When the Silence of the Pope is a Sin — Roberto de Mattei on the Islamist Murder of Father Jacques Hamel- On EF


Cardinal Sarah to Europe’s Governments: “How many deaths does it take until the leaders understand the situation?” On EF


Ex-Muslim: Muhammad enticed his men to fight jihad by promising them blonde female sex slaves


Another false statement publicly made by our Pope on the Muslim situation !

En route to Krakow, Pope says world is at war, but it’s not a war of religions :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

“We should not be afraid to say it: The world is at war because it has lost peace,” Francis said. “It is a war about interests, a war about money, a war about natural resources … I am not talking about a war of religions.” All religions want peace, he said………!


Our Pope praying toward Mecca ! At the encouragement of the Masonic run United Nations urging –

Then in other photos our reigning Pontiff sitting as an equal and “below” their Imam !


Why Did Francis Visit the Mosque in Bangui?… by Margaret C. Galitzin


Our Pope partnering with the United Nations on Muslim Integration into the world via their human creation of an Immigrant Refugee crisis


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The Islamic East Begins Facing Down The Falling West | TCE |


The Vatican Arranges A Transgender Circus Performance For Our Pope’s Entertainment As He Sits By ‘In Silence’

The Vatican Arranges A Transgenger Circus Performance For Our Popes Entertainement As He Sits By 'In Silence'

Our Lady Assisting The Battle of Lepanto

Our Lady Assisting The Battle of Lepanto