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This news round-up contains five sections traditional Roman Catholic news, pro-life news , transsexual movement news section,   and the great reset followed by the Saints of the Day

Traditional Roman Catholic News Section

Pro-life News Section

Transsexual Revolution Movement News Section

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The Great Reset News Section

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Saints Of the Day

September 20 – Bl. Margaret Colona – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

September 20 – Starved to death for the faith Bl. Thomas Johnson – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

September 20 – “Threats do not terrify me” – Pope St. Agapetus I Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

September 20 – Court preacher to Charles V – Saint Alonso de Orozco Mena On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

September 20 – St Eustace and His Companions, Martyrs ~ Dom Prosper Gueranger – Sensus Fidelium Today a group of martyrs, and this time a whole family—father, mother, and sons—take up their position around the standard of salvation. While the antiquity of their cultus in both East and West rests on the best authority, the details of their life are extremely vague. Could Placid the tribune, whose exploits are recorded by Josephus in his Wars of the Jews,

 Pope Pius IX’s Armies Surrender The Papal States To The Masonic Led Jewish Funded Revolutionaries

Today (September 20th) is the 152nd unhappy and inglorious anniversary of the sacrilegious invasion, spoliation, usurpation, and theft of the Patrimony of St. Peter (the Papal States), over which the Supreme Pontiffs had had charge for a thousand years.

 When the impious King Vittorio Emanuele, on September 8th of 1870, sent a message to Pius IX offering him “protection” from the very same forces he sent to attack Rome, the immortal Pope-King, seeing through the hypocrisy, said that He could not accept the offer nor tolerate its implications, but that He put His cause in the hands of God alone.

Incidentally, Pius also called the messenger and the King “a brood of vipers” and “whited sepulchers,” and predicted that the reign of “the King of all Italy” would not last long, as his dominion over Rome and Italy would also come to an end. Where is the King of Italy now?

On September 19th, 1870, Pius IX made a last journey through the city of Rome and prayed to the Holy Bambino (Protector of Rome) and made the long (and devout) ascent of the Scala Sancta praying to God for His Divine Assistance, but most of all for resignation to His Holy Will. No matter what, Pius IX was determined to remain “a prisoner” in Rome, unless dragged out by sacrilegious force.

Seeing that the invading army was stronger and more numerous, Pius ordered that only a token of resistance be made in order to save the lives of His soldiers, and to let the world know that a deliberate and unprovoked invasion and assault of the Papal dominions had taken place.

Defying all regard for honesty, justice, and decency, the Italian army marched into Papal Rome. As the army stood before the gates of Rome, the commanding general called upon the Pope to surrender, but Pius IX replied: “Though We may not prove strong enough to keep the invader from Our homes, We will let him see that he shall never enter with Our consent. If he persist in acting the part of a robber, We must treat him as such; if he will use violence and overpower Us in Our honest effort to defend Our property, Our Altars, and Our firesides, let him do so in his true character.”

On September 20th, 1870, at 5AM, the sacrilegious attack and invasion of the Eternal City began without provocation and with the encouragement of Protestant Prussia. Being that Pius the IX had threatened with excommunication whomever would be the one to open fire to commence the invasion of the Eternal City, a Jew (Giacomo Segre) was chosen to begin the attack.

When a breach in the Porta Pia was made and the invading army entered Rome, so did Protestantism in the person of the anti-Catholic Evangelical Enrico Luraschi who had a cart (pulled by a dog) full of Protestant bibles – he had followed the Italian army because he wanted to be the first person to distribute Protestant bibles in the Eternal City – oh, the glorious beginnings of Protestantism in the city of the Apostles Peter and Paul!

When the Papal army had surrendered, the Pope blessed them and they shouted “Long Live Pius IX, Our Pontiff and King.” The new government asked for the keys to the Quirinal (the Papal Palace) so the King could take possession of it, but Pius IX refused to give them up; there, too, the invader had to enter through the use of force.

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