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Socialism Concepts of Hard Core Convergence Underway Of Democratic Socialism, Distributism , Liberation Theology ,  Ecumenism, Protestant Theology, Liberty, Fraternity And Equality Into A Global Movement With A Pan Religion Was The Rupture Of Errors Into The Hierarchy At The 1960s Council – One bad fruit of many that it provided us with is the ever increasing homosexual scandals and its new baby gender theology – The errors of Russia have metastasized.

 Italian Leader of TFP: Francis’ Pontificate Has Been ‘an Eye-Opener’ –Church Militant’s Juliana Freitag  


Vatican Sex Summit Report: Day Two – Insightful CMTV Inside Tract

Multiple liberation theologians, condemned by Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, are all of a sudden back in good graces in Rome these days. Liberation theology was little else than Marxist principles with a very thin veneer of Christianity. It was, in fact, imported to South America by the KGB.

Rome’s constant support of socialist policies and ambitions, as well as its non-stop refusal to condemn active homosexuality — and even some cardinals’ actual support of it — lends much support to the notion that communists and homosexuals have operational control of the Church — temporarily.

The constant bad-mouthing and downplaying of tradition, the near non-stop slamming of capitalism — both approached as bad things from the past that must be eradicated is a disturbing trend because they are being presented as Church teaching.


News From St. Gallen – Francis Allies Reveal Their Plans for Revolutionary Change –On  Crisis Magazine

‘All this talk about long, inexorable marches sounded ominously Gramscian, ominously like cultural Marxist “revolution by stealth.”


Cultural Marxism and Revolution By Stealth

A Year After “Amoris Laetitia”. A Timely Word –Magister On Settimo Cielo L’Espresso


This day in history—a windfall for the Saint Gallen Mafia | On Catholic Culture


Francis lifts the sanction on Marxist activist Fr. Ernesto Cardenal – Progressivst Document Of The Week On TIA


Communist Fr. Cardenal absolved by Francis – On Church Revolution In Pictures – On TIA


Francis lifts the sanction on Marxist activist Fr. Ernesto Cardenal – Progressivst Document Of The Week On TIA


Stalin’s Priests – The priesthood has been infiltrated. | On The Mic’d Up


Chilean Scholar Offers Thorough Assessment, Balanced Response Rooted in Tradition – TFP

Another field in which the “paradigm shift” appears obvious is the political-social realm. Notwithstanding the disastrous results of “real socialism”, Pope Francis has cultivated a privileged rapport with those regimes which draw their inspiration more or less directly from Marxist ideology, from Cuba to Venezuela, and three times he has received the leaders of the communist-inspired “popular movements” at the Vatican.


The Danger of Not Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seriously – TFP.org

Democratic socialism and distributism economics sneaks into Christianity via post-conciliar Catholicism


Catholic Social Teaching On The Importance Of Property Inheritance In The Formation Of The Social Dogma of The Kingship of Christ|

Primogeniture and ultimogeniture | law | Britannica.com


It’s against Catholic teaching to SELL Church property – consecrated ground and eternal and even disuse can only shelve or close a Church but never sell it off

Dutch cathedral may be sold because of poor attendance, maintenance costs


A Typical Conciliar Catholic Theologian Pro-liberation theology substantiates by his own thesis that Distributist theology, Feminist theology, and liberation theology all dove tail in and out of one another around the same core elements of the masonic principals of subsidiarity, solidarity , liberty, ecumenism, equality, and fraternity that are in every document and teaching of the Vatican II Council and so diametrically different from what the Roman Catholic Church has always held to be true

The Future of Liberation Theology: An Argument and Manifesto – Ivan Petrella – On Google Books


The Communist Connection – With St Gallen Begins To Become Revealed – Dr. Marshal Taylor ‘s Show With TnT and Guest Michael Voris – Should Pope Francis Resign? On YouTube


Remarks by Vice President Pence to the Lima Group | Bogota, Colombia | The White House


English Nurses praying for their patients , classic archive photograph (1956) – On gloria.tv

This was the authentic feminism . This was the Christian society that defeated Nazism and fended off Communism. What have we done to ourselves?


