Our Lady The Mother Of God – In The Month Of May- In The News Round Up


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The only sure way to Christ Our Savior unto ensuring that we are consolidating a relationship with the authentic Jesus of Sacred Tradition & Sacred Scripture is through and with Our Lady. There is no other way.

2 Cor 11:1 – 5

Would to God you could bear with some little of my folly! But do bear with me. For I am jealous of you with the jealousy of God. For I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. But I fear lest, as the serpent seduced Eve by his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Christ, whom we have not preached; or if you receive another Spirit, whom you have not received; or another gospel, which you have not received: you might well bear with him. For I suppose that I have done nothing less than the great apostles. For although I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge: but in all things we have been made manifest to you.

A former Satanist priest who became a Saint – Blessed Bartolo Longo Had An Amazing Devotion To Propagating The Rosary – Our Lady Of Pompei And The Dominican 3rd Order – – On Dominican Friars Foundation

Bartolo Longo  was also responsible for the movement towards the elevation of the Assumption of Our Lady from a regional observance to an international and dogmatic recognition beginning with his work with Pope Leo XIII and also his cisionary draft of the Luminous Mysteries which has traditional origins


Annunciation & the Golden Legend Our Lady – On The The Remnant Newspaper


May, Mary’s Month – II: The Immaculata, the Exterminatrix of all heresies – On Rorate

She bore His dead body to the tomb, but never for a moment doubted that He would rise again. Then the love of God with which she burned made her a partaker in the sufferings of Christ and the associate in His passion; with him moreover, as if forgetful of her own sorrow, she prayed for the pardon of the executioners although they in their hate cried out: “His blood be upon us and upon our children” (Matth. xxvii., 25).


The Amazing Apostolate Of Our Lady of Good Success- The sadness , the joy , the prophesies = the charism and title of Our Lady for our times –

Our Lady Of Fatima Vs The Plot Of Freemasons – December 2017 – VL186_1217.pdf


Angels Took the House of Our Lady of Nazareth to Loreto – American TFP


The Writings of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe On The Militia Of The Immaculata


February Battlelines_Layout 1 – 02-FEB-2019-Battlelines Newsletter.pdf


Rosary Rally Captains Newsletter JAN-2019-Battlelines .pdf


Library Of Free Traditional Catholic Books – PDF Books & Downloads | ANF Articles


MI Resources


The Immaculate – Militia Immaculatae


The Old Testament Points To Mary – On gloria.tv


Precursor of Our Lady of Fatima – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


100 Years After: Getting to the Core of the Fatima Message – On The American TFP


The Immaculate Conception – On Atonement Online


Two Feminine Ideals by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


On the Fittingness of the Title ‘Mediatrix of All Graces’ as applied to the Blessed Virgin Mary By Melissa EIitenmiller On Eccematertua


Living True Devotion – On The Saint Benedict Center Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Site


In Honor Of Father Peter Damian Fehlner Continued – Mary Mediatrix – Co-redemptrix – And Advocatrix

Dr. Mark Miravalle – Coredemptrix, Support, Objections & Fruits – Greenwood 2007 – CONF 4 – gloria.tv


Fifth Marian Dogma | Why We Need the Fifth Marian Dogma Now


Our Lady of the Good Counsel of Genazzano, Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho de Genazzano, Feastday of April 25 and 26


Our Lady Of Good Success



Are The Pope’s Heresies Escalating Towards Schism ? In the News Round Up


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‘The most terrible schism the world has ever seen’ | Roberto De Mattei On LifeSite


Bp. Schneider: Pope must formally correct statement that God wills false religions | News | LifeSite


Pope Francis tells Swiss Guards: ‘Religious diversity’ is ‘human wealth’ | News | LifeSite


Watch – This Episode –  POPE ACCUSED of HERESY (Francis Trolls His Own Church)- On Remnant TV


