Traditional Masses And Devotions To The Dead – All Souls Day /All Saints Day 2018


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ALL SAINTS_ALL SOULS DAY Masses At The Pontifical Shrine Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel NYC both @ 7:30pm Respectively – See flyers on the link->


ALL SAINTS_ALL SOULS DAY Masses At The Institute Of Christ The King In Bridgeport Conn with The All Souls Day Mass Being Victoria’s Requiem Mass

See flyer on the link->

ALL SAINTS_ALL SOULS DAY Masses At Saint Anthony of Padua Bronx NY Both @6:00pm respectively

All Souls Day Mass At Our Lady Of Lourdes In Philadelphia Friday Evening

Mass Of Our Lady Of Prompt Succor On First Saturday at Saint Josephat Queens NYC @ 10:30am

For A Full Listing Of All The Traditional All Saints Day and All Souls Day Masses Please See The Following Link On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

A Beautiful Requiem Concert For The Dead In Both Latin and English Coming Up On Sunday in the Newark Cathedral on the pdf link  below -> and photo flyer 

Requiem Concert @ Sacred Heart Basilica, Newark Sunday Nov 4th –

Feast of All Saints –On The Fatima Center

The Feast of All Saints 2018 – On  Novus Motus Liturgicus

Plenary Indulgence Reminders for the first full week in November (November 1st-8th) – Repost (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum) – On Rorate\

Watch This One Minute Video Calling For The Adopting Of  A Soul This November –On

Catholic traditionalists are becoming backbone of Church—it’s time to welcome them  | LifeSite

From The Local Tradition Files

The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage in the Bronx By Tom McDonald, NYC Transit retiree

Of all the places around the City that I have visited, the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage on East Kingsbridge Road and Grand Concourse and the adjacent Poe Park are easily among my favorites.  Maybe it’s because the cottage was the final home of one of the greatest American writers.

Built in 1812, Poe moved into the cottage in 1846 with his wife, Virginia, and her mother, Mrs. Maria Clemm. At the time, the area known as Fordham was countryside, and Poe moved there for the fresh air that he thought would help his wife’s tuberculosis. Unfortunately, Virginia died in 1847, but Poe and his mother-in-law continued to live there until Poe died in Baltimore during a speaking tour in 1849. Mrs. Clemm moved out upon Poe’s death and the cottage was rented out for decades, until the City of New York bought the property, moved it a block to avoid possible demolition, and made it into a museum in 1913.

Inside the cottage museum, the over 200-year old structure is amazingly fit, though the sloping ceilings in some rooms require that you duck to go inside. The Bronx Historical Society offers informative guides throughout the day, from Thursday through Sunday.

Most of the furniture is comprised of period pieces, but a rocking chair and the bed that Virginia Poe died in are from the original structure. A small lodging, the Poe Cottage is very intriguing, with a bust and a few portraits of the writer adding to the atmosphere. The master bedroom on the second floor is now used for screening a 17-minute film on the history of the cottage and Poe himself.

A visitors’ center adjacent to the cottage is located within the appropriately named Poe Park, which features a kids’ play area and an old gazebo waiting for some instruments to arrive. The Poe Cottage welcomes groups and there are regular events in Poe Park and the visitors’ center. Poe Cottage, where one of the greatest American writers created some of his impressive catalog, including one of his most famous poems, “Annabel Lee,” is a New York City and State landmark and is on the Register of Historic Places.      

The D train to Kingsbridge Rd leaves you right across the street from the Poe Cottage. The Kingsbridge Road stop on the 4 train is about 5 blocks away. The Bx1, Bx2, Bx28, and BxM4 buses all have stops close by.

All Hallows Tide – Catholics Days Of Prayers For The Dead


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All Hallows’ Eve – On Fish Eaters

31 October and 1 and 2 November are called, colloquially (not officially), “Hallowtide” or the “Days of the Dead” because on these days we pray for or remember those who’ve left this world.

