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Featured -Watch –  Amazing Polly – Is This Torture? – On YouTube

Watch Dr. Stella Immanuel: “America, there is a cure!” – Trump tweeted these Hydroxychloroquine doctors … and then visited a vaccine facility the same day.

Medical Doctors give conference against claims for COVID-19 Pandemic | FromRome.Info

Watch – Front Line Doctors Speak Out ON COVID Cures and Misinformation – On Banned Video

Frontline Doctors Speak Out ON COVID Cures and Misinformation  After the White Coat Summit received 15M views and was shared by President Trump, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube began censoring and deleting footage of the event. – On Info Wars

The Bilderbergs wanted a Virus to kill the elderly because … | FromRome.Info Catherine Austin Fitts said that Wall Street’s plan was to kill-off the elderly so that they would never have to make good on all of the pensions that were stolen, and they won’t have to provide care for the elderly.

Public Pension Timebomb, Explained | Former Mayor of Costa Mesa Jim Righeimer -On California Insider Via YouTube

Soros Has Pumped $50 MILLION (So Far) Into 2020 Democrat Election Campaigns – Already $30 million MORE than in 2016 – On Info Wars

MASKED BANDITS: Shepherds Terrorizing the Sheep –  On The Remnant Newspaper

RED ALERT! Fast Tracked COVID-19 Vaccine Could Lead To Massive Death Rate of 80%  – On Banned Video

Fauci ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ of COVID-19 Vaccine by Late Fall and Early Winter – On Breitbart

Watch – Pigs Fly! CBS News Exposes The Dangers of Bill Gates’ Vaccines – Bill Gates Confronted – On Banned Video

Watch – Fauci Talks “Veil of Immunity” — — Beyond the Face Burka -On Banned Video

Watch -30,000 Volunteers for Phase 3? All FAKE – On Banned Video

Watch –  BBC: Vaccination Tattoos to Travel by 2022 – On Banned Video

W.H.O. Claims Coronavirus Won’t Go Away as Seasons Change Globalists laying groundwork for perpetual lockdowns – On Info Wars

STUNNING: UK State Media Pushing Forced Inoculation & Microchipping of Humans BBC confirms Bill Gates’ agenda for all travelers to be inoculated and microchipped to travel, work or leave home – On Info Wars

Watch – The SECRETS of SILICON VALLEY : What BIG TECH Doesn’t WANT You to KNOW –On

FDA List of Potentially Dangerous Hand Sanitizers with Methanol Expands – On Breitbart

Totalitarianism By ‘Hundreds Of Little Steps’ | Rod Dreher/ On The American Conservative

Twitter Censors Trump By Completely Removing His Tweet For First Time -Twitter has completely removed President Trump’s tweets, while it previously stuck to placing notices meant to debunk the president’s claims – On Info Wars

Austin City Council Officially Calls for Blowing Up Police Station As Symbol of Ending Police Hate – On Info Wars

Gov. Cuomo Investigating Packed ‘Illegal and Reckless’ Chainsmokers – On Breitbart

Resist Fear Mongering Propaganda – Brother Andre On

Explosion in mandatory masking isn’t driven by science, but fear |  LifeSite You will be shocked by many of the revelations in this report that your usual information sources are not telling you

Covid-19 and the Limits of Obedience – Crisis Magazine “These calls to obedience, however, have shown a misunderstanding of that virtue, as well as the limits the virtue places upon both the subject and the superior.”

Watch – Why wearing a mask is bad for your health | On The Real Food Channel

Watch – Covid 19 Is World War 4 – On Banned Video

The Population Control Attack On Children

The Agenda

The Night Baseball Died in Revolutionary America -John Horvat II  On The American TFP

Traditional Catholic News Round Up


From The Most Recent News Round Ups, Vigano- McCarick -Marxism- Lockdowns- A Silent Pope & Bishops In Culture Wars Global Re-org | TCE|

July 28 – Nepotism Sometimes Bears Good Fruit -On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

July 28 – Nepotism Sometimes Bears Good Fruit – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites