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  • The editor and chief of the Catholic Herald, UK Damian Thompson, has resigned under pressure as the Vatican attempts to silence growing public criticism against itself and Pope
  • At the same time Mount Stromboli in southern Italy erupted with multiple large properties on fire  while Vladimir Putin & his entourage was being received by Pope Francis
  •  The State government of Indianapolis has petitioned the Vatican to have Bishop Thompson removed from office due to his ban on practicing honosexuals working in Catholic schools in the State of Indianapolis
  •  The Federal Government of France continues to starve to death  Vincent Lambert, the paralyzed handicap, who wants to live and does not want to be a euthanasia victim. France TFP has an outdoor vigil going with prayers flyers and bagpipes that continues to grow
  •  The US Supreme Court surprisingly  continues to refuse to hear cases challenging Roe vs Wade
  •  Riots have begun in Hong Kong with many killings as mainland China begins its take over movement
  •  Several socio-,geo political liberal professors have been asked to write papers for the upcoming Amazon synod on changing the concepts of ” property ownership ” in western countries

July 5 – St. Michael de Sanctis – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

July 5 – He founded the Barnebites and reformed two religious orders, but only lived 37 years – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Antonio Maria Zaccaria


Pro-life News Round-up For The 1st Week of July 2019 – As Eugenics Begins


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Eugenics begins –despite America’s counter revolution

UK court orders forced abortion for disabled Catholic, Nigerian woman – On CNS

Hospital Begins Starving Disabled Patient Vincent Lambert to Death Against His Parents’ Wishes |

Catholic Mother Begs UN to Halt Her Son’s ‘Murder’ After Top Court Rejects Plea for Life – On CMTV

Terri Schiavo cannot be forgotten. – Remembering Terri | On CMTV’s Mic’d Up Show

New Gallup Poll Shows More Americans Say They’re Pro-Life Than Pro-Abortion |

Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Made $1 Million During Her Last Year |

Flint Judge Releases Red Rose Rescuers on Personal Recognizance – On CMTV

Wolf in the Schoolhouse  – On The Remnant Newspaper

Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Abortion Newspeak – On Crisis Magazine

The paradigm shift in the country is over the actual interpretation of the constitution – The rights of God vs. the rights of man

Bernie Sanders: Abortion Up to Birth “is a Constitutional Right.” “We Will Do Everything We Can to Defend” It |

Poll: Americans Less Likely to Support Joe Biden Because He Supports Tax-Funded Abortions |

Elizabeth Warren Celebrates Her Birthday…With Planned Parenthood |

Ted Cruz collaborating with Ocasio Cortez to make contraceptives available over the counter – The Eponymous Flower

Catholic Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo Signs Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth |

Murder By Mail Scheme

Abortion Pill By Mail Study Has Population Control Motive – On Operation Rescue

Missouri’s Last Abortion Mill May Soon Close – On CMTV

Final disposition hangs on court ruling of Catholic judge

United States: Dramatic Decline in Birthrate – On

President Trump Kicks Off 2020 Re-Election Campaign After Compiling Remarkable Pro-Life Record |

Attempt to legalize abortion, gay marriage fails in Mexico -On The California Catholic Daily

Twins Rescued Mid-Abortion After Brave Mother Changed Her Mind |

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The Corrupt Media Turns On The Government and The Prolife Movement – & The Saint Anthony Of Padua On The Pentecost Thursday News Round Up | TCE |

July 3 – The Twin – St. Thomas the Apostle -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Pope Francis Synod – The Final Revolution Is Tribalism, Socialism- Economics, Pantheism & Pentecostalism


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The Amazon Synod – Revolutionary Agenda of the Pan-Amazonia Synod by Marcos Munhoz, Brazil – On Tradition In Action

The Economy of Francis – By Atila Sinke Guimarães – On Tradition In Action

Property Warning On The Amazon Synod From The Brazillian President , his second warning on the Pope

Pantheism in the instrumentum laboris of the Amazon Synod is at work to attempt to change geo-political/economics of North and South America – On Eponymous Flower

The Real ‘Face of the Amazon’: A Culture of Death On The Remnant Newspaper

Infanticide and suicide have traditionally been part of the culture in many parts of the Amazon region. So why does the working document for October’s Pan-Amazon Synod suggest that the Catholic Church ‘puts on an Amazon face’?

Drug use is part of the tribal religions , Cannibalism use is part of the tribal religions , waiving of the arms in worship part of the tribal religion , fainting in part of the tribal religions …..They have prep’d and marinated the people well just like in the days that led to the French Revolution

Heretical and Apostate. Cardinal Brandmüller Excommunicates the Amazon Synod – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Cardinal critiques Amazon synod working doc as ‘heretical…apostasy’, urges bishops to ‘reject’ it | News | LifeSite…apostasy-urges-bishops-to-reject-it

Why the Amazon Is a Testing Ground for Religious Radicalism –

Watch – Catholic Family News Releases Interview with Chris Ferrara – Saul Alinsky And The Beginnings of Communism In The New Catholic and American Politics –

Prediction: ‘Nothing will be as it was before’ in the Church

Pan-Amazon Synod Presents Orthodox Catholics With Reasons for Concern – On CMTV

Leftist prelates use synod to push for married priests, massive changes

Pope Francis to celebrate private Mass for migrants and human traffickers | News | LifeSite

Benedict Affirms Francis Is Valid Pontiff Pope Emeritus Claims The Pope Is One – On CMTV

Benedict XVI in interview: ‘The Pope is one, it is Francis’ 

Assures Church’s unity is stronger than internal conflicts Benedict XVI: The Church’s unity is stronger than internal conflicts – On CNA

From the recent archives on related topics

BUDAPEST, USA: Nazis, Commies and Democrats  – On The Remnant Newspaper -TV

Breaking – Pope Francis News links the Amazon to Communism – The Tribal Revolution Ruse To Make All Church Teaching Relative In Perennial Change | TCE |


