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Virus Masks And Lockdown Hoax Headed Into Social Credit Score Tracking

Evidence Of Election Fraud

Some facts about the election – that you may have overlooked

  • Yesterday President Trump has been projected the clear winner , even by the liberal media consortium of both North Carolina and Alaska
  • The Alaska win included the pro-life Senator of Alaska that gave the pro-life Republican party majority control of the Senate
  • In Georgia there are so many fraudulent Biden ballots that a full hand recount has been ordered and it has been projected that Trump will easily win the State of Georgia once the re-count which has just begun is completed
  • In Wisconsin the amount of fraudulent ballots discovered for Biden has received consensus for a full audit which will not be complete until November 17th the Feast of St Elizabeth of Hungry ( new Rite ) and 3rd order Franciscan and the recount will begin on the Feast of St Elizabeth of Hungry (old Rite ) November 19th . Also by constitutional law the recount has a minimum of one week to count
  • For Detroit, Phoenix, and Philadelphia a third poll worker whistleblower, now in the witness protection program, has emerged detailing election Fraud of both the software ( Dominion Software ) and the dead people voting
  • The amount of dead people that voted for Biden that have been eliminated from the counts in these States is now over 50,000 dead people and still counting
  • Each of these accounts are detailed in affidavits in each State’s AG office , and number over 131 affidavits, which are verifiable  public records
  • The Dominion Software that flipped thousands votes with programming code to Biden in two States confirmed and with two more states under investigation is owned by Nancy Pelosi’s family who are the major shareholders in Dominion and there is now a federal anti-trust suit that has  been drafted for submission
  • Of all the States where voter fraud occurred , the  majority of the election fraud occurred in Pennsylvania
  • The situation in Pennsylvania will most likely be decided by the Supreme Court , once justice is served in PA ( A State who was 80%+ for President Trump) there is no mathematical way that Joe Biden can win the election

Obviously none of these established facts are in mainstream news which is owned and operated by the Globalists and the Democrat Party 

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