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The Conciliar Church assumed the humanist ideals of Freemasonry;
photograph inset a
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Pope Calls Attempts To Convert Others To Catholicism – A Sin Against Ecumenism  – On Crux

I Will Leave To Others The Debate As To Whether He Does Or Does Not Understand That These Notions Are The Central Doctrines Of Freemasonry  “Every degreed mason must keep his or her original religion (and infiltrate it) and anyone who converts others in the Lodge or from others Lodges to his or her religion is expelled “

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Encyclical Against Freemasonry Highlighted Are

 – Humanum Genus (April 20, 1884) | LEO XIII


Pascendi Dominici Gregis (September 8, 1907) | PIUS X

Modernism As The Freemasonic Synthesis Of All Heresies



The Total Listing of Papal Encyclicals And Roman Catholic Church Teaching Against The Religion And The Ideologies of Freemasonry Are As Follows

Before Pius IX

Pius IX


The Only Hidden Mystery Is Christ – The Godman That Took Part In Creating Us And Who Revealed Himself To The Unraveling Jewish World

From the book of the prophet Isaiah 26:7-21

The way of the just is smooth; the path of the just you make level. Yes, for your way and your judgments, O Lord, we look to you;

Your name and your title are the desire of our souls. My soul yearns for you in the night, yes, my spirit within me keeps vigil for you; When your judgment dawns upon the earth, the world’s inhabitants learn justice.

The wicked man, spared, does not learn justice; in an upright land he acts perversely, and sees not the majesty of the Lord. O Lord, your hand is uplifted, but they behold it not;

Let them be shamed when they see your zeal for your people: let the fire prepared for your enemies consume them. O Lord, you mete out peace to us,
for it is you who have accomplished all we have done.

O Lord, our God, other lords than you have ruled us; it is from you only that we can call upon your name. Dead they are, they have no life, shades that cannot rise; For you have punished and destroyed them, and wiped out all memory of them.

You have increased the nation, O Lord, increased the nation to your own glory,
and extended far all the borders of the land. O Lord, oppressed by your punishment, we cried out in anguish under your chastising.

As a woman about to give birth writhes and cries out in her pains, so were we in your presence, O Lord. We conceived and writhed in pain, giving birth to wind;
Salvation we have not achieved for the earth, the inhabitants of the world cannot bring it forth.

But your dead shall live, their corpses shall rise; awake and sing, you who lie in the dust. For your dew is a dew of light, and the land of shades gives birth.

Go, my people, enter your chambers, and close your doors behind you; Hide yourselves for a brief moment, until the wrath is past.

See, the Lord goes forth from his place, to punish the wickedness of the earth’s inhabitants; The earth will reveal the blood upon her, and no longer conceal her slain.

From a spiritual Canticle by Saint John of the Cross, priest The knowledge of the mystery hidden in Jesus Christ

Though holy doctors have uncovered many mysteries and wonders, and devout souls have understood them in this earthly condition of ours, yet the greater part still remains to be unfolded by them, and even to be understood by them.

We must then dig deeply in Christ. He is like a rich mine with many pockets containing treasures: however deep we dig we will never find their end or their limit. Indeed, in every pocket new seams of fresh riches are discovered on all sides.

For this reason the apostle Paul said of Christ: In him are hidden all the treasures of the wisdom and knowledge of God. The soul cannot enter into these treasures, nor attain them, unless it first crosses into and enters the thicket of suffering, enduring interior and exterior labors, and unless it first receives from God very many blessings in the intellect and in the senses, and has undergone long spiritual training.

All these are lesser things, disposing the soul for the lofty sanctuary of the knowledge of the mysteries of Christ: this is the highest wisdom attainable in this life.

Would that men might come at last to see that it is quite impossible to reach the thicket of the riches and wisdom of God except by first entering the thicket of much suffering, in such a way that the soul finds there its consolation and desire. The soul that longs for divine wisdom chooses first, and in truth, to enter the thicket of the cross.

Saint Paul therefore urges the Ephesians not to grow weary in the midst of tribulations, but to be rooted and grounded in love, so that they may know with all the saints the breadth, the length, the height and the depth—to know what is beyond knowledge, the love of Christ, so as to be filled with all the fullness of God. The gate that gives entry into these riches of his wisdom is the cross; because it is a narrow gate, while many seek the joys that can be gained through it, it is given to few to desire to pass through it.