Once controlled by the Catholic Church- Education and Finance control has been dethroned internationally for a new power base of control

Higher Education and The Higher Church of Catholic Ecclesiastic Government and Seminaries Requires Complete Reform But That Might No Longer Be Allowed By The Church and It’s Controlling Powers

The following are just a few examples there are dozens of others

University of Wisconsin Caught Buying Aborted Baby Body Parts for Research


Continuing its national battle against the federal government’s attempted takeover of public education, including infiltration of Catholic private schools The Thomas More Law Center Continues Fight Against Common Core; Files Brief to Uphold Missouri Ruling That Testing is Illegal


 Click here to read the Law Center’s friend of the Court Brief

Here is another State in a new battle against same

They’re after the children and the young adults


As confirmed by our PhD level Priest and weekly Catholic Philosophy and Theology teacher these people are teaching in the majority of seminaries a different religion other than Catholicism – It’s Gnosticism and moral relativism

They are coming out of Catholic academic higher education which is teaching law students how to fight for abortion – reproductive medical experimentation rights and all the forms of widening pharmaceutical abortion through legal financial partnerships and legal contraception

Backed up with specific evidence here in the Catholic Journal Crisis magazine


When Vatican II drove the abandonment of Thomas Aquinas scholastics and Greek Fathers Philosophy as the basis of exegesis and replaced it with studies in egalitarianism, humanism, relativism, and naturalism of the post French Revolution’s victory of the ideology of the rights of man over the rights of God ALL THINGS FLOW FROM THIS STRUCTURAL SOCIETAL break down

Why are our upper Church leaders, Orders of the Bishophric and Monsignors running the finances of the various largest Dicastries not crying out in activism and decrying corruption everywhere – Simple – Because they are scared to be kicked out to broom closet maintenance some place north west of Wichita – The Church has been infiltrated at the highest levels and they are effectively silenced and the laity is in denial of a widespread corruption and civil war within the Church and not realizing that the message of this age is calling the “laity” to a Resistance and Restoration Movement

From the files on our series on “You’re not ready….you can’t handle the Truth”

The Question is put forth How deep does the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland go ?

The environmental movement and population control are directives that were issued from the organizations that control the world banking system in terms of their shifting power base

What is the IMF


The IMF just renewed it’s loans in the US in late June in the same week that all the Grand Lodge Councils met “G” – Congress almost shut down the government at the beginning of the summer unless the IMF had it’s lenders renewals laundered

The old Bretton Woods deal financially still runs large sectors of the economies It was established within 18 months of the global agreement to establish zionism in a state of Israel and the deal was sealed in France – They are firmly part of the WBG “The World Bank Group” to which the Vatican Bank is also a member

The IMF is the flow from the US through the French conduit all of which have IMF seats

The power base behind them is B’nai B’rith International –

The highest levels of Jewish Masonry with seats on the Grand Orient – No Grand Orient members can be members of BBI – Freemasons but they can sit in Council on the Grand Orient – Similar in the highest levels of US masonry where there are no Shriners that are not Masons but there can be Masons that are not Shriners


The grand master of the grand orient of freemasonry shares news with the world yesterday and Instructs the Councils of the world to no longer confront or attack the Catholic Church for they are within the Church – Claims design creditsby his people  for the new Cathedral in France – in architecture – ideology and mission They hold all the major chairs on the IMF – The WBG and the Vatican Bank


The new Creteil Paris Diocese Cathedral looks interiorlly exactly like the interior of the world’s largest freemason worship space and building in the world and is  located in Detroit Michigan

Calling Faithful Catholics to see the Truth and Join the Restoration of Traditional Catholicism Movement and the coming Organized Resistance Movement From the Laity to end the denial !

Masonry White House

~Inset ~One of the Queen bees shake the hand of one of the worker bees (Obama) in front of the three stars – The reverse Trinity – Three rings controlled through one Ring

Grand Orient

Grand Oreint France

Grand Orient Press Agency