Evangelization and Doctrine: Two Sides of the Same Coin – On The Fatima Center


Before Pope Francis was accused of heresy, Catholics reached out to him numerous times | LifeSite


Leading Catholics react to Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of heresy | News | LifeSite


What about the Recent Accusation of Pope Francis Falling into Heresy? Detailed Critique Of It By Attile Guirmaraes On TIA


Reuters dismisses ‘extremists’ who accused Pope Francis of heresy | News | LifeSite


The Liberal Media and Pope Francis Align Against “Conservative” Catholics – Christopher Ferrara On The Fatima Center


An “Ultra-Conservative Crusade” Against Pope Francis? – Austin Rose On Crisis Magazine


When Creeping Normalcy Bias Protects a Chaotic Pope – On OnePeterFive


A Brief Update on the Open Letter on Papal Heresy –On OnePeterFive


Pope Francis, the Open Letter, and the Pesky Preface – On OnePeterFive


Pope Francis’ choice to oversee Amazon Synod suggests married priests on the horizon | News | LifeSite


Amazon: Jair Bolsonaro Challenges the Vatican – On  FSSPX.News

Unhappy with the interference of the Catholic Church in the domestic politics of his country, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wants to organize a “counter-synod” in Rome next September in response to the Synod on the Amazon scheduled for the month of October: a challenge to Pope Francis in the heart of the Eternal City.


The Amazon Synod and the Vatican’s Radical Environmentalism — Pan-Amazon Synod Watch


Message from within the Papal subterfuge

Pope Francis: No plans for female deacons, but study continues So far it’s reached no consensus, has no plan of action – On CNS


Vatican’s former doctrine chief sounds alarm on Francis’ plans to reorder curia | LifeSite


Pope Tells Syrian, Iraqi Migrants: You Are ‘Humanity’s Cross’ – On Breitbart

“The Church observes with concern the re-emergence, in many parts of the world, of currents that are aggressive towards foreigners, especially immigrants, as well as a growing nationalism that neglects the common good,” he said.

The pope said that “the way in which a nation welcomes migrants reveals its vision of human dignity and of its relationship with humanity.”


Pope: Calls For An Attack On Capitalism Says “Need paradigm shift in all economic activities, Capitalism must consider human, environmental impact”  On CNA


The Bishops That Follow The Pope’s Party Line Bringing The Church Into Free Fall

Revolution and the Papacy On MP3 Podcast Classes – Via Catholicism.org

Br. Anthony Mary M.I.C.M. “ In this study Br. Anthony Mary uses Blessed Pius IX to portray an outlook of the circumstances of the French Revolution. Covering all the events leading up to and through the French Revolution, such as the suppression of the Jesuits, the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, the loss of the Papal States, and more. Br. Anthony Mary also gets you to memorize all the popes since the French Revolution. He also works in how the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has a role to play in France.


May 9 – Known personally to the King, he was falsely accused of conspiring to murder him – Blessed Thomas Pickering – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



What are these “divine treasures” of Christ that St. Margaret Mary speaks of? They are Church approved and commonly called “the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”

  1. I will give them all of the graces necessary for their state of life.
  2. I will establish peace in their houses.
  3. I will comfort them in all their afflictions.
  4. I will be their strength during life and above all during death.
  5. I will bestow a large blessing upon all their undertakings.
  6. Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and the infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall grow fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall quickly mount to high perfection.
  9. I will bless every place where a picture of my heart shall be set up and honored.
  10. I will give to priests the gift of touching the most hardened hearts.
  11. Those who shall promote this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be blotted out.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the First Friday in nine consecutive months the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving their sacraments; My Divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

To obtain these promises, you simply need to attend Mass and receive Communion for nine consecutive first Fridays (of each month).

Tradition Faces Down The Revolution In The News Round Up


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The Miracle of the Palazzo Massimo, Then and Now By Roberto de Mattei , translation by Giuseppe Pellegrino – On The Remnant Newspaper

  • Highlights #1 The victims of what is considered the worst carnage of the Spanish Civil War belonged mostly to the Catholic ruling class, such as the Spanish playwright Pedro Munoz Seca, who said, “They accuse me of being a monarchist because I carried the mantle of the Virgin of Pilar to Rome on behalf of Alfonso XIII. With this mantle I also go to die.In the Spanish Civil War the anarchist-communist Revolution showed its bloody face, which it had already shown in Russia and Mexico.  Over the years, the masks worn by the Revolution change, but the anti-Christian essence of the revolutionary process does not change. Its goal is the destruction of the Church and Christian civilization.
  • #2 Today we are living in a world immersed in secularism that is impermeable to the supernatural. The progressive nouvelle théologie contributed to this secularism, with its lack of any distinction between the natural and supernatural order.
  • #3 To believe in the possibility of miracles is a necessary condition to hope for salvation.
  • https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4459-the-miracle-of-the-palazzo-massimo-then-and-now
  • Tradition Speaks Out In The Public Square In Defense Of Sacred Church Property
  • Frenchmen campaign to save Notre Dame from ‘crazy’ modernist rebuild | News | LifeSite
  • https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/frenchmen-campaign-to-save-notre-dame-from-crazy-modernist-rebuild
  • John XXIII arbitrarily eliminates two more important feasts The Feast Of The Relics and The Finding Of St Stephen
  • When the Saints Go Marching Out – Dialogue Mass 85 by Dr. Carol Byrne
  • https://traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/f169_Dialogue_85.htm
  • Taking on the Toxic Feminist Revolution -By John Horvat On The Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family And Property
  • https://www.tfp.org/taking-on-the-toxic-feminist-revolution/
  • The Battle for Life and Family | Human Life International
  • https://www.hli.org/2019/05/the-battle-for-life-and-family/

The Beauty Of Sacred Tradition In Resurgence

The New Mass In Review (At The Heart Of Apostasy )

More Attacks Against The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass By The Catholic Hierarchy

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From Sacred Tradition

  • From the Propers of Today’s Traditional Mass
  • Collect
    O God, the glorious bishop Stanislaus fell beneath the swords of evil men in defending Your name. May all of us who seek his help be brought closer to our salvation through his intercession. Through Our Lord . . .

    Lesson from the book of Wisdom 5:1-5
    The just shall stand with great assurance before their oppressors who set at nought their labors. Seeing this, these shall be shaken with dreadful fear, and amazed at the suddenness of the unlooked-for salvation. They shall say among themselves, rueful and groaning through anguish of spirit: These are they whom once we held as a laughingstock and as a type for mockery, fools that we were! Their life we deemed madness, and their death dishonored. See how they are accounted among the sons of God; how their lot is with the Saints!
  • They believed in the religious exemption, but only at first -The Tortured Martyrs Against Protestantism On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites
  • http://www.nobility.org/2014/05/01/carthusian-martyrs/
  • Millas, Saint of May 7 Commentary By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On Tradition In Action
  • https://www.traditioninaction.org/SOD/j262sd_Millas_5_7.html
  • May 7 – St. John of Beverley – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites
  • http://www.nobility.org/2014/05/05/john-of-beverley/

Statue of St John of Beverley on the Minster, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. Photo by Graham Hermon.

Bl. Agnellus of Pisa Franciscan Friar

Prolife State Of The Union News Round Up


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Top Stories

Operation Rescue News’ Top Stories


The State Begins to decide who lives and who dies 

The Good News And The Bad News – Shock Of The States Involvement In The Billion Dollar Abortion Industry


The Current Hierarchy Of The Catholic Church On The Subject Of Pro-life

Prolife States Take A Stand For Morality

The Killing Of Babies Inside and Outside The Womb – The Orwellian Spin Doctors


The Unstoppable Prolife Movement – Based On Science And Natural Law

The Real Face Of Abortion

They claim its not eugenics but in the mid tier cities and towns that are attempting gentrification of minority areas that is always where they build the abortion mill. Following this you see the toy stores go out of business in these same towns as well as children’s cloths stores while the selections in super stores narrows for children  But soon after what replaces them are luxury four wheel drive car dealerships . The place where the swing sets use to be are paved over to fit another car. And then comes the pet super store. There needs to be an analysis done on the relationship between neighborhoods and towns with a abortion mills and pet superstores. Natural law says that human nature will replace natural instinct to care for and raise ….with something else . As in Romans “They exchanged the worship of the creator for the creature.” This what happens when societies, cultures, and nations begin to fall.

Recent Archive

‘Unplanned Opens’ And The Prolife Movement Goes Into Overdrive On the News Round-Up | TCE |


May 8 – Matriarch of the Carolingian family -Saint Itta  -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


As science continues to upstage abortion and as science continues to prove that life begins at conception we will see them very soon coming after the scientists. History always repeats itself

Remember – First they took the nobles, then they took the scientists – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The arrest of Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier.

The Crescent Moon And The Cross Come Face To Face – As The Vatican Continues The Orwellian Matrix In The News Round Up


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Al-Baghdadi’s New War Against Christians. But the West Is Also Attacking the Church – Magister On Settimo Cielo — L’Espresso

On the Sunday and Monday of Easter, in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis did all he could – in the name of dialogue with Islam – to downgrade to generic and “never justifiable” acts the chain of terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that had killed hundreds of Christians gathered at church to celebrate Jesus risen, a fifth of them children.

But one week later, on Monday April 29, came the unequivocal “justification.” Five years after his memorable sermon at the grand mosque of Mosul there reappeared in a video the supreme head of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who not only claimed responsibility for the hecatomb in Sri Lanka but pointed to it as the model of a new offensive to be unleashed on a worldwide scale, especially in Africa and Asia, with Christians as the first targets.


Islam and Islamism -On  FSSPX.News


De Mattei: “The most terrible schism the world has ever seen” – On Rorate Caeli  


Islam views the Sri Lanka terrorist bombers as martyrs. Christians, take note LifeSite


Vatican walls – vs US Immigration – On Rorate Caeli  


Congressman Challenges Pro-Immigration Bishop on Vatican Wall – On CMTV


The latest big stories On Robert Spencer’s Site

Public Masses suspended for second week in Sri Lanka – On CNA


Catholic businessman loses membership, contract for linking to LifeSiteNews | News | LifeSite


Prima chiesa in Italia venduta ai musulmani: diventerà una moschea – On Corriere Italia

Lombardy, Italy, the John XXIII Association had a church. For unknown reasons it decided to put up for auction, without any restriction regarding buyers. The Muslims placed the highest bid and took it. They are transforming it into a mosque – link to the story in Italia  transform it into a mosque.  Who is protesting? No one 


Silencio Culpable (HMTelevision)  Watch Moving Video – Iraqi Catholics Standing Firm In The Face Of Martyrdom & Extinction Despite No Help From The Vatican – On gloria.tv


Burkina Faso West Africa : Christians killed in attack on church – BBC News


Excellent Free Book : Islam and the Suicide of the West – Counter-Revolution – TFP

Written by: Luiz Sergio Solimeo With Forward by: Admiral James A. Lyons


Will Sri Lanka be a Wake-up call for the West? – On The Turning Point Project


Watch – Enemies of Truth | On Today’s Episode Of The Vortex

So too the news media will do anything to avoid calling Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorists — more lies.

The horror of what happened in Sri Lanka on Easter was dutifully reported by the fake news corrupt media as being the fault of “religious extremists” — oh yeah, which religion? To simply pin it on “religious” extremists, condemns all religions.

Why would the media not report the full truth of this, especially when they know it. Because it’s better for them to lie by omission if they want to keep up the pretense that Islam is the religion of peace.

They need to keep that narrative going so they can use it against Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.