The days of the dead center around All Saints’ Day (also known as All Hallows’) on November 1, when we celebrate all the Saints in Heaven. On the day after All Hallows’, called “All Souls’ Day,” we remember the saved souls who are in Purgatory, being cleansed of the temporal effects of their sins before they can enter Heaven. The day that comes before All Hallows’, though, is one on which we unofficially remember the damned and the reality of Hell. The schema, then, for the Days of the Dead looks like this:

Can Halloween be Christianized Again? – (Halloween, a Feast of Charity to the Poor and the Dead) On Return to Order

This is exactly what the Church did to Halloween. In the ninth century, this pagan festival was replaced by a double day celebration remembering all the dead that are saved. All Saints Day remembers those who are uncanonized in heaven so that they might have their feast too. All Souls Day remembers the poor souls who are saved from the eternal fires of hell yet are suffering for a time in purgatory.

On the eve of these two feasts, the bells would ring, and town criers would remind all to pray for the poor souls. Thus, on All Hallows Eve, later Halloween, children from poor families would go door-to-door, receiving food and sweets in exchange for praying for the souls of the dead. This “souling” as it was called, gave rise to canvassing for “soul” cakes which became part of the tradition.

The Fire of Purgatory Comes from Hell – On OnePeterFive

There is in Purgatory, as in Hell, a double pain – the pain of loss and the pain of sense. The pain of loss consists in being deprived for a time of the sight of God, who is the Supreme Good, the beatific end for which our souls are made, as our eyes are for the light. It is a moral thirst which torments the soul. The pain of sense, or sensible suffering, is the same as what we experience in our flesh. Its nature is not defined by faith, but it is the common opinion of the Doctors that it consists in fire and other species of suffering. The fire of Purgatory, say the Fathers, is that of Hell, of which the rich glutton speaks, Quia crucior in hac flamma, “I suffer,” he says, “cruelly in these flames.”

How Halloween Corrupts Us and Why Ad Orientem Worship is the Antidote

The Smoke of Satan Enters From the West…at Our Invitation On Novus Motus Liturgicus

The Holy Ghosts of Halloween: Resurrecting a Catholic Feast – Adoremus Bulletin

Music for the Holy Souls -By Fr. George W. Rutler On Crisis Magazine

Keeping in Touch with Death -By  Sean Fitzpatrick On Crisis Magazine

What’s Good and Evil about Halloween? The history of Samhain by Margaret Galitzin

The Three Days Of All Hallows Tide Begins With Acknowledging Hell And The Anniversary Of Luther’s Hellish Revolution | TCE 2017 Archive|

Tradition In Song – Soul Cake -Singing Milkmaids – On YouTube

Additional Tradition –

Poetry and the Common Language – David Lane On Tradition Restored

The Preserved Top 10 Secrets of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx | Untapped Cities


In Poland, Catholics decorate the tombs of relatives and pray for them on All Saints Day

Censorship And Media Corruption Reaches The Vatican vs. The Kingship Of Christ


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Liberal Censorship: Synod asks Vatican to create “Vatican Certification” of Acceptable Websites – On Rorate

Vatican’s proposed Soviet-style tactic to quash dissent invites questions,
derision | News | LifeSite

Vatican Looks to Censor Lay Catholics – On CMTV

Convicted gay sex offender uses scare tactics to shut down website on truth about homosexuality | News | LifeSite

Media Censorship URGENT: LifeSite is under attack (UPDATED) | News | LifeSite

Facebook Investors on Edge Amid Steep Stock Slide – Wall Street Journal

Facebook Video of Girl Given Vaccines Stirs Controversy – Vaxxter

Protestants Confused, Publicly Divided & Censoring Each Other -:Ministers interrupt Sessions, are removed from religious freedom conference

IU Student Steals, Vandalizes Signs as University Officials Look On –
Created Equal

Bombshell Report Indicates Google Tried to Fix 2016 Election for Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton |

Facebook Video of Girl Given Vaccines Stirs Controversy – Vaxxter

Over 200 Liberal Newspapers Launch Massive Coordinated Attack on President Trump |

