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Tribalism or Self-Management: the Next Step after Communism by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The revolutionaries  have a multi-level relationship To Liberation Theology And Distributism / A new form of society beyond Communism – Communism and socialism is not this new world order’s end goal but a means to its ends.

It involves a rejection of morals, of Catholic  hierarchy,  and social classes. It mandates ecumenism with non Christian religions, complete equality of gender-less societies. and ultimately an ecological model of self-management that seeks alliance within the Church in order to destroy the state and foster tribal pan-religion and neo-socialism

Forward into the Past: Regressive Progressives – The Formation Of Pre-Christian Tribalism – On The Fatima Center

The use of a South American vegetable called yuca rather than wheaten bread – Pope Francis and the Amazonian Tribe

Pope Francis Tribalism And The Amazonian Eucharist

And This From 2017 -> Inset

Pope Francis (R) attends a meeting with Bhaddanta Kumarabhivasma (L), Chairman of state Sanga Maha Nayaka Committee, and Buddhist monks in Yangon on November 29, 2017.
Pope Francis spread a message of forgiveness in a historic open-air mass before a sea of inter confessional worshipers in (a pan religion event) Yangon on on November 29, during a visit to conflict-torn Myanmar that has been framed so far by his public sidestepping of the Rohingya crisis. / AFP PHOTO / Vincenzo PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

International Mother Earth Day: Promoting Tribalism, Marxism and Pantheism by Miguel Oviedo

A multi-faceted ecology – the new ideal for religious orders by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

Expert ‘preaches’ to Vatican on geoengineering to combat climate change –

“Geoengineering is an emerging global ethical issue that will unite all people” March 2019 –On Crux

“Cold periods often get labelled as ‘Dark Ages’…”: Did Europe’s “Little Ice Age” trigger the Protestant Revolution? – What’s Up With Francis-Church?

Where will tribalism end up ?

“Cashless society” = ultimate digital totalitarian surveillance state – When your family becomes excommunicated from the ‘globalism’ tribe – What’s Up With Francis-Church?

Grid Dependency: An Unpleasant but Important Topic — Catholic Family News Politics vs. A Slow Return To An Organic Society

When all then know how tribalism ends up and with the increasing sacrificing of the babies for the common good of all – we’re headed there on an express train

How Tribalism Becomes Satanism by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

UK Women Promote ‘BirthStrike’ Baby Ban to Prevent ‘Eco-Armageddon’

Indoctrinating the young to promote an  ecology ban on babies –

Who wants to be a tribal warlock drag queen when they grow up ? And all the little kids shout . MEEEE !

STOP Transgender “Drag Queen Story Hour” for 3 Year-Olds in Public Libraries – TFP Student Action

L.A. Archdiocese allows pagan spirituality workshop on its premises | News | LifeSite

From Indigenous Filipino Indian Worship – There will also be a workshop by a “Pilipinx trans woman” about  “Homophobia, Transphobia, and Queerphobia within the Pilipinx Community.


The Truth ~featured~

Traditional Catholic Teachings On The Unicity Of The Faith And Condemnations Against Ecumenism – PDF on the link credits – Animus Delendi -II – By A.S. Guimaraes

Traditional Catholic Teachings On The Unicity Of The Faith And Condemnations Against Ecumenism

  1. Objections Refuted – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich – Knight Of The Counter- Revolution

Our Lady of Nazareth, saint of March 6

Famous Painting Of Our Lady of Nazareth



Conciliar Catholicism – Is Communism & Socialism Infiltration One Of The Key Smoking Guns – News Round Up


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Communism and the Fake Vatican Summit Conceal Homosexual Agenda –On The Fatima Center

Watch – Spiritual Espionage | The Hardwired Connections Between Communism Infiltration In The Catholic Hierarchy And Homosexuality – OnThe Vortex

TYRANNICAL SOCIALISM: Let Us Never Forget –As We Fight The Counter Revolution – On The Remnant Newspaper –

Recommended Movie Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005) –The Pius XII Era  IMDb

Pope Francis opening archives of Pope Pius XII’s reign, (showing his battle against Communism)  signaling possible beatification | LifeSite

China’s ‘Social Credit’ Used to Ban 23M From Traveling | Fortune Magazine

Arizona Lawmaker’s Vaccine ‘Communism’ Comments Erupt Firestorm – Vaxxter

The Truth

The Three Faces of the Revolution – On TFP Student Action

What is to blame for this slow march of the world towards , collectivism , socialism, communism light , and the abandonment of morals objectivity –? why the conciliar Church of course, in its documents , its pronouncements , its new philosophies and theologies

When theocracy and the Catholic State fell in the post World Wars era , the modern state began to rise and the Church began to hitch its wagon to the advocating for new types of socialism based on collectivism and distributist economic concepts which are opposed to traditional Catholic teaching

Criticisms of the ‘ Modern State’ from the ordinary magisterium of the Church began to arise everywhere in numerous examples The Catholic theologian, historian, and writer Atila Sinke Guimaraes explains it further in Animus Delendi “Soon after Vatican II, the Conciliar Church initiated a series of attacks against the Modern State by preaching against the structures of the Western Captialist world and encouraging social reforms. The direct attacks were aimed at the Capitalist regime as a whole. The indirect attacks – opposition to the intuition of private property and promotion of Socialist reforms – were trained against eroding the Western liberal system and introducing legal measures into the structures that would permit the advance of socialization. “

He provides examples that are too numerous to count. One key example is quoted here also from Animus Delendi as follows, “Even after the fall of the Iron Curtain, when Hungry began an economic recovery based on (Christian nationalism and ) the Western model of private property and free initiative . John Paul II condemned the entrance of Capitalism into that Country . In his address to the Hungarian Bishops Conference , the Pope put forth “ At present your country, finds itself under the influence of a consumerist orientation that is imposing itself and threatening to break down traditional values . The danger exists of passing from one dependence to another , one is no less opposed to human advancement , with the tendency to prevent Christianity from dully fulfilling its irrevocable role of integrating Hungarian history and culture. For this reason, I say with the Apostle : Be not held under the yoke of bondage” Gal 5:1”

Here the Pope provides a summary of the new conciliar socialism , progressivism with a false interpretation of both Scripture and the Christendom tradition but it is not the failing of this Pope nor just the one prior or aft. Conciliar Catholicism is a collective breach with traditional Catholicism

More and more educated Catholics have come to realize it for what it is a systematic revolution in the Church – to which the establishment  would respond that not all revolutions are bad but indeed they all are and to the open doors of which blow in every other artifact of the revolution such as the rising attacks against family patrimony /private property and the infiltration of homosexuality and gender theory

Orban: Hungary Is Defeating Anti-Semitism, Western Europe Imports It

This is How Panera Found Out That Socialism Does Not Work – On RTO

The Errors of Russia and the Revival of Stalin in Vladimir Putin –

On Neo-Stalinism, there is evidence that Stalin is once again popular in Russia. In June 2017 The Washington Post reported that a nationwide poll taken in Russia indicated that, “More Russians consider Joseph Stalin the ‘most outstanding person’ in world history than any other leader….