St. Louis de Montfort: The Last Days

“Almighty God and His holy Mother are to raise up saints who will surpass in holiness most other saints” On CMTV

July 3 – The Pope Who Condemned His Predecessor for Not Opposing Heresy — Pope St. Leo II – On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Pope St. Leo II Crowning Of Charlemagne


The Transsexual Movement Breaks Through Into The Church In Hoboken Under Cdl Tobin As The Revolution Escalates Within Catholicism Into The Schools- (Updated)


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The Cardinal Joseph Tobin Allows Dissident Priest to Celebrate Second Annual ‘Gay Pride’ Mass | Complicit Clergy

New Jersey Catholic Church Celebrates LGBT ‘Pride Mass’ – On Breitbart ’

Society of Tradition Family And Property Lead a Prayerful Protest in front of historic former Irish Parish of Our Lady Of Grace Catholic Church –

As the lavender mafia descended the  reparation of prayer event leaves the local Police perplexed at never having seen Catholics protesting Catholics as the two Catholic Churches within the Catholic Church lying beneath the surface since the Council beak into the open. The former Irish enclave of a Parish in a former docker workers town of can factories, folding box companies and coffee mills is historic not only for its age. It appeared in the famous movie On Th Waterfront with Eva Saint Marie and Marlon Brando about corruption in Hoboken and a Priest who would fight against the locals against corruption

The Church’s spire and bell tower is the tallest of the five Catholic Churches in the mile square town. What sits to one side of it is the fallen Catholic School that was the largest of six Catholic schools – six stories on a full square block of Catholic education prior to its demise in post of the Council to its other side sits the former Catholic Hospital of Saint Mary’s , the town’s only Hospital , now also fallen into secular control. We now see the Parish on the brink of falling into dissolution and revolution as we witnessed what appeared to be practicing homosexuals entering the Church for Mass holding hands and kissing while wearing beach attire.

We are witnessing the late hours on the cusp of the fall of the late great western civilization


A blessed feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ to you! -On The Fatima Center

Urge the University of St. Thomas to STOP Funding Pro-LGBT Events on Campus – TFP Student Action

A Tale of Two Jesuit High Schools – On Crisis Magazine

UK Teacher Suspends Catholic Student for ‘Homophobia’ Child punished for claiming LGBT is against his religious beliefs – On CMTV

Catholics Protest NJ Pride Mass – On CMTV

Dissenting pro-gay priest allowed free rein in Newark under Cardinal Joseph Tobin

Fr. Martin at gay ‘pride’ Mass: Pope has appointed ‘many’ pro-LGBT cardinals, bishops | News | LifeSite

Pope Francis Has Appointed “Many“ Gay-Supportive Cardinals And Bishops –On

Even McCarrick’s investigators are covering things up| LifeSite

Kentucky Bishop Slammed for Homosexuality-Affirming Prayer As Bp. John Stowe’s prayer suggests homosexuality reflects God’s glory. 

Patrick Coffin on Twitter: “This ain’t weaponized ambiguity, folks. @BpStowe is a sitting bishop of the Catholic Church. This is his Pride prayer/message, cheered on by @JamesMartinSJ.” / Twitter

Rhode Island Parish Associates Pentecost With Pride Month – On CMTV

IKEA Fires Worker for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality /Poland launches investigation into anti-religious discrimination – On CMTV

Even if we are hauled before the courts, we stand against same-sex ‘marriage’ || LifeSite

Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’ | News | LifeSite

Outraged California Parents Mobilize Over New Sex-Ed Program -Described as pornographic and sexually risky – On CMTV

McCarrick: One Year Later Catholic Victims Weigh In – On CMTV

Key Insight – After the French revolution the Church lost the system of checks and balances of  the morality of the hierarchy of the Church by the King and his court with the suppression of the nobility and we’ve never had a replacement system of accountability ever again!

Record 698 openly LGBTQ officials currently serving in the United States – GOPUSA

Top Tribunal Rules in Favor of Polish Catholic Who Refused to Print LGBT Banner /Conscience is becoming a battleground in anti-discrimination issues – On CMTV

US bishop promotes ‘celebration of Pride’ with prayer card, rainbow crucifix | News | LifeSite

Homosexuality and the Rebellion Against Nature  – On The Eponymous Flower

New Vermont Law Would Require Taxpayers to Fund Sex Change Operations For Children – Summit News

Citizens have until July 17 to voice opposition to the Medicaid expansion plan.

Petition supports girls who don’t want to race boys who identify as ‘girls’ | News | LifeSite

How Francis Promoted the Lavender Mafia in Belgium –On

Chart: 4.5 Percent of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT | Statista  ( Yet they are completely in control of the media and the narrative )

Antifa Attempts to Intimidate, Doxx Drag Queen Protesters – On CMTV

Vatican’s new critique on gender theory a ‘toothless lion’: Catholic sociologist | LifeSite

 “Conservative” Cardinal Forbids Prayer in Reparation for Gay March –On

 Man raised by lesbians warns Americans to fight against Equality Act | News | LifeSite

Denying History | The Vortex The Trans Crisis In The Church

Psychologist: Vatican Document on Gender Theory Really a Compromise – On CMTV

Marygrove has been hosting Masses conducted on behalf of the Detroit chapter of Dignity USA, an LGBTQ group professing to be Catholic.