Recent Related News Round Up Archive

The Rising Arian Islamic Movement And The Shadows Of Notre Dame | TCE |


Dernier concert de Quasimodo “The Bells of Notre-Dame de Paris ” – On gloria.tv


The Comforting Moon – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The Moon God , was originally one of many God’s that the first centuries of muslims worshiped . Reminds us that the darkness of the moon makes us long for the light of the Son


May 3 – Finding of the Holy Cross – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Of note – The finding of the One True Cross was suppressed in both old and new Rites in the 1960s , and relegated to only the Sept 14th changing of the seasons 1st double class changing of the seasons Feast. The May 3rd finding is however permitted to be offered as a votive Mass and is now only seen celebrated in only the most traditional of traditionalist Chapels and Orders and of course observed historically by traditional Catholics in various ways and home Church devotions.


The Vision of Saint Helena by Paolo Veronese

Statue of Saint Helena in outdoor procession in Birkirkara, Malta. Photo by Daniel Laus

The Cross

May Day – Beatification Of Marxism – The Attack On Marriage & The Family In The Return of Pagan Tribalism


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Saint Joseph will always be the true battler and worker against the May (1st) Day of Marxist Revolutions which at base are just varied forms of Communism – hard vs. soft versions of socialism , liberation theology , and revolutions

At base – communistic socialism movements , abortion & contraception, euthanasia, the transgender homosexual movement, and the redefinition of marriage & morality are all attacks on marriage and the family as predicted by the Mother of God who forever intercedes to direct us to the feet of our Savior Jesus Christ in this her month of May.  What has caught many Catholics off guard is to the depths it has penetrated the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Although their overthrow of the Kingship of Christ in both the east and now the west , has brought us to these equally violent components of the culture of death However our remnant and light that the darkness cannot seem to eradicate but infuriates it with our growth , this movement towards the ‘return of the king’ and the return towards the restoration of the binding dogmatic teachings of the Kingship of Christ that runs parallel to the reign of Mary is what gives light and direction to this historic salvific battle

The unfolding relationship between these components is prophesy being played out below before our very eyes in the links below. Only a true knowledge and seeking to learn more of this one true Body of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church – united inseparably from the crucified and resurrected body of Christ will lead us into that love of Him in the beatific vision we seek


“The Beatification of Satanelli” – Patron of Communist Terrorists and Road Accidents – On Rorate Caeli


A Great Lie that Damages Souls:The ‘Beatification’ of Bishop Angelelli by Cosme Beccar Varela Communism – On TIA


 The Beatification Of Marxism – And Masonic Revolutionaries Begins In Argentina

JORGE’S HEROES: The Dirty War and a Dirty Beatification On The Remnant Newspaper –


Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism? – American TFP


Pete Buttigieg’s Marxist Father – On CMTV


Catholic Bishops Bolster Buttigieg Bluster – On CMTV


Catholic Priest Defends Market Economies – On CMTV


MMT: The Latest Liberal Economic Fantasy – The American TFP


WATCH: Brazilian rep declares ‘Long Live Christ the King!’ in floor speech | News | LifeSite


VIDEO: Pope Francis’ record on Communism is dangerously ambiguous| LifeSite


How Socialists Will Usher in a New Hell on Earth – On Return to Order


As socialism gets more popular, Americans may vote to give up their freedom in 2020 | LifeSite


Open Borders Empowering Assault on Christians – On The Eponymous Flower


Comparison of the former Soviet Union and the European Union in 5 minutes – On gloria.tv

The return of anti- Cristian communism on a global scale  


Are the Russians in Blind Denial? Poll Says 70% View Stalin Favorably – Catholicism.org


Further Evidence The Consecration Of Russia Was Not Done -The Cross Of Christ Mysteriously Appears  On Putin’s Head – On gloria.tv


The Errors Of Russia Have Spread Everywhere Including Into Individual State Governments of The U.S.

