Pope Francis On A Rampage Through The Church In The News Round Up – Pan-Religion Construction and Socialism Under The Cover Of A New World Tribal Environmental Ecology


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Following the previous week long’s discussion in Catholic news of the scandalous Chilean  Archbishop Ivo Scapolos that Pope Francis appointed to Nuncio of Portugal to which a substantial protest & petition website arose in Portugal, the Pope then appointed the corrupt Dario Vigano ( no relation to Carlo Maria Vigano ) to head all Vatican communications This prelate was dismissed from his two prior positions for fake news and forgery of a Benedict XVI he airbrushed people into to appear as an approval

Then our Pope ,  excommunicated the traditional Priest Fr Paulo Renato the highest Canon lawyer and ecclesiastical judge in Brazil for stating on video that , ” the majority of the Church knows that Pope  Francis is a heretic and dismantling the old Catholic Church , the problem he said Is the Cardinals who are cowards and will not pull together to make the necessary declarations for fear of his praetorian ( his Roman inner guard ) and losing their wealth, position , and soon to be retirement estates They are the ones he said in mortal sin forsaking the Church for private wealth and comfort in their remaining years He said few will escape hell and make it to Purgatory.”    –  They then excommunicated him the morning after the video aired , leaving stranded also his Brazilian flock and Chapel Church and attempting to divide them as well  That story of defacto schism created by the Holy Office is repeated in almost every formerly Catholic Country in the world

Then this one comes which is scary

The Pope’s new Vicar general of Rome establishes guidelines to build the ‘Church of the future’ and begin implementing the construction of the new Church’s structures New Rome Pastoral Guidelines Raise Eyebrows – On CMTV


A Must Read Is

Francis paves the way for Francis II – By Crisis Magazine Editor Michael Warren Davis


Pope Francis Announces Creation of 13 new Cardinals — 10 New Electors, Most Liberal Group Ever Assembled – On Rorate


For the Record: Public Statement regarding the destruction, by Holy See representatives, of the John Paul II Institute for the Family  – On Rorate Caeli


Pope Francis’ Synod Planning  – Radical liberation theologians push for overthrow of Catholic doctrine | News | LifeSite


Pope Francis Announces Creation of 13 new Cardinals — 10 New Electors, Most Liberal Group Ever Assembled


Pope Names Pro-LGBT Bishop a Cardinal ]- Activists praise appointment of Abp. Matteo Zuppi to College of Cardinals – On CMTV 


Jesus Christ, Our Shepherd: Vatican News share the pantheistic anthem ´Ancestral Pan-Amazon´ that worships the indigenous god Tupã


First Hand Information: Vatican Is Systematically Punishing Traditional Communities –On gloria.tv


Bishop Schneider says Vatican is betraying ‘Jesus Christ as the only Savior of mankind’ | News | LifeSite


St. Louis Jesuits Come to an End…..After nearly 50 years, men who wrote contemporary music for Mass have their final concert together – On CMTV 


Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’ | News | LifeSite


 The Australian Courts Disgrace And The Innocence Of Cardinal Pell | George Weigel | First Things


It necessarily follows from the previous premise that private initiative, individual property, and the desire to participate in social and economic progress are nothing but “curses” of capitalist society that must be eliminated.

This “elimination” must logically have two consecutive steps.

Pachamama Worship and Combating Free Enterprise – Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


The Pope and the AAA Corridor or Anaconda Territorys  – On Tradition In Action


Pope Francis: ‘We have caused a climate emergency’ – Urges ‘drastic measures’ – Calls UN climate summit ‘of particular importance’ to save World | Climate Depot


Pope Calls for Drastic Militant Like Measures To Combat Global Warming Calls for us to listen to the wisdom of indigenous peoples – On Breitbart


Watch -CM Interview: George Neumayr in Buenos Aires

On the Msgr. Walter Rossi investigation, Pope Francis’ past and more


Pope Blasts Vatican’s Wasteful Spending Vatican’s budget has quadrupled since 2018 In Sins Against The Environment

Pope Orders Vatican Officials to Shrink Ballooning Budget Deficit – On The Wall Street Journal


Not Just Violators Of The Environment But Also Tourists Are Now The Read Sinners  According To Pope Francis: ‘Spiritual Tourism’ Destroys the Church – On CMTV


Note to Vatican Enviro-Boosters: The Amazon Is Pretty Awful – On OnePeterFive


Amazon missionary bishop: Synod plans miss the real problems and fails to address the Church’s most pressing challenges: a growing Pentacostal majority – On CNA


Cdl. Sarah: Amazon synod would ‘definitively break’ with tradition in allowing married priests, female ministries | News | LifeSite


Cardinal Sarah on the “Absurd” Plan for “Second-Class Priests” -Christopher Ferrara Esq On The Fatima Center


Preparing For The Synod – A Theologian Writes On The Authority of Pontifical & Conciliar Documents – I – Status Quaestionis – Types of Magisterium by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira


Edward Pentin profiles Pope Francis’s 13 new cardinals who prioritize immigration, dialogue with Islam, LGBT – On NC Register


In Francis’ Vatican, One Corrupt Hand Washes the Other – Christopher Ferrara Esq On The Fatima Center


Bp. Schneider: Pope’s Revised ‘Diversity of Religions’ Take ‘Remains Insufficient’ – By Bishop Athanasius Schneider On OnePeterFive


Neumayr in Buenos Aires Uncovers Shame, Resentment of the Argentinian Pope – On OnePeterFive


For the Record: Public Statement regarding the destruction, by Holy See representatives, of the John Paul II Institute for the Family  – On Rorate Caeli


The Americanism Heresy: What Is It? Is It Still Around? – On The Fatima Center


Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant” – On gloria.tv


The Dark Symbolism of California’s Christ Cathedral – By Peter Kwasniewski On OnePeterFive


Canon Law priest and doctor accuses Pope Francis of heresy and schism – On Veritas Vincit International  – The Truth Shall Prevail –


September 4 – Pope Saint Boniface I -Died In Rome In 422 AD  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


September 4 – She predicted the speedy death of the emperor – St. Rose Viterbo – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



TCE Is On Vacation



TCE Is On Vacation/Pilgrimage Till After Labor Day Weekend

As we pray for our families , check back for photos from the field and of course we have the greatest collection of archives of traditional Catholic articles and apologetics that can keep the average devout researcher busy for months

And as always we continue to implore recourse to our St Louis G. De Montfort Consecration To Our Lady In All Things In The Kolbean Spirit Of The Immaculata

Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata

The Immaculate Heart Of Mary and The Prophesied Apostasy Of The Two Churches Within The Catholic Church


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The Mass Apostasy is under way as exemplified in the following documents

Jesuit Superior General Denies Devil Is Real Fr. Arturo Sosa: “The devil exists as a symbolic reality, not as a personal reality – On CNA


Chartetan Jesuit Theologian Thomas Reese against Transubstantiation. Wherein Fr. Z responds. | Fr. Z’s Blog


Jesuits defend Honduran priest whose radio station runs pro-abort views | News | LifeSite


St. Louis Jesuits Come to an End =After nearly 50 years, men who wrote contemporary music for Mass have their final concert together – On CMTV 


Florida bishops: Serial killer’s execution is ‘unnecessary’  Also cite his tragic childhood of abuse and prostitution  – On CNA


Chile: World’s oldest living bishop is accused of abuse  Piñera also was accused of covering for his successor World’s oldest living bishop, who is uncle of Chile’s president, accused of abuse


Detroit Opens Arms to Gay Clergy As Abp. Vigneron welcomes Abp. Nienstedt to his archdiocese – On CMTV


Accused Wyoming Bishop Faces Even More Allegations – On CMTV


Bishop accountability website FaithfulShepherds.com profiles liberal Cardinal Cupich | News | LifeSite


Judge OKs return of Argentine bishop accused of abusing seminarians to the Vatican | News | LifeSite


Lawsuit accusing ‘gay mafia’ US bishop of drunken homosexual assault settled secretly | News | LifeSite


Sudden Resignation Of Seminarian Director Stuns Diocese – On Spirit Daily


Then Yet Another Buffalo Seminarian Quits in Disgust Over Corruption, Cover-Up –  Matthew Bojanowski calls on diocese to shut down Christ the King Seminary – On CMTV


Watch – Time to Go | Buffalo Burning To The Ground – On CMTV”s The Vortex


Church Revolution In Pictures – Overweight Half-Naked Salesian Priest Plays Pagan on Internet – On gloria.tv