Watch -> Here Come the Socialists | The Vortex

Catholicism sees each man as a self-determinant, a free agent who can cooperate or refuse to cooperate with grace to move toward his supernatural end: the Beatific Vision.

Socialism sees each man as a unit of the state where his individuality — particularly with regard to his final end — doesn’t matter. On a political level, it’s a clash between Church and state, but politics should be the least concern of faithful Catholics as they watch the creeping socialism movement.

The Importance to Christendom of defending patriarchal noble property from conciliar collectivism

See the beautiful Lord of the Manor… Luton Hoo – a royal family favourite • The Crown Chronicles

The honor of the nobility , the patriarchy , and the dead that we defend

Remembrance Sunday: Prince Charles lays wreath for Queen & nation at Cenotaph joined by German President • The Crown Chronicles

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression

Jan Peczkis’s review of Bestie – Unfortunately, Sweden and Israel Are Dens of Unpunished Murderers of Poles

WARNING: This Polish-language scholarly book is not for the politically correct. Nor is it for those steeped in the standard narrative, endlessly promoted by academia and media, of the innocent-victim Jew and the villainous Catholic Pole. Author Pluzanski is unafraid to call a spade a spade—the ZYDOKOMUNA the errors of the Russian Revolution Spread Deeper – Child psychiatrist: Babies are out; ‘Theybies’ are in | News | LifeSite

Russia Test ‘Undetectable Hypersonic Missile’ On Christmas

Top US general in Europe seeks more troops, warships to counter Russia

Ecumenical Patriarch: We’re ‘not intimidated by threats’  Says clash with Moscow is to bring peace to Ukraine

TOAST by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Luncheon Hosted by the Orthodox Metropolis of Korea (December 6, 2018) – Toast – The Ecumenical Patriarchate

Recent Related Collective Archive

The Communist Islam Connection Creeps Further Into Christendom | TCE |

March 7 – Last cruelties of Henry VIII – – The First Communist – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Henry VIII Voted The Worst Monarch Of All Time – National Geographic

Henry VIII




Shrovetide- Fat Tuesday- Photoposts And Upcoming Events


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IT’S OUR FEASTDAY: Catholic Roots of Mardi Gras On the Remnant Newspaper

Lent is coming: Time to prepare — start here! – On Rorate

Preparing for Lent | By Jennifer Gregory Miller – On Catholic Culture

To Love Fasting – On OnePeterFive

The Season of Septuagesima -Are you ready for Lent?   On Regina Magazine

The Tradition Of Shrovetide – On Fish Eaters

Previous Shrove Posts

The Heresy Of The Week – Carnival in a Dutch Catholic Church – On Church Revolution In Pictures – TIA

Events Beginning Today

Sacred Relics Exposition and Presentation – Archdiocese of New York – NY

Over 150 Sacred relics will be on display at St. Helena Parish, 1315 Olmstead Avenue, Bronx, from 8 AM – 9 PM Today  Tuesday, March 5 in the parish gymnasium.


Regional Area Traditional Masses Listing For Ash Wednesday – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Raymond Arroyo – Saturday March 9 at 7:30pm – The Power of Stories At The Catholic Center At NYU – followed by Compline on the Chapel – As Sponsored by the CAS- The Catholic Arts Society

RSVP by clicking here.   No Admission for Sustaining Members   /Suggested donation for non-members: $20


Prolife Event Screening Of The Gosnell Movie (Rated PG) at ICKP St. Anthony of Padua Oratory in West Orange –Church Hall following the 11am High Mass – Separate area children’s movie who wish their children not to view this one yet

Flyer inset below ->


Thursday, March 14, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Annual Irish Heritage Concert  | St. Patrick’s Cathedral | NYC

Link below ->

Saturday , March 16th

Ember Saturday In Lent – High Sung Mass At Holy Name of Jesus Church in Brooklyn

Flyer below ->

Sunday, March 17

The annual Tavola di San Giuseppe – St. Joseph’s Table – Italian Tradition starting at 9:00 am St. Anthony of Padua Oratory in West Orange will host the Volunteers from the parish will prepare and serve Italian food using recipes traditional to this feast.

Open invitation to all


Tuesday March 19th –

High Sung Mass For The Feast Of Saint Joseph Patron Of The Church At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Newark At 7:00pm – Msgr Joseph Ambrosio Rector- Flyer below ->

Saturday March 23rd –

Rosary Rally for Traditional Marriage at 12:01pm at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Way and Northfield Avenue, West Orange as sponsored by America Needs Fatima , one of over 10,000 locations simultaneously praying for the upholding of Sacred Tradition (Free parking at adjacent Mcloon’s Boat House)


FSSP’s Sacred Music Symposium – Los Angeles, CA the week of June 22nd


Photopost  from the Second Annual Lepanto Conference in New York City –On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Photopost Of The Second Lepanto Conference Part II – On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

Some of our own photos from the same event – Lepanto Conference  -II – Event – On TCE 







Cardinal Pell Presumed Innocent & Being Persecuted


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The preposterous case against Cardinal Pell | On Catholic Culture

Update article

The Condemnation of Cardinal Pell, the Church and the World | On Roberto de Mattei’s Site

Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Announced After New Trial Falls Apart – On OnePeterFive

US Bishop: Martyr Cardinal Pell Victim of “Seriously Corrupt” Justice System – On

Victoria judicial system did not give George Pell a fair trial: Tom Percy QC | On The West Australian

Petition: Doubts About Pell’s Verdict -On CMTV

Petition: Doubts About Pell’s Verdict – On CMTV

Bolt: “I knew defending Cardinal Pell could get me lynched” – On

Watch Police Confronting Martyr Cardinal Pell With “Deranged Falsehood” – On

Martyr Cardinal Pell “Likely To Win Appeal” – On

Watch Police Confronting Martyr Cardinal Pell With “Deranged Falsehood” – On

Watch “Why Vatican abuse summit won’t touch homosexuality: Roberto de Mattei” -On YouTube

GEORGE WEIGEL NAILS IT: The Cardinal Pell Conviction Stinks to High Heaven – On The Remnant Newspaper –

Analysis: The stakes of Pell’s Vatican trial – On CNS

Novena for the spiritual and temporal welfare and intentions of His Eminence George Cardinal Pell |  LifeSite

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Priest On -On Mother Of All Peoples

March 6 – God gave him the great grace of “unsuitability for government” – Ven. Gonçalo Da Silveira On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

March 6 – Friend of the Stuarts – Guilo Cesare Cordara – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

March 6 – Bishop Prime Minister – St. Chrodegang On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Casimir, The Prince Of Poland BY Plinio Correa de Oliveira commentary on the Saint of the Day For March 4

The royal castle at Krakow built by King Casimir IV

The Counter Revolution Unites – As Sexual Perversion Proliferates In And Out Of The Church Unregulated


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Watch Remnant In Rome – Michael Matt With A Most Excellent Interviews Roberto de Mattei –On The Counter Revolution –  Via YouTube

As Michael J. Matt interviews Rome’s premier traditional Catholic leader, TFP historian and theologian,  Roberto de Mattei of the Lepanto Foundation. The two men cover the Vatican’s sexual abuse summit, homosexuality in the priesthood, Francis’s “father and grandfather” (Carinal Martini and Carl Rahner) the revolution of Vatican II and the Catholic counterrevolution. Plus, the role of Our Lady in traditional Catholic resistance.

