudal system through the monasteries and together control a country or a Catholic state is supposedly the Catholic Church’s  #1 former heresy that must be reversed to the eternal feminine who shares communal property which they consider true love
  • The new Catholic religion cannot be based on the previous (preconciliar) Faith but must be based on Love in their redefined sense.
  • This is why it appears that Bishops are not doing their job and publicly fighting in the public square They believe this trans revolution is a necessary stage of their conciliar Catholic understanding of human evolution

The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet -Trans Next Phase Of The Sexual De-evolution = Celebrated Decadence – On – Return to Order


Legalized Child Abuse Had To Follow Within A Half Century of Legalized Murder Of Children – In Natural Progression of The Develoution Of The Moral And Social Order

Behind the Chiffon Curtain: Drag Queen Story Hours and Child Endangerment – American Library Association pushing LGBT ideology – On CMTV


Watch – Poisoning Young Minds |Drag Queen Story Hours| On CMTVs The Download Show


NYC public schools begin complete transgender insanity, blindsiding parents | LifeSite


First Came  Legalized Murder And The Legalizing Sodomy Into Marriage – Legal Suicide Of Children Of Any Age For Any Reason Has To Be Next

Battle Escalates Over Northern Ireland Abortion, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Bill –Critics denounce London’s push to impose policy on Belfast – On CMTV


Ireland: The New Gay Disco – The Irish Patriot and E. Michael Jones –


Ontario teachers are aggressively brainwashing students in LGBT  | LifeSite


LGBT is swiftly being normalized. Pedophilia is next.  | LifeSite


Sweden: Police Find Difficulties Prosecuting ‘Sugar Baby’ Paedophiles – On Breitbart


Gender-confused male athlete takes gold medals in women’s weightlifting | News | LifeSite


Pittsburgh diocese in severe financial straits post-abuse  Weekly Mass attendance has dropped 30% in 10 years Facing dire financial situation, Pittsburgh diocese looks to make changes


These books helped thousands quit homosexuality. Amazon just banned them. | LifeSite


Psychologists form new task force to normalize ‘polyamory’ | News | LifeSite


Bill Clinton Connected to Child Sex Ring – Democrats complaining ‘some of our favorites’ implicated -– On CMTV


US bishops claim $750K grant to pro-LGBT org does not violate Catholic teaching | News | LifeSite


Faithful Catholics: don’t accept confusion about sexual morality | On Catholic Culture

Unfortunately, those examples in Hoboken and Lexington can no longer be considered exceptional. If you think your own diocese is free of such problems, you should probably think again. Are there one or two parishes that welcome and encourage LGBT activists? Has Father James Martin come to speak to a parish or college group? Are there gay-straight alliances in parochial schools? If so, then you should address that situation before you begin to worry about the secular activists. We must speak with clarity. We must show unity in support of Christian morality. We must display the integrity that comes only when we practice what we preach.


Next generation of parents losing enthusiasm for LGBT indoctrination: Survey | LifeSite


Interim Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson is a Radical Leftist Who Donated to AOC | LifeNews.com


From The Recent Archives

The Fight For The Truth Is Upon Our Generation


Poland Responds to Gay Pride – Crisis Magazine


“You know, as Catholics we’ve been awfully quiet all these years. I am so tired of you, liberal church in America!” -Mother Angelica  On Rorate Caeli


Alas For Fortress Poland |Poland Weakens As No Nation Can Completely Escape The Occult Revolutions| Rod Dreher On The American Conservative


Watch – The Call For The Laity To Speak Out In Blistering Clarity | The Vortex


The “Semi-counterrevolutionary” Is Also a Son of the Revolution – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 19 – Her whole family became saints – St. Macrina the Younger On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 19 – Penitent Nobility – St. Arsenius On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 19 – The knight who was afraid of water, but not afraid of martyrdom – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Blessed Hroznata of Bohemia Founder of the Monasteries of Teplá and Chotěšov


St. Mark insists that Christ is the Son of God | On Catholic Culture


Credits – Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2015-05-18 15:21:19Z | http://piczard.com | http://codecarvings.com

2019 Photopost Of The Traditional Feast Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, NJ and NYC


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Here is the double pilgrimage that I’ve been trying to get everyone to do for years as described by Father Richard Cipolla’s Italian Catholic neighborhood conversion

Fr. Richard was not able to make the Pilgrimage this year to see Fr. Chris Salvatore and Msgr. Joseph Ambrosio on their Feast Day ……..but we were able to make it 😊

