Sacred Tradition Answers The Restoration And Needed Reform To Orthodoxy In The News Round Up


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October 16th ST. GERARD MAJELLA – The Miracle Worker Of Those With St Gerard Devotions On Catholic

The Hidden Jewel Of Grand Pilgrimages In New Jersey

The National Shrine Of Saint Gerard Majella At St Lucy’s In Newark As A Thousand Will Gather There All Day For Devotions and Intercession This Upcoming Sunday

Pontifical Divine Liturgy Commemorating the Beatification of Blessed Miriam Teresa Demjanovich – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

One Million Catholics Pray the Rosary in the Streets -On The American TFP

Video: Queen Elizabeth II Speech and State Opening of Parliament – Posted October 14th via You Tube

Maybe the Trappist Option Can Revive the Church – OnePeterFive

Four women canonized with Newman on Sunday  Stigmatist, mystic, Roman orphan, & Nobel peace nominee – On CNA

Sanctuary Restoration at the FSSP’s Church in Providence, RI – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Two Sister Lucys of Fatima? Sister Lucia of Fatima – On TIA

The one that predicted the beginnings of a masonic infiltration and the beginnings of a revolution through a Vatican Council in the 3rd Secret had to be suppressed and replaced by Conciliar Catholic Lucy

Photos and facts on the Two Sister Lucys of Fatima – On TIA

The real Sister Lucy said the final battle will be BY THE ESTABLISHMENT CHURCH against Marriage and the Family

Something Is Wrong When Family Dinners Are Silent – On The American TFP

The Five Sins Against Our Lady And The Decisive Battle of Satan – On TIA

Marriage and Property Begin To Be Attacked as revolts against traditional marriage in the Philippines begins

Philippine senate hears proposals to legalize divorce Bishops remind that divorce is anti-marriage, anti-family

The culture turns to the enemy who appears everywhere now and exalts himself

Bizarre: Avon Catalog Features Image of Woman Caressing Baphomet – On Info Wars

Liturgy In Revolution

Did he compose the Salve Regina prayer? – Bl. Hermann Contractus On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Today’s Catholic ‘Hard Sayings’: Women Should Work Primarily in the Home – On OnePeterFive

Consecration To Our Lady -> Aids: 1: A Challenge? – The Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts

October 16 – Is Also Marie Antoinette – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The Conciergerie Prison where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her death. Painted by Adrien Dauzats.



Evidence Of The New Corrupt Environmental Religion Emerges On The Feast Of St Teresa Of Avila


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Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on Fox News on AOC & Kids: ‘Every environmental scare since the 1960s has had the same ‘solutions’ | Climate Depot

Green is the New Red – Talk for the October 5 IPCO Conference in Rome – Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Amazon Synod condemns countries that best balance environment and society | Robert Royal – the Catholic Thing Via | LifeSite

Another Major Warming Scare Debunked: Guatemalan Coffee And Climate Refugees | Climate Depot

The National (Not) Catholic Reporter has published an article claiming global warming is the reason Guatemalans are illegally entering the United States. The article claims climate change is decimating the Guatemalan coffee crop, which in turn leaves hungry and broke Guatemalans no choice but to flee to the United States. Objective data from the International Coffee Organization, however, shows global coffee crops are benefiting as the world continues its modest warming. Also, Guatemalan coffee production just experienced its fourth consecutive year of increasing production.

Climate Change? Solar Storms Can Devastate Civilization & Are More Common Than Thought, Study Says – On Info Wars

Amazon Synod enthrones Mother Earth – On Church Revolution In Photos – On TIA

Eminent Catholic historian: ‘The Church triumphs when her faithful members fight for her’ | News | LifeSite

The following address was delivered at the Rome launch of the first book-length interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, titled ‘Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age,’ held at the Palazzo Cardinal Cesi on Monday, October 14.