Bombshell Report Indicates Google Tried to Fix 2016 Election for Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton |


News On The Social Media Corruption Intensifies – Demanding the Equality Of Leftist Dominance | TCE |


Imagining A New Christendom -The Transformation Of All Things In Christ By Charles Cavallin On The Journal For Catholic Culture – TLM Magazine

See PDF link below->

Imagining A New Christendom -By Charles Cavallin

Viva Cristo Rey! — Reflection On The Kingship Of Christ Against The Backdrop Of  Current Infiltration Of The Church – By Matt Gaspers On Catholic Family News

October 30 – Patroness of the Teutonic Knights – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

October 30 – St. Marcellus the Centurion, Martyr – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

What Is The Convergence of The Culture Of Death and The Next Phase Of The Revolution ?

The support and promotion of the culture of death is seen everywhere both within Society and within many sectors of the Holy Catholic Church . It is paired with the next phase of the revolution.

The stages of the revolution began with the protestant revolution that sought personal gain through personal interpretation of Scripture and authority which included deposing of the theocratic monarchies . This was followed by the enlightenment’s resurgence of paganism, naturalism, and freemasonry that saw highlights from the French revolution onward. Out of these philosophies emerged the communist revolution that saw its various forms of socialism run abroad with personal property & that of the Church abrogated in many places , then the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s and continues. All of rolls-up into the current revolution of progressive modernism which supports the elements of the culture of death and infiltrates the Church , in which, we are currently experiencing a rapid convergence of.

The culture of death can be found within the promotion of all of the following : contraception, abortion, pharmaceutical abortion, eugenics, euthanasia (a fancy word for murdering yourself with accomplices ) , homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestite //transgender variations , communism , socialism, protestantism, paganism, various forms of anti-trinitarianism, arians, adventists, jehovahs, buddhists, and most especially islamic mohammedanism

They are also basically the same thing = variations on the culture of death , they share resources , politically , financially, and spiritually , and in a myriad of ways are converging for the soul purposes of dethroning Christ on its way to their proposal to attempt to make their version of man a god



LGBT Revolution In Society and Within The Church Paired With the Immigration Invasion

Is it Immigration or a millennia old islamic invasion of western civilization

Gender Challenge To Western Christendom

The Vatican

The Fortresses of Tradition

Pro-Life News Round Up – October 2018


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March for Life 2019

Listen: Safety Concerns Mount as Chicago Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Two More Patients

Former Church of Christ Pastor Says Abortions are “Godly Decisions” |

Democrats Spending $3 Million to Save Embattled Pro-Abortion Senator Bob Menendez |

Irish government approves excavation of Catholic orphanage mass grave site

Church-run homes in Ireland housed orphans, unmarried pregnant women and their babies for most of the 20th century. The institutions have been subject to intense public scrutiny since a local historian in 2014 tracked down death certificates for nearly 800 children who had died as residents of the facility – but could find a burial record for only one child.

Investigators later found a mass grave containing remains of babies and young children from 35 weeks to 3-years-old on the grounds of the home, which closed in 1961.

Zappone raised the mass grave scandal with Pope Francis when he visited Ireland in August, calling it a “shameful chapter of recent Irish history.” The pope urged the Irish Church to make reparations to the home’s survivors for its role.

Police charge 83-year-old pro-life priest who was praying too close to Canadian abortion mill | News | LifeSite

Pro-abortion politicians want to force UK vote to impose abortion on Northern Ireland | News | LifeSite

Claire McCaskill Wants Journalist Investigated Who Exposed Her Secret Donations From Planned Parenthood |

Second stage of abortion legislation passed by Dáil – Ireland Now One Step Closer to Legal Abortion
Lawmakers passed Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

The Pregnant Mountain – Public Sculpture – On

Theaters Censor “Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist, Over 200 Stop Showing Movie |

Indiana asks Supreme Court to hear case on blocked law banning race-based abortion | News | LifeSite

“Gosnell” Movie Profiling a Serial-Killer Abortionist Breaks Top 10 Nationally Despite Media Blackout |