To learn more about Professor Roberto de Mattei’s most excellent work it can be found here 

Snapshot of a portion of the excellent talk  ‘ Success and Failure of the Revolution’ talk   By Roberto De Mattei   Translation from Italian by Francesca Romana

The philosophy of the Revolution is the philosophy of pure becoming. A becoming that, as it is unmoored from Being, it flows irreversibly towards the void/ nothingness, and thus self-destructs. This is the path the Revolution takes.

In fact, the revolution, like evil, does not have its own nature, but exists only insofar as it is the privation and a deficiency of good. “The being of evil – explains Saint Thomas –, consists precisely in being the privation of good.”[13] Evil, which is the privation of being, can spread, like darkness in the night, following daylight. But the darkness does not have in itself the power to defeat the light in a total and definitive way, because it (darkness) draws its very existence from the light. Infinite light, which is God, exists. “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness,” says Saint John (1 John 1:5). Absolute darkness does not exist, because radical nothingness cannot exist. Our existence is the living negation of nothingness. Evil advances when good recedes. Error is affirmed only when the truth is extinguished. The revolution wins only when Tradition surrenders. All revolutions throughout history have taken place only when an authentic opposition is lacking.

However, if there is an evil dynamic, there is a dynamic of goodness. A remnant – even a minimal one – of light cannot be extinguished, and this remnant has in itself the irresistible strength of daybreak, the possibility of a new day with the sunrise. This is the drama of evil: it cannot destroy the last remnant of good that survives, it is destined to be destroyed by this remnant. Evil cannot stand even the smallest surviving good, because it glimpses its defeat in the good which exists. The dynamism of evil is destined to shatter itself against that which stays, which remains solid in society’s liquefaction. Therefore, the final step in the process of today’s self-dissolution eroding the rock on which the Church was founded, is destined to witness the death of the revolution and the sprouting of the beginning of an opposed life: a mandatory itinerary of restoration of faith and morals, of truth and of the social order to which it corresponds: this principle is the Catholic counter-revolution.

Thus what is irreversible is not the triumph of the Revolution but rather its defeat. And this will happen thanks to the dynamism of the good, which opposes the dynamism of evil in history.

The Revolution is in fact a parasite which lives and maintains itself on the remnants of the true and the good which survive in the order which it wants to destroy. These remnants, although minimal, always constitute a seed of potential multiplication and diffusion, whereas the Revolution is, of its very nature, sterile and infertile. And if the Revolution is unable to annihilate, this means that its dynamism is intended to break against a remnant of truth and good which constitute the principle and presupposition of its defeat.

The Revolution of 1968 was successful because its creators occupied key roles in politics, the mass-media and culture: it was successful because it changed Western mentality and its way of life.

Nevertheless, the Revolution of Sixty-Eight failed because it was born of a protest against a one-dimensional society, the bourgeois society of comfort and wealth – but the society that Sixty-Eight produced – contemporary society – is the society par excellence for consumerism and hedonism; it is a relativist society in which all the flames of idealism have been snuffed out. Today reality is interpreted as a system of power, mostly economic, not of values. Power – power without truth, is the only value of our time. All values – the philosopher Augusto Del Noce points out – are destined to be incorporated into the category of vitality. But a society that is unaware of any principle other than that of pure expansion of vitality can only dissolve.[14]

The Revolution of Sixty-Eight failed because its slogan was “it is forbidden to forbid”. However. contemporary society is a dictatorship unprecedented in history; the dictatorship of relativism, a psychological and moral dictatorship, which doesn’t destroy the body, but isolates, discriminates and kills the soul of those who resist it.

In a similar way, the Revolution in the Church had success because the progressive theologians of Vatican II and their heirs are governing the Church today; it has been a success because it has transformed the Catholic way of believing, praying and loving.

On the other hand, the Revolution in the Church has failed because it was presented as a great pastoral reform and instead has resulted in the corruption of the faith and morals: an unparalleled corruption, which has reached the point of enthroning homosexuality amongst the highest ecclesiastical hierarchies. It has failed because its slogan was “it is forbidden to forbid” which did not result in greater freedom in the Church, but resulted in a dictatorial regime, hitherto unknown, so much so, that a Catholic historian, Henry Sire, described Pope Francis as The Dictator Pope.[15]

In my view, Pope Francis’s pontificate is at an impasse. The contradiction that he is faced with is this: in order to ensure that the Revolution prevails in the Church he should exercise infallibility. But he cannot do it, because the Holy Spirit will not allow it; and he doesn’t want to do it because any defining act that he makes would be a contradiction to the primacy of the pastoral over doctrine, which is what he refers to. Pope Francis cannot replace the sword of truth with that of error, since the heirs of Vatican II have replaced the battle with ecumenism. The Church of Tradition, on the other hand, has not given up the battle, has not given up brandishing the sword of truth and the first act of a Pope of Tradition – who will be elected one day – will be that of exercising the munus of infallibility to define solemnly the truths that today are denied and to condemn the errors widespread in the Church today with the same solemnity.

Another Excellent Prof. Roberto de Mattei Addresses Una Voce Canada’s 2018 Annual General Meeting At FSSP Vancouver | Una Voce Canada

Cdl. Brandmüller: “The Vatican Sex Summit Was Failure”
Claims it deliberately ignored the “homosexual network” in the Church. 

