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In parallel, Vatican Council II took place in the Church (1962-1965), and it expressly refused to condemn Communism. The red sect could not have been more content. Thenceforth, an astonishing infiltration of communist ideas, methods and customs entered the Catholic Church. Christian Socialism, Liberation Theology, the preferred option for the poor, the Pastoral Land Commission or Indian Missionary Council are just a few examples of the new red banners hoisted by the Church – that same Church which had been until then the most important bulwark against Socialism and Communism.


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Dr. John Lamont On Rorate Earlier This Month In A Key Piece Explains The Differences Between The Papal Actions & Teachings And The Roman Catholic Religion  “Francis and the Joint Declaration on Human Fraternity: A Public Repudiation of the Catholic Faith”

One might ask what meaning we should attribute to the statement, if the Grand Imam signed it and agreed to it. It is more likely that his acceptance of the statement results from the belief in determinism that is a feature of Sunni Islam. According to this determinism, everything that happens is directly willed and caused by God and could not happen otherwise. God is nonetheless not to blame for human sin and other evils, and He justly punishes men for sin. Such determinism holds that religious pluralism is in fact directly willed and caused by God; but it does not therefore conclude that this pluralism is a good, that all religions are good, or that men will not be justly punished for belonging to false religions (which for the Imam would be all religions except for Islam).

This statement by Pope Francis is thus a clear, public repudiation of the Catholic faith. It follows a series of other more or less clear and public repudiations of this kind. Enough has been said about this rejection of the faith; it is time that something was done about it.


How did we get to such a stage that the fullness of truth , the one Holy apostolic Church would begin accepting the heretical tenets of Islam and Communism? – Some Key Answers Follow

At the Council the paradigm shift in religions teaching that broke forth to an army of high level prelates caught unawares The notion of the mandate of ecclesia semper reformanda , the first premise of conciliar ecumenism The acceptance of a constant modification in doctrine and the ecclesial institution via the established of theological pluralism

The second progressivist tenet is in reference to false religions . Adapting Church doctrine ‘ad extra’ turned toward the outside , on the premise that there is percentage of truth within each false religion, with unity to be achieve via the new “theological pluralism”

This is clearly laid out on Attila Sinke Guimaraes study of the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church vs. the 50 year old new theology of the non-binding pastoral Council of Vatican II – In Animus Delendi II

There is now supposedly a new hierarchy of truths with much of what was previously mandated as part of Catholic teachings reduced to a non-requisite  “For Information Only”

. Not withstanding of course that these concepts were condemned by the pre-conciliar Church in so many eras its virtually uncountable – Cardinals Suenens ,Willebrands and others ignored established Catholic teachings and past dogmatic Councils proclaimed the Holy Ghost is now supposedly creating this new theological pluralism and their many theologians and book writers called the “ plurality of doctrinal formations inevitable . One of many highly regarded theologian of their new ideologies was Fr. Germano Pattaro , professor of theology and ecumenism at the Patriarchal Seminary of Venice He claimed “Today we are seeing a revision of yesterday’s theology and it now must be re-oriented (into practice) This impressive transformation the Council made with regard to Ecclesiology . This is pluralism through the axis of time . Theology now has the duty to reinvent itself in different ways at the same time and with the same men”

John Paul II then came to power and doubled down agreeing 100% with the new theology’s implementation to the next phase , “in Catholic education” In his allocation to Catholic educators in the Cathedral Basilica of St John Nova Scotia , he agreed with these philosophies, echoed them and proclaimed “ By professing an institutional compromising with the word of God, as this is proclaimed by the Catholic Church , Catholic Schools should stress a profound respect for the conscience of others , regardless of what they believe, for the sake of Christian unity”

Credits to the same author Animus Delendi II

Therefore  the  legacy of ideology that our generation is left with which are essentially vast ruins in a classical sense not of unity but of division and disorder And from my cumulative studies of reading these theologians philosophies , ideologies , and proposed doctrinal revisions for the new Catholic Church , they are clearly unified amongst themselves convinced that an auto-demolition of the old Catholicism must occur in every sector in order to build the new order and the new Church.

This concept of the imploding phoenix and its recreation in a new form is both a central tenet of freemasonry and that of the gnostic elements of Buddhism /reincarnation

More incredible news stories and fruits of this evolving saga that we all must come to understand can be seen below


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