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“There are no polls, surveys, data anywhere present to show any kind of sustainable incline or increase in the Faith. An entire industry practically now exists of hundreds of books, thousands of articles, dozens of apostolates that are tracking the decline.

At times you feel like you are the only person, isolated in the knowledge that you possess. Am I crazy? Is there something wrong with me? So you dig down deeper and study more and analyze even further until everything comes into focus. You go back to your source material and look even closer, more intensely. You learn. (And have confirmed for yourself the real teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and what is really going on)

The Faith is being demolished in the West. The more you study, the more you learn. You learn for example that way back, in the years immediately following Vatican II, what Pope Benedict, then a Msgr. forecasted”  (that the Church was headed for crisis and de-sizing in its then current trajectory and how the denial of the crisis now a half century old runs into rooted depths of the Church’s ideological stand in its new allegiance with modernism )

With these facts and the new pseudo dogma of Catholic disposition towards mohammedanism and the advancing islamic takeover of the west via violent and non-violent methods, the average Catholic is not equipped and has been stripped and prep’d to adopt a neutralized secularization.

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History will always repeat itself lest we study the lessons learned from our Faith History

An excellent traditional Catholic book on the real perspectives of this subject  that also makes for great summer reading is

The Crusades: The World’s Debate- By Hilare Belloc –  ( $ 5 Used on Amazon Books)


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