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Feast Of Saint Patrick Continues 2021 Traditional High Mass – As The Counter Revolution Continues See flyer for more detail->

Feast Of Saint Joseph Continues Its Traditional Rite In Honor of Saint Joseph and the late Msgr Joseph Ambrosio . This should be a mob Mass unite the clans event of friends and family – Father Daniel Rodriques picks up the torch See flyer for more detail->

Feast Of Saint Joseph 2021 NYC – See flyer for more detail->

Spy Wednesday Teneabrae To Kick Off The Triduum Returns To Jersey City -celebrating the Jersey City TLM Community’s new home at OL of Sorrows Jersey City NJ – This is a unite the clans event where many trads can attend that are part of other apostolates and the choir is superb – See flyer for more detail – >

Teneabrae 2021 Holy Thursday Matins -AM – Pontifical Shrine of OL of Mount Carmel NYC

See flyer for more detail ->

Also 1950s Holy Week @ Holy Innocents NYC Pre-55 Good Friday Mass of The Pre-Sanctified – This is Mass mob event the most devout and popular in the area – -Flyer Coming Soon –


Traditional Rite Holy Week’s Returns to Jersey City @ OL of Sorrows In It’s Amazing Ancient Form See flyer for more detail – >

Traditional Catholic Women’s Retreat 2021 and its agenda

See flyers below for more info ->

Traditional Catholic Philosophy & Catechism Classes Every Other Tuesday Evening At Our Lady Mother of The Church – (Church Hall) with Father John Perricone Ph.D. See flyer for more detail->

The Feast Of The Annunciation Thursday Evening March 25th 2021 Our Lady Of Sorrows ,Jersey City, NJ See flyer for more detail – >

Watch – Preview To Sign Up For The Catholic Identity Conference 2021 (Mark the Date) October 3rd weekend Pittsburgh PA – Remnant TV

Watch – CHRIST or CHAOS: Challenging the New World Order (CIC 2020) – On The Remnant