Another Property And Order Under Attack By The Current Radical Progressivist Vatican Administration –

Dominican Nuns in Tuscany vs. the Vatican, with Help from the Locals – On OnePeterFive


Pope Francis tells the press: ‘The church is on your side,’ denounces fake news | On The Jesuit America Magazine


Francis Allies Reveal Their Plans for Revolutionary Change – Julia Meloni On Crisis Magazine


Multi-faith committee set up to spread Pope Francis’ claim that God wills ‘diversity of religions’ | News | LifeSite


Is Francis Losing His Mind? (Bizarre Behavior Rattles Catholic Faithful) – On The Remnant Newspaper


De Mattei: “The most terrible schism the world has ever seen” Rorate Caeli


What We Need Are ‘Chivalrous Vocations’ – Catholicism.org


Watch – MISSIONARY OF TRADITION: Michael Matt Interviews American Priest in Japan –On gloria.tv


LEFEBVRE WAS RIGHT: For God’s Sake, Unite the Clans! – On The Remnant Newspaper


The Pathetic Rhetoric of the Progressivists – – And Order Amidst The Chaos – By Brother Andre On Catholicism.org


Pray Rosary to combat ‘inhuman ideologies’: Dubia cardinal || LifeSite


The Sacred Heart of Jesus, A Statue of Certainty by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA


The Message of Our Lady of Knock: The Silence Veils a Secret by Gregory Johnson


The Message of Our Lady of Knock: Our Lady of Knock & the Apparition at La Salette – part 2


Our Lady Appears at Knock During Her Crowning at La Salette – part 3


The Immaculate Heart of Mary  Feastday of August 22




The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Feastday of August 22 Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


Our Lady reigns over the Church Triumphant, Suffering and Militant

It’s Much More Than Just Freemasonry At Work – Part #1


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From the book A Study In Syncretism – The Background And Apparatus Of The Emerging One World Church Movement – John Cotter’s 1979 book , with reprints for the 10 years that followed – pointed to major activities on the global international front in the 1950s on the fronts of the landscape of the Catholic Church’s various arms , the United Nations, the UNESCO, the Word Council of Churches , the Theosophy fields in escalating convergence

The following are some key parts of the study

H.G. Wells saw what was going on and eerily supported by saying and was quoted as saying “The Coming World -state will be based upon a common World Religion , very much simplified and universalized and better understood .

The religious symbol of the United Nations Headquarters is a statue of Zeus a Pagan God symbolizing lust, incest and procreation with bestiality – representing a world honoring a resurgence of paganism in the new world order

In 1957 Methodist Minster and writer and social teaching commentator apostatized calling for a convergence of all religions in the Christian Century Magazine , a prominent protestant journal of the era.

The Theosophists contributed with numerous  books under the same theme “ We are witnessing the advent of a universal religion , in the coming international fellowship of religions”  Mrs. Alice Baily and then again , “the religion of the ancients is the religion of the future” Madame Blavasky –

The Bahai world faith is the revelation in the spirit of this age which will re-unite the political sphere into the highest ideals that are inclusive of all religions The Bahai’s constitutions maintain that each of the great manifestations of God , Zoraster , Moses , Buddha , Jesus , Mohammad , and Baha U’llah were all divine

When you pass one of the kiosks set up in the subways stations of the Hare Krishnas you see the young people flock to these type of teachings to find out more about the pagan one world religion , with the message that “the planetary citizen is now catching on “

What is overlooked is that this policy and the Bahai world view is identical with of the official communist policies laid down by the socialist nations . The architects of the new world order hide behind these lesser movements to recruit the young and corrupt them by the supposed higher ideal of utopianism

In 1916 Lenin proclaimed

The aim of socialism is the elimination of the fragmentation of humanity in petty states and the individualism of nations , not only the coming closer of nations to each other , but their necessary merger and fusion

In Laudato Si’ Pope Francis illustrated officially his near identical world view to which he has, in more unofficial forums,  stated the mandates for our times even more forcefully than Lenin

Latching on to this was the Women’s Liberation Movement which officially promoted contraception, abortion, lesbianism, and divorce in being the original advocates for the initial federal subsidies for all of the above.