OLMC Newark and NJ – Musings on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – by Father Richard Cipolla as posted on Rorate Caeli with a great old photograph of the packed streets of the Feast at the OLMC NY from “back in the day”


A blessed Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to you! – Fatima Center


Photopost of the Vigil Vespers Of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from the Pontifical Shrine of OLMC – Manhattan NY


Traditional Sung 1st Vespers Of The Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary in Traditional Latin followed by outdoor procession celebrating the 135th annual feast 


Sacred Tradition Continues Uninterrupted

Solemn High Mass Of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Newark NJ for the 129th Consecutive Annual Feast

Old Friends and Family

Veneration of the Relic

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Staten Island Outdoor Procession As Shared By Michelina Guiliano and family

TuosTotos , en Totos Tuos

The following day after the Feast 07/17 begins the traditional Nine Day Novena of Saint Anne ending the day before the Feast 07/25 begins

Her Vigil always lands on the Feast of the Martyrdom of Saint James the Greater High Sung Masses for every night of the Vigil at 6pm at Holy Innocents NYC on 37th & Broadway  followed by Novena Vigil / Candlelit indoor procession


Breaking News In The Prolife Movement – NJ, Planned Parenthood Shakeups, And The Counter Revolution


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No update yet on the evolving story of the prolifers arrested in an Abortion Mill in NJ on the July 13th appairiotion anniversary of Fatima, two of which were Priests

Mrs. Lisa Hart representative of LifeNet, NJ Right To Life and Red Rose Rescues tells us that Father Fidelis Moscinski a Franciscan Friar of The Renewal Priest and Father David Nix, a traditional Catholic Priest stationed in Louisiana and often writer and contributor to One Peter Five were among the arrested

They managed to save one baby whose mother of the mother was attempting to force her daughter to murder her grandchild by force

2 priests, 2 pro-life activists arrested trying to save babies inside New Jersey abortion center | News | LifeSite


Additional Comments from both Father D. Nix and , the famous prolife activist and author of the popular pro-life movement book Abandoned ‘ Dr. Monica Miller located here

Priests, Laity Arrested for Trying to Save Babies in NJ Abortion Mill


And another report here

Two Catholic Priests Arrested After Going Inside Clinic to Save Babies From Abortion | On LifeNews.com


Planned Parenthood Shakeups Continue

The Less Reported Prolife Movement That Was Born Out Of The Abortion Movement – Eugenics and Euthanasia  On The Rise

Pro-Abortion Group Will Spend $20 Million to Defeat President Trump and Pro-Life Lawmakers | LifeNews.com


Under The Hood In News Of The Real Prolife Movement

Unlicensed Clinic Evasive with 911 to Keep Botched Abortion Details Off the Internet – On Operation Rescue


911: Woman Hemorrhages at Late-term Abortion Clinic Facing Closure – On Operation Rescue


Three Babies in Minnesota Were Born Alive After Failed Abortions in 2018 and Left to Die | LifeNews.com


VIDEO: Leftist legal org coaches schools on getting students secret abortions | News | LifeSite  


Reproductive Rights Glossary for the Unwoke – Crisis Magazine


Hole Torn in Uterus and Hemorrhaging Send Two Detroit Abortion Patients to Hospital – On Operation Rescue

This Is The Regular Fire Drills In At Least One Abortion Mill In The Country Every Week Sometimes More


New York becoming ‘haven’ for abortion tourism as other states pass pro-life laws | News | LifeSite


Couples around the world offer to adopt newborn found abandoned in the woods | News | LifeSite


National Right To Life  News Stories & Headlines


US day of mourning to commemorate 20 million black lives lost to abortion | News | LifeSite


From The Recent Archives

Pro-life News Round-up For The 1st Week of July 2019 – As Eugenics Begins | TCE |


VP Mike Pence’s Daughter: Abortion is “Oppression in Its Barest Form” Against “The Weaker Members of Society” | LifeNews.com


Catholic Bishop: Time to Quit the Girl Scouts Because It’s Linked to Planned Parenthood | LifeNews.com


Love, Wrath, and the March for Life – On OnePeterFive


In this March We Are All Surrounded By A Continuing and Escalating Revolution

Bastille Day : Blood, Death, and Exterminating the Beautiful – By Laramie Hirsch On OnePeterFive

This week’s Bastille Day in Paris featured a man flying around on a brand new flyboard prototype, designed by inventor Franky Zapata. This “future soldier” buzzed through the air above the crowds and underneath a sky clouded in the colors of France’s flag. In his hands, he brandished a rifle in the hopes of demonstrating the tactical application of this new technology for law enforcement and the military. At first blush, this wondrous spectacle looks like a peek into a hopeful and advanced future of scientific wonders. But after a moment’s thought, when you’ve had time to unpack and realize the implications of such a technology, an uneasy feeling settles into your gut, and you begin to realize that maybe — just maybe — what you’re truly seeing is a glimpse into a horrific dystopian future of oppression and fear.


