‘Transgender’ is a Mental Illness and Should be Treated As Such


African Catholic bishops urge gov’ts to resist anti-family pressure from The Catholic Bishops Of The West | News | LifeSite

LGBT lobby money begins to threaten Nigeria and other African nations


The United Nations Threatens Panama To Cut Of Collaboration Funding If It Does Not Adopt Morally Deviant State Imposed Sex Education Coupled Together With Gender Ideology While The Vatican’s Partnership With The UN Increases Under The Direction Of The Current Pontiff

100,000 Panamanians March Against UN-Style Sex Ed –  On C-Fam


Cardinal Vingt-Trois Labeled “Violent” and “Homophobe” After Comments On The Terrorists Attacks – Covered On EP

Father Felix Sarda Y Salvany’s Catholic theology text on liberalism illustrated that a generation that succumbs to moral liberalism is one generation away from a generation accepting a revolution mentality as seen in redux form in France


The current Vatican program threatens children

‘Vatican sex ed ‘surrenders’ to sexual revolution: Life and family leaders react | News | Lifesitenews


The Salvation Of Sodom | The American Conservative

Bishop Nunzio Galantino is appointed the head of the Italian Bishops – He is in favor of Holy Communion to the Divorced And Remarried – Homosexual Rights and Women Priests

But what made him stand out among 500 other Bishops for the job is his recorded homily on how the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah did not suffer destruction and extinction BUT WERE SAVED !


Taking on the Homosexual Movement – Crisis Magazine


Cardinal Burke: Gender theory is ‘madness,’ transgender bathrooms ‘inhuman’ | News | LifeSite


Infallible Catholic Teaching On Sex Education Can Be Found In Pope Pius XI Encyclical on same found here below

Papal Denunciation –  The State As The Primary Educator Of Our Children – Mit Brennender Sorge (March 14, 1937) | PIUS XI


Father Felix Sarda Y Salvany “The disease in question is a willful, prideful, irrational, and ignorant obsession with “freedom” (in their newly interpreted definitions)

When in fact the proper definition of freedom is = “freedom from sin”

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