Cardinal Brandmüller: Silence on Homosexuality in Church Cries Out to Be BrokenEdward Pentin

A failed Vatican ‘summit’ only postpones the final reckoning | Phil Lawlor On Catholic Culture

The Wrath of God Is Not Taboo. Even Pope Francis Admits It –Magister On Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso

Hungary Stops Funding University Gender Studies by James Risdon On TIA

Lesbian feminist tells Tucker Carlson how transgenderism puts real women in danger | News | LifeSite

Transgender Actor Asserts Existence of ‘Biologically Female Penis’ – On Breitbart

Sexual perversion has destroyed the Boy Scouts. Is the Catholic Church acceptance next? | LifeSite

Mattel to meet with same-sex couple who demand gay Barbie wedding sets – The next Supreme Court escalation in the making ? On The Blaze

Christian Group Chastises Walmart for Pro-Gay Ad
One Million Moms launched petition calling for the removal of the Facebook ad

Madame Defarge in Tale of Two Cities: Character Analysis, Knitting Code & Revenge

The Tradition And The Nobility Answers –

St Maximillian Kolbe On The Will Of The Immaculata  Featured On Knight Of Immaculate .pdf

Recent Archive – News Round Up – Many Reports On The Disparity Of Beliefs Between Traditional and Novus Ordo Catholics | TCE |

The Revolution vs The Counter Revolution In Architecture , Construction, And Functional Art vs. Freemasonry | TCE |

The Tragedy of King Lewis the Sixteenth: By David Lane: Books

The play presents the life of King Louis XVI of France during the French Revolution and is based on the tradition dating from the seventeenth century of an unfulfilled request by Jesus Christ through St. Margaret Mary Alacoque that, to avert a future catastrophe in the realm, Louis’ great grandfather, Louis XIV, must consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In return for this act of humility, the Lord promised to shower France with graces and blessings. Louis XIV and the kings who followed him delayed in making the consecration until, finally, on June 17, 1789, one hundred years later to the day, the Third Estate of the Estates General declared itself the National Assembly, challenging King Louis XVI and initiating the French Revolution. Louis was later stripped of his powers and sent to the guillotine to be put to death like a common criminal; France thereupon became engulfed in the horrors of the Revolutionary Terror.

Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites: A Theme Illuminating American Social History By Plinio Correa de Oliveira On Amazon Books

February 28th – The Harmonic Speeds of the Revolution – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Acies Ordinata – Our Lady’s Army Begins To Enmasse

The Uniform Worn by the Bearers of the Sedia Gestatoria | Papal Artifacts

The only 2 Louis in British history: uncrowned King Louis the Lion & Prince Louis of Cambridge • The Crown Chronicles



News Round Up – Many Reports On The Disparity Of Beliefs Between Traditional and Novus Ordo Catholics


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New Survey Shows Disparity of Beliefs Between Latin Mass, Novus Ordo Catholics – OnePeterFive

Survey: Latin Mass Attendees More Orthodox, Devout – On CMTV

New study says Traditional Latin Mass attendees are much more faithful to Church teaching than most other Catholics

Lex Orandi Lex Credendi – The Traditional Latin Mass Catholic Survey – what Traditional Catholics believe – On Rorate Caeli

Huge majority of traditional Mass attendees reject contraception, abortion, gay ‘marriage’: survey By Joseph Shaw | LifeSite

The Vetus Ordo Missae for a “Church Going Forth” – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

The Velatio Nuptialis: An Ancient (and Forgotten) Part of the Latin Marriage Rite  – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder – On  Regina Magazine

THE CATHOLIC RESTORATION: Chartres Pilgrimage 2018 – YouTube

Tired of apologizing for being Catholic? Sick of every other religion in the world being praised while yours is condemned?

Weary of hearing about the rights of man, with no thought given to the rights of God and His Church?

Done with CINOs (Catholics In Name Only)? Here’s the answer. On Pentecost weekend in France, nearly 20,000 Catholics from all over the world–of every race and color, men and women, old and young–came together to worship God, to honor Our Lady and to send a message to the world: the anti-Catholic revolution has failed!

We’re back, we’re here to stay and we’re not apologizing for being proud Catholic soldiers of Jesus Christ. The Catholic counterrevolution is in full swing, and it’s a youth movement. All for the greater honor and glory of Almighty God. Viva Cristo Rey! Vive le Christ Roi! Long live Christ the King! (For full coverage of The Remnant’s 27th Pilgrimage to Chartres, click HERE)

The Need for Mutual Humility and Support Between the SSPX and the FSSP  – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Papally Approved? Unexpectedly, a New Bishop for the Society of Saint Pius X – On Rorate

Vatican transfers task of Ecclesia Dei to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

FSSP’s Sacred Music Symposium 2019

What Bugnini Was Thinking When He Destroyed the Catholic Mass – OnePeterFive

Hatred of the ancient liturgy Always means hatred of the ancient Faith… and love of homoheresy – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church?

The Novus Ordo  Centering Prayer: Neither a Prayer nor Christian -On The Fatima Center

Pertinent Key Archives

 Article By Michael Davies – The Missal of 1962 should be made available to all Catholics! – On The Latin Mass Magazine: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition

The Latin Mass Is To Be ‘Tolerated,’ Nothing More –By  Margaret Galitzin On TIA

No opposition between the two liturgies?!

And how will the Conciliar Church achieve this “communion” with conservatives on the topic of liturgy? Benedict explains: “Yet for these people, to have the love and tolerance to let them live with this liturgy seems to me a normal requirement of the faith and pastoral concern of any Bishop of our Church. There is no opposition between the liturgy renewed by the Second Vatican Council and the liturgy celebrated according to the old rite.

The Fight for the Beauty of the Liturgy , on the other side of the coin in a very pro Pope Benedict XVI – journal piece

Beauty of the Liturgy, Beauty of the Soul: An Essay by Dom Karl Wallner, O. Cist. – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Why I’m Embarrassed to Invite Non-Catholics to Mass by Mary Carroll On TIA

Papally Approved? Unexpectedly, a New Bishop for the Society of Saint Pius X – On Rorate

Punishing Tradition – On CMTV

Coming Soon: Watch The Promo For Progressivism Explained (Video 3 of the Vatican II Series) – TIA Via YouTube

Hatred of the ancient liturgy Always means hatred of the ancient Faith… and love of homoheresy – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church ?

From The Tradition Section

Romantic Morality: The Real (Part 5) – Tradition Restored

The Top 10 Secrets of Fordham University in NYC | Untapped Cities – Part 9

Stained Glass Windows of the University Church (Constructed in 1845 ) Were Donated by the King of France

The University Church’s current altar is actually the previous altar from the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Tradition Remains Alive In New York  – The Top 7 Oldest Buildings in Manhattan, NYC | Untapped Cities

The Basilica of St Andrew in Vercelli, Italy – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Our Lady’s Green Scapular -On The  Fatima Center

February 26 – Blessed Robert Drury – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

February 27 – “Which of you Gospellers can show such a knee?” – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

February 27 – Are You Hiding a Priest? – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

When Father John Gerard established a house of refuge for priests in London, Mrs. Line was placed in charge. After Father Gerard’s escape from the Tower in 1597, as the authorities were beginning to suspect her assistance, she removed to another house, which she made a rallying point for neighboring Catholics.

On Candlemas Day, 1601, Father Francis Page, S.J. was about to celebrate Mass in her apartments, when priest-catchers broke into the rooms.

