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Free Online Book : Indian Tribalism: The Communist-Missionary Ideal for Brazil in the 21st Century by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira 
In this prophetic work Prof. Plinio predicts the guidelines of Querida Amazonia and the Amazonian Synod, foretelling the results of the new missionary teaching constantly promoted by the last three pontificates. For many historical reasons, we can affirm that the latter hypothesis is true. Indeed, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira had defined this goal as one of the aspects of what he called the 4th Revolution in his master-piece Revolution and Counter-Revolution. He gave the name Tribalism to this long term historical process and characterized it as having a philosophical explanation – Structuralism – and a social-economic correspondent – self-management.

Watch – The Importance of Finding & Defending Honor In The Confederate South – On Mike Church Show On YouTube

Watch – Marxist Immunity | The Vortex They party, you get the hangover.The higher up the sociopolitical-economic ladder you go, the less the consequences of Marxist ideology are felt. Eventually you reach a level where you find the actual Marxists behind the entire movement, whom we can term “the elites.”

Leftists are taking conservative Americans hostage through cultural tyranny | LifeSite In many parts of the country, Republicans cannot even put a bumper sticker on their cars without fear of violent retaliation.

DC Activists Place Guillotine Outside Jeff Bezos’ Mansion – On Info Wars

UN secretary general calls for ‘global governance’ with ‘teeth’ | News | LifeSite We absolutely must come together to re-imagine and reinvent the world we share,’ says Antonio Guterres.

Watch Unnatural Film Trailer   The Social landscape of the World has changed forever, alongside that the Electromagnetic Frequencies that the Mobile Phone, WI-Fi and soon to be 5G technologies use are still yet to be proven safe, and there is sufficient evidence to show the dangers of long term and even short term exposures to those frequencies.  4 mins\


Pope Francis In Another Scandal

 Iconoclasm Continued


Hardcore Communistic Censorship


Crisis In The Catholic Church Continues To Escalate


The War To Defend The Babies Against The Population Control Agenda

The War To Promote The Rights Of Sodomy Over The Rights Of God For The Population Control Agenda

Covid News


The Truth Of Black Lives Matter Emerges

From The Most Recent Newsblog Archives – Feast Of Sts Peter & Paul Good News Emerges – Vatican II Revisited – As An Extension Of The Third Era Of Iconoclast Persecution | TCE |

The Remnant Traditional Catholic Church

June 30 – He began a crusade against the immorality of his time – Blessed Januarius Maria Sarnelli – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

June 30 – How One Humble Servant Transformed the New York Upper Class -Servant of God Pierre Toussaint – On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites