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Just As A Moral Theologian Says ‘The Homosexual Network’ in the Church Is Top Issue – On Catholicism.org


Additional Homosexual Abuse Scandals Break Out In Several Seminaries – as well as in Nebraska, In Ireland, In New England, In Canada , the Roman Curia and Elsewhere but where is the rage ?!

The Absence Of Rage by Lyle Arnold – TIA Has Been Discussing The Homosexual Pedophilia Issue As An Unaddressed Problem At The Bishops Level For Well Over A Decade – Maybe now they will listen to them

In his book Sacrilege, author Leon Podles comments on the Hierarchy’s lack of rage over the clerical sexual scandals and cover-ups by the Hierarchy:

“Those who dealt with the Bishops have consistently remarked that Bishops have never expressed outrage or righteous anger, even at the most horrendous cases of abuse and sacrilege such as abusing boys after getting them drunk on consecrated wine.” (1) Dr. Rojas: homosexuality is a moral disorder that can be cured


Bombshell – Gay Roman Curia Prelates

Ghost-Wrote Vatican Document against Gay Seminarians – Himself A Homosexual Predator – On gloria tv

 French Jesuit and psychologist Tony Anatrella, 77, was suspended from public ministry after charges of homosexual molesting, Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit announced in July to AFP.


Peter McLeod A Priest In A Canadian province of Nova Scotia ( Bras d`Or, Cape Breton) comes out as a homosexualist – On Vox Cantoris


Old Guard Downplays Sex Abuse Crisis – On CMTV

At The Heart Of The Corruption Is Cardinal Wuerl –

Tries to divert attention away from homosexuality in the priesthood


Victim of Homosexual Predator Fr. Tom Reardon

Kansas City-St. Joseph priest named in more than 20 sex abuse lawsuits


Missouri Bishop: Homosexuality at Root of Abuse Crisis

Bp. Edward Rice backs article slamming gay infiltration of Church


Victim of Homosexual Predator Fr. Tom Reardon

Kansas City-St. Joseph priest named in more than 20 sex abuse lawsuits



Special Report: PA Gay Clerical Abuse Crisis  As Grand jury report exposes hundreds of homosexual priests protected by bishops – On CMTV


Grand Jury Report: Victims ‘Brushed Aside,’ Predators Protected – On CMTV


Cdl. O’Malley, Himself An Enabler, Launches Inquiry Into Gay Misconduct at Seminary In response to ex-seminarians’ testimony of widespread homosexual culture


San Diego CA

Bp. Robert McElroy Knew About McCarrick –The late Richard Sipe informed bishop in 2016 of McCarrick’s sexual predation

Bp. McElroy Should Be Forced Out In The Coming Lay Led Reform


Abp. Wilton Gregory Slammed for Hypocrisy
Tries to distance himself from ally Abp. McCarrick.

Clarification Regarding Upcoming Retreat For Supposed LGBT Ministry


The Scandal Expands To More Seminaries

Infiltration Exposed As Ex-Seminarian Exposes Gay Predation at ‘Conservative’ Seminaries

St. Charles Borromeo & St. John’s seminaries not free from gay subculture


Who is Rod Dreher Gaslighting? — The Enablers – On Catholic Family News

‘As the Catholic #MeToo movement gains momentum over “credible and substantiated” allegations of sexual abuse against Theodore “Uncle Ted” McCarrick, the former cardinal and archbishop emeritus of Washington, D.C., The American Conservative magazine’s Ray “Rod” Dreher has led the attack on the cancerous and rotten Novus Ordo structure – specifically, the Lavender Mafia – that functions within the Catholic Church in America. ‘

‘Dreher is providing an invaluable resource for Catholics by exposing the extent to which the Church in America is almost entirely being led by sodomitical sex offenders and their enablers.”



Letter from The Traditional Friendly Bishop Conley 8-4-18 – As Another Homosexual Priest Scandal Breaks Out – This One In His Lincoln Nebraksa Diocese – Showing The Plague To Be Deep


Young Catholics sign open letter calling for investigation into McCarrick | CatholicHerald.co.uk



A Weak Spin Control Is Issued By Diocese of Metuchen As The Investigation Into Cardinal And Bishops Cover-ups And Abuse Of Networking Power Continues



Top Catholic schools ‘prioritised reputations of monks over child safety’, says damning report | CatholicHerald.co.uk

There was a ‘culture of acceptance of abusive behaviour’ at Ampleforth and Downside, the report says


Bp. Jaime Soto Punishing Whistleblower Priests – On CMTV


Catholics tell Cdl. Cupich: Clerical sex abuse ‘has everything to do with homosexuality’ | News | LifeSite


The Crisis In Ireland

Mary McAleese implicated in sex abuse cover up collaboration with the Vatican!

Vatican ‘sought deal’ with Irish State to bury church documents


Irish Times Calls Three Cardinals To Be Removed from World Meeting of Families


Ireland Homosexual Abuse Dublin diocese asked to disinvite Fr. James Martin – FrontPage.org


Ten Thousand Sign Petition to Protest Speech by Fr. Martin in Ireland – TFP.org


Poll: Americans Think Cardinals Are Lying – On CMTV


Cardinal Sins Continue

When Cardinals Are Outed for their Homosexuality Even Prior To The Benedict XVI Resignation by Margaret C. Galitzin On TIA


Indiana Bishop Calls for Public Investigation of McCarrick’s Crimes – On CMTV


Cdl. Wuerl: Let the US Bishops Investigate Themselves – On CMTV


Cdl. O’Malley Welcomed McCarrick to Boston Fundraiser After Letter Detailing Sex Abuse – On CMTV


What comes after the forced acceptance of homosexuality ? In every country where it has become the norm what comes next is the forced acceptance of pedophilia

Tell TED: Our Perception of Pedophiles Cannot Change!–Return to Order


US Catholic Anger at Mc Carrick Homosexual Scandal & Bishops’ Complicity is Swift – Regina Magazine


Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case – Crisis Magazine

  1. Reflecting the distorted moral vision of some of its architects, Amoris Laetitia (AL) contains the same, dysfunctional “consent” mentality that has allowed the McCarrick scandal to fester and go unaddressed; therefore, unless the document is either revised thoroughly or scrapped completely, it will inevitably contribute to more of the same.


The best way to get bishops covering up sex abuse to resign | The Pulse | LifeSite


(LGBT “Catholicism”) Child’s hand walking toward man’s hand –On gloria.tv

A creepy new kind of Catholicism



The Premium Channel On Saint Michael’s Media’s CMTV “The Download” was free all week last week due to the exploding homosexual network and cover-up scandals breaking out all over the Church  – Here is the round up with no absence of rage- Calling for thousands of Catholics to turn out on the week of Nov 12th to protest the USCCB’s Meetings – Calling for resignations and a reform of the US Catholic Church

Watch—Downplaying the Crisis | The Download



The McCarrick Scandal Chronology From The Recent Archives

Wolves Circle As Stories On The McCarrick Cover-Up Network Continue To Roll In | TCE |


The New Cardinal McCarick Scandal Is Going To Go Deep State Church | TCE |



Sunday was the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi, Saint of August 12 – On TIA



Today ends the nine day Novena of Saint Maximilian Kolbe whose Feast is tomorrow, and on his Feast Day tomorrow apropos , the Vigil of The Assumption ends The Nine Day Novena of Our Lady of the Assumption – Knights Of The Immaculata

Flyer On The Militia Immaculate Of The Traditional Observance – On The Link -> Militia Immaculate Of The Traditional Observance

The MI after the Council – And Restoration Of The Militia Immaculate Of The Traditional Observance