Watch – Speaking From His Hiding Place Fr. Paul Kalchik.    | The Vortex

 Abp. Viganò names DC National Shrine rector Msgr. Rossi as homosexual predator | News | LifeSite

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The Trans Movement Infiltration Into Catholic Hierarchy & Schools In The Breaking News | TCE |

The Creation Of The 3rd Sex & It’s Rights In The Revolution To Elevate Trans sexuality To Higher Class Is Upon Us | TCE |

July 1 – Condemned to death for promoting the Catholic faith, he responded “Deo gratias” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Oliver Plunket

July 1 – Venerable Thomas Maxfield – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

English priest and martyr, born in Stafford gaol, about 1590, martyred at Tyburn, London, Monday, 1 July, 1616. He was one of the younger sons of William Macclesfield of Chesterton and Maer and Aston, Staffordshire (a firm recusant, condemned to death in 1587 for harbouring priests, one of whom was his brother Humphrey), and Ursula, daughter of Francis Roos, of Laxton, Nottinghamshire.

July 1 – The Marquis of Lescure destroys two thirds of Westermann’s army and saves the lives of captured enemy soldiers – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites The Vendee and The Sacred Heart On The Move

On the 1st July he burned the town of Amaillon; he then set fire to M. Lescure’s chateau at Clisson, and sent a detachment to destroy La Durbeillère, Larochejacquelein’s family mansion at St. Aubin.

This is an illustration, said to be from about 1680, of the permanent gallows at Tyburn, which once stood where Marble Arch now stands.

The Vendee On The Move

Preparing For the martyrdom of the next generation

Photograph of the Saint Michael Shrine taken at traditional Mass of the Sacred Heart of Saint Stephens Catholic Church in Kearny

Sacred Heart Of Jesus and Maintaining Tradition As The Primary Method Of Catholic Resistance & Restoration Part #2 | TCE |


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The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Symbol of Combativity & Restoration of Christendom – On TIA

The Counter-Revolutionary Role of Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Plinio Correa de Oliveira

Our Lord’s Request for the Institution of the Feast of His Sacred Heart – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Corpus Christi 2019 Photopost (Part 1) – On Novus Motus Liturgicus 

Corpus Christi 2019 Photopost (Part 2) – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Fr. Cipolla’s Sermon for Corpus Christi – On Rorate

Should Traditional Catholics ‘Move Past’ the Liturgy Debates? – On OnePeterFive

Historical Videos of Corpus Christi Processions – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Romantic Irony (Part 3) -On Tradition Restored

Is destruction coming near to Rome for those who attack Sacred Tradition of the Traditional Rite and traditional Catholic dogma ?

‘Let’s Not Wait for the Theologians’ by Marian T Horvat On TIA

Sheen Disinterred From St. Patrick’s Cathedral – On CMTV

Another traditional order follows the Franciscans Of The Immaculata into the cross hairs of the Vatican mafias wrecking ball aimed at traditional orders

Saint Benedict Center Needs your Help: Its Survival is in Jeopardy –

Cardinal Sarah: “We must rebuild the cathedral … We do not need to invent a new Church” – Catholic World Report

The spire of the cathedral of Paris has fallen: and this is no coincidence! Notre-Dame of Paris symbolizes the whole West, buckling and crumbling after turning away from God. It symbolizes the great temptation of Western Christians: no longer turned toward God, turning inward upon themselves, they are perishing. I am convinced that this civilization is living through its mortal hour. As once during the decline and fall of Rome, so today the elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainments. As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West: behold the flames of barbarism threaten you!

Spain: 14 nuns, martyred in Spanish Civil War, beatified – Cardinal cites vivid testimonies referring to their deaths

Homily of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Mass for the Beatification of María Carmen Lacaba Andía and 13 companion martyrs

Heart Attacks for the Church and the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano by  Father Ladis J. Cizik On The Remnant Newspaper –

For the First Time in 50 Years, a Latin Mass for the Merchant Marine Academy – OnePeterFive

When the Saints Go Marching Out – Dialogue Mass 85 by Dr. Carol Byrne On TIA

Do dress your children well – On TIA

The Churches of New York XCI: The Country, the City and a Hint of the Suburbs On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

*** From The Recent Archives ***

Corpus Christi Thursday –Convergence Of Tradition Lines Up Against The Amazon X-press Train Leaving The Station | TCE |

Ember Wednesday And The Honoring Of One Fallen And One Ordained – FSSP Priests | TCE |

Maintaining Tradition As The Primary Method Of Catholic Resistance and Restoration | TCE |

***From local “t” tradition preserved ***

The Olana  Estate  Century – A  nineteenth-century Victorian treasure

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 11

Gothic and Spanish Revival Cottage

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 17

The Hyde Park Vanderbilt Mansion

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 9

Ever Rest Was Cropsey Nobility From The 1830s Onward

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 21

Van Cortlandt Family Manor

28 Historic Estates to Visit in New York’s Hudson Valley | Untapped Cities – Part 28

June 28 – He fought to preserve the Pope’s independence – Pope Saint Paul I – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites




Jewish Zionism – Roman Catholicism on Judaism


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In getting to the bottom of the current societal chaos & disorder, along with the revolution within Catholicism, and its changing teachings on non-Christian religions. most especially Judaism ,brought about by the Vatican II Council fathers, (most especially then Cdl Ratzinger , leveraging the previous works by his progressive colleagues and predecessors of the current revolution) .

Quoting from Attila Sinke Guimaraes Animus Delendi II

Jewish messianism would thus appear to have two streams , as Hons Von Balthasar pointed out. That is to say there would be a biblical messianism , which would find its more contemporary expression in Zionism , which preaches the hegemony of the Jewish people established in Israel and the ascendancy of its new religion over all peoples and there would be a secular messianism , which finds its translation in the Communism of Marx or in the socialist regimes of the kibbutzim applied in Israel ( Kibbutz – definition mine- is a communal settlement in Israel in which all property is held in common and profits are reinvested in the settlement and private property is slowly abolished )

The topic of Catholic and Jewish Messianism was revisited by the Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC) in its book The Hebrew People and its Holy Scriptures in the Christian bible (Pontifical Biblical Commission 2001),  with a main preface by Cdl J Ratzinger . The PBC is an organ of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith to which Cdl Ratzinger was at the time its official Presiden.