We all need to develop the mentality of the Catholic Martyrs if we wish to halt this Revolution

Watch  THE FIRST TRADITIONALISTS: From Nagasaki to the Vendée – Learn More About The Catholic Counter Revolution and Restoration Movement In This 30 Minute Video Conference


July 17 – Martyred in the Name of Equality – The Sixteen Blessed Teresian Martyrs of Compiègne – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Carmelite Nuns –  Quell The Worst Of The French Revolution By Going To Martrydom – Moving God, Moving History – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



Catholic Theologians And Historians Debate The Handling Of An Heretical Pope On the Feast Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel


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The Theological Hypothesis of a Heretical Pope -On The American TFP


Catholic Monitor: Is Francis a Antipope or a Heretical Pope who “Must” be Deposed by “the Church” according to Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales?


Watch – When Revolutions Fail –  Nagasaki to the Vendee –The Remnant TV -Via  YouTube

Michael Matt’s talk (simultaneously translated into Japanese) answers the questions: what can Catholics today learn from the French Vendeans who resisted the French Revolution to become the original Traditional Catholics?

What can the remnant of Catholic believers around the world today learn from the “first responders” against the New World Order in the Vendee as well as from “Hidden Christians” of Japan who kept the faith for over 250 years — without the mass and without priests?


In Pope Francis News

The Amazon Synod And The Pope’s Continuing Tribal Revolution

A Pope At One With Tribalism, The European Union, Communism, Homosexual Clerical Cover-up,

Related Reflections On The Revolution vs. The Counter Revolution

From the Recent Archives

OLMC – Our July 16th Feast Day

Our Lady of Mount Carmel as she appeared at Fatima

Restoration In The Midst Of The Crisis Of The Conciliar Church Continues Within Traditional Catholicism


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Watch This Video: Largest ever SSPX church to be built and the history of St. Mary’s, Kansas – On Rorate Caeli


The Holy Grail and the Invincible Power of the Most Precious Blood – By Roberto de Mattei | Remnant Columnist – On The Remnant Newspaper


Archbishop of Turin Celebrates Immemorial Mass at Mercy Brothers Church By Giuseppe Nardi – On The Eponymous Flower


Scripture & Tradition: Fifth Sunday After Pentecost – On OnePeterFive


Ars Celebrandi, World’s largest Traditional Liturgy conference, starts in Poland (with pictures) – On Rorate Caeli


Colombian bishop plans to exorcize entire seaport city Bishop to spray holy water over city from helicopter in mass exorcism of ‘demons’ this weekend | The Independent



*** Reflections At The Heart Of It***


The Thirst for Souls – I Presuppositions to Understand the Thirst for Souls by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


The Stroke of a Pen Can Destroy Everything – On OnePeterFive


“Hyperpapalism and Liturgical Mutation: The Case Against the Novus Ordo” — Full Text of Dr. Kwasniewski’s Lepanto Lecture – On Rorate Caeli


THE “MONASTIC PROPOSITUM” AND THE WAY THROUGH THE DESERT: Putting the Horse Before the Cart – The Remnant Newspaper –


Maintaining Tradition As The Primary Method Of Catholic Resistance and Restoration Part #2 | TCE |

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Symbol of Combativity & Restoration of Christendom – On TIA


 From the Recent Archives On Sacred Tradition Restoration

Catholic Apologetics – Sacred Tradition – And Queen Of Heaven – Prophesies | |TCE |


Maintaining Tradition As The Primary Method Of Catholic Resistance and Restoration Part #2 | TCE |

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Symbol of Combativity & Restoration of Christendom – On TIA


Upcoming Events OL of Mt Carmel NY and NJ -Pilgrimages- Tradition & Culture Round Up |  TCE |


Watch – Young People are Discovering the Traditional Latin Mass – On YouTube


Watch – The beauty of Traditional Catholicism – With Footage From The Chartres Pilgrimage The Year Before The Fire – YouTube


