You will remember in the fall of 2015 when standing chair of the Southern Baptist convention publicly warned Catholics that Pope Francis is moving the Church to the left

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Pope Francis’ New Decree Calls on Cloisters to Become More Worldly -The Eponymous Flower:  –

The Pope’s Plans For Changes To The Structure Of Contemplative Traditional Orders Go Off Like Air Raid Sirens This Past Weekend …Incoming ….

The Remnant Newspaper – Springtime’s Over, Ladies: Francis’ Plans for the “New Conservative” Religious Orders

Heresy , even within encyclicals, is not new to the high levels of the inter-workings of the Church even on a high level as documented in history

Haec Sancta (1415): A conciliar document condemned by the Church

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At the Threshold of The Green Equality’s Religion – On TFP

“Deep Ecology” movement teaches that nature and man are equal, that the notion that nature exists to serve man is wrong, and that man needs to see himself as no different than a river, animal, rock, or plant. This egalitarianism extends so far that Deep Ecologist Jack Turner wrote that we must “see [ourselves] as food” for other animals just as they are food for you. Humans must “take up residence” in the biological order without any privileges above other animals, “to be in harmony with Gaia.”

The United Nations to take up the cause to implement their “personhood amendment” – Animals – Parks – Plants and Rivers are proposed to be declared equal in rights to that of persons – and the rights of the unborn are again demoted and degraded as “without rights”

You can abort a child if it’s not the sex you want up to nine months but if you uproot a rare plant or kill a rare species of animal you could go ‘directly to jail’ until your case is heard pending new international laws



Holding the line on the right side of the Traditional Catholic Church – the growing forces of strength abound

What ever happened to the Quadrivium – The science of structuring Catholic education on what lies beneath the Cardinal virtues

Do encourage local Catholic traditions !

Democrat Vice President Nominee Tom Kaine To Be Prohibited From Holy Communion

Catholic priest to Tim Kaine: ‘Don’t show up in my communion line’ | News | LifeSite

The teachings that were forecast-ed that would come into the Church in the form of “rationalism , naturalism, and error” were spelled out by a great Pope in


Saint Michael The Archangel _2016