Update On The Catholic Education Situation In The Face Of The On-Going Revolution – In The News Round Up


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Catholic Kenesiology – How We Can Evangelize Through Sports Psychology ! – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


New Survey Shows Notre Dame’s Ongoing Loss of Catholic Identity – From Obama to pro-abortion trustees, the erosion continues – On CMTV


Notre Dame students rattled by anti-Catholic rhetoric LGBT activist targets journalists, rages at Church teaching – On CNA


Catholic school board excludes gender ideology in code of conduct, but bitter battle’s not over | News | LifeSite


Teacher suspended, investigated for allegedly segregating students based on religious values | News | LifeSite


Vatican erred in suspending US archbishop’s decision to strip ‘Catholic’ label from pro-gay school | LifeSite


Watch -> Colleges Creating An entire generation of Americans enslaved to debt and pro-socialism  – Tucker Carlson On Fox News Via YouTube


It’s students v. for-profit colleges. I just signed a petition calling on Congress to pass the Students not Profits Act of 2019. Will you join me?


Watch Colleges Creating An entire generation of Americans enslaved to debt and pro-socialism  – Tucker Carlson On Fox News Via YouTube


Will Johnson Attends Rally Against Radical Sex-Ed Targeting Children – On Info Wars


Catholic Schools Bear the Brunt of Early Reform in the DRC – From The Missions On FSSPX.News


N.C.: ‘Socialism killed 100 million’ campus display nixed  Charlotte: Event shows college censors even history facts

Display stating socialism killed 100 million-plus people abruptly taken down at UNC Charlotte | The College Fix


Newman scholar critiques Catholic universities – Newman scholar Rowland critiques Catholic universities – On CNA


Sermon of Fr. Cipolla on Canonization of Cardinal Newman And The Calls For An Educated Catholic Laity – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Christ The King Continues Be Dethroned  As Pope Francis’ Bishop Finds Weird Argument in Favour of Suppressing A Crucifix – On gloria.tv


Liberals Attacking Common Core? Yes, It’s That Toxic – The American TFP


From The Recent Archives

The Prolife News Round Up Overlaps With The Education Revolution On The Feast Of The Maternity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary | TCE |


Blessed Frances d’Amboise, Saint of November 5 – By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA


November 5 – Her name means “God is an oath” –Saint Elizabeth  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Visitation of Our Lady and St. Elizabeth by Bl. Fra Angelico



Breaking News – Pachamama Activist Speaks Out – The Source Of The Vatican II Errors And The Catacombs Pact Is Revealed


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BREAKING: I threw the pagan idols into the Tiber. It was a great success.- On Rorate Caeli

Watch – The ezxclusive Interview With A Bishop That Explains the Source Of All The Errors To A “T”

DEFEND & RESIST: Michael Matt Interviews Bishop Schneider  – – Vatican II and Freemasonry Are Identified At The Root Of It All By Our Courageous Roman Catholic Bishop – On The Remnant Newspaper

As the Catholic Identity Conference gets underway, Michael Matt sits down with Bishop Athanasius Schneider to discuss everything from the Amazon Synod to Freemasonry in the Church, the Second Vatican Council, Sedevacantism and the necessity of remaining faithful to the Church despite Revolution at the highest levels of the Church.

Bishop Schneider’s outspoken critique of the Amazon Synod is followed by a beautiful explanation of why deserting Mother Church at this her darkest hour is simply not an option, and how all the men and women of Christendom are called to come to the defense of the Bride of Christ.


CHRISTUS VINCIT: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age by Bishop Athanasius Schneider – On The Remnant Newspaper


The Miserablist hersey is resurrected in the synod and the catacomb pact under a pretext of poverty, there is a continuing plan to abolish the sacrality of the Church.

What has been exposed  the Progressivist aim to transform the Catholic Church into a poor and invisible institution – the Miserablist Church – which proceeds to the long chain of the miserablist movements that have existed through the History of the Church. They first demonstrate through their own sins , of high level prelates in represetntivng their sins as the “thoughts of the Church” that “the sinning Church” , the Church that sins is united to “ The Church of the poor” This theme to remake the Church is not new but rife throughout the documents of Vatican II and their supposed ambiguities are brought to their natural conclusion The known heretic Vatican II prelate and latter Cardinal, von Balthasar as the present-day representive of this current and his support by the Vatican.

The Ghost of Roberto Calvi  – Was Cardinal Pell  About To Uncover Him – On CMTV

“However, as many Catholic commentators have noted, much of the diabolical trickery at work in the contemporary Church has been present in much of the post-Vatican II and even pre-Vatican II Church”Calvi himself was a member of the P2 (Propaganda Due) Masonic Lodge, what was one of the most powerful centers of European Freemasonry and was ruled at its 20th century height by the archmason and spy master Licio Gelli.


