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Watch The Trailer Of A New Movie Emerging  Out Of The Faithful Catholic Resistance In Rome – To Be Released In One Month

The Vatican Deception



On overview of the debate

Authentic Magisterium and Religious Submission – OnePeterFive



Regardless of whether its origin is gnostic/masonic/progressive modernism/syncretism or combinations of all of the above the theological heart of the crisis can be found here as represented by Faithful Catholic academia

See the part #2 section of this thesis and be prepared for Christmas season learning

The Theological Hypothesis Of A Heretic Pope –

As researched and written by one the most well respected faithful Catholics theologians and historians in the business – Brazilian TFP’s Arnaldo Vidigal Xavier Da Silveria – as translated by TIA John Russell Spann

(Part #2 Begins On Page 141 of the book or page 171 of the pdf )



An overview of sorts of that Roman Catholic essay exploring the theology of the crisis can be summed up by a commenter on 1 Peter Five, a Daniel  Braun,  quoting  the renown Dom Prosper Guéranger who himself is merely quoting hardened Roman Catholic tradition

Resistance To This Papal Administration Is Not Optional For The Faithful Catholic It’s Mandated By Roman Catholicism
“When the shepherd becomes a wolf, the first duty of the flock is to defend itself. The true children of Holy Church, at such times, are those who walk by the light of their Baptism, not the cowardly souls who, under the specious pretext of submission to the powers that be, delay their opposition to the enemy in the hope of receiving instructions which are neither necessary nor desirable.”

The theologian, Francisco Suarez S.J. († 1617), said likewise:
“If the pope gives an order contrary to right customs, he should not be obeyed; if he attempts to do something manifestly opposed to justice and the common good, it will be lawful to resist him; if he attacks by force, by force he can be repelled, with a moderation appropriate to a just defense.” (De Fide, Disp. X, Sec. VI, N. 16)

The Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J. († 1621), wrote a treatise on the Papacy which was used as a basis for the definition of the limits of papal infallibility which was made at Vatican I. He wrote as follows:

“Just as it is lawful to resist the pope that attacks the body, it is also lawful to resist the one who attacks souls or who disturbs civil order, or, above all, who attempts to destroy the Church. I say that it is lawful to resist him by not doing what he orders and preventing his will from being executed.” (De Romano Pontifice, Lib. II, Ch. 29)

Pope or no Pope, resistance is our only choice.


Raised Stakes in Dubia Drama: Scandalous Letter Added to Acta Apostolicae Sedis — Catholic Family News



On the appearance of the pope’s letter to the Argentine bishops in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis In Violation Of Canon 915 – Canon Law On Word Press

Some three months ago I predicted that Pope Francis’ letter to the Argentine bishops, approving their implementation of Amoris laetitia, would make its way into the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. Now it has. An accompanying note from Cardinal Parolin states that the pope wishes the Argentine document to enjoy “magisterial authority” and that his endorsement thereof  has the status of an “apostolic letter”.



The Authentic Magisterium Is Truth, Not a Trademark – By Christopher Ferrara – On Fatima Perspectives



Cdl. Müller: Departure from CDF Was Orchestrated – CMTV



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As Rises Wichita, so Rises the Catholic Church by Christopher A. Ferrara On Fatima Perspectives

The lesson to be learned here is this: that the Church will be restored in God’s good time, no matter what the plans of mere men with their insane visions of “remaking” her according to their way of thinking



Francis or Fundamentalism-Thomas Storck.pdf



Pascendi Dominici Gregis (September 8, 1907) | PIUS X

Modernism As The Freemasonic Synthesis Of All Heresies



Summi Pontificatus (October 20, 1939) | PIUS XII

  1. In the midst of this world which today presents such a sharp contrast to “The Peace of Christ in the Reign of Christ,” the Church and her faithful are in times and in years of trial such as have rarely been known in her history of struggle and suffering. But in such times especially, he who remains firm in his faith and strong at heart knows that Christ the King is never so near as in the hour of trial, which is the hour for fidelity. With a heart torn by the sufferings and afflictions of so many of her sons, but with the courage and the stability that come from the promises of Our Lord, the Spouse of Christ goes to meet the gathering storms. This she knows, that the truth which she preaches, the charity which she teaches and practices, will be the indispensable counselors and aids to men of good will in the reconstruction of a new world based on justice and love, when mankind, weary from it course along the way of error, has tasted the bitter fruits of hate and violence.
  2. The “Catholic Church, the City of God, whose King is Truth, whose law love and whose measure eternity” (Saint Augustine, Ep. CXXXVIII. Ad Marcellinum, C. 3, N. 17), preaching fearlessly the whole truth of Christ and toiling as the love of Christ demands with the zeal of a mother, stands as a blessed vision of peace above the storm of error and passion awaiting the moment when the all-powerful Hand of Christ the King shall quiet the tempest and banish the spirits of discord which have provoked it.
  3. Put into practice the sublime precept of the Divine Master, the most sacred testament of His Heart, “That they all may be one” (Saint John xvii. 21) that all may live in that unity of faith and of love, from which the world may know the power and efficacy of Christ’s mission and of the work of His Church.
  4. The early Church understood and practiced this Divine Precept, and expressed it in a magnificent prayer; do you associate yourselves with those sentiments which answer so well to the necessities of the present hour: “Remember, O Lord, Thy Church, to free her from all evil and to perfect her in Thy love, and sanctify and collect her from the four winds into Thy Kingdom, which Thou has prepared for her, because Thine is the power, and the glory for ever” (Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles, C 10).                                                                       ___________________________________________________________

Religious Topics Grace of Contrition and Reign of Mary


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