Sunday April 25th Feast Of St Mark Rogation Day Mass  At Holy Innocents NYC Traditionally the Greater Rogations or “Major Lita-nies”, which shall be observed here at Holy Inno-cents at the 10:30 a.m. High Mass. The Litany of the Saints will be sung during a procession around the church prior to the Mass, which will be peniten-tial Mass celebrated in violet vestments. This is a special Day of prayer instituted by the Church to appease God’s anger at man’s transgressions, to ask protection in calamities, and to obtain a good and bountiful harvest. Please plan on attending to wit-ness another one of the treasures of our Holy Cath-olic Faith’s Liturgy. The 9:00 a.m. Low Mass will be that of the Third Sunday after Easter. 

Rosary Rally and Peaceful Protest – Of Fr James Martin Speaking @ OL Of Hungry Wycoff , NJ  -Monday evening April 26ht –  See Flyer  For More Details – >

Rosary Rally and Peaceful Protest – Of Fr James Martin Speaking In Watchung  , NJ  Wednesday May 5th – See Flyer  For More Details – >

Father John Perricone’s Monthly Traditional Catechism and Philosophy Class In Bayside Queens – Next Class Thursday May 6th – See Flyer  For More Details – >

The Writings Of Father John Perricone

Announcement On Upcoming Free Traditional Catholic Conference Friday April 30th Preregistration Required

  • The online summit coming up on April 30, called COVID-19 and The Great Reset.
  • It will feature live presentations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, G. Edward Griffin, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider to name a few, conference will include new to be divulged info on the global infiltration
  • Direct conversations with all presenters is available for attendees if they upgrade to a premium membership, but for those who only want to watch, and registration is free but required in advance via email
  • This could be an historical ground-breaking moment in this time of global deception. Hopefully it will serve to unify us and strengthen us in our fight to abolish the lies.

Can’t Make It To Lake Gardone4 Italy This Year?  – The Riviera and Traditional Catholicism Is Coming To You !

The  Roman Forum 2021 Retreat & Conferences Week  Is Announced  For Long Island NY For  Week of July With Limited Registration – See Flyer  For More Details – >

CIC – Watch This  Remnant TV Preview and Register Now For The  Catholic Identity Conference October  2021 In Pittsburgh PA (Mark the Date and hope to see you there ) –

Please Sign The Petition To Tell the Catholic University of San Diego to CANCEL Its Sinful “Drag Show” on Campus – TFP Student Action

Photo – The Madonna Di Matiri Outdoor Procession – Hoboken, NJ – Sept2020