Supreme Court May Decide Whether States Can Ban Abortions on Babies with Down Syndrome |

Protestor Holds “Vote Republican, Stop Abortion” Sign During NFL Football Game |

Tucker Carlson triggers liberals with one simple fact about Planned Parenthood | LifeSite

Here’s Planned Parenthood’s Master Plan on How to Abort Babies if Roe is Overturned |

Watch 911: Two Women Transported from Chicago Planned Parenthood After Botched Abortions

Rage of the Left – Kavanaugh Swearing In – On CMTV

Abortion Activist Admits There Were Paid Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters |

 Pro-choice group at Catholic university begins offering morning-after pill – On The College Fix

Trump Admin Cancels FDA Contract to Purchase Body Parts of Aborted Babies for Tax-Funded Research |

The Baby In The Church – Sermon – On



Multiple Breaking Stories On The Vatican & The US Bishops On The Feast Of St Raphael The Archangel


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Breaking -Story – One of witchcraft, sorcery , sodomy, and freemasonry within the Vatican Hierarchy Is About To Be Exposed   | The Vortex

BREAKING: DC Attorney General launches investigation of church sex abuse in nation’s capital | News | LifeSite

Any felonies uncovered would be prosecuted by feds

Breaking –

USCCB Gives $240,000 to Group Promoting Planned Parenthood, Prostitution, LGBTs – On The Lepanto Institute


Memphis Bishop Martin Holley forced to retire as head of diocese according to confidential Nunciature correspondence obtained by Church Militant – As Seen On Commercial Appeal

Corruption discovered by visitation by AcB Hebda – Holley asked to leave the premises and the dicastry house by Friday and live elsewhere

Memphis, TN Bishop Removed From Diocese Due To Corruption Exposed From Apostolic Visitation By Acb Hebda – On CMTV

US bishops to hold retreat following abuse scandals |

Pope Francis has offered the services of his personal preacher to direct the retreat ?!


Shock: Pope to Celebrate New Rite of Mass at Closing of Youth Synod – OnePeterFive


New Accusations Against the Vatican Deputy Secretary of State – According To La Fede Quotidiana – As seen on

Liberal Nuns on the Bus 21-state tour partners with the Network, of the Catholic social justice lobby –  Bus campaign on the road again

“LGBT” Will Be in Final Document – Pro-Gay Manilla Cardinal Tagle – On

St. Raphael the Archangel By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – Saint of October 24 – On TIA

Saint Raphael – On

St. Raphael the Archangel – October 24 – Fatima Center

Vigano Breaks 3rd Clarification – Everyone Knew –  It’s Documented And The Evidence Will Eventually Emerge

Hierarchy Crisis Not Just Traditional Catholic News But Hits Also Main Stream Media ->

Pope Francis’s Catholic Church Crisis — National Review Symposium | On National Review

Should the Pope Resign?  By Professor William Kilpatrick— On Catholic Family

College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke –On

Vatican Refused to Hand Over Cardinal Implicated in Sex Abuse Cover-Up – On CMTV


‘Slap in the face’: Cdl. Tobin considered for archbishop of DC | | LifeSite

Catholics Petition Rome to Keep Homosexualist Cardinal Out of Washington D.C. 

Petition · Archbishop Christophe Pierre: Cardinal Tobin must not be made Archbishop of Washington before investigation ·


Pope Francis’ Newly Named Australian bishop touts women’s ordination: ‘transformation of priesthood’ is underway | News | LifeSite

AP reports Pope Francis is ‘laying groundwork’ for debate on married priests | News | LifeSite

Synod Voting Procedures Even More Manipulated Than in the Past –

Update News Update From Rome With Rome Rocking, Again | On  The Vortex

When Non-Negotiable Values Are Neglected – The American Society For The Defense of Tradition Family And Property

In the first chapter of his important new book, Pope Francis’s Paradigm Shift: Continuity or Rupture in the Mission of the Church?, José Antonio Ureta points out the lack of certainty about the Pope’s interpretation of Church teachings, using Francis’s own words.