Although the following news story is of noted interest , it’s all staged

The Vatican wishes to create financial scandals – it’s all in the Vatican II play book – They will then admit and confess to these evils and despoil ALL of the Curia from its financial management of the Church and turn it over Commissions of lay people affiliate with conciliar Bishops Conferences with some near future grand announcement from the master of the circus .  All part of the plan to remake the Church into a Conciliar Egalitarian ‘new Catholic Church’

Vatican Civil War Underway : Parolin Attacks His Former Deputy – On gloria.tv


Cardinal Burke: Church is ‘experiencing one of the greatest crises … she has ever known’ | News | LifeSite


Cardinal Müller denounces Roman ‘Pachamama’ events | LifeSite


Disturbing Pagan light shows projected on Rome’s churches at close of Amazon Synod | News | LifeSite


Polish Archbishop Declares Aberrosexual Activism is the New Communism – Acb Marek Jędraszewski Another Hero Emerges – On The Eponymous Flower


TX Bishop Wields Banner of Liberation Theology – El Paso’s Bp. Mark Seitz champions American version of Marxism On CMTV TX Bishop Wields Banner of Liberation Theology – El Paso’s Bp. Mark Seitz champions American version of Marxism – On CMTV


Married Priests? Yes, But in Perfect Continence. The Lesson of the Church’s First Centuries -Magister On Settimo Cielo -L’Espresso


Corporate Activist Promoting Pope Francis Amazon Synod Calls For An Economic Revolution – – US Network Executive says idea of ‘ecological sin’ boils down to, ‘We consume too much’ – On Crux


NBC & CBS Scare Viewers With Climate Panic: Millions Will Be Underwater! If We Don’t Revolt Change And THE GOVERNMENTS  | Climate Depot


Greta frets about how to get back to Europe – Former NYT reporter suggests climate activists ‘binge buy’ ‘carbon credits’ | Climate Depot


THE AMAZON SYNOD IS A SIGN OF THE TIMES – By Douglas Farrow On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Vatican leaves out call for women’s ‘ministries’ from English version of Amazon Synod’s final doc | News | LifeSite


 ‘Miraculous’ Novena to Protect From Papal Confusion – Faithful Catholics pray Francis ‘does not take us over the brink’ – On CMTV


The Amazon, the spirit of Pachamama and the spirit of Elijah – By Professor Roberto de Mattei On Rorate Caeli


Another Heresy Issued On The Vatican Web-site  Vatican spokesman emphasizes that doctrine develops  Says Amazon synod draws together new things and old


Development of doctrine is a people that walks together – On Vatican News


Six cardinals and bishops who condemned pagan ‘Pachamama’ rituals at Vatican | Makie Hickson | LifeSite


Vatican News In Undisclosed subverted fashion alters interview of Amazon Synod’s key organizer approving ‘pagan worship’ | Makie Hickson On| LifeSite


Vatican News alters interview of Amazon Synod’s key organizer approving ‘pagan worship’  | LifeSite


Amazon Final Document: Taylor Marshall and John-Henry Westen (LifeSite) Review The Heresy Of The Coming Women’s Ordination – Amazon Synod – On YouTube


How Will the Church Deal With Married Priests Like This? On The Eponymous Flower


Climate Outreach bills itself as “a team of social scientists & comms specialists passionate about helping organisations communicate climate change beyond the green bubble.”- On Info Wars


Europe’s Carmakers Facing Climate Policy Disaster – Demand Government Subsidies To Save Them | Climate Depot

Europe’s carmakers, spooked by the imminent mortal threat to profits from European Union (EU) regulations to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, called for governments to raise subsidies on electric car purchases to stimulate sales.


Eco-State Religion News – Watch: Morano testifies at wild Pennsylvania Climate Hearing – Compared to Racist, a Holocaust denier, tin foil hats & heckled – Dem legislator walks out | Climate Depot


Requiem for a Synod: Female Deacons Rally Again – On OnePeterFive


Pan Amazon or The Hersey Defined At The Pistoia Synod? -By José Antonio Ureta -On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Synod Reflects Malign Impact of Liberation Theology -Observers warn ideology corrupting Church, hindering growth in Amazon – On CMTV


Vatican News Website Promoting Heresy: Pascendi Explains Everything – On Rorate Caeli


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The Pan- Amazon Synod Implementation And Application Begins – In The News Round Up | TCE |


Pope Francis Settles for Three-Quarters of a Loaf, But Continues His Drive for the Whole Thing – On The Fatima Center


The Deep State Wants Trump Impeached over Syria Data shows good reasons for leaving the Marxist-feminist-terrorist state – On TIA

Disclaimer : Although we don’t agree with everything in this article, we believe it is an eye-opener that offers to the reader a plethora of data and a panoramic insight that cannot be found in the mainstream media. – TIA Editor


November 4 – Fearless and Faithful, He Reformed the Church -Saint Charles Borromeo – On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Saint Charles goes in procession with the Holy Nail”, Painting by Giovanni Dall’Orto

All Saints Day – 2019 – Pro-Life News Round Up


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You can now access all existing US abortion data in one place thanks to pro-life org | News | LifeSite


A new daily rosary broadcast to end abortion | | LifeSite


Episcopal Woman Masquerading As A Priest Says Abortionists are “Saints” | Fr. Dwight Longenecker On Patheos 


The Ford Foundation Has a Bad Idea By Patti Armstrong On NCR 


Abortion lobby responds to Kanye, falsely claims Plan B doesn’t cause abortions | News | LifeSite


Spending bill that re-funds abortion orgs fails US Senate vote | News | LifeSite


New York City Bans Cruelty to Ducks, Allows Infanticide and Abortions Up to Birth | LifeNews.com


Dolan Would Not Refuse Biden Holy Communion Comments come after pro-abort Catholic Democrat denied Eucharist in South Carolina – On CMTV


Radical Abortion Laws Coming to Michigan State Democrats and governor seeking to remove all restrictions to abortion – On CMTV


Catholic priest denies Joe Biden Holy Communion for pro-abortion stance  | News | LifeSite


