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Abp. Viganò Slams McCarrick Report Shows ‘unparalleled network of corruption and immorality’ – On CMTV

Report: NJ bishops gave Vatican ‘inaccurate’ information  Before McCarrick’s 2001 appointment as D.C. archbishop McCarrick Report: Vatican details McCarrick’s career and decades of sexual misconduct  – On CNA

McCarrick Report: Pope Hero, Viganò Villain -Francis’ dossier fails to name key abuse victim James Grein  – On Church Militant

Vatican publishes awaited ‘McCarrick Report’ dossier The McCarrick Report: Full Text and a Vatican Summary| Edward Pentin On National Catholic Register Alongside summary by communications official Tornielli

McCarrick Report Will Blame All On John Paul II, Spare Francis and Friends – On

Analyzing the Form of FRATELLI TUTTI by Atila Sinke Guimaraes -On TIA After reading Francis last Encyclical I decided to analyze it from two points of view, its form and its content. Today’s article is dedicated to the its form; other articles shall follow to study its attacks against Western Capitalism, more specifically against private property and indirectly against the Church Militant. Analyzing the Form of FRATELLI TUTTI by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

Open Letter to the Bishops – Souls sacrificed through ‘silent complicity with the world’ – On CMTV

Watch – Luciferian Bishops |How can any of them escape damnation? On The Vortex

Good News: Demolition Cardinal Retires – On

De Mattei: Our place in the battlefield – On Rorate

Abp. Viganò: We Are Facing a “Panorama of Systematically Constructed Lies” – OnePeterFive’

How Francis Is Preparing the Conclave, With His Cardinal Favorites – Magister On Settimo Cielo — L’Espresso

News On The Society –  In keeping with the Society’s narrative against decentralization that  cannot very well speak against a centralization move when they are pro-centralization and anti-decentralization  Only this is not a Vatican II era move to let Bishops establish and approve religious orders it happened a generation before that and the SSPX itself would not be  possible without such a Bishop’s approval  In  their ignorance on this topic another type of SSPX order can now NEVER be established by a Bishop A New Motu Proprio from Pope Francis -On  FSSPX.News

Covid Masks and Lockdowns Hoax News

Evidence Of Fraud In Favor Of Joe Biden Mountainous

How Donald Trump paved the way for an authentically Christian Republican Party | LifeSite

How God’s providence is sung in the liturgy and reappears in our daily lives | Peter Kwasniewski  | LifeSite

Listen To Dr. John Rao –  (2020-2021)–From The Purifying War to Danger on All Fronts (1914-1945)–Lecture 5 By Roman Forum | ( Free Listening on SoundCloud )

November 10 – Who Was the First Pope to Be Called “Great,” and Why? – Pope St. Leo I (the Great) Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites