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  • FRATELLI TUTTI – Bergoglio’s new input against Capitalism by Atila Sinke Guimaraes –  On TIA The cause of the current crisis in the west due to globalism, a false agitated class/race struggle and an engineered virus has one evil earthly source and it is Conciiar Catholicism , a new religion that has arisen within our Roman Catholic Church  .In Pope Francis encyclical he calls us to unite regardless of religion against poverty to eliminate what he calls the real scandal The Pope knows he is contradicting our Savior and claims that Chriatianity evolves ( even beyond Jesus Christ) He calls hunger criminal and people that are hungry are so only because someone else has taken posession of what they need to live and that the people must rise up against this and unite The Pope is calling for a forced egalitarianism through open revolution similar to the french revolution and several south american communist revolutions which he completely supports and quotes the Council ( not out of context either) to support . In his defense the Council does call for this new religion or what scotish rite eclesial freemasonry terms the brotherhood of mankind . Gaudium et Spes which was written by De Lubac whom JPII made a Cardinal was an avid proponent of every modernist Philospher codemned by Rome from Pius IX through Pius X , XI & XII. The Capitalist system as represented by President Trump against a new green international govt controlled industry is rebuked by Pope Francis who says our charity is weak and favors our own country and that the middle class works to enforce a system to keep the poor people poor

These statements are not only an afront to western Catholic Charities and Catholuc Missions but his words are an evolving of the revolution of Vatican II into the direct words of Karl Marx .This Pope is the most dangerous person in the Catholic Church since the time of the apostles He needs to be resisted and called out everyday of the week 

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