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The Historic Trek Of An 800lb Ancient Icon Of The Madonna Of The Martyrs From Molfetta Italy out of St Francis Church in Hoboken NJ -> Makes The Traditional Hand-carried traditional journey to the Hudson River into the boats and back home for close to a 2 mile 6 hour procession in honor of Her intercession to our Savior Jesus Christ rescuing His people from famine and destruction in numerous centuries and whereby the people have donated their most precious valuables to these Sacred two hearts , a sacred tradition the separated Christians from the various heretical sects still cannot comprehend nor articulate.

A break from the drizzle under the Erie archways at the River

St Corrodo of Piacenza, a 3rd order Franciscan with a devotion to our Lady, follows Her Divine Maternity past Sts Peter and Paul’s as the trek home begins

The Madonna of The Martyrs Arrives Home In the back of Hoboken not far from the old rail lines @ St Francis on old Jefferson Street to the chorus of the high tower bells , old Italian band horns , and fireworks for the final closing Eucharistic Benediction to which all traditional Roman Catholic processions end with

A people that refuse to let the generational blessings of Sacred Tradition die .

Viva Madonna Dei Matiri