Hola both new and old friends, I am a telecommunications engineer and project manager in the rail industry & security sector of NYC and a resident of northern NJ  – Married with three children, a catechist, and novice theologian, I share with you the following brief “About” background of my wife and I.

My wife is a Filipina and I am of an Italian Irish American descent. We are traditional Catholics and belong to an Eclesia Dei community. We were formerly novices of the 3rd Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculata until it was deposed, miniaturized, abbreviated, and cut down by the present Vatican administration – We frequently made trips to the Griswold Conn Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe and within it we found our spirituality and each other- Since this time of seeing and experiencing the sensus fidelium from among the religious in their rise and fall in attempting to raise the Truth to the populace and our witnessing first hand the crushing feet of the liberal majority we have read & studied much, prayed much, and lived in our Church much. We believe there is a denial afoot in the Catholic Church , coupled with the silence in the mainstream Catholic  media that alternates itself with a propagandizing abject falsehood that now brings us to the mission of becoming united with other Orthodox Catholics seeking to restore the Traditional Catholic spirituality, mentality, and unity to our communities, families, and our own Faith. There is a silent but raging civil war underway in the Catholic Church and the mortal sin of today’s generation is it’s denial.

In order to survive amidst the crisis, the establishment Church is something our families and friends has to be “protected from” But the good news is that we know in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph over this infiltration in all sectors. For those seeking the ancient treasure filled Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church in all it’s supernatural power and grace.  I am a living surviving witness here today to tell you that it still exists but it must be sought out after. There are sub-networks and interconnected cultures rich and vast that exist beneath the surface of the false Church. Our mission is somewhat analogous to that of the character Neo of the Matrix movie We seek to un-plug others from “the Matrix.” Once unplugged you can then ‘objectively’ see and one can accurately decide from among what was never before given you as an opportunity to experience and live. Everything that we do must be done through the Mediatrix of All Graces, our Davidic Queen. For in this way all things we do are nailed to the foot of the Cross of our Savior and at one with the uncreated and the created elements of the most Sacred and living Holy Ghost to which She is the inseparable spouse of. For her merit to Intercede and ours to yet intercede for others is only possible by the merits that our Trinitarian Eucharistic Lord accomplished on Golgatha.

What has become in this past 50 years the visible and established Church majority is so far from authentic Catholicism that it can be analogous to a relative in the order of a 2nd cousin. How do we know this ? How can we confirm this?- We have access to the written Scriptural interpretations of the Church Fathers of the very first centuries following the Ascension of Jesus Christ our Savior in both book and paprus scroll form. We can print first hand any of the documents from hundreds of years of Papal proclamations and encyclicals on both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition and we have access to the writings of some of hundreds of years of the greatest Doctor Saints both male and female that ever lived.

The burning calls to consecrate particular nations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and our families and friends to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that you hear from different people are real, and between these Two Hearts all things in the Universe have their being.

Pax Christi

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  1. Hello here from a fellow New Yorker.love your website, especially the events you regularly link to main page.

  2. Stacy Edmonds said:


    Have you listened to the sermons at traditionalcatholicsermons.org? I live in a community where there are no traditional Catholics. These sermons get me through the day.

  3. william neu said:

    Dear Family and Friends,

    It appears to me and others that Francis is in the midst of fulfilling more Book of Truth prophecy, this in regard to his global initiative called “Global Pact on Education” where he is calling for a “new humanism” to be created.

    Consider comparing “new humanism” (Francis)
    ( https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-francis-global-education-pact )

    to “new form of humanism” (Book of Truth prophecy – http://www.thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.com ). Prophecy below (*paragraph formatting lost in copy and paste)


    Book of Truth message:

    And then, just as they will have forgotten Me, My Church will rise from the dead, just as I did

    Sunday, May 19th, 2013 @ 20:08

    My dearly beloved daughter, death will no longer have power, over those of God’s children who love Him, in My New Paradise.
    These Messages, sadly, will bring unnecessary fear, to those who believe that when this Earth is discarded in favour of the New
    Heaven and Earth, that they will face death. This is not true. Those who find favour with Me and who accept My Hand of Mercy
    will be given the Gift of life. Even atheists, non-believers, non-Christians and those of every faith will turn to Me and accept My
    Gift, after The Warning takes place. This is when I will defeat the beast, for I will give Eternal Life to billions of souls who are alive
    in the world.
    Sin, introduced to Adam and Eve by the beast, will cease to exist. My Mercy will defeat it. And just as sin destroys the
    body, My Light will bring to humanity Eternal Life. Death, disease, old age, will no longer exist in My New Paradise. My
    chosen children – billions of them – will have a perfect body and soul, in union with the Divine Will of My Father.
    He, My Father, gave Eternal Life to Adam and Eve and they rejected it. And so, they and all their descendants were denied the
    Gift of Paradise and Eternal Life. Now at last, this will change. My Life, Death and Resurrection must now be re-enacted in this,
    the final part of My Covenant. My Church has, just as I was, been persecuted and it will now endure a savage beating, a painful
    attack and what will appear to be a crushing defeat. And when it has been crucified and thrown aside, it will seem to be burned
    and forgotten.
    Paganism will thrive. But because it will be influenced and led by the evil one, it will be careful not to show its true
    colours. It will be presented to the world as a new form of social justice – a new form of humanism, when all the needs of
    man are catered for. These needs will include the right to sin, but these sins will, in defiance of God, be seen to be the moral
    rights of man.
    How abhorrent to Me, Jesus Christ, will this wicked, one world religion be. Not only will they turn their backs on Me, but
    they will include satanic symbols where My Cross will be displayed, in the most grotesque way. My Host will be discarded.
    A different kind of sacrifice will be made on the altars of churches. It will be the beast they will worship openly, and in turn, he will
    give them many powers. This is why many will believe that those who will govern over this abomination will have miraculous
    powers. And while they may seem to be following a good and fair church, it will yield nothing but darkness.
    Celebrations and obscene behaviour will be witnessed in these churches, which were built to honour Me, Jesus Christ,
    but I will not be Present. And then, just as they will have forgotten Me, My Church will rise from the dead, just as I did. It
    will become alive again in public places. Then I will gather all of My children who remained faithful to My Word and those whose
    eyes were opened to the Truth. Then we will ascend, along with those who have awaited the Great Day, but who are dead, into
    the New Paradise.
    Those who refuse Me, after every attempt has been made by Me to salvage their souls, will be cast away. Then, My Reign will
    begin and the Kingdom promised to Me by My Father will be formed.
    Never fear the future, for only My New Kingdom will satisfy your poor, sorrowful hearts. Only My New Kingdom will give you
    Eternal Life.
    You must pray for each and every one of you, so that you are made worthy to receive this Great Gift.
    Your Jesus

    • Please explain to us answers to the following five questions –
      #1 The many accusations against the ‘supposed’ Seer from Ireland , involving many such past failed financial ventures similar to this one that she has repeatedly attempted to make a career out of.
      #2 The notion that Benedict XVI is the real Pope and Francis I is invalid which would make all of the Cardinals and Bishops he made not Catholic in turn all the Priests ordained by them not Catholic and hence the majority of the Church within 5 to 10 year outside the Church
      #3 Why is it never recognized that within this unapproved private revelation, the many core problems with the original unapproved private revelations of Divine Mercy . All the notions of the new false ecumenism of the new version Conciliar Catholicism
      #4 Why and how was Sister Faustina’s teachings “condemned” by multiple pre-conciliar Popes ?
      #5 Why are the symbols of this devotion nearly identical with pagan and secret society symbols ?

      Look forward to looking into your responses
      In ~JMJ

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