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This special news round up although containing four sections traditional Catholic news, prolife news , transgender revolution movement news, and the great reset news , followed by the Saints of the day has today an introduction

Many of our family friends , associates and subscribers have asked us – Why this news feed What does the convergence of the revolution in the light of traditional Catholics share with us and communicate to us in these overlapped and converging categories Therefore today’s news round up contains this very same explanation

As we begin there are certain things one must understand at base

Firstly sacred tradition of traditional Roman Catholicism has a natural standing opposing element for every elemental component of the organized revolution of what they call , “ the great work”

One cannot deny that the revolution is far evolved and underway, in it’s current most powerful phase , , and ever more so since the post enlightenment /post French revolution era raging against the Church from outside the Church and then firmly within the Church since the 1800s where it began as minority movement to now a majority movement within the Catholic Church.

While of course there is and will always be a faithful remnant within the Church – Scripture says “ At this time there is but a remnant saved according to God’s grace Romans 11:5

    The population reduction , climatism , alchemy , abortifacients , chemotherapy, cancer causing foods, trans-sexual ,transhumanism , euthanasia, pedophilia cults , all  shares resources at a spiritual , economic , political and philosophical level,

One would be blind not to see it’s massive coordinated synchronized roll out all over the world at exactly the same time in each phase.

What and who is orchestrating this can be clearly seen in the convergence of arianism movement everywhere :  Buddhism , progressive Catholicism , unitarian Protestantism , communism , judasim, b’nai brith, freemasonry, Hare-krishna, philosophical islam, Bahai, Brahmansim, seventh day Adventists, Church of Latter Day Saints, Mormonism, Jehovas Witnesses and elements of amish and menonites as well.

Where is the common denominator ? What is driving this , Who now controls the international banking system? – Why is this being done ? Who are the converged elite from all these apostolates ? What philosophy is it based on ?

Did judasim adopt it in their now main book of their post AD new religion which is the Talmud ?

Does it really go back to Simon the Magician of Scripture ? to the fall of the temple and the construction prep of a new religion ? that synchronizes with Egyptian – eastern hermetic mysticism and centers itself in the ten sefirot of the kaballah?

  Do the current elites of Roman Catholicism, to which so many faithful traditional Catholics battle daily against have the same missionary philosophy of rabbinical judaism, of the upper degrees of freemasonry, the AIPAC, WEF , and so many other high level organizations and if so what is this philosophy?

   Did modern philosophers it adopt and bring it into modern philosophy and psychology classes in Catholic and secular universities all over the western hemisphere and within new supposedly ‘ democratic’ constitutions of governments ?– The jews believe also in the “ cosmic Christ’ the anonymous Christian , the merging together of opposites , playing both sides in all issues to invoke the Hegelian dialectic

   Their gnostic path to self salvation of singularity requires a gnostic politics – man reaches a personal evolution in gnosis where he achieves personal perfection ‘from within’ not from without which is where God’s grace comes from – It teaches there is a luciferian light ( not satanism ) that exists hidden for millennia within each person and hidden from their consciousness to which the gnosis secrets comes to us to unlock and activate them

   But to achieve all this what is required in order to be in synthesis with all these world leaders , religious heads , banking executives and hidden philosophical revolutionaries now placed in high places of the world

    Firstly every law must be created by a vote from the fall of creation – the majority shall rule by anthropocentrism and any vestiges of theocracy or Catholics State aristocracies is to be eradicated from the planet and even the Papacy must self destruct from within itself .Solve Coagula ( New) Order out of chaos, the mantra of the B’Nai B’rith –The teachings of Hegel ‘  Gnostic politics must  collaborate and be constant in it’s disruption of the old world ( and what they believe ) rid of it’s coercive institutions and the old world has to be eliminated.

    As to what this new perfect life and new world is meant to look like , nothing at all can be said except acronyms – They truly and admittedly don’t know. All they know and are taught to swear to is their participation in belonging to ‘ the generational era of destruction ‘– They believe they can only help the world by the annihilation of the old world and the full knowledge of the new life and the new world is the generation of the future to be liberated by their collective actions in the egregore of what they term “ the great work”

     It has sentinels ( fallen angels ) ,which they don’t believe are fallen , that advance the revolution through each series of gates deeper and deeper – They believe that the knowledge of man’s science will reverse engineer the DNA gene change that occurred preventing eternal life and bringing age and death Eternal life will not need god but will be achieved by a merger of science and gnosis from following the kaballah and for the non adepts it will be the noahdide laws whose nearing implementation will come with ‘detention camps’ – Transsexual and it’s coming higher rights then heterosexuals in all categories including jobs and discount taxes is only a 1st stage of preparation of the AI merger with machines to complete the reverse engineering of the Logos

    Even the majority of those participating conspirators don’t believe that demons using converged arianism lef by the synagogue of satan are at work herein on this for millennia They have only one fear that they are terrified of , the hard core worship elements of traditional Catholicism and the crusher of all heresies the Mediatrix of All Graces – The Mother of God that keeps each of it’s adherents constantly at the foot of the Cross of our Savior – in the modes of Spirit and Truth in the authentic Jesus in a most liturgical and trinitarian Christian faith

Laudetur Jesus Christus Et Maria Immaculata

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