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There is a growing misconception among Catholics that orthodox of traditional Catholicism’s acceptance can be acquired merely from regularly attending traditional Mass

Traditional Catholicism is a moreover a way of living – Living the gospel life without offense to one another yet sharing sacred tradition as the ultimate form of charity for the sake of salvation.  It involves a journey to find the fullness of truth of the wealth of the deposit of faith of everything the Roman Cahtolic Church held to be true in its consistencies for centuries and centuries prior to the revolution of the Council . Traditional Catholicism requires one to be consecrated to our Lady as slaves of her immaculate heart. It follows the traditional Catholic’s restoration of the Catholic State and theocracy – It holds in highest esteem the monarchial nature of our Church and it’s devout Catholic nobility , which comprise the majority of the Roman Catholic Church’s canonized Saints. The traditional Catholic movement has devotions to the Sacred Heart , the old Catholic devotions, the old breviary and the little office of the Blessed Mother Traditional Catholics have deep devotions to the many hard core Saints such as St Maximillian Kolbe , Blessed Karl and the Bl Karl prayer league  Traditional Catholics routinely go on long walks and long walking prayer pilgrimages Traditional Catholics read and study and a rate that exceeds all religions. They live for the conversion of others to the Truth of tradition even at the sacrifice of meals and sleep. Traditional Catholics abhor secularism, secular education , and the immodest means of dress and destroying ones skins seen throughout the world’s new temples called malls. Most of all traditional Catholics are taught to identify and spot the revolution in all its forms and to hate sin. One of these sins are the offenses against the dogma of the Kingship of Christ , and the economic methods that are opposed to Catholic restoration and the Catholic State

Distributism Is Linked To Post Marxism Reinventions Of Socialism In The Variety Of Strains In The Family Genre Of “Communism- Light”

It has no Papal teachings favoring it other than the pro- liberation theology encyclicals of the post conciliar Church – It furthers the anti-Catholic wedge fostering the continuation of the separation of Church and State It has no formal ties to Christianity other than being promoted by Catholic writers like G.K Chesterton and Hillarie Beloc who excelled in other areas of Catholic theology and doctrine most notably the evil nature of the Mohammadenism religion – It’s main advocates in the modern age are formerly conservative Catholics –called neo-cons The Catholicism of  the Novaks , The George Weigels and Fr John Courtney Murray’s of the world

Yet another one of the many errors of the revolution opposed to the traditional Catholic restoration movement

Distributism Is Not Catholic by Dr. Carol Byrne


With catch words seen repeatedly in the theology of freemasonry such as “fellow travelers” , the institution of “rooted communities” and “the law of fraternity” Other failed experiments recalled by the post conciliar errors were the Papal accolades of the Nomadelfia communities experiment translated from its encoded greek as “the law of fraternity” – This was the post conciliar Church’s attempt to usher in its acceptable new form of communism light into acceptance and promotion. Which the post conciliar Popes then backed away from and instead supported its sister version which is liberation theology (all of the same genre )

All of these errors directly violate the many traditional Catholic social teachings of a centuries of magisterial teachings from Pope Gregory XVI, Pius IX, and Leo XIII right up to the Council

All of them further the separation of Church and State- the abolition of the truly Catholic state – advocate for the leveling of the classes – and are direct offenses against the extablished dogma of the reign of the Kingship of Christ and further to same of the Immaculate Heart of Mary , the mediatrix of all graces.

These are direct attacks of the unity of the faith and unicity of the Church via the destruction of her militant and missionary character ; and affirmation of ecumenism’s continuing transformation into pan-religion. And it seen expressed in all the Popes since the Council beginning with Pope John XXIII but never so vociferously attempted to implementation as Pope Francis I – former Cardinal Mario Bergoglio

Infallible Unalterable Traditional Catholic Teaching

Unity is a characteristic whereby the Catholic faith is indivisible The Faith is composed of an ensemble of truths revealed by God and taught by the legitimate Magisterium The ensemble is harmonious and inter-related that to deny the whole. Unicity , oneness , or uniqueness is a characteristic whereby the Catholic Faith is the only true faith. Analogously , unicity of the Catholic Church is a characteristic whereby she is the only true heir of the treasures of revelation –

See the following noted reference on inauthentic magisterial teachings The Great Awakening Expands: Common Sense on the Papacy from Catholic News Agency – On The Fatima Center https://fatima.org/news-views/fatima-perspectives-1279/