Michigan Announces Attorney General Nessel: Hate crimes unit to become the new thought police – On The Detroit News


Michigan Pastors Prep for Religious Freedom Fight –On CMTV


Update On Catholicism In China

  • http://www.asianews.it/news-en/More-than-2,800-baptisms-in-the-Church-of-Hong-Kong-at-Easter-46726.html-spy-satellites

Annual World Day of Prayers for China: Solemn Mass – As Posted On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Update On Venezuela As The South American Bishops Are Upset That The Military and The Head Of The Secret Police Turned On Their Man Maduro

The Relationship Between St Joseph, Vatican II And Fight Against Communism & Islam | TCE |

May 1st Saint Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII against the communist worker movement and the may pole and its symbols

Going to St. Joseph in a Time of Chaos by Andrea Chamberlain


See this additional archive link for the connection between the rise of Communism Light In Hard Core Global Socialism vs. St Joseph

Total Corruption Of Main Stream & Social Media Explodes Into Overlap With Islam & Communism vs. Catholic Religious Liberty On The Feast Of Saint Joseph | TCE|


As The World Turns Against Christian Royal Theocracies

The Utopian Premises of Ecological Tribalism Seeks To Fill The Gap – The American TFP


Tribalism & The Amazon The Progressives Next Steps After Communism – News Round Up | TCE |


The Utopian Premises of Ecological Tribalism – On gloria.tv


Lepanto Foundation is creating resources to defend the Church and Christian Civilization | Patreon


The Corporatist Remedy to Economic Liberalism – On The Society District of the USA

Why have so many Catholics shied away from the corporatist remedy to our ever-present economic ills? While a full answer cannot be provided here, no doubt the general state of doctrinal confusion wrought by the Second Vatican Council deserves a hefty share of the blame. Although it is commendable that certain writings of the post-Vatican II popes have called back to the principles articulated by the likes of Leo XIII and Pius XI, other less guarded declarations, such as those routinely made by Pope Francis, have led some Catholics to view the Church’s social doctrine as suggestive rather than binding.


Grand Duke Jean passes away; helped free his country from Nazism – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Special tribute to Grand Duke Jean from Luxembourg’s postal service – Royal Central


His Royal Highness , The Now Late , Grand-Duke-Jean






The Sensus Fidelium Declares Our Pope To Be Heretic Harming The Faithful In The News Round Up


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Pope Francis Publicly Accused of the Crime of Heresy: Bishops of the World Called Upon to Act —By Brian McCall On Catholic Family News


Pope Francis Accused of Heresy by Clergy and Theologians – Open letter urges bishops to  Condemn Doctrinal Errors – On CMTV


Pope Francis Accused of Heresy by Theologians and Clergy – On EP


“One of the Worst Crises in the History of the Catholic Church” – By Julia Meloni On Crisis Magazine


JORGE’S HEROES: The Dirty War and a Dirty Beatification – On The Remnant Newspaper


Vatican Revamp Unease Growing Over Pope’s  plan to overhaul Roman Curia  – On CMTV  


VATICAN NEWS ROUNDUP – On The Remnant Newspaper


Maike Hickson Interview with George Neumayr, Author of The Political Pope – On OnePeterFive


And another new book on Pope Francis’ election reveals the main kingmakers | By Maike Hickson On LifeSite


Corruption of Pope Francis’ reform chief revealed in groundbreaking new book | News | LifeSite

According to the widow of a former ambassador to the Vatican for Honduras, Pope Francis’ reform chief Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga has maintained an abusive and mafia-like regime in Honduras for decades, promoting false investment schemes, diverting money from the local university and from the government to shadowy and immoral purposes, and ruthlessly protecting his corrupt auxiliary bishop, who was forced to resign in 2018 following accusations of sexual abuse of seminarians.