Whole Women’s Health Abortion Facility Requests “No Sirens” for Woman Suffering Complication During Abortion – On Abortion 911


British Doctors Finally Won’t Leave 22-Week-Old Premature Babies to Die | LifeNews.com


Under Oath In The Trial Of David Daleiden Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits: We Sold “Barrels and Buckets” of Aborted Baby Parts | LifeNews.com


Six Cities Become “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” and Ban Killing Babies in Abortions | LifeNews.com


Pro-Life Group Will Hold Memorial Service for 2,411 Aborted Babies Abortionist Kept as Trophies | LifeNews.com


Federal Court Forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions Under Obamacare Mandate | LifeNews.com


Blatant pro-abortion propaganda on popular TV series Law & Order: SVU | | LifeSite


Child Sacrifice Begins In Australia: As Abortion Is Now Legal in All Its States – On  FSSPX.News

Federal Court Forces Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions Under Obamacare Mandate | LifeNews.com


Infanticide in US Abortion Mills – Abortionists profiting from live organ harvesting – On CMTV


Kenya Bishops Promote Condom Use – The Lepanto Institute


Supreme Court Will Rule on Louisiana Pro-Life Law That Could Shut Down Dangerous Abortion Clinics | LifeNews.com


Supreme Court to review Louisiana abortion regulations, could mean the end of Roe | News | LifeSite


When Two Worlds Collide: Planned Parenthood Meets the Russian Collusion Hoax and Reveals a Surprising Truth – The Abortion Lobby IS Big Bucks – On Operation Rescue


Planned Parenthood Abortionist Admits in Court She Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Baby Parts | LifeNews.com

From the Recent Archives

Follow The Money – As Freemasonry , Infanticide , and Corruption Converge With The Prolife News Round Up At The Amazon Synod | TCE |



From The Saints

The Feast of All Saints 2019 – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


All Saints Day, feastday of November 1 By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA


The congregation of the Blessed in Heaven

Crusaders defending the city of Acre


The Creation Of The Sex Parallel Revolution New Round Up As The Orcs Rise To Power – ‘updated’


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Darkness On All Hallos Eve – The Orcs Rise To Power In the Battle Of Middle Earth-

The devil’s promise that he would eventually create something that God’s people would follow comes to fruition in the transvestite

Cardinal Tobin Hires LGBTQ Leader for Archdiocesan Operations -Questions surround Newark’s ongoing pro-gay push – On CMTV


Georgia lawmaker: Proposes law – that  aiding gender transition of minors a felony Georgia – Hero State Rep. Ginny Ehrhart –On AJC

Hero State Rep  Ginny Ehrhart: “We’re talking about children that … can be castrated and get sterilized but are not allowed to buy tobacco or alcohol “


Info Wars Picks Up The On The Revolution Against Children To Create More Orcs

Pro-homosexuality social worker files complaint against Catholic school for firing her | News | LifeSite


Salesian chief – Problem not sexual abuse, but clericalism– On Matters India


Mayor won’t apologize for condemning LGBT indoctrination as ‘affront to Almighty God’ | News | LifeSite


Watch – Black Trans Man Disrupts Austin School District Anti-Child Sexualization Protest, Gets Arrested – On Info Wars


High-Ranking NY Priest Accused of Raping Boy at Least 150 Times – Monsignor
Edward Weber temporarily suspended from ministry – On CMTV


Bishops call out Fr. James Martin for questioning if Bible is right to condemn homosexuality | News | LifeSite

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/bishops-call-out-fr-james-martin-for-questioning-if-bible-is-right-to-condemn-homosexuality Fr. James Martin up in arms over the Dumping of Amazonian Idols – On The Eponymous Flower


TX Bishop Blasts Fr. Martin for Questioning Bible on Homosexuality Bp. Joseph Strickland: ‘You are challenging the Deposit of Faith that I promised to defend’- On CMTV


Canadian Transgender Loses ‘Brazilian Wax’ Case Court orders Jessica Yaniv to pay $6K – On CMTV


Canada tribunal rules beauticians don’t have to wax genitals of man claiming to be ‘female’ | News | LifeSite


Trump Jr.: Sorry to all female athletes that man claiming to be a woman won your cycling championship | News | LifeSite


Australia: High court upholds convictions of three Muslims for female genital mutilation -On Robert Spencer’s Site


Priest Speaks Out Against ‘Rainbow Fridays’ in Polish Schools – Fr. Dariusz Oko connects LGBT agenda with atheistic communist forces – On CMTV


Vatican has at least a dozen more allegations of boys and seminarians sexually abused by McCarrick | News | LifeSite


Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’ | News | LifeSite


Pastor on battle over 7-year-old’s ‘transition’: It’s an ‘effort to have this young boy mutilated’ | News | LifeSite


Transgender Cyclist Rachel McKinnon Keeps Smashing Women’s Records – On Breitbart


Surprise ‘coming out ’ middle school assembly angers parents | LifeSite


Study ‘definitively refutes’ idea of gays ‘born that way’  CUA priest-sociologist discusses recent landmark study

“Born That Way” No More: The New Science of Sexual Orientation – Public Discourse – On The Public Discourse


Supporters struggled to believe dad has to fight 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ in US | News | LifeSite


Legal Challenge Mounting to NJ’s Gay Therapy Ban -It’s a one-man fight against the Southern Poverty Law Center – On CMTV


Watch Live: CNN Hides LGBT Town Hall On Info Wars


Half a million march in France against law allowing lesbians to artificially procreate| LifeSite


