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This News Round Up Contains Four Sections traditional Catholic news, prolife news, vaccine news, and the great reset news

Traditional Roman Catholic News Section

… He was characterized by a savage reserve, vindictiveness, unbounded pride… he never forgave an injury. … He was impious, tyrannical, murderous, sacrilegious, and unworthy. … His attacks were entirely unprovoked, ill-timed, … His declaration of war came … in the midst of “perfect peace” in the Church…  What is it all about? No one had attacked him; there does not seem to have been the very least provocation; the whole story looks as if he and his friends had no other motive than a love of schism for its own sake. …

This is how Michael Cerularius’ actions and character are described by Fr. Adrian Fortescue in his book The Orthodox Eastern Church. Cerularius was the ambitious Patriarch of Constantinople in the 11th century, when the “Great Schism” took place. However, we are sure that at the present moment, when reading these words, most of us immediately think that somebody else is aptly described in that same way.

This is because, for some weird reason, Pope Francis seems to have a lot of similarities with that other ambitious and vindictive Patriarch (except for the “murderous” part). Just like Cerularius, Pope Francis seems to be full of a certain anti-Roman spirit that leads His Holiness to attack all the authentically immemorial customs of the Roman Church. Just like Cerularius wanted to make everybody use the Byzantine Rite, His Holiness would like us all to use the New Order, to the absolute exclusion of the immemorial Roman Rite, and His Holiness shamelessly uses lies in order to excuse such horrible actions.

In the letter to the Bishops, His Holiness says: “I am saddened by abuses in the celebration of the liturgy on all sides. In common with Benedict XVI, I deplore the fact that ‘in many places the prescriptions of the new Missal are not observed in celebration, but indeed come to be interpreted as an authorization for or even a requirement of creativity, which leads to almost unbearable distortions.’” Obviously, this is a blatant lie because His Holiness Himself has been the agent of greatly scandalous acts during the liturgy (the Pachamana debacle being the worst of all). Yet, His Holiness claims to be saddened by liturgical abuses on all sides. Well, are we supposed to expect another Motu Proprio in which His Holiness will eliminate all those abuses in the New Order as tyrannically as His Holiness is trying to eliminate the traditional Mass? We greatly doubt it.

His Holiness also says in that letter: “I take comfort in this decision from the fact that, after the Council of Trent, St. Pius V also abrogated all the rites that could not claim a proven antiquity, establishing for the whole Latin Church a single Missale Romanum.” Is His Holiness implying that the Old Roman Rite is less than 200 years old, and that is why His Holiness can try to eliminate it? What a monstrous idea that would be (!), just as monstrous as it was that Michael Cerularius had all the Latin churches/chapels in Constantinople shut up and even had his thugs trample on the Eucharist consecrated using the Latin form and matter because he only wanted the Byzantine practice for that.

His Holiness’ latest Motu Proprio is not merely a Kristallnacht moment, but resembles more  a kind of  Endlösung moment, a “final solution” with the aim to exterminate the most venerable Liturgy in all of Christendom (and its adherents), all under the guise of false indignation at lack of unity and a severely misguided desire to promote concord in the Church. Of course, this leaves us all wondering why this worries His Holiness so much, when the almost open and semi-official schism in Germany does not cause His Holiness any lack of sleep at all.

What very likely did cause His Holiness lack of sleep was the fact that the Pachamama statuettes were thrown into the Tiber, and His Holiness even apologized for it to those who were offended by that. Is it possible that this latest Motu Proprio is retaliation for such action? Since the Old Mass cannot literally be thrown into the Tiber, all that could be done was to try to prohibit It in churches … we do not know for sure.

And, frankly, we do not know what else His Holiness might do or think anymore – nothing surprises us now. Pope Francis has certainly outdone all previous Popes when it comes to scandalous ecumenical gestures, false official statements, erroneous pronouncements about liturgy, doctrine, and practice, tyrannical actions, outrageous insults, etc. What’s next? We hope that the revered body of St. Pius V will not be desecrated and thrown into the Tiber simply because the traditional Roman Missal carries his name.

Let Everyone Who Glories In The Christian Name Cease From Cursing And Wounding The Holy Apostolic Roman Church

–Letter of Pope Leo IX to Michael Cerularius

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Prolife  News Section

Vaccine News Section

The Great Reset News Section

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