Vatican “Super Dicastery”: A Papal Promise Fulfilled? – On OnePeterFive


Post-Synodal Exhortation to the Youth: A Pathetic Document – FSSPX.News


Pope Francis moves gay man to tears with consoling words about homosexuality and dignity | News | LifeSite


Were We Given Prophetic Warnings About Pope Francis? And The Saint Francis Prophesy – On EP


More On The Topic From The Most Recent Archived Post On The Link Below

News Round Up On Pope Francis – With Our Preface Remarks On The Holy Father | TCE |


And The Latest From All Of Pope Francis’ Prelates

Bishop Oscar Miñarro, A Revolutionary like Francis by Salwa Bachar

This beach-Mass Bishop promotes homo unions, abortion, inculturation etc.


Swiss Bishop Doesn’t Need Sexual Morality of the Church – On The Eponymous Flower


Catholic Bishops Bolster Buttigieg Bluster – On CMTV


How Cardinal Wuerl Misled the Papal Foundation | Matthew B. O’Brien | On First Things


Clown Priest Comes Along As Easter Egg – On gloria.tv


‘Competing Visions’ of How to Be Catholic? Or Just Schism? -On OnePeterFive


Saint Catherine of Siena to the Pope: “Don’t believe in the counsels of the devil! – On Rorate Caeli


May 2 – The Economist – Saint Antoninus – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Antoninus was an Archbishop and a prophet that saw the era of protestantism coming -He saw a time when they would attempt to break the relationship between Church and State in order to remake the economy into a new Christianity that would support a for profit only world view, unseat Christendom and Christian Monarchies


The Corporatist Remedy to Economic Liberalism – On The Society District of the USA

Why have so many Catholics shied away from the corporatist remedy to our ever-present economic ills? While a full answer cannot be provided here, no doubt the general state of doctrinal confusion wrought by the Second Vatican Council deserves a hefty share of the blame. Although it is commendable that certain writings of the post-Vatican II popes have called back to the principles articulated by the likes of Leo XIII and Pius XI, other less guarded declarations, such as those routinely made by Pope Francis, have led some Catholics to view the Church’s social doctrine as suggestive rather than binding.


Fresco of The alms of Sant’Antonio Pierozzi in the Church of San Domenico, Torino, Italy.

The Rising Arian Islamic Movement And The Shadows Of Notre Dame


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Sri Lanka: Easter Bomber Studied in Britain, Australia, Death Toll Hits 359 – On Breitbart


Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka jihad massacres – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Sri Lankan defense secretary resigns over Easter Sunday bombings while a father of two islmanic suicide bombers is arrested   | Arab News


Catholic churches in Sri Lanka capital closed indefinitely  Fears of reprisal attacks close some shops, mosques too – CNN


Taqiyya for Easter by Mark Steyn – On Steyn on the World


New terrorist threats unsettle Sri Lanka after deadly Easter Sunday attacks by Islamists | News | LifeSite


The Sri Lanka Terrorists: Martyrs or Murderers? – William Kilpatrick On Crisis Magazine


“Barbaric Islamist” Easter Sunday Attacks in Sri Lanka Leave Hundreds Dead – OnePeterFive Islam


PRAYERS and SOLIDARITY: 300 Members of the C-Word Minority Community Slaughtered in Sri Lanka  – The Remnant Newspaper


Muslim father, ‘wanting to be part of something,’ joins Catholic Church – On TheCatholicSpirit.com


ISIS Celebrating Sri Lanka Bombings Terror group claims the nine suicide bombers were soldiers of the Islamic State

Sick ISIS supporters celebrate deadliest-ever attack with poster of burning Pope and Buddha


ISIS and a Jesuit Priest Rejoice as Notre Dame Burns –On The American TFP

A Jesuit joins the islamic chorus , echoing the summation of all the teaching of Vatican II. 

