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The Globalism Agenda And The Great Reset Underway

Pope Francis and Modern Church News

  • Pope Asks The World To Pray For The Machines Of Artificial Intelligence  Universal intentions, i.e. what to pray for in a given month in the Catholic Church, is designated by the Pope. This November, Catholics around the world will pray to God for artificial intelligence – In September for respect for the planet’s resources, in October for the missions of lay people in the Church. In November, Catholics will pray that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will always be at the service of human existence. This was what Pope Francis decided at the end of last year, setting out universal and evangelizing intentions for 2020.Papal intentions are the result of reflection on current events happening in the world and the effect of conversations with people met during his pastoral visits. They are meant to be a response to various challenges and difficulties faced by people. Perhaps some of you have been surprised by praying for  artificial intelligence . But is this a surprising combination – the Church and artificial intelligence? Not at all. Pope Francis has spoken about it many times. February 28 this year a document “Rome calls for AI Ethics” was signed in the Vatican, which states that the development of IS should respect human rights and the welfare of the planet. The signing of the document was preceded by the conference “Good Algorithm” , organized by the Pontifical Academy of Life.Pope Francis, in the letter read during it, emphasized the risk of degradation of humanity and the paradox of progress in various dimensions of human life. “The Christian people, hearing the cry of suffering of nations, should react to negative attitudes that fuel division, indifference and hostility. He should do this not only for himself, but for everyone. And it has to do it immediately, before it’s too late, ”reads the document En Polski .
  • https://www.sztucznainteligencja.org.pl/nowy-renesans-czyli-si-po-ludzku/
  • LGBTQ communities react to the pope’s historic support of same-sex unions – gloria.tv
  • https://gloria.tv/post/g1u78WkKH3aY1SuXKVBqq4fKu
  • Pope’s same-gender civil unions support scorned in Spanish Church: Bishops’ secretary criticises modern families as diocese fires lesbian – Novena News
  • https://novenanews.com/popes-civil-unions-support-scorned-spanish-church/
  • Vigano, The Dubia, and Francis Embracing Sin – gloria.tv
  • https://gloria.tv/post/9TgySH92DcHo2uQc8hm4LF49q
  • Watch –  POPE FRANCIS makes more FRANCIS Cardinals – Now 57% of Voting Cardinals -On Dr Taylor Marshal  Via YouTube
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-egsgrJpGY
  • Priest: Pope Francis’s promotion of homosexual civil unions a ‘flagrant betrayal’ | LifeSite – As No ‘bridge-building’ will result from this latest misstep.
  • https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/priest-pope-franciss-promotion-of-homosexual-civil-unions-a-flagrant-betrayal
  • KALOOKAN, Philippines, October 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The acting president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has issued a letter praising Pope Francis for comments he made in support of same-sex civil unions.‘Consistent with radicality of Jesus’: Bishop defends Pope Francis OKing civil unions | News | LifeSite
  • https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/consistent-with-radicality-of-jesus-bishop-defends-pope-francis-oking-civil-unions?utm_source=top_news&utm_campaign=standard

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