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John Horvat -VP or Tradition Family and Property conference talk at Holy Innocents NYC as posted on Spiritual Strength via You Tube (video to follow)

Photopost Fr G Zannetti – Sung Mass in Raritan NJ By Jon Stulich On Zenfolio


Upcoming Events

Flyer For Father Perricone’s traditional Catholic Philosophy and Catechism Classes @ Our Lady of Victory Harrington Park, NJ Continues Wednesday Night January 26th 2022

Father Perricone Traditional Catholic Resources Web Site


Flyer For Requiem For Velia Silva At The Pontifical Shrine Of Our Lady of Mt Carmel NYC Thursday 01-27-22

Franciscan Friar and Professional Catholic Apologist to Speak At Holy Innocents Friday evening February 11th, 2022 – See flyer for more details – >

Christmastide Photographs Holy Innocents NYC 2022

Photographs @ The Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel NYC 2022

National March For Life 2022 Washington DC – Holy Innocents NYC Bus Trip

TLM At Old Saint Mary’s Mother Of God – Holy Sacrifice of The Mass For Nellie Gray – A Votive Mass of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

Shrine of Blessed Karl , Emperor of the Cathlo-Austo- Hungarian Roman Empire and Servant of God Zita