The PBC spoke at length on the new teachings of the Catholic Church . The PBC illustrated their view of the messianic mission of our Lord Jesus Christ and compared it to the Jewish hope of a messiah It stated the notion of the fulfillment of the mystery of Christ is extremely complex and can be distorted if one unilaterally insists on either continuity or discontinuity of the fulfillment of the prophesies of the old testament in the new testament The Christian faith acknowledges the fulfillment as a simple realization of what was written Jesus does not limit himself to carrying out a per-established role as that of Messiah . Rather he confers to the notion of  Messiah and salvation a plenitude that was impossible to imagine before (for the Jewish nation)

We must realize that certain apologetics does , upon the merit of the proofs attributed to the fulfillment of the prophesies . Such insistence upon the merits of the proofs, attributed to the fulfillment of the prophesies. Such insistence has contributed to the Christians severe judgment of the Hebrews According to their reading of the old testament the reference to Christ becomes evident in the old testament texts , the more incredulousness of the Hebrews becomes justified …..It goes on and on until this new version of Catholicism lands, and crash lands it does, into a complete pantheistic naturalism

A Guirmaraes then summarizes as follows:

By Assuming such a doctrine the Vatican’s PBC affirmed that the messianic mission of Christ still has not been completely fulfilled This is no longer Catholic doctrine , it is a pantheist and gnostic fable directly opposed to perennial  teaching of the Holy Church and very close to the myths of the Jewish religion

Along with this affinity existing between progressivist Catholicism and Judaism regarding Messianism , there are countless other progressivists who affirm that the Jews did not lose their status as chosen people. Such a statement certainly presupposed progressivism’s voluntary submission to govern the elect “people’ ( and hence the Zionism concepts interwoven in globalism, economics, the revolution in the Catholic Church, Israeli military escalation, the middle east’s hatred of the newly created state of Israel etc..)

Traditional Catholic teachings are fundamentally clear that the old covenant between our God and the Jews was completely abrogated and replaced by the new Covenant of the mystical body of Christ whereby the Catholic Church is the new Israel, in a new covenant and final covenant that established a new ‘ordained’ Priesthood based on a mandatory apostolic succession.

The average traditional Catholic sees clearly that Cdl Ratzinger and the Pontifical Biblical Commission teachings, out of these Vatican II think tanks, are not merely heretical notions but a full and complete apostasy

We now provide substantive back ground sources on the paradigm shift of the new world order coming out of the revolutions in research works and key quotation from two of the colelctions of Father Denis Fahey’s famous Roman Catholic work and research.

Fr. D. Fahey is a trained traditional Catholic historian, philosopher, theologian,and political scientist who  gives both an insiders view, a politically incorrect Catholic version of history (by today’s standards) as well as the now suppressed traditional Catholic teaching on Judaism in two free text books available online from his research which spanned from World War III through the 1950s

  1. The Kingship of Christ vs. The Jewish Nation by Father Denis Fahey- pdf on the link –>

Kingship of Christ, Fahey, Fr. Denis

2. The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society by Fr. Denis Fahey pdf on the link –>

The_Mystical_Body_of_Christ_and_the_reorganization_of_society_Redlined Pages On Bread

Also available online …..–>

The Jewish nation, instructed by the Prophets and Figures of the Old Testament, and, lastly, by St. John the Baptist, was meant to turn upwards, at the bidding of God become man, and to put all its splendid natural qualities at the service of the True Supernatural order of the world. Instead of doing so, it turned downwards to the slavery of a self-centred ambition dictated by national pride.

The attitude of Saul prior to his conversion on the road to Damascus is typical of the corrupt ideas concerning the mission of the Messias, which had taken hold of Jewish minds, and had led them to reject Our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul saw the truth about the Mystical Body of Christ after his conversion, and tried to get his fellow-countrymen to recognise their error, but the nation as such refused to listen.

What are the characteristic traits of Talmudic formation ? Let us hear them from very different sources. Mgr. Landrieux, Bishop of Dijon, France, in his excellent work, L’Histoire et les Histores dans la Bible, outlines the effect of the Talmud as follows : ‘* It is a systematic deformation of the Bible . . . The pride of race with the idea of universal domination is therein exalted to the height of folly . . . For the Talmudist, the Jewish race alone constitutes humanity, the non-Jews are not human beings. They are of a purely animal nature. They have no rights. The moral laws which regulate the mutual relations of men, the Ten Commandments, are not of obligation in their regard. They oblige exclusively between Jews. With regard to the Goim (non-Jews) everything is allowed : robbery, fraud, perjury, murder.

The decay was morally inevitable in any case, because of the opposition of the Jewish Nation to our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, the Unique Source of that Life through which alone the ordered tendency of individuals and nations can be maintained. It was elaborated on this point at some length in Fr. Denis Fahey’s other excellent traditional Catholic book The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (pp. 155-160), also free and linked below

Additional key excerpts from Father Denis Fahey – screaming for further traditional Catholic studies into his bibliograph footnotes which are sourced extensively from the Church Fathers and the established ‘eternal’ magisterium of the Church.

A sad commentary on the fulfillment of the ” eternal message to mankind of the immortal prophets ” is that the Declaration of Independence of the Zionist State, issued on the day it was proclaimed, contains no mention of God. So we read in an article in The Canadian Intelligence Service, April, 1952, quoting The Christian Century. The article further states that ” the majority of Palestine’s Zionists, including most of the leaders of the new Israel, are aggressively secularist. ‘ Zion without God has become Israel without God.’ It is an ominous portent.” The triumph of Marxism is doing its deadly work of corrosion and perversion.