Prepare for these days are near to return

Bl. Roger Filcock – Martyr

The Communist Islam Connection Creeps Further Into Christendom


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‘Islamophobic’ Christian man arrested in London for preaching the gospel | News | LifeSite

Malaysia: Police open investigations into three people for insulting Islam – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Hugh Fitzgerald: Van Klaveren Converted — Should We Be Disconcerted? (Part Two) – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Ecumenism With Arianism –  U.S. Catholic-Muslim Dialogue top dog applauds deceptive “living together” document signed by Pope and Grand Sheikh  On Robert Spencer’s Site

The Communist Connection – With St Gallen Begins To Become Revealed – Dr. Marshal Taylor ‘s Show With TnT and Guest Michael Voris – Should Pope Francis Resign? On YouTube


The Communist Islam Connection

The Catholic Hungarian government sites : Islamic State jihadists are returning to EU and “this must be stopped”  -On Robert Spencer’s Site

The Catholic Church becomes red – On TIA

In parallel, Vatican Council II took place in the Church (1962-1965), and it expressly refused to condemn Communism. The red sect could not have been more content. Thenceforth, an astonishing infiltration of communist ideas, methods and customs entered the Catholic Church. Christian Socialism, Liberation Theology, the preferred option for the poor, the Pastoral Land Commission or Indian Missionary Council are just a few examples of the new red banners hoisted by the Church – that same Church which had been until then the most important bulwark against Socialism and Communism.

Card. Mindszenty, Primate of Hungary, heroically resisted the communist usurpation of his country

It Is Ideology Shared By Both Communism And Islam by Toby Westerman – On TIA

The Heresy Of The Fraternal Brotherhood On A Vatican Website

Document on “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” signed by His Holiness Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahamad al-Tayyib (Abu Dhabi, 4 February 2019) | Francis\

Dr. John Lamont On Rorate Earlier This Month In A Key Piece Explains The Differences Between The Papal Actions & Teachings And The Roman Catholic Religion  “Francis and the Joint Declaration on Human Fraternity: A Public Repudiation of the Catholic Faith”

One might ask what meaning we should attribute to the statement, if the Grand Imam signed it and agreed to it. It is more likely that his acceptance of the statement results from the belief in determinism that is a feature of Sunni Islam. According to this determinism, everything that happens is directly willed and caused by God and could not happen otherwise. God is nonetheless not to blame for human sin and other evils, and He justly punishes men for sin. Such determinism holds that religious pluralism is in fact directly willed and caused by God; but it does not therefore conclude that this pluralism is a good, that all religions are good, or that men will not be justly punished for belonging to false religions (which for the Imam would be all religions except for Islam).

This statement by Pope Francis is thus a clear, public repudiation of the Catholic faith. It follows a series of other more or less clear and public repudiations of this kind. Enough has been said about this rejection of the faith; it is time that something was done about it.

How did we get to such a stage that the fullness of truth , the one Holy apostolic Church would begin accepting the heretical tenets of Islam and Communism? – Some Key Answers Follow

At the Council the paradigm shift in religions teaching that broke forth to an army of high level prelates caught unawares The notion of the mandate of ecclesia semper reformanda , the first premise of conciliar ecumenism The acceptance of a constant modification in doctrine and the ecclesial institution via the established of theological pluralism

The second progressivist tenet is in reference to false religions . Adapting Church doctrine ‘ad extra’ turned toward the outside , on the premise that there is percentage of truth within each false religion, with unity to be achieve via the new “theological pluralism”

This is clearly laid out on Attila Sinke Guimaraes study of the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church vs. the 50 year old new theology of the non-binding pastoral Council of Vatican II – In Animus Delendi II

There is now supposedly a new hierarchy of truths with much of what was previously mandated as part of Catholic teachings reduced to a non-requisite  “For Information Only”

. Not withstanding of course that these concepts were condemned by the pre-conciliar Church in so many eras its virtually uncountable – Cardinals Suenens ,Willebrands and others ignored established Catholic teachings and past dogmatic Councils proclaimed the Holy Ghost is now supposedly creating this new theological pluralism and their many theologians and book writers called the “ plurality of doctrinal formations inevitable . One of many highly regarded theologian of their new ideologies was Fr. Germano Pattaro , professor of theology and ecumenism at the Patriarchal Seminary of Venice He claimed “Today we are seeing a revision of yesterday’s theology and it now must be re-oriented (into practice) This impressive transformation the Council made with regard to Ecclesiology . This is pluralism through the axis of time . Theology now has the duty to reinvent itself in different ways at the same time and with the same men”

John Paul II then came to power and doubled down agreeing 100% with the new theology’s implementation to the next phase , “in Catholic education” In his allocation to Catholic educators in the Cathedral Basilica of St John Nova Scotia , he agreed with these philosophies, echoed them and proclaimed “ By professing an institutional compromising with the word of God, as this is proclaimed by the Catholic Church , Catholic Schools should stress a profound respect for the conscience of others , regardless of what they believe, for the sake of Christian unity”

Credits to the same author Animus Delendi II

Therefore  the  legacy of ideology that our generation is left with which are essentially vast ruins in a classical sense not of unity but of division and disorder And from my cumulative studies of reading these theologians philosophies , ideologies , and proposed doctrinal revisions for the new Catholic Church , they are clearly unified amongst themselves convinced that an auto-demolition of the old Catholicism must occur in every sector in order to build the new order and the new Church.

This concept of the imploding phoenix and its recreation in a new form is both a central tenet of freemasonry and that of the gnostic elements of Buddhism /reincarnation

More incredible news stories and fruits of this evolving saga that we all must come to understand can be seen below


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Recent Pertinent Archives

Breaking Stories As Traditional Catholic Apostolates Begin To Converge On Their Perspective On Pope Francis vs. What The Church Has Always Held To Be True | TCE |


Elected pope while on Crusade in Palestine – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Popes’ Fortress Palace in Viterbo, Italy, unpenetrable by the arian enemies. Viterbo remained the papal seat for twenty-four years, from 1257 to 1281.   By PapiViterbo



Breaking Stories As Traditional Catholic Apostolates Begin To Converge On Their Perspective On Pope Francis vs. What The Church Has Always Held To Be True


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Socialism Concepts of Hard Core Convergence Underway Of Democratic Socialism, Distributism , Liberation Theology ,  Ecumenism, Protestant Theology, Liberty, Fraternity And Equality Into A Global Movement With A Pan Religion Was The Rupture Of Errors Into The Hierarchy At The 1960s Council – One bad fruit of many that it provided us with is the ever increasing homosexual scandals and its new baby gender theology – The errors of Russia have metastasized.

 Italian Leader of TFP: Francis’ Pontificate Has Been ‘an Eye-Opener’ –Church Militant’s Juliana Freitag

Vatican Sex Summit Report: Day Two – Insightful CMTV Inside Tract

Multiple liberation theologians, condemned by Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict, are all of a sudden back in good graces in Rome these days. Liberation theology was little else than Marxist principles with a very thin veneer of Christianity. It was, in fact, imported to South America by the KGB.

Rome’s constant support of socialist policies and ambitions, as well as its non-stop refusal to condemn active homosexuality — and even some cardinals’ actual support of it — lends much support to the notion that communists and homosexuals have operational control of the Church — temporarily.

The constant bad-mouthing and downplaying of tradition, the near non-stop slamming of capitalism — both approached as bad things from the past that must be eradicated is a disturbing trend because they are being presented as Church teaching.

News From St. Gallen – Francis Allies Reveal Their Plans for Revolutionary Change –On  Crisis Magazine

‘All this talk about long, inexorable marches sounded ominously Gramscian, ominously like cultural Marxist “revolution by stealth.”

Cultural Marxism and Revolution By Stealth

A Year After “Amoris Laetitia”. A Timely Word –Magister On Settimo Cielo L’Espresso

This day in history—a windfall for the Saint Gallen Mafia | On Catholic Culture

Francis lifts the sanction on Marxist activist Fr. Ernesto Cardenal – Progressivst Document Of The Week On TIA

Communist Fr. Cardenal absolved by Francis – On Church Revolution In Pictures – On TIA

Francis lifts the sanction on Marxist activist Fr. Ernesto Cardenal – Progressivst Document Of The Week On TIA

Stalin’s Priests – The priesthood has been infiltrated. | On The Mic’d Up

Chilean Scholar Offers Thorough Assessment, Balanced Response Rooted in Tradition – TFP

Another field in which the “paradigm shift” appears obvious is the political-social realm. Notwithstanding the disastrous results of “real socialism”, Pope Francis has cultivated a privileged rapport with those regimes which draw their inspiration more or less directly from Marxist ideology, from Cuba to Venezuela, and three times he has received the leaders of the communist-inspired “popular movements” at the Vatican.

The Danger of Not Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seriously –

Democratic socialism and distributism economics sneaks into Christianity via post-conciliar Catholicism

Catholic Social Teaching On The Importance Of Property Inheritance In The Formation Of The Social Dogma of The Kingship of Christ|

Primogeniture and ultimogeniture | law |

It’s against Catholic teaching to SELL Church property – consecrated ground and eternal and even disuse can only shelve or close a Church but never sell it off

Dutch cathedral may be sold because of poor attendance, maintenance costs

A Typical Conciliar Catholic Theologian Pro-liberation theology substantiates by his own thesis that Distributist theology, Feminist theology, and liberation theology all dove tail in and out of one another around the same core elements of the masonic principals of subsidiarity, solidarity , liberty, ecumenism, equality, and fraternity that are in every document and teaching of the Vatican II Council and so diametrically different from what the Roman Catholic Church has always held to be true

The Future of Liberation Theology: An Argument and Manifesto – Ivan Petrella – On Google Books

The Communist Connection – With St Gallen Begins To Become Revealed – Dr. Marshal Taylor ‘s Show With TnT and Guest Michael Voris – Should Pope Francis Resign? On YouTube

Remarks by Vice President Pence to the Lima Group | Bogota, Colombia | The White House

English Nurses praying for their patients , classic archive photograph (1956) – On

This was the authentic feminism . This was the Christian society that defeated Nazism and fended off Communism. What have we done to ourselves?

Where Did The False Feminism Come From Except The Council – The Promotion of , egalitarianism, suppression of the classes, suppression of hierarchy, Marxism, socialism , protestantism – rolled into the desire for a new pan-religion utopia that can only accomplished by the destruction of the traditional roles of the Priesthood and an elevation of ‘charismatica’

The Crisis of Masculinity in the Church – OnePeterFive

The Vatican II Re-definition Of Sin

Lumen Gentium And Homosexuality Cdl. Marx Admits Germans Destroyed Sex Abuse Files, Nigerian Sister Rebukes Bishops

A direct accusation against Francis – never seen before at a Vatican press conference –  On

The Great Awakening Expands: Common Sense on the Papacy from Catholic News Agency – ( Even CNS Has Unplugged From The Matrix – Wow ) On The Fatima Center

For the Record: Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller demand “A Decisive Act” to end the crisis of the Church – On RORATE CÆLI

Sexual Abuse Through Too Much Power, Says Francis. But Meanwhile He Is Losing Power and “Accountability” – Magister On Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso

“A Decisive Act Now Is Urgent and Necessary”: Precisely Why We Need the Formal Correction — Matt Gaspers On Catholic Family News

Edward Pentin on Twitter: “African bishop at #VaticanSummit on clerical sex abuse: “We’ve been ordered not to speak to the press because the Vatican wants to keep us on message. Everything has to go through the meeting’s media office. Homosexual issue has not been mentioned

Woman Who Accused Bergoglio Found Dead In A Hotel In Argentina — Fowl Play Suspected – On The Eponymous Flower

Argentine Whistleblower And Pope Francis Accuser Found Dead: Family Suspects Murder – On CMTV

 Giuseppe Pellegrino Breaks One Another Papal Scandal “Hot Photos” — The Vatican Knew about Zanchetta but Still Promoted Him -On OnePeterFive

Not More  “Hot Photos” —?!  The Vatican Knew about Zanchetta but Still Promoted Him – On OnePeterFive

Author presents evidence Pope Francis used family synods to steer Church to accept homosexuality | LifeSite

Vatican sex abuse cover-up unravels as prosecutors home in on bishop protected by Pope Francis | News | LifeSite

Vatican abuse summit ignores saint who fought clerical sex abuse as it opens on his feast day | News | LifeSite

Pope proposes 21 ‘reflection points’ for discussion at abuse summit

Peter Isley, victim of clergy sexual abuse and a spokesperson for “End Clergy Abuse” responded to the 21 reflection points, calling them “not very concrete points.”

“I’ll tell you what the roadmap in here is, it’s a circle,” he told journalists Feb. 21.

Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’ – On OnePeterFive

Pope’s summit speech fails to appease abuse victims  One says it’s ‘pastoral blah-blah’ to lay blame on the Devil

Pope’s vow to battle child sex abuse fails to appease victims |

N.J. priest at Vatican, removed in 2018, was accused of abuse in 2003

Pope Francis’s record on coverup challenged at final press conference for Vatican Sex Abuse summit | News | LifeSite

GAME OVER, FRANCIS! (Michael Matt’s Vatican Farewell) – YouTube

Reporting from Rome, Michael Matt ends on a positive note. Francis has gone too far. He has no support outside his inner circle of fools. The media, the abuse victims, the traditionalists, they’re all united on one thing—Francis can’t be trusted; Francis is a huge problem. Michael Matt is convinces more than ever before that traditional Catholics should advance, now that the great facade of Vatican II is collapsing before our eyes in Rome.

Watch – CHURCH in CRISIS: Pope Francis, Vatican Losing Control – On Remnant TV

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Feast Of The Chair Of St Peter, What It Means To Be A Traditional Catholic vs. The Rising Errors | TCE |

February 25 – Princess, Abbess, Miracle Worker – St. Walburga – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

St. Walburga

February 26 – St. Isabel of France – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Painting of St. Isabel of France by Roger de Gaignières


Feast Of The Chair Of St Peter, What It Means To Be A Traditional Catholic vs. The Rising Errors


, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There is a growing misconception among Catholics that orthodox of traditional Catholicism’s acceptance can be acquired merely from regularly attending traditional Mass

Traditional Catholicism is a moreover a way of living – Living the gospel life without offense to one another yet sharing sacred tradition as the ultimate form of charity for the sake of salvation.  It involves a journey to find the fullness of truth of the wealth of the deposit of faith of everything the Roman Cahtolic Church held to be true in its consistencies for centuries and centuries prior to the revolution of the Council . Traditional Catholicism requires one to be consecrated to our Lady as slaves of her immaculate heart. It follows the traditional Catholic’s restoration of the Catholic State and theocracy – It holds in highest esteem the monarchial nature of our Church and it’s devout Catholic nobility , which comprise the majority of the Roman Catholic Church’s canonized Saints. The traditional Catholic movement has devotions to the Sacred Heart , the old Catholic devotions, the old breviary and the little office of the Blessed Mother Traditional Catholics have deep devotions to the many hard core Saints such as St Maximillian Kolbe , Blessed Karl and the Bl Karl prayer league  Traditional Catholics routinely go on long walks and long walking prayer pilgrimages Traditional Catholics read and study and a rate that exceeds all religions. They live for the conversion of others to the Truth of tradition even at the sacrifice of meals and sleep. Traditional Catholics abhor secularism, secular education , and the immodest means of dress and destroying ones skins seen throughout the world’s new temples called malls. Most of all traditional Catholics are taught to identify and spot the revolution in all its forms and to hate sin. One of these sins are the offenses against the dogma of the Kingship of Christ , and the economic methods that are opposed to Catholic restoration and the Catholic State

Distributism Is Linked To Post Marxism Reinventions Of Socialism In The Variety Of Strains In The Family Genre Of “Communism- Light”

It has no Papal teachings favoring it other than the pro- liberation theology encyclicals of the post conciliar Church – It furthers the anti-Catholic wedge fostering the continuation of the separation of Church and State It has no formal ties to Christianity other than being promoted by Catholic writers like G.K Chesterton and Hillarie Beloc who excelled in other areas of Catholic theology and doctrine most notably the evil nature of the Mohammadenism religion – It’s main advocates in the modern age are formerly conservative Catholics –called neo-cons The Catholicism of  the Novaks , The George Weigels and Fr John Courtney Murray’s of the world

Yet another one of the many errors of the revolution opposed to the traditional Catholic restoration movement

Distributism Is Not Catholic by Dr. Carol Byrne

With catch words seen repeatedly in the theology of freemasonry such as “fellow travelers” , the institution of “rooted communities” and “the law of fraternity” Other failed experiments recalled by the post conciliar errors were the Papal accolades of the Nomadelfia communities experiment translated from its encoded greek as “the law of fraternity” – This was the post conciliar Church’s attempt to usher in its acceptable new form of communism light into acceptance and promotion. Which the post conciliar Popes then backed away from and instead supported its sister version which is liberation theology (all of the same genre )

All of these errors directly violate the many traditional Catholic social teachings of a centuries of magisterial teachings from Pope Gregory XVI, Pius IX, and Leo XIII right up to the Council

All of them further the separation of Church and State- the abolition of the truly Catholic state – advocate for the leveling of the classes – and are direct offenses against the extablished dogma of the reign of the Kingship of Christ and further to same of the Immaculate Heart of Mary , the mediatrix of all graces.

These are direct attacks of the unity of the faith and unicity of the Church via the destruction of her militant and missionary character ; and affirmation of ecumenism’s continuing transformation into pan-religion. And it seen expressed in all the Popes since the Council beginning with Pope John XXIII but never so vociferously attempted to implementation as Pope Francis I – former Cardinal Mario Bergoglio

Infallible Unalterable Traditional Catholic Teaching

Unity is a characteristic whereby the Catholic faith is indivisible The Faith is composed of an ensemble of truths revealed by God and taught by the legitimate Magisterium The ensemble is harmonious and inter-related that to deny the whole. Unicity , oneness , or uniqueness is a characteristic whereby the Catholic Faith is the only true faith. Analogously , unicity of the Catholic Church is a characteristic whereby she is the only true heir of the treasures of revelation –

See the following noted reference on inauthentic magisterial teachings The Great Awakening Expands: Common Sense on the Papacy from Catholic News Agency – On The Fatima Center

The revolution did not begin in this papacy or even really with the Council where it only came to a head , revolution began and is fostered by the secret societies and the revolution can be identified as “in the making “ for hundreds of years –  Reference = Syncretism and the offenses against the Sacral nature of Christ and our Lady can be seen everywhere as fostered by the secret societies The resurgence of one God among many examples from the 1800s

The Van Ness Parsons Mausoleum  – Tombs and Mausoleums at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn | Untapped Cities – Part 2

But we have been given guides on the road to keep us on track as many confused folks continue the propagation of syncretizing confusion , the messages and practices of time honored traditional Catholicism has its guides and prophets through storms of crisis

The Roman Forum: Gardone 2018

For Christ the King – On

Michael Davies, in his brief study, The Reign of Christ the King , summarizes the Church’s traditional social doctrine: “The Church’s teaching is that the State has an obligation to render public worship to God in accord with the teachings of the True Church, the Catholic Church, and positively to aid the Catholic Church in the carrying out of her functions. The State does not have the right to remain neutral regarding religion, much less to pursue a secular approach in its policies. A secular approach is by that very fact an anti-God and an anti-Christ approach. This unequivocal teaching was summarized very clearly by Pope St. Pius X, who, in his encyclical Vehementer Nos , condemned the principle of the separation of Church and State as ‘an absolutely false and most pernicious thesis.’”

Inasmuch as the Kingship of Christ has existed in nations not ruled by monarchs, a true Christian social order can be established in our American Republic. In the period roughly contemporary with that of our War between the States, there was a Catholic republic in Ecuador headed by Venerable Gabriel Garcia Moreno, a man called “the greatest Catholic statesman since the Middle Ages.” (Our Lady of Good Success, in her seventeenth-century revelations to Blessed Mariana of Jesus, prophesied him as a “truly Catholic president” who would receive the palm of martyrdom.) Moreno’s motto was to the point: “freedom for everyone and everything except sin and evil.”

The 1930’s Austrian republic of Pius XI’s close collaborator, Engelbert Dollfuss, provides another example, as does Antonio Salazar’s Republic of Portugal.

What would it look like if we had a Catholic America where Christ ruled as King?

If the U.S. becomes a Catholic nation (a nation in which the vast majority of the citizenry is Catholic), then the constitutional system would allow us to enshrine certain Catholic principles in the law of the land. On the positive side, the federal Constitution would recognize the most fundamental papal teaching on the matter of politics, namely, that all power is from God , not from the people. (This is true no matter how leaders are actually chosen.) Additionally, there would be laws that protect the family, such as a tax system which does not penalize, but, rather, rewards parents with large families by giving them tax breaks. Marriage would be recognized to be indissoluble and (as if it needed to be said! ) exclusively between one man and one woman. Government would respect the principle of subsidiarity, which would make for smaller, less intrusive, bureaucracy. On the negative side, abortion, birth control, pornography, and sodomy would be outlawed.

Because ours is a federal system, the states themselves can implement such a social order in their respective constitutions. Thus, for example, Rhode Island could fully recognize the social rights of Christ the King, while the other states still lagged behind. This was the case in the Catholic cantons of Switzerland, each of which was a confessional Catholic State.

We must be realistic, but we must not lose sight of the ideal. A lot will have to happen to make all this possible, and it will likely be implemented only very gradually, as Dollfuss attempted to do in Austria (before the Nazis murdered him). Besides the grace of God, we will need enough of our countrymen to embrace the Catholic Faith to bring about our Lord’s full Kingship here. For that to happen, the bishops, lower clergy, and faithful will have to believe and profess all the truths of the Faith more boldly. An elite of clergy, religious, and faithful will have to live the interior life deeply, fortified by an authentic liturgical piety. All the while, it will take Catholics with fortitude to combat the unfortunates who oppose Christ’s reign — those inside and outside the Church.

One of the best studies to understand traditional Catholicism

The Reign of Christ the King: By Michael Davies On Amazon Books

And several other key works to understanding traditional Catholicism , it’s charisms and its attributes

Catholic Social Teaching & Economics :: The Kingship of Christ vs. Organized Naturalism – By Father Denis Fahey On Loreto Publications

The_Mystical_Body_of_Christ_and_the_reorganization_of_society_By Father Denis Fahey (Full book via pdf )

February 23 – The responsibilities of leadership are heavy – Pope Benedict XIII – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

February 22 – From Cavalier’s Mistress to Saint – St. Margaret of Cortona – 3rd Order Franciscan- On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Our Lord told St. Margaret of Cortona, Thou are the third light granted to the order of my beloved Francis. He was the first, among the Friars Minor: Clare was the second, among the nuns: thou shalt be the third, in the Order of Penan

Emperor Karl League of Prayer — Blessed Karl of Austria

Decorations of the Vatican Basilica on the Feast of St Peter’s Chair – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Walking Candlelit Pilgrimage For Persecuted Christians To Herald Square Following Traditional Sung Mass (6:00pm) For The Feast Of The Chair of Saint Peter At The Shrine Of The Unborn – The Church of The Holy Innocents NYC –

Traditional News Round Up – Saint Peter Damian Feast And The Sex Abuse Summit In Rome Intersect – Updated


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Leading Church historian explains why Vatican abuse summit won’t touch homosexuality | Roberto De Mattei On LifeSite

The Catholic Resistance has made itself heard – Roberto De Mattei On Rorate Caeli

VATICAN SUMMIT NEWS: Two Cardinals Intervene, Lay Catholics Demonstrate in Rome – On The Remnant Newspaper

Rome Protest: Laity Take Stand Against Bishops’ Silence on Abuse Crisis – On CMTV

Catholic laity demand Pope Francis address homosexuality at abuse summit | News | LifeSite

Cardinals Burke, Brandmüller: Silence Stops Now -Outspoken prelates urge bishops to ‘end the conspiracy of silence’ – On CMTV

Missionary bishop in Africa: Abuse crisis was caused by homosexuals becoming priests in 1970s | News | LifeSite

Priest arrested anew for abusing 50 more victims , mostly Altar boys in Manila Philippines – Will The Cover-up Of His Bishop For Years Ever Be Punished ?

Catholic leaders must stop trivializing homosexuality to properly deal with abuse crisis | LifeSite

Catholics Kicked Out of Cathedral After Handing Petition to Abp. Gomez

Active lay Catholic and religious are removed after delivering petition to punish retired Cdl. Roger Mahony – On CMTV

Vatican Sex Summit Report: Eve of the Summit = On CMTV

The Sex Summit Headed By Liberals Won’t Solve Anything – On CMTV

“So, Uncle Ted has been defrocked: Will the Big Tent Abuse Summit Turn Out to be a Circus?” – Father Cipolla On Rorate Caeli

Watch – Nervous Hands Tell The Inside Story At The Summit  |Michael Vortex On The Vortex

Viganò Calls Summit Bishops to Conversion – On CMTV

Traditional Catholic Sermon From St Paul Minn : Will the Vatican Do the Right Thing? ” The Remnant Audio/ Video- Via YouTube

Vatican Abuse Summit: High Level Prelate Declares ” Homosexuality “Does Not” Predispose To Sin – On

Anti-abuse group calls for five “more McCarricks” to be defrocked – On Crux

Vatican Envoy to France Under Investigation for Sexual Assault – The New York Times

Pope again blasts Church’s critics: ‘relatives of the devil’  Raps ‘those who spend life accusing, accusing, accusing’ Audience with the archdiocese of Benevento – Vatican Press Office

Pope Calls for Concrete Steps Against ‘Scourge’ of Sex Abuse – On Breitbart

“Why does the word ‘homosexuality’ never appear in recent official documents of the Holy See?” asked Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in a recent symposium, noting that “the overwhelming majority of abuse has been inflicted on post-pubescent boys by homosexual clerics.”

“It is mere hypocrisy to condemn the abuse and claim to sympathize with the victims without facing up to this fact honestly. A spiritual revitalization of the clergy is necessary, but it will be ultimately ineffectual if it does not address this problem

Shakey Shupich – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church?

How can you tell if they’re lying? – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church?

Servants of chaos don’t control damage; they ride it like a surfer rides a wave. – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church?


Vatican Summit Falls on St. Peter Damian’s Feast: Coincidence or Providence?

St Peter Damian – The Hammer Of The Homos- On Catholic Family News

Abp. Vigano: Vatican Summit Opening on Feast of St. Peter Damian Is Providential – Edward Pentin On NCR

Old And New Rite

February 21, Saint Peter Damian, a Prophet For Today’s Church – Magister On Settimo Cielo — L’Espresso

February 23 Feast of St Peter Damian By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA

St. Peter Damian on homosexuality: ‘This Vices Causes Death of Bodies and Destruction of Souls’ – On The TIA

St. Peter Damian on homosexuality: The sodomite will suffer the torments of eternal condemnation – On The TIA

The Sodomite Crisis in the Catholic Church – The Vatican II Relationship To Homosexuality And Pedophilia – On The TIA

St. Thomas Aquinas: Vices against Nature Are Also against God– On The TIA

Bernardine of Siena: ‘This Is the Worst Sin that Exists’ – On The TIA

St. Bonaventure – All Sodomites Died When Our Lord Was Born – On The TIA

The Sodomite Crisis in the Catholic Church – The Vatican II Relationship To Homosexuality And Pedophilia – On The TIA

On The Book that Pulls No Punches and Shows the Problem Starts at the Top – On The TIA

St. Peter Damian