The revolution did not begin in this papacy or even really with the Council where it only came to a head , revolution began and is fostered by the secret societies and the revolution can be identified as “in the making “ for hundreds of years –  Reference = Syncretism and the offenses against the Sacral nature of Christ and our Lady can be seen everywhere as fostered by the secret societies The resurgence of one God among many examples from the 1800s

The Van Ness Parsons Mausoleum  – Tombs and Mausoleums at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn | Untapped Cities – Part 2


But we have been given guides on the road to keep us on track as many confused folks continue the propagation of syncretizing confusion , the messages and practices of time honored traditional Catholicism has its guides and prophets through storms of crisis

The Roman Forum: Gardone 2018 http://www.romanforum.org/symposium/summer2018/

For Christ the King – On Catholicism.org

Michael Davies, in his brief study, The Reign of Christ the King , summarizes the Church’s traditional social doctrine: “The Church’s teaching is that the State has an obligation to render public worship to God in accord with the teachings of the True Church, the Catholic Church, and positively to aid the Catholic Church in the carrying out of her functions. The State does not have the right to remain neutral regarding religion, much less to pursue a secular approach in its policies. A secular approach is by that very fact an anti-God and an anti-Christ approach. This unequivocal teaching was summarized very clearly by Pope St. Pius X, who, in his encyclical Vehementer Nos , condemned the principle of the separation of Church and State as ‘an absolutely false and most pernicious thesis.’”

Inasmuch as the Kingship of Christ has existed in nations not ruled by monarchs, a true Christian social order can be established in our American Republic. In the period roughly contemporary with that of our War between the States, there was a Catholic republic in Ecuador headed by Venerable Gabriel Garcia Moreno, a man called “the greatest Catholic statesman since the Middle Ages.” (Our Lady of Good Success, in her seventeenth-century revelations to Blessed Mariana of Jesus, prophesied him as a “truly Catholic president” who would receive the palm of martyrdom.) Moreno’s motto was to the point: “freedom for everyone and everything except sin and evil.”

The 1930’s Austrian republic of Pius XI’s close collaborator, Engelbert Dollfuss, provides another example, as does Antonio Salazar’s Republic of Portugal.

What would it look like if we had a Catholic America where Christ ruled as King?

If the U.S. becomes a Catholic nation (a nation in which the vast majority of the citizenry is Catholic), then the constitutional system would allow us to enshrine certain Catholic principles in the law of the land. On the positive side, the federal Constitution would recognize the most fundamental papal teaching on the matter of politics, namely, that all power is from God , not from the people. (This is true no matter how leaders are actually chosen.) Additionally, there would be laws that protect the family, such as a tax system which does not penalize, but, rather, rewards parents with large families by giving them tax breaks. Marriage would be recognized to be indissoluble and (as if it needed to be said! ) exclusively between one man and one woman. Government would respect the principle of subsidiarity, which would make for smaller, less intrusive, bureaucracy. On the negative side, abortion, birth control, pornography, and sodomy would be outlawed.

Because ours is a federal system, the states themselves can implement such a social order in their respective constitutions. Thus, for example, Rhode Island could fully recognize the social rights of Christ the King, while the other states still lagged behind. This was the case in the Catholic cantons of Switzerland, each of which was a confessional Catholic State.

We must be realistic, but we must not lose sight of the ideal. A lot will have to happen to make all this possible, and it will likely be implemented only very gradually, as Dollfuss attempted to do in Austria (before the Nazis murdered him). Besides the grace of God, we will need enough of our countrymen to embrace the Catholic Faith to bring about our Lord’s full Kingship here. For that to happen, the bishops, lower clergy, and faithful will have to believe and profess all the truths of the Faith more boldly. An elite of clergy, religious, and faithful will have to live the interior life deeply, fortified by an authentic liturgical piety. All the while, it will take Catholics with fortitude to combat the unfortunates who oppose Christ’s reign — those inside and outside the Church.


One of the best studies to understand traditional Catholicism

The Reign of Christ the King: By Michael Davies On Amazon Books


And several other key works to understanding traditional Catholicism , it’s charisms and its attributes

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Our Lord told St. Margaret of Cortona, Thou are the third light granted to the order of my beloved Francis. He was the first, among the Friars Minor: Clare was the second, among the nuns: thou shalt be the third, in the Order of Penan

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