As soon as the news of the fire began circulating, Chilean Jesuit priest Nemo Castelli, currently residing at Boston College, tweeted: “What a prophetic beginning of Holy Week! I know that it is a patrimonial wonder of the humanity of the 12th century, but it can represent a type of Church that has to end by dying: it resembles a museum, insignificant for life, which cares for the institution and whose rules distance [people] from God (At 1:05 PM 15 Apr 2019).”5


Notre Dame’s inferno is ‘act of liberation’, historian tells Rolling Stone | News | LifeSite


Media Underplays Muslim Involvement – On CMTV


Pope Contributes To Fake News Fails to Mention Perpetrators in Sri Lankan Attacks – On The Eponymous Flower


Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lanka Easter bombings

Pope Francis said “I also hope that everyone condemns these acts of terrorism, inhuman acts, never justifiable,” refusing to name the Islamic religion as forging a religious war against Christianity per their Quran


Pope Francis: God merely ‘permits’ Islam | News | LifeSite


God can not want false religions –On gloria.tv


He Who Prays with a Heretic is a Heretic – On The Fatima Center


Sri Lanka considers burqa ban following Easter jihad bombings – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Spanish Politician Investigated for ‘Islamist’ Comment
Javier Ortega Smith decried the Islamist invasion of Europe – The video is a must see

Amy Mek on Twitter: ” Spain Political Leader Investigated For Saying “Islamist” Vox Party Leader, Javier Smith, is under Criminal Investigation for this speech: “Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, liberty, progress, democracy, family, life, t


Armenia’s Agony – Islamic Turkey still denies it ever happened – On CMTV


Angry Turkey Rejects France’s Armenian Genocide Remembrance  – On Breitbart


Glazov Moment: Muslim Parents Suffocate “Too Westernized” Daughter – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Saint Sebastian and Saint Anthony of Padua Looked Like Before the Bombing – On The Eponymous Flower


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The Relationship To Notre Dame

Pilgrimages of Tradition to Notre Dame – On The Eponymous Flower


Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt in line with diversity; architect suggests an Islamic minaret be included


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Nelson Fragelli , author and speaker explains the theology and symbolism behind this jewel of medieval architecture, the stunning Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.


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Our Lady of the Good Counsel of Genazzano, Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho de Genazzano, Feastday of April 25 and 26 By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


April 26 – She inspired the Albanians to resist the Turks -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elite

Our Lady of Good Counsel


The picture seen from the altar of the chapel of Our Lady of the Good Counsel in Genazzano


Photopost Part#3 – 2019 Triduum -The Great Easter Vigil _St Anthony Of Padua ICKP West Orange New Jersey


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Photopost of the Great Easter Vigil At The Oratory of The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest At Saint Anthony of Padua West Orange, NJ




Easter Vigil Convivum That Followed ICKP – St.Anthony Of Padua W. Orange, NJ


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Photopost Part#2 – 2019 Triduum -NY and NJ | TCE |


Some more professional photoposts can be seen of the Traditional Easter Vigil from Saint Mary’s In Connecticut On St Hugh Of Cluny

Photopost – The Easter Vigil at St. Mary’s, Part II: The Christening, The Confirmations, The Mass of Easter – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Photopost – The Easter Vigil at St. Mary’s: Part I: The Blessing of the Easter Fire, Procession and Twelve Prophecies – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny




Urgent – Rosary Rally /Prayerful Protest – Drag Queen Story Hour Newark Public Library – Saturday 27th, 2019


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Your presence is kindly request and sorely needed as the revolution marches into the Children’s Section of the Newark Public Library for a Transvestites and Drag Queens reading to children from toddler age to 6 years old – indoctrinating “gender fluidity”

This Saturday morning at 10:30am Please see the flyer for more details  ->

Rosary Rally /Prayerful Protest


PDF version of the flyer on the link below->

Drag Queen Story Hour At Newark NJ Public Library

And on Monday afternoon April 29th, at 330pm At A NYC Public Library

Hamilton Branch on 145th Street nearest Amsterdam Avenue

See flyer for more details ->

Drag Queen Story Hour At New York Public Library