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Photopost From Holy Innocents NYC Shrine of the Unborn ( Pastor Fr J. Miara ) March For Life Bus Trip Chaplin Father Chris Salvatore

The Holy Innocents Crew At The TFP Bandstand

Holy Innocents NYC @ March For Life

Britney’s Babies Snow Umbrella

Coming Up Capital Hill With 100,000 Other Prolifers

Invincible Armies of Our Lady

Young Pro-Lifers Tell The Story

Fr Chris Salvatori and Fr Marian

The Fight To The Death For The Next Generation

Blessed Karl Shrine At St Mary Mother Of God and 1st Class Relic Veneration – A traditional Catholic family prospering showing nobility even under persecution and exile

2nd Friday Speaker Night and Pizza Night At TFP Headquarters With Vice Pres. Mr John Horvat

The Theocracy Of King Charlemagne

Building eternal fortresses

Dining With The Theology Of The Saints

January 4th Indulgenced Visit To The Shrine Of Elizabeth Anne Seton And Her Teaching Apostolate South Ferry Point , Manhattan , NYC

The Baptism of The Lord January 13th Traditional High Mass @ Holy innocents NYC with Father J. Miara

St Josphat Bayside Queens Epiphany-tide in the 2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Tradition is for the young

Forever Uniting The Clans

Saints Of The Day

From The Most Recent News Round Up

Pop Up Latin Mass In Wash DC vs. Ecumenism With Arianism Metastasizing | TCE