Marxist Communism has not only accentuated the materialism deplored by the Fathers Lemann amongst the Jews of their day, This has galvanized it into action by the hope of world conquest. For Marx, man is purely material, but as matter, man is God. Marx, like his friend, Heinrich Heine, was a pantheist. ” This descendant of a line of Rabbins and doctors,” writes the Jewish historian, B. Lazare, ” inherited all the logical vigour of his ancestors.

Marxist Communism has not only accentuated the materialism deplored by the Fathers Lemann amongst the Jews of their day, This has galvanized it into action by the hope of world conquest. For Marx, man is purely material, but as matter, man is God. Marx, like his friend, Heinrich Heine, was a pantheist. ” This descendant of a line of Rabbins and doctors,” writes the Jewish historian, B. Lazare, ” inherited all the logical vigour of his ancestors. He was a clear and lucid Talmudist

a Talmudist who studied sociology and applied his  natural aptitudes for exegesis to the criticism of Political Economy. He was full of that old Hebrew materialism which ever dreams of a paradise on earth and always rejects the far-distant and problematical hope of a garden of Eden after death.

Yes ! Marx was a revolutionary and no ordinary one, for he combined Jewish Messianism with the pantheistic philosophy of Hegel.

Karl Marx borrowed some of primary understandings from the Talmud which is also opposed to ‘private property’ and believes in communal Jewish property as the State of Israel understands it – into “their materialism’

Thus the Zionist ideal is completely opposed to that of Abraham and the Patriarchs. ” The just of the Old Law,” writes the ex-Rabbin Drach, ” did not attribute to the Messiah they expected, as does the modern synagogue, the mission of restoring our nation to Palestine, and bestowing upon it glory and the goods of this world, but that of winning our spiritual salvation, as in point of fact Our Lord Jesus Christ has done.

Several Fathers of the Church have expressed the thought in their commentaries.

” Israel’s failure to correspond,” says Origen, ” has been the occasion of the calling of the Gentiles. We have taken their place and thus have become the true Kingdom of Juda. But our last times will resemble those of the Jews because of our sins, in fact they will be worse,”2 . Origen, Fourth Homily on Jeremias. The Fathers Lemann cite also a few lines from Origen’s Explanation of the Epistle to the Romans, Chap. XI.

The Alliance of Jewish Finance with Communism—Lenin at the source

The passage quoted by Mr. Churchill runs as follows: “By sending Lenin to Russia, our [German] Government did, moreover, assume a great respon­sibility, but from the military point of view his journey was justified. Russia had to be laid’ low. But our Government should have seen to it that we were not also involved in her fall.” Mr. Churchill then continued: “Lenin was sent into Russia by the Germans in the same way that you might send a phial containing a culture of typhoid or of cholera to be poured into the water supply of a great city, and it worked with amazing accuracy. No sooner did Lenin arrive than he began beckoning a finger

The Freemasonic well of research data connecting the era of the French revolution to Judaism and the Communist revolution , to Italy and on to being exported into the US is a deep well

Decschamps then goes on to show how the Masonic plan of Palmerston was realized by the destruction of the States of the Church, in the course of the formation of the Kingdom of Italy, and by the union of Germany under Prussia.

The Masonic role of Palmerston is dealt with at considerable length in Dcschamps, op. cit., and in Mgr. Dillon’s book, The War of Anti-Christ with the Church and Christian Civilization

In Dr. Friedrich Wichtl’s research ,1 the accusation levelled at Jewry and Freemasonry of having continually worked against the interests of Germany. Wichtl then shows how Freemasonry then throughout the world turned against Germany during t h e Great War (1914-1918). He shows also that the Communist Republic in Munich and the whole Communist movement in Germany and Russia after the Great War was the work of Judeo-Masonry and Brothers/. Toller, Levien, Axelrod, Wadler, Ewinger, Lenin and Trotsky, etc., etc.1 On

The ultimate aim of the occupation of Rome was not attained, at least completely, by the conquest of political unity. We are speaking now, not of the intentions of all those who co-operated therein, but of the plans of the Sectaries who were the Prime Movers in the affair. No : that act of violence . . . . was intended by the Freemasons to be simply a step towards the accomplishment of a deeper, darker design . . . . In order to attack the spiritual power of the Holy See, a beginning was made by overthrowing i t s earthly rampart . . . . Is all this the triumph of Italy ? Is it not rather the advent of apostasy ?

In particular he proves that it was through Masonic pressure that Italy entered the war against Catholic Austria and Germany which many people at the time did not understand , but the fruits of the globalism of this new world order we see today as if that was the old testament of history and we are now living the new testament of the same history unfolding in our time.

Many more connecting of the dots can be brought to bear here but this has to be studied further


** Here are some additional key substantiating stories of intertest interwoven into this topic**


I once attended (as a journalist ) a NYC protest between Orthodox Jews and Israeli Jews along 7th Avenue (with Police barricades for several blocks long) while Obama was still President

I learned a lot and gleaned a sense of almost hatred that the Israeli Jews have for the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews – On the other side of the road I interviewed the Orthodox/ Hasidic Jews asking their perspective . It was here that I learned their position that states that “the majority” of the world’s Jewish REJECT the occupation of the land of Israel (which also the new Covenant /New Testament ) illustrates clearly was land forever taken away from the Jews in an abrogated Covenant

The orthodox jews also explained to me what is meant by Zionism . These Isrealis they maintain are in large numbers NON practicing Jews that believe that they are saved by their nationality and the majority do not read/pray scripture but infrequently read reflection books about the Talmud

Although it’s a position I don’t agree with (Israel /Zionism movement ) Robert Spencer’s perspective of the other side of this., more along the evangelical protestant notions

Israel: The Small, Great Country – On Robert Spencer’s Site Let us not forget that the Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan of 1947 that would have already back then created a Palestinian state. The Arabs wanted war so that they could throw the Jews into the sea. But they failed. And so, the Arabs tried again, and again, and again, each time losing more and more territory to Israel.Only Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was smart enough to try a different approach, and managed to regain the Sinai Peninsula from Israel by offering peace. All Israel wants, surrounded as it is by 22 Arab countries, is to live quietly in its little corner of the Middle East.

