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Covid Truths related to healing, the world communist movement , globalism , vaccines, and population control all converging

The holy pro-life movement against the culture of death of tax payer contraception, abortion, and subsidizing of the new transsexual race and its rights above the rights of God

History & the Saints as well as  information on the Mediatrix Of All Graces & the 5th Dogma found in few other places

Herein we promote a uniting of the clans , the FSSP, the ICKCP, the SSPX, the TFP, CFN, the Remnant , the restoration of the 3rd Orders, the Confraternities  the rebuilding of the Catholic Workers Guilds within the Unions ….all within in the charism of what is known as the Sacramental Kingdom of St Louis IX which means intermarriage between all these apostolates , big families, and organic inter-networking for one reason alone……. for the restoration of the Social Reign Of the Kingship of Christ and a return to the throne of a militant orthodox reform Pope, a Supreme Pontiff in the line of the great Pius Popes

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Laudetur Jesu Christus Et Maria Immaculata