Fatima Anniversary: The Revelation of the Great Secret! -On The  Fatima Center

July 15 – Saint Pompilio Maria Pirrotti – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



A Liberal Revolution In The Media – Head-On Crash With Politics – And The Church In The Middle Of The Accident


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We are witnessing the continuing fall out of the separation of Church and state as we live through the Conciliar Church’s sub -revolution in post the world’s three major social/religious revolutions as today’s drudge report / news-blog round up clearly illustrates


Can the Public Square Be Value-Neutral in Today’s America? – TFP.org


Anti-Catholic Hate Crimes Skyrocket in France, Mainstream Media Keep Silent – On The Remnant Newspaper


CATHOLICS FIGHTING BACK: Michael Matt Interviews Senator Rick Santorum – On The Remnant Newspaper –


UK media personality draws shock, horror, accusations of “Islamophobia” after calling Islam “violent” – On Breitbart


Social-media giants are clearly suppressing pro-lifers  Heavy hitter Live Action says it’s weighing legal options

Live Action Plans Response to Social-Media Suppression of Pro-Lifers – On NC Register 


More censorship: extensive new blocks of Jihad Watch by Internet providers in Europe and Israel – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Facebook posts then deletes rules allowing calls to violence against ‘dangerous individuals’ | News | LifeSite


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Conspired With Abortion Activists to Ban Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Vote | LifeNews.com


Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Banned Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Legalized Abortions | LifeNews.com


Abortion, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Forced on Northern Ireland/ U.K. lawmakers vote to impose radical policy shift on Belfast (mostly through media control) – On CMTV 


Facebook Shuts Down Populist Italian Pages Before EU Elections – On Breitbart


Google, YouTube Label Pro-Life Advocates “Nazis With Dogwhistles” | LifeNews.com


New Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Say They’re Pro-Life Than Pro-Abortion | LifeNews.com


These books helped thousands quit homosexuality. Amazon just banned them. | LifeSite


BREAKING: Tommy Robinson to Seek Political Asylum in United States, Says He Will Be Murdered in Prison  – On The Gateway


Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison – On Breitbart


The Media Drives Home The Fear Of Non-conformance To The Children In The Same Way They Did In The Beginnings Of The Hitler Youth Program

Teen Who Said There Are Only Two Genders Expelled from School – On Breitbart


Interest rises in Marianne Williamson, New Age ‘spiritual guru’ and 2020 Democrat contender | News | LifeSite


Real Or Fake ?-  Watch Live: House Holds Global Warming Hearing on ‘Melting Glaciers’ This Reality IS Their Priority


Rep. Raskin: Border Crisis Fueled in Part by ‘Climate Change Refugees’ – On Breitbart


Trump’s ‘Social Media Summit’ Will Not Stop Big Tech For a century, Democrats sought censorship with help of U.S. bishops – On CMTV


Trump condemns ‘censorship’ in tirade against social media – “They are playing with a lot of minds” On The NY Post


Leftists Slam Trump Social Media Summit – On CMTV

White House event calls out social media censorship of conservatives; media liberals push back


Another virtually unreported story

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding | LifeNews.com


Brawl Breaks Out in Rose Garden Between Conservatives and Media – On Breitbart


Vox Populi Vox Dei: Pope Attacked by Hoard of Angry Italians in Twitter Rampage – On The Eponymous Flower


Brutal Media Attack On A Faithful Catholic Bishop – On gloria.tv


Liberal Catholics Criticize US Bishops’ Spokeswoman for Conservative Tweets – On CMTV


Vatican official praises (Fake) Catholic media for coverage of sex abuse crisis – NCR

Msgr. John Kennedy heading the Vatican Office that reviews sec abuse cases – confirms the raging revolution in the Church’s clergy


The corruption of mainstream Catholic media means that CMTV is one of the very few independent faithful Catholic news organizations reporting the truth and a perfect example of the necessity of their existence lies here

Anatomy of a Takedown | The Vortex


Jesuits and The New York Times Continue to Attack Catholic Doctrine -On CMTV 


“Politically Correct” Ecology: An Impious and Inhumane Ideology – TFP.org


We Are Witnessing The Convergence of Hollywood , The CIA, The Democrat Party , And Masonry ( And From The Catholic Perspective With the Complete Support of The Majority of US Bishops