It’s not admiration for the current pope that defines a Catholic, but adherence to the faith | LifeSite

Our Duty Respecting the Fake Magisterium – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima


From the book of Esther14:1-19  -The prayer of Queen Esther

Queen Esther, seized with mortal anguish, had recourse to the Lord. Taking off her splendid garments, she put on garments of distress and mourning. In place of her precious ointments she covered her head with dirt and ashes. She afflicted her body severely; all her festive adornments were put aside, and her hair was wholly disheveled.

Then she prayed to the Lord, the God of Israel, saying: “My Lord, our King, you alone are God. Help me, who am alone and have no help but you, for I am taking my life in my hand.

“As a child I was wont to hear from the people of the land of my forefathers that you, O Lord, chose Israel from among all peoples, and our fathers from among all their ancestors, as a lasting heritage, and that you fulfilled all your promises to them.

“But now we have sinned in your sight, and you have delivered us into the hands of our enemies, because we worshiped their gods. You are just, O Lord.

“But now they are not satisfied with our bitter servitude, but have undertaken to do away with the decree you have pronounced, and to destroy your heritage; to close the mouths of those who praise you, and to extinguish the glory of your temple and your altar; to open the mouths of the heathen to acclaim their false gods, and to extol an earthly king forever.

“O Lord, do not relinquish your scepter to those that are nought. Let them not gloat over our ruin, but turn their own counsel against them and make an example of our chief enemy. Be mindful of us, O Lord. Manifest yourself in the time of our distress and give me courage, King of gods and Ruler of every power. Put in my mouth persuasive words in the presence of the lion and turn his heart to hatred for our enemy, so that he and those who are in league with him may perish.

“Save us by your power, and help me, who am alone and have no one but you, O Lord. You know all things. You know that I hate the glory of the pagans, and abhor the bed of the uncircumcised or of any foreigner.

“You know that I am under constraint, that I abhor the sign of grandeur which rests on my head when I appear in public; abhor it like a polluted rag, and do not wear it in private. I, your handmaid, have never eaten at the table of Haman, nor have I graced the banquet of the king or drunk the wine of libations. From the day I was brought here till now, your handmaid has had no joy except in you, O Lord, God of Abraham.

“O God, more powerful than all, hear the voice of those in despair. Save us from the power of the wicked and deliver me from my fear.”

Tobit 4:15a. 16a. 18a. 19

Do to no one what you yourself dislike. Give to the hungry some of your bread, and to the naked some of your clothing. Seek counsel from every wise man. At all times bless the Lord God, and ask him to make all your paths straight and to grant success to all your endeavors and plans.

The Archangel Raphael_Christ Enthroned – Intercessor For Those With Sicknesses And Those Traveling