THE AMAZON FRAUD: A Tale of Two Popes By Chris Jackson -On The Remnant Newspaper –

Watch Fr Gerald Murray On EWTN – Pope Francis causes ‘confusion’ by participating in ‘pagan’ ritual On EWTN Via | LifeSite News

Who Is in the Pan-Amazon Synod’s Small Working Groups?  Edward Pentin profiles Amazon synod’s small working groups – On The nation Catholic Register

Vatican police chief resigns amid financial investigation continues The second departure in probes surrounding one Cdl. Becciu

News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Pope Francis appoints new head of Vatican police force  Amid big-money case involving memo leak, suspensions – On CNA Defense of Rigidity -On OnePeterFive

Watch Interview Of Catholics – Man on the Street In Rome – Statistics Look Bad … | The Vortex

The Two Churches In Brazil

One Brazilian Bishop José Luís Azcona  A Lonely voice in Brazilian episcopate “Amazon Synod Doc Infected With Heresy and a : “Worrisome absence” of Christ in documents – On Crux

Another Brazilian Archbishop Blames ‘Dragon of Traditionalism’ for Opposition to Pope – On CMTV

Did the Vatican Denounce Scalfari?  Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower

Socialism and Communism as Primitive – Leftism has always been rooted in the desire for regression  – On CMTV

Not Halloween Yet: Anglican Spotted In “Bishopess”  Costume  Close To The Altar At Newman’s Canonisation – On

The Parade Of Circus Continues In Another Papal Audience Charade 

The Card Was Under Francis’ Zucchetto – On

October 15 – Interior Castle – St. Teresa of Avila On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Teresa Of Avila’s Incorrupt Heart

The Pope Francis Revolution News Round Up On Columbus Day 2019

How Amazon Synod would abandon Church by changing priesthood -By José Antonio Ureta On The Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Watch “HIPPIES in the VATICAN: A Groovy Kind of Synod” On The Remnant TV via YouTube 

Reporting from Rome, Michael Matt addresses the fundamental problem with the Amazon Synod: The human element of the Church have become so diabolically disoriented that they really don’t know what the Church is or was ever supposed to be.

They’ve abandoned the Divine Mandate to go out and convert all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Watch Dr. Taylor Marshal Show – The Origin of Amazonian Liturgies by Xicão Xukuru (w Michael Hichborn With Taylor Marshall – On YouTube

Watch -Does The Pope Believe That Jesus Christ Is God – How About a Simple Yes or No? | The Vortex

Watch – John Henry Westen Of LifeSite ” An outrage either way: Pagan idol worship in the Vatican or a nude statue of Our Lady “- YouTube

A Missionary Called By the Pope To the Synod On the Amazon Explains What the Church Gets Wrong -Magister And Fr. Martín Lasarte Topolanski, -On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Vatican Head of Police Steps Down After Memo Leak – Source: This was payback for the raid of the Secretariat of State – On CMTV

“It could also signify that Francis is getting concerned about potentially getting removed from office,” the source added. “‘Stalinist purge’ is an expression being used increasingly these days in Rome …”

Pagan ceremony at the Vatican was just the beginning of the irreverent activity taking place at Synod | The Pulse | Lifesitenews

New Film Premiers with participants from the pagan ceremony in the Vatican gardens not 120 meters from the Synod , with a new Our Father calling for revolution

“The film continues to explore the complex relationships between the witch and the future queen, as they forge new alliances and confront new adversaries in their struggle to protect their lands and the magical creatures that inhabit them.”

Does Pope Francis profess the Nicene Creed? | By By Phil Lawler On Catholic

Jesus Christ, Our Shepherd: Site Features The Catholic Thing ´Pope´ Francis is leading the Church toward a new type of schism: US theologian

Pope Francis and Schism -By Fr. Thomas G. Weinandy – On The Catholic Thing

The Parade Of Circus Continues In Another Papal Audience Charade 

The Card Was Under Francis’ Zucchetto – On

Not Halloween Yet: Anglican Spotted In “Bishopess”  Costume  Close To The Altar At Newman’s Canonization – On

Voice in the Desert: Brazilian Bishop Speaks Against Synod Document –On

The Evidence Suggests The Francis-Scalfari Connection is No Accident – By Steve Skojec On OnePeterFive

It’s Past Time for Theologians, Canonists, Bishops, and Cardinals to Weigh in on the Status of the Papacy – By Steve Skojec OnePeterFive

Brazil Archbishop Blames ‘Dragon of Traditionalism’ for Opposition to Pope – On CMTV

Pope Francis homage to the Pachamama idol in St. Peter’s. – On

Akita and the Fatima Secret – Our

A Word on Amazon: From an American Diocesan Priest – On

Fontgombault Sermon on Dedication of the Abbey Church: Before building a “common home”, we need to acknowledge the God Who designed it – On Rorate

New cardinal appointed by Pope Francis open to discussing female ‘ordination’ | LifeSite