Listen to some of these well researched authors on geo-politics You can listen to 2 or 3 of their 2 hour shows like radio(via You Tube)  that will give you FACTS that will blow you away 

While they do not understand the modernist  Christian revolution and its current forceful bend-back to gnostic paganism at the root of the revolution , they do intrinsically understand context and where we are in the stage of the era of revolutions 

The geo political CIA controlled drugs alcohol, rock & roll and sexual revolution that brain washed all of us was carefully  architected and heavily funded 

In proper context of their minor research in where it sits in my research  It is all ( this generation / phase ) merely a sub revolution of the third revolution 

The protestant revolution that was founded on the false gnostic enlightenment was a phase 1 reorg of Europe and the invention of personal interpretation of Scripture 

It was primarily founded by gnostic enlightenment of an occult influence  

And the desire to overturn Catholic teaching on the ban on interest and banking 

THE major revolution 2 built on revolution 1 The French revolution The exaltation of the rights of man over the rights of God as funded by freemasonry and Jewish bankers and supported by the liberal protestant elements of revolution #1 

Revolution #3   builds on 1 and 2 and was never meant to be a permanent installation like revolution 1 and 2 

The communist revolution,  meant to overthrow Christendom.  the remaining Catholic theocracies,  dissolve all classes , all celibate clergy,  and all distinctions to make equals of everyone to begin World War I and re-org the global economy and reduce its populations in order to  eliminate the dogmas of the primacy of Kingship of Christ and his laws as the controlling elements of the world 

These descendants of the first revolutionaries are now Hollywood’s radical perversion , global control mentioned in these in restorative documentaries  and its convergence with the new religion that is the Democrat party in the US and the elites of the UN  and UNESCO iin their global ecology religion is merely a continuing related sub revolution to the same above mentioned revolution 

The original Hollywood elites and contemporary 1960s music elites were all from power family elites of the original families of the American revolution , the Adams family and other generational families of the former colonial revolutionaries We see now that was constitutionally designed for one thing , to perennially continue the American revolution in keeping with the mythology that all things are evolving not just the ape becomes man fable but all things are evolving , from Christianity’ s base truth of twoism existing in all things to global oneism 

We are witnessing prophesy after prophesy being fulfilled – I can tell you the frame work of the next series of major events for this   generation and the next almost to the letter 

The wisdom of Our Lady and The Mystical Body of Christ which is simultaneously  both His Kingship and His Church will continue to Shine for Him and his Saints in the making through all these generations unto the end of days 


July 12 – Aristocrat Missionary to the United States of America – July 12 – Comte de Charles-Auguste-Marie-Joseph Forbin-Janson – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 12 – Irish-American Aristocrat Physician – William James MacNeven – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


 Two worlds diametrically opposed one in a battle to  a holy death in order to restore the Kingship of Christ , the other driving head-on , through a freeway that has only one direction 

The Vendee Of Our Day Has Arrived-

















Upcoming Traditional Masses and Events – Summer 2019


, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  • Traditional Solemn High Mass in Newark OLMC Iron bound section Tuesday 07/16 @ 7:00pm with Msgr Ambrosio  including other Novena , Procession, Feast activities and other Masses flyer ~attached~
  • And the classic 07/15 Vigil (This year on a Monday) at the Pontifical Shrine of OL of Mount Carmel in Manhattan , that follows traditional Mass at 530pm – Sung Vespers Of The Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary that proceeds to outdoor procession (The traditional Vigil Mass is at 5:30pm and the actual Feast day Mass is at midnight flyer ~attached~

Of course there is also

  • High Mass Of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 6pm at Holy Innocents NYC – Tuesday 07/16 @ 6:00pm with Father James Miarra
  • Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, Pequannock, NJ. Missa Cantata on July 16th, 7:00 pm
  • St. Dominic Church, Brick, NJ, Missa Cantata on July 16th, 7:00 pm
  • And fireworks at OLMC Jersey City on Tuesday 07/16 at dark  following their annual novus ordo Feast Mass ( which continues to change horrendously every year )


When our Lady of Fatima appeared as Our Lady of Mount Carmel it will never be forgotten and for this we will always wear the Scapular

 Also we believe the Eclesia Dei Chapels and the SSPX Chapels are all low Masses this year for this Feast


Come Join Us For The Walking Pilgrimage To Czestochowa –

Register Now – Begins August 8th



From Recent Video Chartres Pilgrimage 2019 – On YouTube

With Updated With Updated Drone Footage -Aerial Photography on the numbers cannot lie


