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Restoration Minded Catholicism


The New Rising Race Needs Your Children

  • Children are ‘status symbol’ for homosexual men: Israeli film director | Lifesitenews Rich, white gay males have endless options for accessorizing their lives with human beings they have the means to acquire. Their stories are plastered all over the tabloids. These men have chosen to purchase children because they are unwilling to create children in the natural way, and are unwilling to commit to a woman for a lifetime in order to form a family to nurture children.    Females are valuable only for supplying eggs and womb-rentals. Their role as mothers have been rendered inconsequential. Women are nothing more than “Breeders.”  to them The only way for a homosexual to have a biological connection with a child is to engineer the child using extreme medical measures accompanying the purchase of genetic material and surrogacy services.


 Infiltration Into Roman Catholicism


  • The rapping nuns of Sister Faustina – This is the spirituality of the conciliar Divine Mercy , The rapping nuns of Sister Faustina – This is the spirituality of the conciliar Divine Mercy , it is not unique to this order , it is steeped in modernism and forgiveness without reparation against temporal punishment – The theology is centered in evangelical lutheranism and is often defended by the heretical Vatican document from the 1990s known as the Lutheran accord to which the late Father Paul from St Antoninus and I have been known to have a couple of heated discussions David Anunziata inherited Fr. Paul’s books and he did apologetics work on them discovering heresies in each one conflicting with the eternal magisterium of traditional Catholicsm – I thought they might be useful to teach people the dangers of charismatic Catholiicsim , Divine Mercy theology and Jews for Jesus , the three of which are interrelated but he disagreed with me and insisted that they are too dangerous and could fall into the hands of non-scholarly apologists , as we consider ourselves and he burned them
  • Subsequent to that event and much latter I changed my position on archiving error for apologetics work and agreed with his position on the necessity of burning them
  • Taylor Marshall: “Steubenville Isn’t Catholic” – On The Eponymous Flower
  • PRAISE AND WORSHIP: The Day the Music Died – On The Remnant Newspaper
  • Invalid baptism leads to an avalanche of invalid sacraments – On Rorate Caeli


The Politics Of Globalism And The Natural Defenses We Must Assume To Protect Country and Family



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