Bishop Gracida: A “Day of Reckoning” Will Come for Pope Francis – On

The Newear Gag: Amazon Deacon First “Ordained” in “Indigenous Rite” – On

A Francis Bishops calls for a Rite hybriding pagan Indian rituals

Amazon Synod Report: Amazonian Infanticide – On CMTV

Vatican Synod Father Laments ‘Left-Wing Conservatives’ – On Breitbart

Ex-shaman’s grandson on Vatican ‘pagan’ ritual: ‘I…couldn’t believe my eyes’ | News | LifeSite…couldnt-believe-my-eyes

Amazon Synod: Brazilian Bishops Supporting Infanticide? On CMTV

Bishop Discusses the Catholic Church’s ‘Ministry of Presence’ in the Amazon – On NCR

Backlash to Amazon Synod Fathers’ Proposal of ‘Ecological Sins’ – By Christine Niles On CMTV 

Catholics slam cardinals for diverting attention from priestly sex abuse crisis

Why celebrate Columbus Day? – “Columbus and Divine Providence ” On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Who Was Christopher Columbus, and Why Is He Important? – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella bid farewell to Columbus for his First Voyage, Departure for the New World, August 3, 1492.


The return of Christopher Columbus; his audience before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Painting by Eugene Delacroix

The Prolife News Round Up Overlaps With The Education Revolution On The Feast Of The Maternity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Divine Maternity of Our Lady, feastday of October 11 By  Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA

Pro-Abortion Mob Rages for Imagined Right to Kill Unborn Babies at GWU – TFP Student Action

TFP Student Action Assaulted – ‘Hellish’ Pro-Aborts Mob Pro-Life Group In Washington DC Pro-Life Event

The Clash of Two Queens: Our Lady During A Rosary Rally – On TFP

The Rights Of Women Threatened As They Are Pushed Into The Work Force and Indoctrinated To Abort While Roman Catholicism Holds High Their Esteemed Privilege

Four women being canonized with Newman on Sunday  Stigmatist, mystic, Roman orphan, & Nobel peace nominee – On CNA

Seeking Knowledge of God through the Experience of Beauty | New Oxford Review

At Amazon Rome However- the Eco-syncretism continues barreling along and refusing to acknowledge the regular ritual infanticide of Indigenous tribes

 Synod organizers downplay heresy charges: working doc should be ‘listened to’ and not ‘judged’ Stating the document is not ‘pontifical, magisterial’ so don’t judge | News | LifeSite

Many other infanticide proofs and eccelsial denials abound

Pan-Amazon News Round Up – Synod Day 3 – Lots Of Shockers (Updated pm) | TCE |

Socialism touches down on US Soil – with Sanger Eugenics

Judge Forces Mentally Disabled Woman to be Fitted With Contraceptive Device After She Became Pregnant |

Imam Will Be Allowed to Teach Catholic Religious Education – On

Chavagnes is the only UK-style Catholic boarding school for boys « Chavagnes International College, Catholic boarding school for boys, France, GCSEs, A-levels, university preparation, inc. Oxford and Cambridge entrance.

Backlash to Radical Sex Education in Austin, TX

Families and advocates need support to oppose radical LGBT curriculum – On CMTV

Students Protest Australian Catholic College’s Embrace of Homosexuality
Newman College students launch petition to support Church teachings. at Newman College – Melbourne University | On CitizenGO

Seeking one globalist system of Marxist education – Bergoglio declares war on Catholic families! On Vox Cantor

Planned Parenthood Gets Trial Judge to Block Jury From Seeing Undercover Videos  David Daleiden says nixing key evidence is due-process violation

Woman with Perforated Uterus Rushed from Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility that Possibly Supplies Aborted Baby Tissue – On Operation Rescue

Danger: Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood in NYC Calls Ambulance for 3 Women in 5 Days – On Operation Rescue

Pro-Life Congressman Welcomes Daughter with Down Syndrome; Resigns to Devote Time to His Family |

Protestant Pastors Ignore “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and “Bless” Abortion Clinic in Sacreligious Ritual |The  Sacrifice Of The Babies For Personal Prosperity|

Planned Parenthood Funneling Millions to Foil Trump Re-election Money will back pro-abort Democratic candidates in all areas of the government. Planned Parenthood Announces 2020 Plans : On NPR

Infanticide is not a crime after failed abortion: California AG in baby parts case | News | LifeSite