Major health insurer releases pro–drag queen ad, tells parents ‘too bad’  | LifeSite


Protecting Kids From Gender Ideology –Dr. Cretella is Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians

What are we doing to children? Dr. Cretella talks about gender dysphoria. -Dr J Show  On YouTube


What’s Wrong with This Photo (This Picture ) AP probes whereabouts of 1,700 accused ex-clergymen Finds oversight gap between dioceses, law enforcement


French people hit the streets to protest bill allowing IVF for lesbians – On Crux 

The message clearly tainted in negative subjectivity against normative traditional Catholicism 


Children as young as SIX are to be given compulsory self-touching lessons that critics say are sexualising youngsters – On Info Wars


The Clash of Two Queens: Our Lady During A Rosary Rally – On TFP


From The Recent Archives

Fr. J Martin News Round Up – Leads The Transsexual Movement Into The Church – As The Culture Goes After The Youth | TCE |


From Sacred Tradition On This Day

A Knight’s Largesse – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Renaud de Montauban Saves King Yon, His Lord, Though He Had Suffered At His Hands -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Painting of Ros Beiaard of Dendermonde –  A festival with a guild of bearers, called the ‘Pijnders’ Of _Belgium by Jan Frans Verhas

The Pan- Amazon Synod Implementation And Application Begins – In The News Round Up


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Pope hopes to issue post-synodal exhortation by Dec. And next synod will go ‘further on this path of synodality

From Words to Deeds. The Six Points On Which the Post-Synodal Exhortation Is Already Written – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Watch – Another Must See – AMAZON: Catholic World Rejects Globalist Synod (#IamCatholicMaccabees) – On The Remnant Newspaper


Watch – Media Eyes | Focusing on Church Militant | Michael Voris Is Interviewed On Info Wars David Knight Show – On The Amazonian Globalism – On The Vortex


Watch – Brief Report On Exposing Vatican Corruption – Christine Niles On CMTV


Pope Francis Settles for Three-Quarters of a Loaf, But Continues His Drive for the Whole Thing – On The Fatima Center


Three Key Paragraphs of Amazon Synod’s Final Document – By Edward On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Op-Ed: “Jesus, only a Man – Does Francis want to blow up Christology?” On Rorate


The Pachamama and the Nebuchadnezzar of Verdi -On OnePeterFive


A Clear Word on the Amazon: Interview with Jonas Marcolino Macuxi -On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Bp. Robert McElroy Backs Women Deacons -Leftist California prelate suggests ‘it would be good to do’ – On CMTV


CA Bishop Declares His Support for Women Deacons  Bp. Robert McElroy: “Women should be invited into every ministry or activity.

On Catholic women deacons, San Diego’s McElroy is ‘in favor of it’ | National Catholic Reporter


Watch: UN Takes Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Venue, Claims It’s “International Territory” – (The exact type of revocation of Property rights the Pope and the South American Bishops are backing – ) On Info Wars


Is America at War With God? – A review of David Horowitz, Dark Agenda – By Jason Morgan, PhD – On TIA

Indeed, only a vision consistent with the Catholic Church’s traditional Magisterium can really turn the tide. As all Americans of goodwill seek a “return to order,” this question—What is the real Christian truth about man?—will become increasingly important.


Pope Renames Vatican Secret Archives Former seminary professor: ‘Just another PR move’ ? – On CMTV


Synod Fathers Despised the Clamor of Amazonian Catholics – On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Is Francis the Pope? – By Eric Sammons On OnePeterFive


Germany: statutes for “Synodal journey” of reform of the German Catholic Church published. First meeting at the end of January | Four action areas: Power, priests, women, relationships | AgenSIR


‘Courageous…prophets of today’: Dubia cardinal praises men who threw Pachamamas in Tiber | y Makie Hickson On | LifeSite


What It Means to Kill and to Die in Our Lady’s Army – On OnePeterFive


Sacred Tradition & Prayer Fights Back Against The Revolution In The News Round Up | TCE |


October 30 – Patroness of the Teutonic Knights – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


October 30 – St. Marcellus the Centurion, Martyr – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites




Sacred Tradition & Prayer Fights Back Against The Revolution In The News Round Up


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A New Amazon Synod Prayer: To Replace The Divine Office For The Amazonian Catholics  ‘Behold Your New Mother’ by Marcos Munhoz, Brazil – On TIA


Traditional Masses for All Saints Day and All Souls Day – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Weigel Swings and Misses – Again: The Limits of a Neoconservative Ecclesiology – By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski On Historical Revisionism à la Vatican II  On Catholic Family News


Saved by the Mass: Sohrab Ahmari’s From Fire by Water – Charismatic vs. Traditional – Conversions  – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


How to Talk to Children about Liturgical Evils – By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski On OnePeterFive


45 New Entrants for the Fraternity of Saint Peter By Giuseppe Nardi On The Eponymous Flower


Some Of The Remaining Families Of The Catholic Nobility Rebuild The Cathedral Of The Eldest Daughter Surrounded By Infedels

Francois Pinault, whose international luxury group Kering owns Gucci and Saint Laurent, pledged the money directly after the fire has just delivered $109 million to rebuild Notre Dame

His rival, French billionaire Bernard Arnault of luxury goods group LVMH, soon followed suit, pledging $218 million. The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation of the L’Oreal fortune also promised the same amount.


