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Today’s news round up contains five sections flyers and photo-posts  , Roman Catholic news , pro-life news, vaccine news , transsexual movement news, and the great reset news section

Traditional Roman Catholic News Section

Prolife News Update Section

Transssexual Revolution News Update Section

Vaccine News Section

The Great Reset Section

Saints Of The Day Section

May 23 – Chevalier of the Order of Leopold – Fr. Pierre-Jean De Smet On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Eliteshttps://nobility.org/2014/05/fr-pierre-jean-de-smet/

May 23 – St. John Baptist de Rossi – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elite

May 23 – Appointed bishop to replace a corrupt one, then imprisoned for defending the King’s legitimate wife  St. Ivo of Chartres  On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


From The Most Recent News Update The Great Culling Has Begun – Millions Awaken To The Architects Of The Great Reset TCE