It then merged with the teachings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and the first group of Bishops to begin promoting these thesis of relgions were the Canadian Bishops . Teilhard de Chardin was a well known pantheist and evolutionist whose previously sanctioned teachings Pope John Paul II completely resurrected and promoted . de Chardin participated in the French version of the World Council of Churches , the WCF (World Council of Faith)  back in 1947 when it was completely forbidden in the Church and warnings and sanctions he ignored

It was picked up by Vatican II periti in the 1960s – Dialogue between Christians and communists began taking place in England , Austria , and France mainly through the Teilhard de Chardin societies Cardinal Konig present at Vatican II became the Vatican Secretariat for non-believers He then became the author of more heretical unofficial Church documents than the average Catholic can imagine

We now see the exact same revolution progress in closely interrelated steps

To be continued ………….

The Americanism Heresy: What Is It? Is It Still Around? – On The Fatima Center


Cardinal Kasper: Church Should become “More Protestant” – On gloria.tv


The Dark Symbolism of California’s Christ Cathedral – By Peter Kwasniewski On OnePeterFive


Canon Law priest and doctor accuses Pope Francis of heresy and schism – Veritas Vincit: The Truth Shall Prevail – On Veritas Vincit International


News Round Up Connecting The Dots Of The Fatima Prophesies – Amazon, Climate, Environmentalism, Socialism, Masonry, And A Catholic Mass Apostasy | TCE |


August 21 – He was one of a network of aristocrat bishops -Saint Sidonius Apollinaris  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites





Canon Jean Moreau ICKP Priest Visits to Visit NYC August 2019


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Dear friends,

Our former Pastor Canon Jean Moreau will visitng us from us from his Island Mission of Mauriitius and will be saying Mass at Holy Innocents NYC at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, August 21st in the Mass of the French born Saint  Jane Frances de Chantal – Mass begins following Eucharistic Benediction and 5:45pm and the Angelus at 6 bells There will be a small reception after Mass at Holy Innocents on Wednesday

Canon Jean  will be offering Mass again on Thursday, August 22nd , in a sung Mass for the 2nd double class Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  in the same schedule with Mass beginning at 6:00pm


Jane Frances de Chantal

This Saint was born in Dijon, France, on 28 January 1572, the daughter of the royalist president of the Parliament of Burgundy. Her mother died when Jane was 18 months old. Her father became the main influence on her education. She developed into a woman of beauty and refinement, lively and cheerful in temperament.She married the Baron de Chantal when she was 21 and then lived in the feudal castle of Bourbilly. Baron de Chantal was accidentally killed by an arquebus while out shooting in 1601. Left a widow at 28, with four children, the broken-hearted baroness took a vow of chastity. Her mother, stepmother, sister, first two children, and now her husband had died Chantal gained a reputation as an excellent manager of the estates of her husband, as well as of her difficult father-in-law, while also providing alms and nursing care to needy neighbors.

Canon Moreau to Visit New York This Week – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny



Canon Jean Marie Moreau, A Priest Of ICKP – Visiting NJ and NY From The Island of Mauritius Today & Tomorrow + Some Photos Below | TCE |



August 20 – Bishop Matulionis’ life: a true Shepherd – By Plinio Correa de Oliveira On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


On The Feast Of The Grandfather Of Jesus – Joachim – We See Part #2 Of Transsexual Movement And The Priest Sex Abuse Scandals Converging


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For The Faithful Priests That Have Looked On Awaiting For A Time When The Lavender Clerical Mafia Would Be Brought To Justice

Watch –  The Day of Reckoning Has Arrived | On CMTV’s The Vortex


Transsexual Movement And The Priest Sex Abuse Scandals Converge At All The Same Points In The Extensive News Round | TCE |


Bernardin Creature & Evil Liberal Civil Rights Leader Accused of Being a Predator on Children – On The Eponymous Flower


Msgr. Walter Rossi Under Investigation for Homosexual Misconduct – On CMTV


Two Priests Leave Ministry for Their Homosexual Relationship Leaving a trail of deception and financial shenanigans – On CMTV


Lavender Mafia Strikes Again  – Doyle: Investigate Corrupt Marty Walsh Admin for Extortion in St. Patrick’s Parade Case – On Catholicism.org


Church Revolution In Pictures 

Venice Basilica Disfigured By Rainbow Tower – On gloria.tv


Homo – US Catholic university features lesbian ‘married’ couple in flagship magazine | News | LifeSite