Guest Post By Renee Szablewski _ Perspectives On Pope Francis


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Disclaimer :
The following views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of this site
Feel free to comment in respectful dialogue to Mrs. Szablewski and her Seer’s position on the troubled times within our Church’s hierarchy.
          The Divine Messages which is the Book the prophet Daniel was told to shut up and not publish. It is the scroll that Saint John the Apostle was told to eat which was sweet to the mouth but bitter to his stomach which he too was instructed not to write down. We are in the time of the end and just as Holy Scripture tells us, many simply do not have the eyes nor the ears to see or hear. Our Lord Jesus has established His Holy Remnant Army and has blessed us with Holy Divine Discernment, Perseverance, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Strength, Piety and so many more Divine Gifts in order that we lead and reach the four corners of this Earth with His Final Words to this world before the prophecised Warning, Miracle, 3 Days of Darkness and finally His Second Coming. As in the days that Jesus walked this earth, there are many modern day Pharisees who work against Jesus’s Final Mission and who slander and degrade His chosen Prophet of our time. Yes, there are many false prophets arising but with the Divine gift of Discernment that God Our Father through Jesus Christ has Blessed us with we are able to distinguish who are false. Maria Divine Mercy IS the Final Prophet. The man now seated on the Seat of Peter IS the prophecised False Prophet in the Book of Revelations and he is leading the global flock to damnation which is why this Holy Remnant Army WILL NEVER STOP fighting for the souls of our brothers and sisters. Everything happening in the world NOW has been told to us years ago by Jesus, by God Our Father and by the Blessed Mother. It’s like ticking off the boxes as we witness this all unfolding before our very eyes. Its’ alarming to say the least but we are indeed in the time of the end and we Trust Jesus and Follow ONLY Jesus for Jesus IS the Church. He is the Cornerstone and God Our Father is the Foundation.
As we witness Mr. Bergoglio the False Prophet Dismantling the Holy Catholic Church with the help of his cohorts who are within the walls of the Vatican and outside the walls of the Vatican, who are all Free Masons whose only goal is to destroy Christianity and the Catholic Church… we bleed in our hearts, we cry tears from our hearts that cover our souls, who we really are. But we stand firmly rooted in Jesus Christ and we fight for the preservation of the Catholic Church and the teachings of God Our Father and Jesus Christ in order to save souls. We were born into this particular generation for one reason and one reason only and that is to help Our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ to SAVE SOULS. We will NEVER give up. We will NEVER follow the False Prophet. We will ALWAYS pray for our True and Only and Final Pope, Pope Benedict who was ousted by this demonic group within the Church through a very evil plan they devised on March 17, 2011 to get him out of their way so they could place the false prophet on the Seat of Peter who will in turn hand the Seat of Peter over to the literal son of satan, the Antichrist who is now being prepared to take the global stage. The False Prophet will lead millions to accept this beast. Our Father in Heaven does not want to lose even one but He knows He will. He has written Prayers and Litanies that we are praying daily, which is supplication to Him for the many sins in this world and for the Salvation of Souls. The Warning is a great gift from God, for without it very few will ever enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus is clear that NO ONE, not even Him, knows the exact hour or date of the Warning or His Second Coming, that Only God Our Father knows this but we are to accept, understand and prepare because ALL of this is happening in OUR LIFETIMES. We are the chosen generation. For now the laity, the Holy Remnant are leading this mission with Jesus as our Commander in Chief… but Jesus is clear that Soon, His Sacred Servants, His Priests who will not betray Him, will take the lead. Until this happens which will probably be after the Warning.. we the laity, the Holy Remnant will continue on the front lines of this Holy War for souls and we fight with every fiber in us. We take the hits, the persecution, the slander, the accusations, the lies, the name calling and we carry the cross with dignity as Our Mother of Salvation has instructed us and we march forward to victory with Jesus, with as many souls in tow as possible.

November 8 2010-2017 7th Anniversary of the Mission of Salvation and the Book of Truth

The Book of Truth is mentioned in Daniel 10:21. This is where a mysterious Book of Truth is referred to. Gabriel explains to Daniel that everything that has been revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called “The Time Of The End.”

The Book of Truth, in 5 volumes so far, has been given to the world at this time in history through Maria Divine Mercy from the Holy Trinity and Mary, Mother of Salvation. It is about the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for what is known as The Warning/The Illumination of Conscience/The Great Mercy/The Great Confession and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Book of Truth is meant for this present generation.

Blessed Karl , Princess Zita , And The FSSP – Update


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FSSP had tonsure ordination in the US of another sizable class – (2nd year seminarians & the issuance of the Cassock ) The FSSP also had its 30th anniversary with an international Pilgrimage with many stops –

  • Mass over the tomb of St Peter , visit to St Michael at Monte Sant Angelo & the perfectly preserved high Altar. Marble communion rail in the grotto beneath
  • Mass at their mother Church Santisima Trinita dei Pelegrini w Cardinal Burke & photos with all the children who received the traditional Sacraments taken with the army of their families unplugged from the matrix
  • And another pilgrimage to the Shrine of the gorgeous OL of Fourviere –
  • Photoposts on Movus Motus Liturgicus and Facebook