In orthodox Catholicism both are paganism movements of invented religion that arose long after the old Covenant was abrogated and did not emerge in any form larger than small pockets of gypsy Jewish communities in Europe until the period after the French Revolution which theyused to piggy back on the rights of man above the rights of God movement  Like the jehovhas witnesses , hare krishnas, buddhism , hindusim and islam – all of it… including judaism… is the same religion… It’s ariansim , a pagan form of worship that denies the Son of God, denies his divinity and exclusivity in the salvation of man

Are the prophesies about the beginning of the end of days starting to be fulfilled

The Jews are flooding out of Europe, especially countries like France for the last 3 to 4 years, and now with the trickle of exodus from the UK beginning to break  into its own  flow to the palastine israel –Pretty soon Israel will need to expand at their borders, even though today they deny that they would ever do so. At the same time , Islam demands Israel’s destruction is mandated by the Quran

Are major wars not far off?

Europe is surrendering to massive muslim influx While Vatican II has ordered mainstream Catholicism’s surrender to a false ecumenism and a belief in universal salvation Catholics that remain in the old religion adherent to beliefs of infallible Catholicism are but a remnant , small minority of the Church while our hierarchy is completely infiltrated with clergy that are dissident to the teaching of the Church and infected with pro-homosexual ideology It is a crisis that many say is now exceeding the levels of the arian heresy of the early Church

See the evidence of what’s really going on through the eyes of another culture

Europe’s Jewish Exodus (Full Length) – On YouTube

Jewish Passover celebrated at Brazilian Catholic Parish – Syncretism and Arianism In Catholicism – On Church Revolution In Pictures On TIA

A Special Jewish Woman, the Pharisees, and a Good Opportunity Missed By Pope Francis – On Magister Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

“In spite of the progress in the historical work on the Pharisees, preaching all over the Christian world continues to depict these Jewish teachers as xenophobes, elitists, legalists, lovers of money and moral hypocrites. Moreover, in general the term ‘Pharisee’ implies ‘Jew,’ since many Jews and Christians consider the Pharisees the precursors of rabbinic Judaism. Therefore, even when Christians use the term ‘Pharisee’ to denounce clericalism in ecclesial contexts, they do nothing but reinforce prejudice toward Jews.”

“The theological significance of the dialogue between Jews and Christians” Should be called the theological heresy of the dialogue between Jews and Christians

Grace and Vocation without Remorse: Comments on the Treatise De Iudaeis | Articles | Communio

Risen “According To the Scriptures.” A Freshly Published Easter Homily of Joseph Ratzinger – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

The Two Paschas of Jews and Christians. A Previously Unpublished Letter By the Pope Emeritus – Magister On Settimo Cielo- L’Espresso

Pope Denounces ‘Troubling Recrudescence of Anti-Semitism’ – On Breitbart

Sweden: Jewish congregation in Muslim-dominated Malmö says city is “already a no-go zone for Jews” – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Gaza Muslims send incendiary balloons into Israel, six fires rage in South  – On Robert Spencer’s Site


From The Recent Archives

Good Friday And The Catholic Doctrine On The Jews Is Challenged By The Vatican | TCE |


Preconciliar Good Friday Prayers For The Conversion Of The Jews Defended – Position Paper On Una Voce International


Germany: Kaiser’s Descendant Loses Bid for Return of Castle – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patron of June 27


Breaking – Pope Francis News links the Amazon to Communism – The Tribal Revolution Ruse To Make All Church Teaching Relative In Perennial Change


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Conciliar Catholicism – a new Church , not satisfied with liberation theology but accepting of Communism as a method to escape Capitalism has found its pinnacle in Pope Francis and the new Conciliar Catholicism.

From his studies of neo-Jesuitism and a student of revolutions both successful and failed he seeks to change the Church not by theological or doctrinal means which is impossible but by his steady psychological revolution targeted at Catholics he believes he can irreversible change the Church in a way that will affect the world’s governments . He fully udnerstands that another Pope could roll back much of what he has undermined to date Therefore he studies methods of irreversible change, most of all government forms of structure and restructure

He has a hatred of the United States form of government but respects its architects that were divided between freemasonic philosophies and liberal protestant Christianity that sought some merge of the two . As for the Catholic form of government that ruled the land in feudal times for centuries , a royal theocracy of the Catholic State,. he hates all the more. He sees Liberation Theology as the current mode to move toa  more Communist model in order to get to his new desired end which is a utopian unity of economies , immigration without borders , globalism , and pan-religion . The 1960s vision of the Council come to yet a new pinnacle of implementation. A mere product of the Council seeking to implement the Council in the ways he was taught in the Catholic revolution of the past half century. Women preaching the homily at Mass in 2020 and beyond ,  continuing to stream into the sanctuary and continuing to debase the sanctuary, and relativizing of Catholic doctrine & theology  are just a small part of the sub-revolution(s). As the historians have put it enough revolutions surpassed , then the geo- political redrafting eventually leads to world war.

Watch – Professor Roberto de Mattei explains the crisis in the Church 1 of 2 | On LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen Show – On YouTube

Pope Francis Promotes Goals Created by Communists – On The Lepanto Institute

New Report Links Some of Pope Francis’ Goals With Communist Ideology – On CMTV

Watch -BUDAPEST, USA: Nazis, Commies and Democrats  – On The Remnant Newspaper -TV

Is the Communism ecumenism and partnership of the new Vatican not working so well?

China Is Persecuting the “Underground” Bishops Even After Death. Vatican Uneasy – Magister On Settimo Cielo — L’Espresso

Chinese province tightens restrictions on Church  Priests must ‘prohibit the entry of minors into Church’

CHINA-VATICAN Suffocating the Chinese Church with “independence”, while applauding the China-Vatican agreement On Asia It,-while-applauding-the-China-Vatican-agreement-47373.html

Pre-Amazonian Synod ‘Study Meeting’ Held in Rome – Mostly German theologians ‘activating old dissident Catholic material’ – On NCR

AMAZON SYNOD: Vatican Racism on Full Display” If they get their way, it would be the most pernicious revolution that has ever happened in the history of the Church — if they get their way.” On The Remnant Newspaper

The Pan-Amazon Synod: Towards a New “Church With an Amazonian Face” – TFP

EWTN’s “Papal Posse” criticizes working doc for Amazon Synod As Outrageous  | News | LifeSite

US Bishops Support Priest Assembly Calling for Women’s Ordination – On CMTV

Cardinals, bishops who back women’s ordination secretly meet near Rome to prepare for Amazon synod  | LifeSite

Francis in his own words: There was no ‘multiplication’ of loaves: it was just ‘sharing’. – On Rorate Caeli

Did God Express His Indignation Over Pope Francis Latest Hersey ? On The Eponymous Flower

Vatican Congregation for Education Issues Scandalous Document on Gender Theory – On Catholic Family News

Watch “Gloria tv Exclusive There Were Severe Problems Already Before Francis” – On YouTube

A traditional Catholic apostolate that has understood where the  trajectory of the Conciliar revolution was headed from the beginning

Tribalism or Self-Management: the Next Step after Communism by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Barbarism of the West Causes Tribalism by Gonzalo Larrain Campbell – TIA

NH Diocese Violates Parishioners’ Rights to Demolish Church

Auto-demolition mode in the Church in full swing as Bp. Libasci won’t talk to parishioners and is denying their right to appeal – On CMTV

Cardinal Sarah: “We must rebuild the cathedral … We do not need to invent a new Church” – Catholic World Report

The spire of the cathedral of Paris has fallen: and this is no coincidence! Notre-Dame of Paris symbolizes the whole West, buckling and crumbling after turning away from God. It symbolizes the great temptation of Western Christians: no longer turned toward God, turning inward upon themselves, they are perishing. I am convinced that this civilization is living through its mortal hour. As once during the decline and fall of Rome, so today the elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainments. As a bishop, it is my duty to warn the West: behold the flames of barbarism threaten you!

June 26 – Chartreuse is not only a drink – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Anthelm of Belley


The Trans Movement Infiltration Into Catholic Hierarchy & Schools In The Breaking News


, , , , , ,

Bernardin was a homosexual predator !

Explosive Dossier: Cardinal Cupich Under Investigation for Withholding Bernardin Documents – OnePeterFive

Watch -Father John F. O’Connor warned about Card. Bernardin and was punished – On

Monsignor Rossi Boots Me From D.C. Basilica on Corpus Christi Sunday | By George Neumayr On The American Spectator

Alleged Predator Bars Journalist George Neumayr From National Shrine/ Msgr. Rossi bans Catholic author with five-year Basilica ban for insider reporting on the Basilica – On CMTV

US bishops give $750K grant to group pushing homosexuality, LGBT propaganda | News | LifeSite

Vatican and Sexual Abuse. Two Opposing Solutions, Both Wrong -Magister On  Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Catholic university Mount St. Mary’s alumni magazine includes gay ‘engagement’ announcement | News | LifeSite

Presence of disgraced cardinals at ordination of new bishop causes uproar in Chile – On Crux

Bp. Tobin Of Rhode Island defended Catholic doctrine on LGBT. Where are his brother bishops?  | LifeSite

Scary Bishop to radical LGBT conference: Morality is about ‘dignity,’ not ‘rules’ | News | LifeSite

Pro-family org. demands cardinal who covered-up sex abuse withdraw from conference | News | LifeSite

Protect children’s pilgrimage from LGBT marchers | News | LifeSite

 Ohio ‘Drag 101’ Class for Teens Cancelled After Backlash -On CMTV

Teen, 17, who sparked row for saying there are only two genders ‘suspended from school for three weeks’ – On MSN

Transgender Teen Sought to Kill Colorado Classmates- New details emerge on STEM School shootings – On CMTV

WATCH: Teacher kicks student out of class for saying there’re only two genders | News | LifeSite

In Pride Month News : Lesbians Stab Child to Death – On The Eponymous Flower

Catholic School in Ireland Allowing Boys to Dress Like Girls
St. Brigid’s National School in Greystones implementing gender-neutral dress code

Vatican office calls gender theory ‘confused concept’ in guide for Catholic schools

Both Dignity , the dissident Catholic homosexual group and a professor at Fordham a Jesuit University in the Bronx have condemned the document and Popes statements against gender ideology

A whole new scandal—financial this time—looms for the Catholic hierarchy | Catholic Culture

Buttigieg Says God Made Him Gay: A Retort from South Bend – On Crisis Magazine

Catholic Politician Attacked for Saying Science May Cure Homosexuality by Dr. Jules Gomes On CMTV

Conservative civil war erupts after writer blasts ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ | Lifesitenews

Conservative Christians can’t afford,” Ahmari writes, the “luxuries” of “procedural liberalism” and pluralism. “Progressives understand that culture war means discrediting their opponents and weakening or destroying their institutions. Conservatives should approach the culture war with similar realism.”