Polish archbishop vows to resist ‘LGBT ideology’ | Catholic Herald


Lesbian Choir to Perform at Catholic Shrine’s Christmas Festival -Christmas choral festival at shrine of Our Lady to include the Portland Lesbian Choir – On CMTV


LGBT Discrimination Case Poses Hemispheric Threat Action could ‘upend religious freedom’ across the Americas – By Stephen Wynne – On CMTV


Gender dysphoria diagnoses are too general, and they’re destroying people  | LifeSite


Senate confirms lesbian judge tied to radical LGBT legal group | News | LifeSite


Infiltration: Sex, Conspiracies, Apparitions and Prophecies Sell Ink – On The Eponymous Flower

Edit: a reader received this article from a friend who thought it would fit in here. It originally appeared at the blog, The American Proposition, on July 30th.  Communism, Judeo-Freemasonry is, as ever, a serious problem which some people try to downplay for various reasons.


Bus Operator Sparks Fury for Suspending Driver Who Wouldn’t Drive Gay Pride Bus – 

Discrimination against religious beliefs in England On CMTV 


Jakub Baryła, a 15-year-old boy, attempted to block LGBT march – On gloria.tv


Democrats Celebrate Passing of ‘Gay Reparations’ Tax Bill $57 million in tax breaks to be extended to same-sex couples – On CMTV 


Thousands of Polish Catholics Rally to support Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski of Krakow Against LGBT Attacks – ON CMTV 


Spanish gov’t to investigate Catholic diocese for counseling man away from gay lifestyle | News | LifeSite


Franklin Graham: ‘Equality Act’ will lead to Christian persecution ‘as never before’ | News | LifeSite


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St Joachim, By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Saint of August 16


Saint Joachim And The meeting at the Golden Gate

Religious Orders News Round Up On The Assumption Of Our Lady


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There are clearly two Churches within the Catholic Church and never was it more evidident than in today’s religious news round-up

Whether we are on the eve of the apocalypse or the eve of an international Church wide cleansing and restoration remains to be revealed to us all by the Holy Ghost

Vatican II Nuns Of Multiple Orders Vote To Kill Themselves And Die Off Separately Their Orders

Nuns Close the Doors to New Applicants – sisters in Crisis V – by Marian T Horvat


Latin Mass, Church traditions bring boom in vocations for US order of nuns | News | LifeSite


The Assumption News Links

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – On The Fatima Center


Mater Ecclesiae’s Annual Assumption Mass in Philadelphia Cathedral – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic Church will celebrate its 19th annual Mass for the feast of the Assumption on Thursday, August 15, at 7:00 pm, at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, located at 18th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


On Rorate Caeli

Music for First Vespers of the Assumption – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


On the Liturgy and Theology of the Assumption – On  FSSPX.News


In Festo Assumptionis Beatæ Mariæ Virginis: There is no Victory without Battle – On FSSPX.News


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – On The Eponymous Flower


‘Heaven must go home’: Our Lady belongs, body and soul, in paradise | Peter Kwasniewski | LifeSite


The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira  – On American TFP


The New Catholic Religion


Churches Should Be Like Airports, But Not Like This! – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


The Traditional Catholic Religion


Shrine of St. Augustine, Ramsgate : 360° Virtual Tour by Nikhilesh Haval



The New World Order


Knights of Columbus Pledge $250K for Migrants on Southern Border -Move seen as sign of group’s ongoing leftward drift – On CMTV


Francis Closes Down Another Young Religious Community – On gloria.tv


This Is Why Woodstock 50 Was Just Canceled -On The American TFP


Watch PRESUMED GUILTY: Open Season on Catholic Priests -On The Remnant Newspaper On YouTube

What’s going to happen to the Catholic priesthood? Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the visible Church? With the largest fraternity of traditional Catholic priests in the world recently accused of harboring predators and becoming a safe haven for abusive priests, Michael J. Matt considers the ramifications of weaponizing the clerical abuse crisis. Should we operate under the presumption of guilt, or do we stand in defense of the right of every priest in the world — Novus, Sede, Trad and Neo-Cath — to have benefit of due process and the rule of law? Have we learned anything from the case of Cardinal Pell? Is an accusation the same as a conviction if we happen not to like a particular priest, bishop or society? What happens when all the priests disappear? No Confession, no First Communion, no Last Rites. Plus, why are there no priests left in the Protestant sects? Michael Matt argues it’s because the purpose of the priesthood — the Sacrifice of the Mass — was removed. So, what’s happened to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church? It’s been Protestantized.