Pro-Abortion Mob Rages for Imagined Right to Kill Unborn Babies at GWU – TFP Student Action

Irish Schools Abandon Catholic Ethos for Multi-Faith Umbrella – On CMTV 

Multi-Faith Umbrella – As Catholic schools bend to ‘multi-cultural’ society

What is Polis Institute? – On

Middle school science teacher asks to be called ‘Mx.’ not ‘Mr,’ hands out
gender unicorn | News | LifeSite

More states pledge to include ‘LGBT history’ in school curriculums  | News |

Biblical Typology For Children: Three Books From Emmaus Road Publishing – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Building the Way to Heaven: The Tower of Babel and Pentecost/The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam and Eve and Jesus and Mary/ Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesus

Sign This Petition to Stop Jesuits At Fordham University’s  Immoral “Drag Show” on Jesuit Campus – On TFP Student Action

I will make the Church into the image and likeness of fallen creation

JPII Institute Leaders Try to Silence Critics in Wake of Leftist ‘Purge’ – On CMTV

Father Maurizio Chiodi — an openly pro-contraception, pro-gay priest will be among the most prominent members of the revamped institute.

Mother Miriam urges parents to pull kids from public school: ‘I don’t know of anything more urgent’ | News | LifeSite

How the trans debate entered the classroom | Spectator Life

‘The term ‘life’ must be redefined,’ new head of Vatican Life Academy declares | News | LifeSite

A Radical Liberal Vatican Blocks Decree Stripping Catholic Title From Prep School Brebeuf Jesuit ordered by bishop to stop identifying as Catholic – On The Indy Channel

Insightful  Keys To Deciphering The Root Of The Problems Can Be Found Here

Transmitting What We Have Received: An Interview with the SSPX Superior General – District of the USA

Portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus eam!

Austin School District Wants Graphic LGBT Sex Ed – Proposes radical Canadian curriculum to indoctrinate children – On CMTV

Recent Archive On Topic

The Revolution Continues Into Children & Young Adults Education In The Schools – The News Round Up | TCE |

The Revolution Continues Into Children & Young Adults Education In The Schools – The News Round Up | TCE |


October 11 – He dared step into the gap during the crisis – Pope Boniface VIII On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

October 11 – Model Archduke, both spiritual and temporal – St. Bruno the Great, Archbishop of Cologne On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Chivalry: An Institution That Was Open To Most Men – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Statue of Richard Coeur de Lion, also known as Richard the Lionheart, in Old Palace Yard outside the Palace of Westminster.


Pan-Amazon News Round Up – Synod Day 3 – Lots Of Shockers (Updated pm)

The Amazon Synod Has Begun, and Pandora’s Box Is Opened -By Julia Meloni – On Crisis Magazine

Watch -THE SHAM IS ON: Women Priests and Global Warming  On The Remnant Newspaper –

New Sins Needs To Be Confessed To Priests – Vatican Synod on Amazon Proposes Recognition of ‘Ecological Sins’ – On Breitbart

Proposal for ‘Amazonian Catholic rite’ comes as a surprise at Synod | News | LifeSite

Watch – The Vatican Corruption Scandal, Reveled During Synod  Is Now Up To  HUNDREDS of Millions of Dollars  | The Vortex

Amazon Tribal Leader Slams Liberation Theology, Paganism Jonas Marcolino Macuxí tells conference, interviewers the dangers of trumpeting Amazonian customs – On CMTV

Watch – Amazon Synod Report: The PRESSING Question Was Jesus divine while walking around on earth? – Michael Voris – On CMTV Pope

How I Went to Brazil to Petition for a Catholic Amazon – On The American TFP

Key Synod Father: Pan-Amazon Synod ‘Maybe a Step To’ Women Catholic Priests – Edward Pentin On NCR

Amazon Synod Father on Married Priests: ‘There Is No Other Option’ The first to propose married priests explains his reasoning – On CMTV

Cardinal Müller: Jesus Has Been Chased Out of the Synod – German synod leaders describe Jesus as out-of-touch ‘man’ – On CMTV

The Climate Just Became Racial – Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $1 Trillion in Climate Reparations to Black Families -On Info Wars

This Was Francis’ Procession for the Feast of the Holy Rosary –On

Cardinals Sarah, Turkson and Five Other Bishops Defended Celibacy – On

Infanticide in the Amazon -The practice takes place, despite the Vatican’s denials – Christine Niles On CMTV

