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Pope Francis I Goes All In And States: “We must join cultural revolution ! to see Church’s “weaknesses and shortcomings” on video via Rorate !



Are Vatileaks 3 Here? Who Really Controls Vatican Finances? — “Seek, Seek!” – On EP



Vatican Bank begins civil action over investments in Malta in sign of tackling “past abuses”



USCCB Sinks Further Into The Heretical As Four U.S. bishops endorse Fr. James Martin’s pro-LGBT book | News | LifeSite



One Peter Five’s Maike HicksonShe drills in and hits the issues out of the ballpark with no ambiguity

 “The attack on marriage and the family is a mystical unfolding of the attack on the exclusive relationship of fidelity between Jesus Christ and His Spouse, the Catholic Church.” As she quotes

Brother Andre Marie, M.I.C.M., who also recently made a similar point, in view of his own theological learning:

Coming Out From Under the Asphyxiating Rubble – OnePeterFive


Pope’s Advisers Reaffirm 2+2=5 Double Down Into Material Heresy – One Peter Five



Recant! Responding to the Lutheran Heresy of Pope Francis – One Peter Five



Pope Francis: To revise catechism to show death penalty is ‘inadmissible’ | CatholicHerald.co.uk


Death Penalty: Avoiding Ambiguity in Doctrinal Matters –1) The Death Penalty And The Constant Magisterium of the Church, 2)  the Dangers of Abandoning the Teachings of Scripture and Tradition 3) CDF Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter to the USCCB making it clear that the death penalty is legitimate Catholic teaching – On Return To Order


Pope Francis is Wrong About the Death Penalty. Here’s Why. – OnePeterFive


Pope Francis: Death penalty is ‘contrary to the Gospel’ | News | LifeSite


The Doctor Of The Church Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Catholic Teaching In Defense Of The Death Penalty



Error In The Church Spreads As South Korea Bishops follow the new religion of Pope Francis and push for abolition of death penalty



The required reading of every Faithful Catholic – the original text of the Filial Correction

Correctio filialis_English – Correctio-filialis_English_1.pdf



Another Vatican Scandal – Double Standard On Child Abuse Emerges



Indonesia Bishop Resigns Amid Scandal



Watch -> New Sit Down Of

Michael Matt  With Guest Chris Ferrara down in the Remnant catacomb On Remnant News TV  The two men have an unscripted conversation about the latest scandals out of the Francis pontificate, the filial correction, what it really means to “reject” the Second Vatican Council, President Trump’s repeal of the Obamacare contraceptive mandate and more



All the Reasons of Professor Seifert, Fired For Too Much Fidelity to the Church – Settimo Cielo – Blog – L’Espresso



‘Official persecution’ of faithful Catholics under Pope Francis has begun: scholar | News | LifeSite



Cardinal Müller: Power, Not Christian Belief, Has Been Given Priority in the Church – OnePeterFive



Cardinal Caffarra Told Journalist that the Dubia Cardinals Were Being Monitored – OnePeterFive



Following the failed talks on reconciliation with the SSPX, reported in some traditionalist circles to be still on-going , the Holy Father demotes the Undersecretary of the CDF , the traditional Dominican Father Di Noia and appoints a Italian to report to the all-Jesuit team

Francis Names New Undersecretary of the CDF – As Reported By German Vaticanista Giuseppe Nardi On EP



Even the Philosophers Are “Correcting” Each Other. Buttiglione and Pierantoni in a Duel Over “Amoris Laetitia” – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso



Cardinal Burke: ‘The apostasy of faith in our time rightly and profoundly frightens us’ | News | LifeSite



Pro-gay bishop pushes homosexual agenda at LGBT ‘Family Mass’ | News | LifeSite



*** Some Articles From The Theological and Philosophical Academic Side Explaining The Heresies In The Church Expounding Through Its New Derailed Social Justice ***


Asphyxiating the Organic Growth of the Nations -The Papacy And The Basics on the European Union 2 – by Phillip Mericle



Germanic tribalism , progressive relativism, and the modernism of
philosophical Idealism, is at the heart of apostate revolution in the Church
and western culture
Understand the enemies well in order to protect your
children and their children

German Dictatorship & the European Union- Basics on the European Union – 5



The Barbarism of the West Causes Tribalism by Gonzalo Larrain Campbell


Heroic Virtue Of Pope Boniface VIII – Benedetto Gaetano
A Pope who dared step into the gap during the crisis – On Nobility And Analogous Traditional Elites



The Nine Day Novena to Saint Gerard Majella Continues

Traditional Novena To Saint Gerard  https://www.fisheaters.com/novenas.html#gerard  Other acceptable Nine Day Novenas To Saint Gerard  http://www.saintgerard.com/nineday.html


Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary and stop the Pope Leo XIII prophesied 100 years of terror in the Church by Satan – Proclaim The Declaration of The 5th Dogma – The Mediatrix Of Of All Graces – Restore And Make Binding The Social Teachings Of The Kingship Of Christ – Restore The Traditional Liturgy To Primacy and Make Optionally Offered Novus Ordo Masses