Heretical doctrine and liturgy of the Neocatechumenal Way – Bishop Athanasius Schneider – On gloria.tv


German bishops’ website publishes piece proposing female papal nuncios | LifeSite


The Return To Order


Card. Burke Celebrates Traditional Priestly Ordination – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Why Restoring the Roman Rite to Its Fullness is Not “Traddy Antiquarianism” Peter Kwasniewski On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Can We Explain the Anti-Tridentine Phobia or Rage? – Peter Kwasniewski On OnePeterFive


Latin Mass Catholic Becomes One Of Most Powerful British Politicians –On gloria.tv


St. Louis de Montfort Academy Photographs


A Catholic Understanding of Authentic Leisure -On The Fatima Center


News From St. Louis de Montfort Academy – Fighting Blasphemy in Canada –


Saints Alive The Annual Running of the Saints Held by St. Anne Parish -FSSP – As Seen On The  Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter


News From The Young Boys Camp, Wausau WI: Photo Album  – On ICKP


News From The Benedictine Sisters of Mary Of Ephesus


Auriesville, New York Walking Pilgrimage To The Shrine Of The N. American Martyrs / A Pilgrimage for Restoration | Come to restore. The rest will come.


The Final Journey of the Jesuit Martyrs of North America & the Birthplace of St. Catherine Tekakwitha | New Oxford Review


From The Recent Archives

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News Round Up Connecting The Dots Of The Fatima Prophesies – Amazon, Climate, Environmentalism, Socialism, Masonry, And A Catholic Mass Apostasy


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More evidence Of the Two Churches In The Catholic Church

Watch Key Archive – The Third Secret Coverup: Latest Developments –- Christopher Ferrara On The Fatima Center Via YouTube


Its All Related To The Current Politics

Politics was ugly before Donald Trump. Why are bishops rushing to condemn him? |Phil Lawler On | LifeSite


Evil Bishops Looking to Magnify Their Power by Attacking Trump and Bringing in New Democrat Voters – On CMTV


THE CLEESHEA: A Motley Crew of Trump Haters – The Remnant Newspaper –


CNN Paid Detroit To Keep Public Away From Debates – On Info Wars


Pope Compares Populist Rhetoric to Nazi Hate Speech Polls show growing support for populist candidate Matteo Salvini. 


Pope denounces sovereignty movement, says it causes wars : News Headlines | Catholic Culture


Former German General Blasts Merkel and Joins Populists – On Breitbart


The Fury of Satan in Hungary – The Cross for the Church and Her Head -On FSSPX.News


The Power of Darkness Grows in Fear -On The  Fatima Center

The authority of political correctness rests on the dominance and increasing militancy of liberalism, whose assumptions are difficult to delineate in a logical and consistent way, for liberalism is essentially parasitic.



Our Lady Of Fatima Wanted Of All These Things Of The New World Order And A Pope Dressed In White If Russia Was Not Consecrated To The Immaculate Heart Exactly The Way She Said Which It Was Not


False Friends of Fatima – Book By Chris Ferrara .pdf


Watch – The Pope’s New World Order | The Vortex


The Amazonian Climate Change Hoax

Expert Destroys Climate Change Hoax in 3 Minutes –The TFP On gloria.tv


New York Times: Lawns Are Symbols of Racism, Bad for Global Warming – On Breitbart



*** The Vatican’s Push For Transformation Of The Church Into Ecological Conversion Before The Ecological Cataclysm***

The Real Sins Are Against The Environment – Our Sins Become Manifest In the Earth And The Soil – The Laudato Si’ Vision –  The Glory Shall Be Revealed In Us – The Redemption Of The Environment

New – Watch Christopher Ferrara – Care of the Environment: The New Greatest Commandment? – YouTube


Cardinal Burke: Amazon synod working doc is ‘apostasy’, cannot become Church teaching | News | LifeSite


Viganò Points to ‘strands of Marxism’ in the Heart of the Church –  On The Remnant Newspaper


Dr. Robert Moynihan and the Man in Hiding – by Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center


Peruvian expert in liberation theology Julio Loredo reveals ‘scheme’ behind the Amazon Synod  | News | LifeSite


Cardinal Pell Sounds the Alarm Against the Synod for the Amazon. His Letter From Prison – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Cardinal George Pell: ‘Amazon or no Amazon, the Church cannot allow any confusion’ – On CNA


Catholic Monitor: Is “New Age” Hegelian Francis’s Amazon Synod about “the Very Distinction between Good and Evil [being] Obliterated”?


