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Events for the Feast of Bl. Charles of Austria – On Novus Motus Liturgicus ( More Blessed Karl links at the bottom of this thread )



Last Call For Signing Up For The Traditional Catholic Mens Retreat With Father John Perricone Phd See Flyer for more details ->

March Against Covid Mandates Monday October 25th NYC See Flyer For More Details – >

Eucharistic Outdoor Procession Through Multiple NJ Towns For Prolife Outcomes To Upcoming Elections – See flyer for more details ->

Father Richard Munkelt To Speak at Holy Innocents NYC on Friday Night November 12th – Disease in State and Church Diagnosis and Prognosis Following The 6pm TLM In The Church Hall – See Flyer for more details ->

Traditional Catholic Catechism and Philosophy Class by Father John Perricone PhD

Our Lady of Victory in Harrington Park NJ on alternate Wednesdays – Please see the updated flyer for more info –>

Upcoming protests against FDA Vaccine Emergency Use Authorizations For Children and their soon to be mandates

It’s A War Lets Band Together and Unite The Clans


Events for the Feast of Bl. Charles of Austria – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Emperor Karl League of Prayer — Blessed Karl of Austria


October 21 – Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Recent Archive -> Photopost Charles Coulombe Traditional Catholic Author and Historian – Talks on Blessed Karl of Austria and New Book Gives Reprieve From The Pressing Vaccine Revolution & World Re-org | TCE |