CFN Releases Conference Video of Father Michael McMahon: A New Priest for a New Mass – On Catholic Family News


From the Amazing Pieces On Novus Motus Liturgicus

The Devil Is Trying to Destroy the Sacrament of Penance by Fr Isaac Mary Relyea – The Fatima Center On YouTube


The Society Of SSPX Issues A Communiqué From the Superior General of the Society about the Synod on the Amazon Calling For A Prayerful Fast Of All Priests – Faithful and Members of their Third Order  -FSSPX.News


The Society Re-issses – Sermon of Abp. Lefebvre – Christ the King: Our Supreme Ruler by Conquest & Nature  – On FSSPX.News


From The Recent Archives

Sacred Tradition Answers The Restoration And Needed Reform To Orthodoxy In The News Round Up | TCE |


The New Poor Church – An International Financial Re-Org In The Vatican vs. Sacred Tradition Fighting Back | TCE |


October 29 – One of the Martyrs of Douai – Blessed Edward Waterson On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


October 29 – King turned monk, his people begged him to lead them in battle against Penda – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


St. Felix of Burgundy

The Counter-Revolution & The Kingship Of Christ Ramps Up As The Pan-Amazon Francis Synod Closes In Complete Scandal -In The News Round Up


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Eco-religion – pantheism – liberation theology, heresy, modernism of a Catholic prelature turned radical progressivism, and a movement towards apostasy  

Christ the King and Original Sin – On OnePeterFive


Not Just in Our Hearts: The True Social Kingship of Christ -On OnePeterFive


The Royalty of Christ the King -Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On TIA


Married Priests Barely Pass. Women Deacons Flunk. The Criticisms of a Synod Father – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


The Conclusions of the Synod For the Amazon Were Already In the Pope’s Mind Five Years Ago – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Get Ready to Duck the Synodal Wrecking Ball – Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center


Scandals in the Vatican! – Brother Andre Marie On Catholicism.org


Ecuador Joins the Crusade for a Catholic and Prosperous Amazon – On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch

From September 13-16, volunteers and friends of the Ecuadorian organization Blessed Pius IX Circle and of Brazil’s Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute joined in a campaign that started in Brazil and extended to several Amazonian countries. Collecting signatures for a petition asking for “A Catholic and Prosperous Amazon,” they toured most capitals of the Ecuadorian East: Tena, Puyo, Macas, and Baños de Agua Santa.


The Amazonian Rite: An Excuse To Fragment Catholicism -By  Luisella Scrosati Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino- On Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Conversion: of the Amazon, or of the Church? | Phil Lawlor On Catholic Culture


Cindy Wooden on Twitter Confirms The Idols Made It Back To The Synod Hall:

“Yes, it’s true. Two of the statues that had been thrown in the Tiber are in the canoe at the front of the synod hall as #PopeFrancis and synod participants conclude the working sessions.… https://t.co/mjYiqbTozW


Watch The Excellent  Session Liberation Theology 101, Jesuits, Francis, and Amazon Synod – On Dr. Taylor Marshal’s Show With Tim Gordon– On YouTube


Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith joins us to talk about the what’s happening at the Amazon Synod and his new book, Roman Encounters:


Remnant Newspaper Resists Pope Francis to His Amazonic Face


AMAZON: Catholic World Rejects Globalist Synod (#IamCatholicMaccabees) – On The Remnant Newspaper


Chile Explodes: Expensive Climate Policies Spark Mass Riots, Just Like the Yellow Vest Protests in France – The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)


The Washington Post Slams The Vatican For Delaying Issuance Of A McCarrick Report Saying The Catholic Church yet again fails to account for its victims – On The Washington Post


Pope asks for focus on ‘diagnosis’ of Amazon synod report; warns against ‘elite Christians’ focusing on the ‘little things’ – On CNA


Edward Pentin on Twitter: “Last year’s pagan-demonic lightshow projected onto the facade of the basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva is back. Looks like it’s becoming an annual event. The tomb of St. Catherine of Siena is located in the basilica #solidli


This Week On Church Revolution In Pictures – Tribal ceremony in Vietnam For the Bishop Of Vietnam – As Encouraged By Pope Francis – On TIA


Watch – Weekly News Roundup: Amazon Synod Update, Texas Court Battle, Revisiting Open Letter to Bishops – On Catholic Family News


Francis Closes Synod with Ecological Lecture – On The Eponymous Flower


Conversion: of the Amazon, or of the Church? | | LifeSite


Synod final Mass: no Pachamama statues, Pope slams critics –On YouTube


Dutch bishop: Amazon synod puts climate change ahead of salvation of souls | News | LifeSite


Married Clergy, Amazonian Rite, Ecological Sins Make It Into Final Synod Document – Women deacons given a mention, but require further study – On CMTV




“Why the Amazon Synod is an attack on Our Lord’s institution of the Apostolic Ministry” By Rev Deacon Nick Donnelly – On Rorate


Bergoglio’s contempt for Christ the King on display – again! | OnAKA Catholic


Cardinal Hummes cited the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, – On gloria.tv


The Other EWTN within EWTN Reports With Glee – Schönborn: “No Reason For Anyone” To Be Scandalised About Pachamamas –On gloria.tv


Pastoral Staff with idols was Gift to the Pope from Amazonian Bishops and used in the Synos closing Mass  – On gloria.tv


Amazon synod calls for married priests, pope to reopen women deacons commission | On National Catholic Reporter


Idol Veneration On October 26 In Santa Maria in Traspontina – On gloria.tv


Conflict in Synod Hall Fr. Paulo Suess slams bishops slow to accept ‘innovations’


Bishop Schneider condemns Pachamama statue as ‘new golden calf’ in open letter | News | LifeSite


Listen to the Amazon Indians Not Liberation Theologians! – American TFP


Watch – What the Hierarchy Will Not Admit , The Real Numbers Of The Real State  | The Vortex


A New Pact Of The Catacombs Signed In Blood – On gloria.tv


 Franco’s Grave is Desecrated as the Desiccated Spaniards Look On. The Man Who Stared Down Stalin, Hitler, Truman, and Paul VI Is Pulled From His Grave By the Socialists Who Could Not Beat Him in the Battlefield or Overthrow Him during his 40 Year Reign.