Now over 300 Priests at over 250+ locations in 17 countries

Yesterday , in addition to Blessed Karl and Zita’s day , the day they were married it was also the Commemoration of St Hilarion   and St Ursula & Companions ( the Ursuline Virgins) who Christopher Columbus named the Virgin Islands after
There were quite a few Blessed Karl of Austria Feast events, one of which FSSP hosted in Dallas ,  a large sold out event w / delegates from the Emperor Karl prayer league and guest of honor granddaughter of Blessed Karl & Zita,  Princess Maria-Anna Hapsburg of Austria  .A brunch in Wash DC at the University Club with Archduke Michael of Austria & Royal Highness Prince Ionn Galitzine
High Sung Mass in  DC at St Marys and a Blessed Karl weekend retreat in Greensburg PA at St Emma Monastery

News follows

Traditional Kolbean Catholic Retreat As A Natural Defense Against The Encroachment of Freemasonry Into Society

Main Page – StartupNaMaxa    – 2nd International Retreat In Rom Nov 13th to 16th

StartupNaMaxa is an initiative to declare St. Maximilian Kolbe a patron saint of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Father Kolbe was a person whose resourcefulness and perseverance should be a model for every modern businessperson to follow.

Successful Delegate-Led Traditional Catholic Blessed Karl Retreat at Saint Emma Benedictine Monastery, Greensburg, PA, —On  Blessed Karl of Austria Prayer League

30th Anniversary of the FSSP – Novus Motus Liturgicus

FSSP Dallas Hosts Sold-Out Blessed Karl Symposium – Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

5 Saintly marriage tips from Blessed Charles of Austria and his bride, Zita

There’s a reason why the Church chose the date of their wedding to be Blessed Charles’ feast day

Blessed Karl Feast Day Brunch and Conversation in Washington D.C. — Blessed Karl of Austria

Royal Visitors To Traditional Catholic Event

Archduke Michael Koloman of Austria – Biographical Summaries of Notable People – MyHeritage

Princess Dimitri Galitzine

Wedding of Prince Dimitri Galitzine and Alexandra Pollitt

His Royal Highness Prince Ioann Galitzine.

Prince Ioann Galitzine – Biographical Summaries of Notable People – MyHeritage

Solemn High Mass on the Vigil of the Feast of Blessed Karl of Austria. – Saint Mary Mother of God Parish – Washington, DC

October 21 – Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Blessed Emperor Karl I of Austria and Empress Zita –

There is probably not one member of the body present that day who remembers what the Pope said that day in 1988. The day was memorable, however, on account of an incident that took place just as His Holiness began to speak.That was when the Rev. Ian Paisley, the notorious anti-Catholic bigot and a member of the parliament from Northern Ireland, stood up, unfurled a banner, and started shouting the same thing proclaimed by his banner. That was that the Pope (for Paisley it would be any pope) is the Antichrist.

   Paisley’s demonstration did not last long. Another member of the parliament, one from Bavaria, raced up the aisle, tore the banner from Paisley’s hands and, with three other men, hustled the obscene Protestant leader out of the chamber. The member from Bavaria was Archduke Otto von Habsburg.

     That of everyone present it was the Archduke who acted to defend the Pope ought to have been expected. For 1,200 years his family’s historical mission was to uphold the interests of the Faith temporally

Blessed Karl of Austria-Hungary, Emperor – On Regina Magazine

Servant Of God

Empress Zita of Austria, Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma  Queen of Hungary, and Empress Consort of Austria


The Attack On The Traditional Mass & The Priesthood Is At The Center Of It All | TCE |

World Reacts to Assassination of Russian Ambassador, World Wars , Catholic Marian Prophesies & Blessed Karl- Families | TCE |


St Paul Outside The Walls – Saint Paul’s Tomb – Pilgrimage Stop On FSSP 30th Anniversary


Our Lord’s Crib At Saint Mary Major  – Pilgrimage Stop On FSSP 30th Anniversary

Our Lady of Fourvière_FSSP Pilgrimage