Further Illustrating The Notre Dame Cathedral Ablase  and The Spire Plummeting Rooster First Through The Roof Imploding The Novus Ordo Altar

Pope Francis Names Another Heretic as Archbishop and Future Cardinal In France – On gloria.tv


We need to have respect for the Pope Francis He’s a Jacobin – a Jesuit , a radical progressivist AND more importantly does not hide who he is and what he advocates. Benedict XVI and John Paul II on the other had were clandestine and in many ways malicious to the Church as they did more modernism damage while being disguised as conservatives – (which they were not )  My emphasis –

Robert de Mattei’s emphasis as follows Jorge Mario Bergoglio pits his “living magisterium” of the Church, against those who invoke “the living magisterium” of the Second Vatican Council.  If a Council of the Church is always right, how can a Pope be faulted by presenting himself as an incarnation of that event? Pope Francis, for his part, like all Jacobins, detests more than anything the ambiguity and contradictions of the moderates, whereas he respects and fears the coherence of the counter-revolutionaries


Pope Francis and Criminal Omission -The Pope knows he’s guilty by Gene Thomas Gomulka  On CMTV


All The Pope’s Men Are Under Investigation – Dissident Organization Investigation Found AUSCP and its Episcopal Guardians – Cardinal Blasé Cupich And Acb Wester  Among The Dissident Supporters – On The Lepanto Institute’s Investigation


Pope grants extensive interview praises Greta and Ursula von der Leyen but forgets Christ — God left unmentioned – On Rorate


Here is the link between the politics of the democratization of the Church and the promotion of a global social justice workforce out of the Catholic Church with ecumenism with Chinese Communism

Australian Plenary Echoes Fatima’s Last Battle – Tribalism And The Church As An Ever Changing Democracy  – On The Remnant Newspaper –


The Tyrannical Monologue Called “Dialogue” – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center



Amazon Synod Theologian Pushes Leftist Ideology – Ex-priest Leonardo Boff promotes liberation theology, neo-paganism


Surprise /Surprise

Bergoglio & Boff: Old Acquaintances – The Liberation Theology Movement Towards Communism Connection – Church Revolution In Photos On TIA


Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s Bitter Satisfaction of Having Foreseen it All – TFP


From The Recent Archives

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King of Belgium reintroduces Saxe-Coburg-Gotha lineage – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

A century after emulating the British royals by removing vestiges of its German lineage in the wake of the first world war, the Belgian monarchy has reintroduced the shield of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a former surname, to its coat of arms.




The Revolution Continues Into Children & Young Adults Education In The Schools – The News Round Up

IL Governor Makes Gay History Mandatory in Public Schools J. B. Pritzker signed law designed to promote acceptance of the LGBTQ history curriculum which will now be taught in Illinois schools | WGN-TV


The Quantum Delusion: How Good Science Became Bad Philosophy – On The Remnant Newspaper –  


The Death of Common Core – On The Tribe


Irish Youth Leader Urged to Resign for Attending Conservative Conference in USA – On The Eponymous Flower


Former president sheds light on modernist takeover of Vatican life and family institute  | LifeSite


Amid John Paul II Institute controversy, Benedict XVI meets with recently dismissed professor Livio Melina -Blesses Melina, expresses personal solidarity with him – On CNA


Amid John Paul II Institute controversy, Benedict XVI meets with recently dismissed professor Livio Melina -Blesses Melina, expresses personal solidarity with him – On CNA


The Vatican Sends JPII Down the Memory Hole – On Crisis Magazine

If there was ever any doubt that Pope Francis’s Vatican regime is determined to subvert the doctrines of Pope John Paul II, the shameless conduct of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute’s new administration ought to stand as indisputable proof.


JPII Institute profs dismissed for interpreting Francis in line with Tradition? Former president speaks out | News | LifeSite


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