Bishop Kräutler Also Knows That in the Amazon They Practice Infanticide. But He Does Not Want It To Be Punished – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Infanticide in the Amazon. There Are Those Who Defend It, Even in the Church – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Evidence of Amazon indigenous infanticide scrubbed from Brazilian website | News | LifeSite

Trump condemns abortion of disabled children in Down Syndrome Awareness message | News | LifeSite

Amazon Indian tribes don’t have this problem they cured it , they kill them

The Oath Against Modernism (1910-1967) and Cardinal Walter Brandmüller’s Recent Words – On The Hickson Family’s Ordo Dei

The Hegelian dialect of German Idealism, the profressivist child of modernism , the grandchild of the French revolution and the great grand child of the enlightenment

The Eco-Messianism of the Vatican Synod by Patricio Padilla, Ecuador – On Tradition In Action

It is common for progressivists and socialists who are strident against the “capitalist oppression of the poor” to go on a pilgrimage to socialist-governed countries and return home painting a paradise that is only in their minds.

Brazil: Growing Reaction against the Amazon Synod – On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

The Amazon Synod’s Bad New Ally: The Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT), Uniting Progressivism and Leftism – By Marcos Machado On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Let the Amazon Learn From China, Where the Church Flourished With Very Few Missionaries. Celibate -By Sandro Magister On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

Pope emeritus to new Cardinals: Remember the value of fidelity to the Pope – Vatican News

Pope Francis Warns New Cardinals They Must Be Loyal to Him Above All Else – On Catholic Family News

Waiting for the Synod on the Amazon: The Encyclical – On FSSPX.News

Liberation Theology And The Denial Of Original Sin

This ultimate analysis of the profound contemporary decadence remains strictly natural. Which does not mean that it is false in itself. Still, it presents at least a double defect.

First, that of not going back to the theological causes, especially original sin and its aftermath, which suggests partial or even ineffective remedies. Then, that of being necessarily incomplete. For who can claim to achieve, in the field of the human sciences, such a global synthesis without risking more or less serious errors of perspective in areas that evolve and are subject to public opinion?

This is the problem encountered in the Instrumentum laboris of the synod for the Amazon, which embraces disparate, sometimes highly disputed, data that they want to bring together under the concept of “integral ecology.” Aggravating factors are interpreted through a perspective influenced by liberation theology.

Catholic parents must ‘resist’ Pope Francis’ promotion of sex education: pro-family leader | News | LifeSite

A foretaste of ‘a Church with an Amazonian face’ – Pagan Statues And Witchcraft-  On Church Revolution – On TIA

Sandro Magister Breaks One Against A Synod Father’s Falsities

Key Bishop at Amazon Synod disguised as a lay person promotes women deacons as ‘first step’ to women priests | News | LifeSite

Pope Francis-appointed bishop urges Catholics not to oppose violent feminists who attack churches, defends feminists | News | LifeSite

Viganò to Bishops: Resist ‘Dictatorship of Current Opinion’ – Vatican whistleblower: Moral compromise a ‘prostitution of the soul’ – On CMTV

Amazon Synod Report: Mother Earth – It’s not just another ‘Mother Nature’ – On CMTV

Amazon Synod: Threat to Brazil’s Sovereignty and a Return to Primitivism – On CMTV

Brazil’s Imperial Prince denounces Amazonia hysteria as ‘the biggest press conspiracy ever against our country’

The Pope’s Pitiful Reign of Error | By George Neumayr – On The American Spectator

Do Indigenous Religions Contain “Seeds of the Word”? (I) – On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

The Shamazon Synod: A Short Guide for the Skeptical – By by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

The madness of Extinction Rebellion – On Spiked

Violating the First Commandment – Synodal style By Written by  Kathy Clubb On The Remnant Newspaper

Great Success of the Conference ‘Amazon: the Stakes,’ Organized by the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute – On The American TFP

Amazon Synod Report: Lots of Applause (for Revolution) And it is revolution – On CMTV

Amazonian Propaganda Drapes Churches in Rome – Santa Maria in Traspontina splayed with pagan shrine – On CMTV

Watch – Unite the Clans: Michael Matt on Catholicism in the time of Pope Francis – YouTube

The Latest Blasphemy – Pope Francis to Favorite Journalist: “Jesus was not at all a God.” – On Rorate