Meet the Brazilian Catholic exposing the dark money behind Amazon Synod | The John-Henry Westen Show – On gloria.tv


Pope Francis’ Words Announcing Pachamama Recovery – On NCR

http://m.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/pachamamaFrom The recent Archives –

The New Poor Church – An International Financial Re-Org In The Vatican vs. Sacred Tradition Fighting Back | TCE |


October 28 – Uncommon Valor – Col. John W. Ripley: Uncommon Valor -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


October 28 – Saint, Soldier, Statesman – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Statue of St. Alfred the Great in Winchester, England.

The New Poor Church – An International Financial Re-Org In The Vatican vs. Sacred Tradition Fighting Back


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How the Amazon Synod Turns Poverty Into a Utopian Ideal -By  Juan Antonio Montes Varas  On TFP.org


Using Paganism – Vatican II – P False Ecumenism – Socialism and Liberation Theology to syncretize to and ideal that requires the description of the old Catholic Church ( and everything about her) in order to remake her as the main vehicle of the new world order ….This is their vision , and their entrenched ideology that arose from the historical revolutions into modernism turned progressivism. The enemies of the world are within the hierachy of our own beloved Catholic Church But only trinitarian , liturgical , covenantal Christians can ever understand why this would never cause even one of the faithful to leave the Church as Knight of our Lady at the foot of the cross of our Savior but instead fight even harder for the uniting of traditional Catholic families in the counter revolution /restoration movement and to teach others what it means to be loyal to the death to the “eternal” magisterium of the Church

A Must Watch – Meet the Brazilian Catholic exposing the dark money behind Amazon Synod | The John-Henry Westen Show – gloria.tv


Marco Tosatti: A Refresher on Liberation Theology – On OnePeterFive


A purposeful auto-destruction of Vatican Finances in order to despoil it and re-org it under the lay people was discussed by the Council’s theologians and written about extensively

Vatican: More Troubling Financial Irregularities Exposed Papal Foundation dollars used to write off allegedly illicit loan  – On CMTV


It’s all about remaking the Church into the new world order and which includes trotting through the internal civil war of a Vatican Finances re-org

Cdl. Pell May Be Called to Testify in Financial Corruption Inquiry – Vatican prosecutor widening probe into financial irregularities – On CMTV


Dr. Taylor Marshal Is Attacked In His Public Profile From Within The Vatican , by The Financial Director and the Telecommunications Direction of the Office Of The Vatican’s Secretary of State

Source using Vatican internet alters Wikipedia entry of prominent Amazon Synod critic Taylor Marshall | By Maike Hickson | Lifesitenews


An eco-socialism designed to remake global finances

Dutch Bishop: Amazon Synod – the intention is a new religion? – By Mgr. Rob Mutsaerts On The Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Commenting Strictly on the Instrumentum Laboris’ Statements on Climate and Ecology -By Luiz Carlos Baldicero Molion On  Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


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More Heresies On The Vatican News Site As Jesuit editor Spadaro: Key theme of synod is prophecy  Seeds of Church’s future ‘are now more in the peripheries

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At the Synod, a Climate Expert Speaks. His Sure Predictions Are: Married Priests and a Female Ministry Are Required For World Ecology – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


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The SSPX’s Disagreement the Open Letter, Against The  Heresies of Pope Francis – On OnePeterFive

In reaction to the recent publication of the Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, the Society has taken another step away from combatting the heresies of Pope Francis. This Open Letter accused Pope Francis of the canonical crime of heresy and asked the bishops of the Catholic Church to admonish him for this crime. If he failed to abjure these heresies after being asked to do so on three occasions, it further requested that the bishops declare that he had forfeited the papal office on account of his heresy.

The General House of the Society of Saint Pius X issued a statement in response to this letter, condemning it in strong terms: “This Open Letter is a waste of time — an action producing little effect, the fruit of a legitimate indignation but which falls into excess.” Here we have not only a failure to oppose Pope Francis’s promotion of heresy, but an attack on those who do oppose him. As a signatory of the Open Letter, I think it necessary to address this attack.