Where Did The False Feminism Come From Except The Council – The Promotion of , egalitarianism, suppression of the classes, suppression of hierarchy, Marxism, socialism , protestantism – rolled into the desire for a new pan-religion utopia that can only accomplished by the destruction of the traditional roles of the Priesthood and an elevation of ‘charismatica’

The Crisis of Masculinity in the Church – OnePeterFive


The Vatican II Re-definition Of Sin

Lumen Gentium And Homosexuality Cdl. Marx Admits Germans Destroyed Sex Abuse Files, Nigerian Sister Rebukes Bishops


A direct accusation against Francis – never seen before at a Vatican press conference –  On gloria.tv


The Great Awakening Expands: Common Sense on the Papacy from Catholic News Agency – ( Even CNS Has Unplugged From The Matrix – Wow ) On The Fatima Center


For the Record: Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller demand “A Decisive Act” to end the crisis of the Church – On RORATE CÆLI


Sexual Abuse Through Too Much Power, Says Francis. But Meanwhile He Is Losing Power and “Accountability” – Magister On Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso


“A Decisive Act Now Is Urgent and Necessary”: Precisely Why We Need the Formal Correction — Matt Gaspers On Catholic Family News


Edward Pentin on Twitter: “African bishop at #VaticanSummit on clerical sex abuse: “We’ve been ordered not to speak to the press because the Vatican wants to keep us on message. Everything has to go through the meeting’s media office. Homosexual issue has not been mentioned


Woman Who Accused Bergoglio Found Dead In A Hotel In Argentina — Fowl Play Suspected – On The Eponymous Flower


Argentine Whistleblower And Pope Francis Accuser Found Dead: Family Suspects Murder – On CMTV


 Giuseppe Pellegrino Breaks One Another Papal Scandal “Hot Photos” — The Vatican Knew about Zanchetta but Still Promoted Him -On OnePeterFive


Not More  “Hot Photos” —?!  The Vatican Knew about Zanchetta but Still Promoted Him – On OnePeterFive


Author presents evidence Pope Francis used family synods to steer Church to accept homosexuality | LifeSite


Vatican sex abuse cover-up unravels as prosecutors home in on bishop protected by Pope Francis | News | LifeSite


Vatican abuse summit ignores saint who fought clerical sex abuse as it opens on his feast day | News | LifeSite


Pope proposes 21 ‘reflection points’ for discussion at abuse summit

Peter Isley, victim of clergy sexual abuse and a spokesperson for “End Clergy Abuse” responded to the 21 reflection points, calling them “not very concrete points.”

“I’ll tell you what the roadmap in here is, it’s a circle,” he told journalists Feb. 21.


Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’ – On OnePeterFive


Pope’s summit speech fails to appease abuse victims  One says it’s ‘pastoral blah-blah’ to lay blame on the Devil

Pope’s vow to battle child sex abuse fails to appease victims | AFP.com


N.J. priest at Vatican, removed in 2018, was accused of abuse in 2003


Pope Francis’s record on coverup challenged at final press conference for Vatican Sex Abuse summit | News | LifeSite


GAME OVER, FRANCIS! (Michael Matt’s Vatican Farewell) – YouTube

Reporting from Rome, Michael Matt ends on a positive note. Francis has gone too far. He has no support outside his inner circle of fools. The media, the abuse victims, the traditionalists, they’re all united on one thing—Francis can’t be trusted; Francis is a huge problem. Michael Matt is convinces more than ever before that traditional Catholics should advance, now that the great facade of Vatican II is collapsing before our eyes in Rome. 


Watch – CHURCH in CRISIS: Pope Francis, Vatican Losing Control – On Remnant TV


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