Amazon Synod: Women religious play vital role in Amazon, sister says – On CNA

Vatican Damage Control: Nun Admits Amazon Women Acting in Priests’ Roles

Amazonian tribal leader: Liberation Theology is pushing our people to remain in poverty and misery | News | LifeSite

“Motus in fine velocior” – The Crisis is Gathering Speed (Roberto de Mattei) – On Rorate Caeli

Amazonic Notes #2: It’s all decided on married priests – On Rorate Caeli

Cardinal Müller: Synods’ “Mother Earth” Blabla Is Pagan –

#TnT: Amazon Paganism in Rome, and Pope Francis –

Taylor is back from Rome. He and Tim go live and talk about the Amazon pagan rites, idols, and symbols being displayed in Rome

Bishop Suggests: Abolishing Celibacy Is Cover Up For Failure of Liberal Prelates – On

Cardinal Sarah falls gives his pinch of incense to the gods saves his house & title for five more years 

Cdl shameful confession of impiety | From Rome

Neo Cardinal: Invalid Female Ordinations “Shouldn’t Be Off the Table” –On

From the Recent Archives

 The Roman Carnivale Begins – Pan-Amazonian News Round Up | TCE |

Prophecy of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich in 1823This is a vision of Blessed Catherine Emmerich in 1823. Was it fullfilled the other day at the Vatican Gardens?

“…Then I had a vision of many gardens lying around me in a circle, and the Pope’s situation with respect to his Bishops. He sat enthroned in one of these gardens. In the others were the rights and privileges of his Bishops and their sees symbolized by various plants, flowers, and fruits. Their mutual connection, their communication and influence, I saw under the forms of threads, of rays extending from them to the See of Rome. In these earthly gardens, I saw the temporal, spiritual authority, and above them in the air I saw their future Bishops; for instance, I saw above the garden of the stern Superior, a new Bishop with the cross, mitre, and other episcopal insignia, and standing around him Protestants who wished him to enter the garden below, but not on the conditions established by the Holy Father. They tried to insinuate themselves by all sorts of covert means; they destroyed a part of the garden, or sowed bad seed in it. I saw them sometimes here, sometimes there, cultivating the land or letting it lie untilled, tearing up and not clearing away, etc.; all was full of pitfalls and rubbish. I saw them intercepting or turning away the roads that led to the Pope. When they did succeed in getting a Bishop according to their liking, I saw that he had been intruded contrary to the will of the Holy Father; consequently, he possessed no legitimate spiritual authority.— Many such scenes were shown me, and it is for me to pray and suffer! It is very distressing!— I see one who has few claims to holiness about to be installed in the see of a holy deceased Bishop.

“I saw deplorable things: they were gambling, drinking, and talking in church; they were also courting women. All sorts of abominations were perpetrated there. Priests allowed everything and said Mass with much irreverence. I saw that few of them were still godly, and only a few had sound views on things. I also saw Jews standing under the porch of the Church. All these things caused me much distress.”

I saw in Germany among worldly-wise ecclesiastics, and enlightened Protestants, plans formed for the blending of religious creeds, the suppression of Papal authority, the appointment of more supperiors, the diminishing of expenses and the number of ecclesiastics, etc., which projects found abettors in many of the Roman prelates….

“They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights : Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock. There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions. All was made ready, many things finished ; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation. Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise. He died with confession and satisfaction — and he lived again !”

October 10 – How to overcome bad ancestry – The Borgia Popes And St. Francis Borgia – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Francis Borgia Taking Leave of His Relatives Painting by Francisco de Goya

Turkey Opens A War Of Takeover Against Syria As The Pope’s Support Of The Islamic Invasion Continues


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Islamic Turkish troops launch offensive in northern Syria with air strikes and ground offensive – Watch and /or Read On BBC News

Turkey has launched a ground offensive in northern Syria, hours after its warplanes and artillery began hitting territory held by Kurdish-led forces.

