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The Vatican Mafia Under John Paul II Continued – By Roberto De Mattei On OnePeterFive Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli would be the one behind Pope Francis’ opening to communist China, after the failure of Paul VI’s Ostpolitik with the Soviet Union. What is certain is that there is a chain that, through the “Mafia of St. Gallen,” goes back to the “Vatican Mafia” of the 1980s and, further back, to the men of Paul VI, with the same ideological objectives. This subterranean network, which has guided the ecclesiastical policy of the last fifty years, has little to do with the Mystical Body of Christ which continues in history its mission for the eternal salvation of souls, but for this very reason its machinations deserve to be known.

House of Lords Tells UK Government It Should Act Now Against China – On Bitter Winter

The Third Revolution’s Psychological Offensive Within The Church – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Restoring Tradition If it is really true, as his brother insisted, that the restoration of the traditional integrity of the liturgy was Pope Benedict’s principal and most pressing concern it becomes clear that the issuing of his Apostolic Letter, Summorum Pontificum, given Motu Proprio, can be seen as one of the defining moments, and perhaps as the defining moment, of his whole pontificate. This Letter, issued on July 7, 2007, had been long and eagerly awaited by the millions of Catholics around the world who had been marginalized, demonized and ghettoized by modernist bishops and clergy for the “crime” of desiring the Traditional Latin Mass- By Joseph Pearce On Crisis Magazine

Buildings across world lit red for persecuted Christians 

Red Week spreads word in Europe, N. America, Australia – On CNA


Did I Not Tell You That It Would Become So ?