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Watch – Viganò Critiques Vatican II as: “Doctrinal Deviations” – On Dr. Taylor Marshal Via YouTube

Listen To Vigano’s Testimony Read Aloud : The Council Is the Cause Of Our Problems – On Return To Tradition Via YouTube

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FNC’s Carlson Welcomes CHAZ to the Global Family of Nations — ‘Not a Big Deal, a Brand-New Nation Within Our Own Borders’ – On Breitbart

Watch – Marxist Momentum | On The Vortex

If you want to know what 1933 Germany looked like — or 1917 Russia — just look out your window. Business wrecked, censorship, the seizure of power, armed thugs patrolling the streets injuring and murdering people, weak politicians immobilized by the mob.

Belgian city removes statue of King Leopold II after protest -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

White “Anti-Racists” Vandalise Statue Of Saint Who Had African Grandmother – On’

The Latest: English city hauls toppled statue out of harbor – On Breitbart

Churchill, Washington Statues And Cenotaph War Memorial Boarded Up In London Black Lives Matter CANCEL demonstration to avoid clashes with counter protesters who vowed to defend monuments – On Info Wars

Watch – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Slams CCP for Exploiting Floyd’s Death |CCP Virus |Epoch News – YouTube

Counter-Revolution Tactics  – Chapter V -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The must have  handbook – Revolution and Counter Revolution – That Explains Everything Going On And The Traditional Catholic Stratagem And Response

The Covid Truths

With Covid-19 Engineered Re-org Not Working Out Domestic Terrorism Becomes The  Authorized Tribalism Of The Approved New Revolution



The Global Elites Converged Networks of Gates, Fauci, Soros , And The Climate Police

The Defense Of The Children

The Church Under Global Attack From Within


The Roman Catholic Church In Its Glory

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