Burkina Faso: Muslims murder 20 in jihad massacre at gold-mining site – – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Turkish Columnist: We Must Stop Western Civilization From Destroying the World – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Archbishop warns on looming Turkish invasion of Syria  Kurdish JPG forces are target but little ones will suffer

SYRIA – TURKEY – USA Ankara set to invade Syria. Bishop Nassar: In children the tragedy of war – On Asia News IT–48200.html

The Illustrious History of Our Lady of Victory – On OnePeterFive

Former President of Benin says Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Boko Haram jihad terror group – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Pope installs new cardinals who “share his vision for social justice, rights of immigrants and dialogue with Islam” On Robert Spencer’s Site

Pope Francis’ Cardinals Share in His Support of Islam – Cdl. Matteo Zuppi: ‘I really think it’s time for a mosque in Bologna’ !  – On CMTV

Turkish Invasion of Syria Threatens New Middle East War as Planet Awakens to Chinese Takeover On The Info Wars Channel

Syrian Migrant Arrested After Hijacked Truck Rammed into Traffic – On Breitbart

Vermont Islamic Society the latest in rising number of mosques buying churches and converting them – On Robert Spencer’s Site

France: Man who stabbed four police officers to death converted to Islam 18 months ago – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Pope Francis sends gifts to mosque to show ‘esteem and affection to the Muslim community | News | LifeSite

French Leader Sounds Alarm Over Rise of Islam Marion Maréchal-Le Pen  Calls for French to Resist The ‘Great Replacement’- Says France is “becoming the little niece of Islam – On Breitbart

Sheikh Yahya Cholil Staquf meets Pope Francis, calls for Islam without ‘infidels’ – On CNA

Pope laments countries that sell weapons but refuse to take in refugees from conflicts – On Crux

Study: 70 Per Cent of Austrians Say Islam Not Compatible with the West – On Breitbart

Cardinal, Disguised As Layman, Presents Mosque with Francis Gifts –On

MI School District Offers Muslim Indoctrination for Teachers, Funded by Taxpayers – On CMTV 

OIA request uncovers teachers subjected to anti-Christian and anti-American Islamic indoctrination

Featured – Islam’s Engine of Conquest | On New Oxford Review

Spain was a microcosm of the war between Islam and Christianity, says Ibrahim, starting three centuries prior to the Crusades and lasting more than three centuries after Hattin. Thus, the Spanish victory in 1212 at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa was transformational, for it ended Muslim hegemony in Spain. The victory was celebrated for hundreds of years until Vatican II abolished it.

Saudis execute 134 so far this year, many by beheading and crucifixionn as part of their laws – On Robert Spencer

The Paradox Of Persecution – How Would Msgr. Ronald Knox Have Stood Up To Demands For Politically Correct Preaching On Islam – On Crisis Magazine

From The Recent Archives

Medjugorje – Following The Money And The False Ecumenism Movement With Islam Is What Its About | TCE  |

October 9 – Royal penitent – Bl Gunther -Cousin Of St Stephen Of Hungry The Wall Against The Scourge of Islam –  On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Roman Carnivale Begins – Pan-Amazonian News Round Up


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A Portent of Things to Come – The opening of the Amazon Synod was marked by a pagan protest – Christine Niles – On CMTV

Brazil Cathedral Desecrated by Amazon Synod Interfaith Service – Brazilian witch invokes pantheistic spirits, outraging faithful Catholics – On CMTV

Professor Slams Extinction Rebellion as a “Carnival for Middle Classes Who Love to Dress up as Activists” On Info Wars

Climate Change Protesters Target Wall Street. Pour Blood Over ‘Charging Bull’ | On Climate Depot Theologian: ‘Unprecedented New Schism’ Under Pope Francis – Fr. Weinandy on ‘internal papal schism’ and the role of laity to save the Church – On CMTV

Climate Rebellion: Ten Countries Block EU Climate Target Change | Climate Depot

What Does the Amazon Synod’s Working Document Really Say? – On Crisis Magazine

Much ink has been spilled debating the merits and even the orthodoxy of the Instrumentum Laboris (or working document) of the Amazon Synod, which begins on October 6. We’re now less than one week out from the main event and, curiously, there has been no close reading of the Instrumentum itself. So, let’s begin with the basics

Watch From Rome, Michael J. Matt reports on Day 1 of the Amazon Synod. AMAZON SYNOD: Is It Racist? – The Remnant TV Via YouTube

After the first press conference in the Vatican press hall, Michael discusses a few of the blatant contradictions involved in the stated reasons for this Synod.

For example, the Vatican keeps insisting that the Synod is all about evangelization based on “synodal listening” to the people of the Amazon. But how does one evangelize people to whom one is supposedly listening and from whom one is learning?

If the wisdom of the Amazon can change the world, why do they need Francis to interfere?