The statement of the General House does not give reasons for rejecting the content of the Open Letter. It offers a criticism of the approach of the Letter:


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The Pact Of The Catacombs Part 2 – Conciliar Catholicism In Pope Francis Pan-Amazon News Round Up | TCE |


The plan to crush the traditional orders begins to be implemented ….Here We Go- 

Heralds of the Gospel Reject Papal Commissar – Let’s See What Happens – As Sacred Tradition Is Under Attack – On the Eponymous Flower


Answer Back With Sacred Tradition In Every Sector

This Sunday

The Kingship of Christ is Offered In A Royal Setting For the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass At The Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel In NYC see – the flyer ~inset~


Medieval Noble Parents Gave Their Boys Heroic Role Models – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Statue of St. Michael at the Shrine of St. Theodore Guerin, the 8th American Saint, located in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The Knightly Virtues of Sincerity, Chastity, and Charity -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Arming a knight





































The Pact Of The Catacombs Part 2 – Conciliar Catholicism In Pope Francis Pan-Amazon News Round Up


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A New Pact of Catacombs – Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Secret Pact In The Catacombs For The New Catholic Church – What It’s All About – In The Round Up – Part #1 | TCE |


Special De Mattei: The New Pact of the Catacombs: the fulfillment of Vatican II? – On Rorate Caeli


From the Conciliar Catholic remake of the Church –whereby the Council’s Architects co-join the “Sinning Church to the Poor Church Model “ to remake it into the new world order of social justice and the rights of man above all other rights

The componential elements are found within the blueprints “ the Council documents”  and the hundreds of hundreds of official documents that followed in the years in post of the Council.   The trajectory namely to co-join and intersect the ideology of the “Sinning Church to that of the Poor Church via democratization , Its desacralization  it’s synodality and its purposeful financial despoilment – In attempting to make the highest offices of the Curia of Holy Mother Church financially transparent and answerable to the people and the clergy of lower rank it has caused an internal revolution behind the scenes that regularly spills forth into financial “scandals” reported by the media All of which are on-going sub revolutions of the Council to which this Pope does not seek to only ride along side by to see implementation actualized as the original Council Fathers – the modernists turned progressivists that took control of the majority of the hierarchy by force.

The Pact of the Catacombs was carry out this mission financially and in keeping with a strict Liberation Theology that they wished in their Catholic Church remake work to angrily destroy capitalist democracy which they always believed in their 1960s /1970s utopian ideology should never have been used in place of the Aristocracy and Feudal theocratic model that was the basis of over 1000 years of Christendom in the west

They have found the perfect replacement for their failed outer shell to drive it , rather than Socialism and hidden Socialistic forms of Communism they have adopted the Ecology model as the common home of their new syncretistic financial and one world religion model – It you read the preparation works and books of the periti of the Council ( dozens of extensive works) you will find this became ( by force in the second session of the Vatican II Council ) the financial and ecumenical model of the Council fathers for the new Catholic Church . We’re talking public documents here and clear evidence that folks by majority do not wish to look into  that translates into the current “purposeful despoilment of Church finances , properties and schools

This architecture and this ideology is the blue print of what Pope Saint Pius X fought against , it is the 180 degree opposite of the traditional Catholic philosophy, doctrine , theology and financial structure the pre-conciliar Popes fought against, called modernism and and issued the following

Pope Francis is NOT to blame , he’s not that smart

He’s just the working foreman following the blueprints he swore to implement , to an ideology of the Council Fathers he was formed in and believes in

What they are following is the pact to take down the distinctions between Roman Catholicism and other religions for the pact of the one world religion that was made among them And he promotes and surrounds himself with prelates that have demonstrated commitment  to the same ideology


The ecology religion of a common home of “mother earth” united in “social justice concerns” and untied in suppressing the Kingship of Christ and any notion of absolute Truths of Roman Catholicism required for salvation of ones soul

What the response must be

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St. Abercius, Saint of October 22


The new Emperor had intensified the cult to the idols and since the city of Hierapolis was consecrated to one of them, the number of processions to the pagan gods there increased. Abercius suffered greatly from this and frequently prayed to God asking for the destruction of the temple idols. One night as he slept, he saw an Angel who handed him a rod and told him: “Wake up! The time has come! Take this rod and strike down the false gods that deceive the people.”

One can imagine St. Abercius striking the temple gods with his rod

October 23 – The amazing story of San Juan Capistrano and the Siege of Belgrade – And Saint St. John of Capistrano On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



Secret Pact In The Catacombs For The New Catholic Church – What It’s All About – In The Round Up – Part #1


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Watch – BREAKING: Amazon Synod to Renew 50-year-old ‘Catacomb Pact’ On The Remnant Newspaper – TV


Radical Bishops Renew Secret ‘Pact of the Catacombs’ at Amazon Synod Amazon Synod bishops resurrect cornerstone liberation theology document – On CMTV

Shrouded by darkness on the night of Nov. 16, 1965, 42 bishops led by the “red” Abp. Hélder Câmara of Olinda and Recife, Brazil, secretly left the Vatican and met at the Santa Domitilla Catacombs on the edge of Rome.


More on Helder Camara and the Charismatic Movement

Helder Camara was also the Vatican II prelate that was one of the main prelatures of hierarchy responsible for the pseudo -legitimizing of the charismatic Catholic renewal for it’s local and “tribalizing ”communities, which relates to the desacralization of the consecrated Priesthood , continues its redefinition of what the Priesthood of the laity is as it is related to empowerment of the laity in rolls related exclusively to the Priesthood

More on how this is related to this whole revolution in a future newsblog episode – A summary of the topic is again the naming of the discernment and gifts given to those who worship the Holy Spirit , and the ability to interpret and empower The Holy Spirit in His absolute guidance they maintain is not reserved to the Vicar of Christ to guide the Church but is given and utilized by every person “baptized” in the Holy Spirit who can even interpret Scripture in how it applies to each person individually . Despite the Scripture 2 Peter 1:20 that dictates that there is no personal interpretation of Scripture this is one of the componential elements that  attempt to decentralize and democratize the Church as does Bishops Conferences and Concelebration Masses . The belief that lay people in the gathered assembly are an element that participate somehow in the consecration , which is essentially a sub-division of gnosticism.  Helda Camara pushed hard for the charismatics and charismatic version of the novus ordo not because he himself purported to be charistmatic himself but for the reason that its protestantizing elements of egalitarianism and democratization movement fit so nicely into an “application” of the Vatican II revolution of a type of ecumenism that does not  seek full and immediate conversion but seeks to make the Catholic Church an equal among many religions that worship together , that dispenses with Sacral Offices , Sacral titles and makes all equals and transposable

