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Clearing The Air On Covid Truths

  • 99% of everyone below the age of 70 in the world has survived covid
  • The amount of people that have had covid put on their death certificates covid that did not die from covid is in the tens of thousands and the amount of women and men from the Filipino nurses network that have quit over this hoax is now in the hundreds
  • The chance of an asymptomatic person carrying covid is as rare as hitting the lottery
  • The people that have died of Covid are elderly people by majority people with multiple pre-existing conditions and they died because the hospital mistreated them  as it has been clearly established that the method of putting covid patients on a ventilator and sedatives will kill over 95% of anyone treated that way of any age but in Queens NY and other regions the agenda continues and these people may one day be considered martyrs to a political system
  • Masks, per the Federal OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Association ) , are unidirectional not bidirectional  They work in ONE direction , meaning that a certified N95 mask might provide nominal protection to the wearer but it provides ZERO protection to everyone else . The virus goes through ALL masks . ( I can attest to this myself as I am OSHA 30 certified for life)
  • If you walk,  get exercise , take thousands of mgs of Vitamins C, D , and Zinc then the chances of you metabolizing covid into anything past a cold is HIGHLY unlikely

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