Plus, this eco-theology and listening to the cry of the earth is nothing new. It’s part of the United Nations, Jeffrey Sachs, Sustainable Development coalition to which the pontificate of Francis has been allied for the past five years. So, what’s listening got to do with it?

Does anyone seriously believe the Vatican is “listening” to the indigenous people of Amazon here in Rome in pursuit of new pathways for moving forward? If the indigenous peoples are so advanced that we must listen to them in order for the Church to progress, why does the white pope need to call a Synod to save and protect the Amazon?

And, by the way, what’s with the feathers? Would the Vatican have us believe all or even most of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon in 2019 are still running around in feathers and grass skirts? How is this condescending cultural stereotyping not essentially racist to the core?

And finally, at the press conference today Michael learned that, due to the priest shortage, women in the Amazon are already baptizing babies, conducting marriages, and even hearing confessions.

Is the Amazon being used as a laboratory for developing creative answers to the universal priest shortage in the whole Church? Is that what this is really about?

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Even main stream Catholic news CNA said that the pagan Priestess that presided over the tree worship service presented the Pope with a,black ring identical to hers and symbolizing the marriage between mother earth and liberation theology!

Ecological ritual performed in Vatican gardens for pope’s tree planting ceremony

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Pope has picked 67 voting members of the College of Cardinals.

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The Holy Father has spilled a great deal of ink impressing upon the First World its duty to welcome economic migrants. Now he’s turned to spilling bronze. The Vatican has become the new home of a lumpy brown mass depicting a crowd of emaciated figures evidently waiting for their chance at a better life


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Recent Archive

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The Well of St. Keyne, painted by Thomas Creswick.

Traditional Catholic News Round Up Of The Amazon Synod – Videos The Environment Pantheism Feminism & Socialism On St Francis Day


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Professor De Mattei begins as the first Conference speaker that there are now two religions in the Catholic Church

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But a last-minute addition to the Cardinal Caution Club came out of the woodwork a day ago. Cardinal Marc Ouellet was made cardinal by John Paul II and is now prefect for the Congregation for Bishops

Ouellet, not formerly classified as an enemy of the Pope — but probably will be now — said in a book just published enumerating some errors in the working document, “The Church either proposes the authentic Jesus who is identical with the Christ of faith, or it loses the reason for being of its mission.”

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Scientists Fighting Against The Pseudo Science Of The Revolution A Physicist challenges his fellow greens: ‘Dear True Environmentalists: Fight Corporate Criminality, not Atmospheric Gases’ – Denounces climate ‘industry of doomsday’

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“Go, Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin.”




More Vatican Intrigue Scandals – That Vatican Employees Are Calling A Papal Reign Of Terror – In The News Round Up


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Last night they post the Cardinal’s new 20 minute movie The Manifesto to unite us against the Apostasy in the highest levels of the Church  -Watch “Gerhard Cardinal Muller: MANIFESTO OF FAITH” -On YouTube

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October 3 – Mother Théodore Guérin – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Military turned monk

St. Gérard, Abbot of Brogne

October 3 – Enemy of King St. Louis, but still his friend in Christ

St. Thomas of Hereford

Deprived of the chancellorshp on the death of Simon de Montfort, he went into exile, lecturing at Paris on theology and Scripture (1265-72). He then resumed teaching at Oxford till 1274 when he attended the second Council of Lyons.

Salve Maria









Fr. J Martin News Round Up – Leads The Transsexual Movement Into The Church – As The Culture Goes After The Youth


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Father James Martin News Round Up

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The New Feminisn and The War Against Men” – On YouTube

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Critics say the bill will spark an epidemic of fatherless families – On CMTV

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UK schoolkids suspended for refusing LGBT indoctrination receive 33K-signature support petition | News | LifeSite

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Trans café employee curses, kicks out 23-year-old pro-family activist | News | LifeSite

Irish abuse survivor is disappointed with global reforms Collins: Corrupt men ‘need to be cleared out’ of Church

In Baltimore kickoff to speaking tour, Irish abuse survivor says she is disappointed with global reforms | Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Jack Anderson a ‘defender of the marital bond’ in Wilmington

Warsaw Withdraws LGBT Sex Ed for Children After Pushback – On CMTV

Polish legal expert says the fight is not over

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Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualising youngsters – On Info Wars

October 2nd Feast Of The Guardian Angel – On TIA

Our Guardian Angels Fight For Us Until The Last Moment