How libraries are being used to corrupt children and what you can do about it | Opinion | LifeSite

Trump Tells Embassies They Can’t Fly Gay Flag – But… – On

Former Homosexuals Celebrate Liberation from Perversion – On

Bishop Imagines Women-Cardinals – On

Watch – The Truth Comes Out | On This Episode Of The Vortex

Dissident Priest Unwittingly Reveals Globohomo Game Plan – On The Remnant Newspaper

Gay Pride: Force Fed on Americans – On CMTV

Parents’ Rights In A Gendered World – Culture of Life Foundation

Professor: Small Preschool Chairs are Sexist, Problematic, Gendered – Breitbart

Madrid is Infested With Aberrosexual Propaganda — Epidemiologists Are Concerned – On The Eponymous Flower

Revolution and Counter-Revolution – Historic overview by Atila S. Guimaraes
Different uses of the word Revolution


June 25 – Simon de Montfort -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

June 25 – St. Maximus of Turin – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

June 25 – Servant of God Maria Clotilde of Savoy – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Princess Ludovica Teresa Maria Clotilde of Savoy

St. William of Vercelli, saint of June 25 – Commentary  By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Monastery of Monte Vergine today

The Chapel dedicated to Our Lady in the Monastery of Monte Vergine





Ecology –Egalitarianism – Suppression Of The Clergy – Liberation Theology – And The Road To Communism Converge In The Papal Amazon –


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Ecology –And Overpopulation Mythology At The Amazon Synod

Francis honors Jeffrey Sachs at ecological meeting – On Church Revolution In Pictures

Overpopulation? No, “The World Might Actually Run Out of People” |

The anti- pro-life ecology movement joins forces with liberation theology

Peruvian expert in liberation theology reveals ‘scheme’ behind the Amazon Synod  | News | LifeSite

Eccles is saved: Amazonis Laetitia ( Humor amidst the crisis and revolution)

Where is it all heading -?!  see below

Cardinal appears in video pledging Hong Kong’s resistance to Chinese government | The Pulse | LifeSite

OUT and PROUD: Italian Catho-Communism and the Correction of False Categories – On The Remnant Newspaper

What’s Happening in Hong Kong, 2019 – Elite Catholic -Pro-Communists Partner With The Novus Ordo Regime In The Favor Of The Vatican – On The Remnant Newspaper –

It Is Dangerous to Trade With Chinese God-Haters – On Crisis Magazine

Robert Spalding: China Bankrupts America with Endless Wars in Mideast – On Breitbart

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The Catholic Acceptance Of Socialism , The New World Order , And The Prophesy That Ends It All | TCE |

Battle Fatigue – On CMTV

Words of encouragement in the midst of spiritual war

Saint John The Baptist was willing to risk everything including beheading in order to provide to Herod the Truth that would save his soul forever

St. John the Baptist – Hermit turned public evangelist on fire for Christ for Christ

A Relic of St John the Baptist – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Holy Innocents NYC – The Restoration vs. The Tribal Revolution


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Photopost Corpus Christi Thursday Dbl 1st Class Feast @ Holy Innocents NYC

Holy Innocents NYC Is Called Out As A Bastion Of Restoration Of The Traditional Catholic Faith Within This Episode Of Dr. Taylor Marshal’s Show

Watch “Pope Francis and PanAmazonian Synod Plans Revealed #TnT Commentary” on YouTube

Watch The Exclusive Interview: Michael Voris With Dr. Taylor Marshall – On CMTV

Other Historic Corpus Christi Processions


Spiritual Battle in New Orleans: Rosary Rally Planned to Prayerfully Combat Pro-Abortion Fundraiser -Saturday June 22nd – See Catholic Family News For More Details

Is Chivalry Dead ? Only In Malta


The Revolution vs. The Counter Revolution


EXCLUSIVE FOR RORATE – Full Text of the Amazon Synod “Instrumentum Laboris” in English –

Drumbeats in the Amazon, and Not from the Natives – On Fatima Center

Vatican proclaims ‘Season of Creation’ to limit global warming | News | LifeSite

Why Priestly Celibacy? – Sacerdotalis Caelibatus – The American TFP

Will Pan-Amazonian Synod Result in End to Clerical Celibacy? On NC Register Pope 

Appointments announced today show the issue will be discussed, and could result in wide-ranging and concrete changes.

Exclusive The hopelessness of the city of man without God – Bishop Athanasius Schneider On Voice of the Family

Edward Pentin Covers The Paganism In The Synod Document 

Maybe not so evident to many is the fruit of the failure to denounce Pope Francis as a heretic and ask from him that he recants or be deposed. All the members of the hierarchy who have not done this are part of the problem, not of the solution.

The House Is Burning, And The Smoke Of Satan Is Charring The Church. | On Mundabor’s Blog

Amazonian Synod Goes Witchcraft, “Pagan Rituals To Fight Evil Spirits” – On

The TFP is down there in the trenches fighting for the traditional Catholic Faith

Watch – Bergoglio Church’s Amazon Synod Propagates Returns to Paganism –On‘s News Breifs

The Chilean author José Antonio Ureta of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute writes that the Instrumentum Laboris, the working paper, for the Amazon Synod shows a strong propensity toward a “deification of nature” which is promoted in UN environmental conferences since at least 1972. This neo-pagan UN agenda is now about to enter the Catholic Church.

THE POLITICAL POPE (By George Neumayr) – New Book /Review –  On The Remnant Newspaper

NJ Bishop Reassigns Gay Priest Caught in Risqué Photos Scandal – On CMTV

Bishop Serratelli promotes active homosexuals in his diocese

McCarrick Victim James Grein Testifies Before NJ Senate – On CMTV

Cardinal Burke Addresses the Clergy Scandal – On CMTV

Must address problem of homosexuality among bishops and cardinals

Vatican official praises Catholic media for coverage of sex abuse crisis – NCR

Msgr. John Kennedy heading the Vatican Office that reviews sec abuse cases – confirms the raging revolution in the Church’s clergy


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Photoposts Of Recent Traditional Events & Posting Links Of Local Tradition | TCE |

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St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Loyalty Trumps All Self-Interest in Count Raymond’s Military Counsel to the King – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Military Counsel to the King