It is therefore not surprising to see the sections of the world with the largest amount of adherents in the world tethered to liberation theology So for all intents and purposes many good people of the charismatic movement are drawn firstly by trying desperately to stay within the Church when they discover the natural truth that there is something intrinsically wrong with the novus ordo Mass and they go seeking something more , to be more devout , more active . But these same well-meaning people unbeknownst to a great majority of them are unaware that they are carrying water for the enemy and have been recruited as soldiers in the revolution within the Catholic Church. They are one of the many brigades of foot soldiers implementing the French Revolution within Catholicism. The substantiating element is that I have had the providence to meet over a dozen different people , who in breaking away from the revolution , without knowing each other had some of the same revelations as described above once they had become red-pilled

Property is despoiled and in the same way the French Revolution made transparent the finances of the Nobility and Royalty to incite the lower ranks of all levels While remnant pockets of Catholic conservatives and traditionalists are left to defend Church property and holding under attack from its own hierarchy all over the west , its like an avalanche of armies surrounding the battle field

The Vatican is doing the same thing with Curia . It’s a set-up that has been in the process of playing out since the Council – One financial Scandal after another will continue to unfold. The Office Of The Holy See was made the CDF and was previously financially answerable to no earthly entity

They were ordered to become one equal office among other Curial offices It’s orchestrated partially by the Masonic controlled Vatican bank and partially by the Vatican itself in its decentralization to Bishops Conferences – Knowledge prelates with the power and knowledge to fight such a revolution like Cdl Pell and Cdl Mueller are marginalized by force

Vatican II documents are the blue print

Our Pontiff Francis I is not smart enough to orchestrate this himself he’s following what was laid down by the Vatican II fathers – He is now carrying out the implementation of the merger of the “Sinning Church” (which was also orchestrated to create many many Priests in public mortal sin) with that of the “Poor Church that seeks to despoil itself “

These instructions of what they are following are spelled out in each of the 16 documents of the Vatican II Council they are remaking the Church and they have blue prints

The Pact in the Catacombs merely swore an oath to implement same by ensuring successors of the same revolutionary school of thought The Poor Church that seeks the self destruction of the old Catholic Church within her

The way the Council twists Scripture and Sacred Tradition in Catholic teachings is without precedent , some of the many examples for this despoiling kenosis that will bring about their own Holy Ghost , Lumen Gentium states

Just as Christ carried out the work of redemption in poverty and under oppression , so the Church is now called to follow the same path , in communicating to me the fruits of salvation Christ Jesus though he was by nature God emptied himself , taking the nature of a slave and being rich ( Phil 2:6) he became poor ( 2 Cor 8:9) for our sake Thus although the Church needs human resources to carry out this mission , she is not set up to seek earthy glory but to proclaim humility and self-sacrifice but this her example ( Hence the remaking of the Church into an ecology based international  social justice concern

This and the many other teachings of the Council is the root of it ITS NOT POPE FRANCIS , he’s just a soldier in the revolution with orders he swore to

These teachings are not mere heterodoxy as described above they are heretical including that of the Poor Church

The Roman Catholic Church is a perfect society and without blemish and its infallible teachings without error and without blemish While its human element is filled with cowardice Priest that refuse to defend her infallible teachings from the pulpit and denounce each heresy and teach the people where in Catholic teaching the base of each error of the modern hierarchy lies

It is the City of God – ‘Thy Kingdom Come On Earth as it is even “ the duty to fight for the restoration of Christendom and the dogma Kingship of Christ and the reign of the immaculate heart of our Lady

The Catholic people are the people that were foretold in the Old Testament would inherit the Covenant , not anonymous Christians not 2nd reformed Baptists or any other supposed Christian religion but covenantal , liturgical , trinitarian Catholics. We leave the judging to God on exception that He alone would make but the majority are judged according to this law and he who questions this , Scripture says becomes a judge of the law

The Church was indeed set up to collaboratively rule and in conjunction with two swords both temporal and eternal with the God given power over both …………….

We wish more people could see what we have studied and learned about the differences between infallible traditional Catholicism and the new religion of the Catholic revolution

To be continued ………..

The Vatican II Mission of dismantling the Sacral marks of the Church continue with a fervor – Destabilizing of dogma , inclusive of “there is no salvation outside the Church” and the installation of a replacement evolving theology that levels all religions onto the same playing field also in keeping with the south American liberation theology model with false ecumenism

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Leaked Vatican documents detail shady investments Secretariat of State misused $560M from Peter’s Pence Confidential Vatican documents detail millions of dollars of suspicious investments at Secretariat of State As The World Prepares For Vatileaks II – On CNA


Pope: Christianity Gives ‘Fresh Air’ to Those Living in ‘Pollution’ – On Breitbart

Pope Francis employed ecological language to describe the Christian mission Sunday, summarizing the task of Jesus’ disciples as giving “pure and fresh air to those immersed in the pollution of our world.”


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October 21 – Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Austrian Empress Zita in exile with children.