What is it all about these Pilgrimages – Why go on long Pilgrimages – This is what it’s all about ->

 Watch – THE CATHOLIC RESTORATION: Chartres Pilgrimage 2018 – YouTube


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Upcoming Events OL of Mt Carmel NY and NJ -Pilgrimages- Tradition & Culture Round Up | Traditional Catholics Emerge


Upcoming Events OL of Mt Carmel NY and NJ -Pilgrimages- Tradition & Culture Round Up | TCE


The Walking Pilgrimage To Czestochowa – Never Before Was It Needed More In The US | TCE |


The Fortress Of Czestochowa

Catholic Apologetics – Sacred Tradition – And Queen Of Heaven – Prophesies


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Watch – Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times (Part 1) – YouTube



Sacred Tradition

Apologetics On Our Lady The Mother Of God

July 10 – Charlemagne Was Punished for His Rudeness to Her – Saint Almaberga – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


July 10 – Seven Holy Noble Brethren – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Santa Susanna in Rome

Traditional Catholic Orders & Priests Under Attack As The Pope Of Amazonian Revolution Draws Swords


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Catholic Herald’s Thompson: “I have personally established that Francis told a lie” – On gloria.tv


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Not Good: Synod Document Is Projection of European Thinking Upon Amazonian Region – On gloria.tv


Peronism in the Church: “To the friend, everything. To the enemy, not even justice!” (Video)  – On Rorate Caeli


Anglo-Catholic Priest Excommunicated for Criticizing Post-Conciliar Popes – On Eponymous Flower A priest of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter has been excommunicated, and his parish permanently closed, months after he criticized certain actions of various popes both during and after the Second Vatican Council.


Fr. Vaughn Treco accused of inciting ‘schism – On CMTV


And So It Begins

Requiem for a Latin Mass Community – On The Remnant Newspaper –


Bishop Of Witchita Kansas Destruction of The Traditional Rite


Backstage. Pope Suppresses Another Orthodox Prelate Disguised As A Promotion Of Another – Francis’s Missing “Gift” To the Ukrainians – Magister On Settimo Cielo — L’Espresso

The Pope’s removal of another senior Vatican objector Archbishop Cyril Vasil, 54, Slovakian, the current secretary of the congregation.Vasil is a Jesuit, but he is not in the good graces of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, especially after in 2015, during the hiatus between the two synods on the family, he sided publicly against communion for the divorced and remarried. The pope, therefore, would look with favor on his removal from the Vatican.


Church Collapse: Two Charterhouses Close Down –On gloria.tv 


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The Fall Of The Order Of Malta Continues

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The Final Skirmish of the Final Battle? – On The Fatima Center


This is what the Vatican wants Old-hippie nuns twirling a scarf & preaching One World Religion / The Ideal Nun of Progressivism

The Ideal Nun of Progressivism by Salwa Bachar On TIA


At The Source Of The Errored Philosophy – Vatican II’s Confusing Counsel on Conscience and Human Dignity –On OnePeterFive


*** But The Truth Is Entirely Different ***

Newly ordained priests want Old Latin Mass – On gloria.tv


Traditional  Catholic Sermon –  “Humble Procession versus Pride Parade” As Posted By Sensus Fidelium Via  YouTube


What the Church teaches us in relation to an erroneous King or an erroneous Pope

Saint Thomas More: “This indictment is grounded upon an Act of Parliament, directly oppugnant to the laws of God and his holy Church…” -On Rorate Caeli


The Carmelite Order – Protected by Our Lady for Centuries – On Tradition In Action


CARDINAL CARLO CAFFARRA “WE ARE NO LONGER WITNESSES, BUT DESERTERS, IF WE DO NOT SPEAK OPENLY AND PUBLICLY” The Cardinal asks: “What do ecology, economy, and politics have to do with the mandate and mission of the Church? More importantly: what professional expertise authorizes an ecclesial synod of bishops to express itself on such topics?” “WHEN I AM LIFTED UP FROM THE EARTH, I WILL DRAW ALL PEOPLE TO MYSELF” [John 12, 32].


Whistleblower Archbishop highlights cases where abuse claims were ignored, kept under wraps by the Pope and Vatican Officials –– On CMTV


From Michael J. Matt to the Bishops of the World: For God’s sake, Resist Francis to His Face! – The Remnant Newspaper 


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July 9 – At the center of the controversy, when the Pope deposed King John of England – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites