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Today’s news round up is a photopost that does still contain some related Traditional  Roman Catholic posts  including  the Saints of the Day

Votive Mass For Travelers And Pilgrims – Alumni Of the De Montfort School of PA And The Young Men Of Sedes Sapientiae Formation Of The Society For Tradition Family and Property at The Pontifical Shrine of OL Of Mt Carmel

 ​TFP Rosary Rally At Saint Patricks Cathedral For The Conversion of America

Order Of The Holy Sepulcher Incardination of New Members

FAO Schwartz

The National Headquarters Of The Society For The Defense of Tradition Family and Property Kingship of Christ Weekend Conferences and Retreat

Tradition Is Always For The Young

Salve Maria

Watch The Children’s Short Video On All Halo’s Eve /All Saints Day With Their Saints Costumes Procession with The Sister of The Immaculate Heart of Mary At The Benedict Center Up In New England On You Tube

Illustrations of Purgatory and Memento Mori in Antique Requiem Missals ~ Liturgical Arts Journal


jersey city landmark loews – Photo-post


Landmark Loew’s Jersey – Official Website for The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Tribute to The Past Volunteers of This Great Small “t” tradition

With the Loew’s closed as plans for its big rehab are finalized, we at Friends of the Loew’s miss our patrons and supporters, so we want to reach out and say “Happy New Year.”As 2022 beckons, the Loew’s Jersey stands on the threshold of an exciting new chapter: At last getting the funding necessary to reopen the balcony, make the technical upgrades needed to be able to host a regular schedule of major commercial programming, and carry out the full restoration the landmark Theatre deserves.But in the spirit of Auld Lang Syne, it’s worth taking a look back and realizing that none of the good things that the New Year is expected to bring for the Loew’s would be possible without what has been accomplished up to now by FOL volunteers with donations and patronage from FOL supporters.Remember that when the Loew’s was saved from the wrecking ball after a titanic preservation battle led by FOL, it was shuttered and completely unusable — a gutted projection booth, no working stage lights and a stage loaded with trash, no house sound system, moldy seats, ruined dressing rooms, and an auditorium that had been divided in the 1970s into a multiplex were just a few of the problems. While the New Jersey Historic Trust provided a grant which Jersey City matched to pay for the “stabilization” of the Theatre — to fix the roof, get the heat back on, and make other repairs necessary to stop the closed Theatre from decaying further — there was no money available for work to get the Loew’s open and operating again.  

Saints of The Day

The Enemies of El Cid Poison King Alfonso VI of Castile Against Him Again – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 3 – St Hubert, Bishop and Confessor ~ Dom Prosper Gueranger – Sensus Fidelium

November 3 – Patron of hunting – St. Hubert On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

November 3 – Patron of Buckingham – St. Rumwold of Buckingham Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

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