The Shocking Continuing Revolution In The Church – The Harbinger Of All Other Devolving Changes In Our Societal World Against The Backdrop Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Every year for the past three & a half years out of the past nine of saying / praying the Divine Office Liturgy of the Hours my family trys earnestly every Lent/Easter & Advent /Christmas to return seasonally from the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary to the Novus Ordo Divine Office Hours

The new Rite office hours are , believe it or not,  80% to 90% preserved from the old Rite in form and content – especially for these seasons due to the diligent trench warfare fight of the conservative Bishops at the Council – primarily the original order of the Holy Ghost Fathers.

But the 10% or more that appears by mandate that is heterodox is so damaging

The following is inserted into todays prayers of the Office Of the Readings – Some of The Church Observes OL Of Guadalupe – Feast Mass and Office Other Dioceses Do Not

For Those That Do Not The 2nd reading is taken from Vatican II Council’s Lumen Gentium that the clergy and 2nd orders of the Church all pray /read today by majority in the west , as made part of their post-conciliar vows but in other years lands on a regular day in the 2nd week of Advent

LG    “The renewal of all things, and the whole world, which is intimately bound up with MAN and reaches its perfection through him, will, along with THE HUMAN RACE be perfectly restored in Christ.”

LG says further on ” The Church, as the universal sacrament of salvation.”

( As no longer the mystical and physical Body of Christ ? ! A pseudo 8th Sacrament as optional to Salvation as infers the Sacrament of Holy Orders -the Sacrament of Wedlock and the Sacrament of Extreme Unction are ?! )

LG  “The renewal of the world has been established, and cannot be revoked.”

(The opening of the Church to being of the world )

LG ” Until a new heaven and a new earth are built as the dwelling place of (social )justice, the pilgrim Church, in its sacraments and institutions belonging to this world of time, bears the likeness of this passing world.”

By contrast the infallible teachings of the eternal magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church dictates and holds to be true as followsThe Sacraments are the primary method to attain and sustain the efficacious Grace required for salvation and are the only elements of this world that are bound up with the heavenly Church triumphant

In contrast to the words of the former which are straight out of Pierre Tielhard De Chardin and Henri De Lubac’s gnostic teachings of the human evolution of man and his ever changing understanding of God

It lays the foundations for the new religion with the only mandates in this pseudo Church constitution be that the powers of the Church be decentralized and awarded instead to national Bishops Conferences (which btw still violates ecclesial jurisdictions and current Canon Law )

If you then turn to the letters -proclamations -and decrees of the South American Bishops, the German Bishops and especially the American Bishops Conference you see rather than just sprinklings of the heterodoxy like you see in each of the Vatican II encyclicals – you find real heresy violating Roman Catholic teaching in almost 100% of every one of their teachings

Go to their website and read one , anyone of them, at random, it’s nauseating and it’s NOT Catholic  and I won’t even bother to repost any of them here as too many of us  have seen the atrocities but worse still many try to ignore and or deny that they are there and being propagated through the peppering in of the new Rite’s Parish Pastors. It has reached a crisis of untold proportions of which the only thing that surpasses it is mainstream Catholic denial phase currently puttering out its last silent stages in a slow dawning of reality.

      It’s not just these topics mainstream Catholic media refuses to take up in their propagation of the denial of the dire & critical nature of the crisis in the Church

Shouldn’t dozens of Catholics holding a protest Rosary vigil last night in the cold in front of the prestigious Yale Club in NYC to protest the hierarchy of their own Church have made the mainstream (propaganda) Catholic news ?!

Cardinal Dolan’s invitation of the homosexualist promoter Father James Martin aka ” the Church is in the process of changing its teachings on homosexuality ” to be its key note speaker ….

What did we hear from the mainstream Catholic world on this topic  ….Crickets …..

In this era it is in the hands of the laity to rise up and defend Holy Mother Church against the rising corruption that infiltrated Her

We are the last generation –

It is our job to build networked Catholic family apostolates and protect our children -our families and our properties from the new religion by the sword and the gun if necessary .

Over 30 Catholic pro-life and pro-family leaders, representing 11 countries, have signed a Pledge of Fidelity to the Catholic faith, declaring their refusal to follow “erring pastors” in the Church today.

Faithful to true doctrine, not to erring pastors


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