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Coronavirus could ‘burn out naturally’ so vaccine not needed, former WHO director claims – On Telegraph

Trump gives pro-China World Health Org. 30 days to reform or permanently lose funding | News | LifeSite

The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually demonstrate independence from China.’

Trump Blasts  Reporter On Twitter , CNN caught on video removing mask after White House press briefing- Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “A CNN Faker!” / Twitter

VIDEO: Trump Says He’s Not Mandating Vaccines – On Banned Video

Trump Admin Slams UN for Promoting Abortion in Response to Coronavirus |

Fake formula leaves babies sick; Trump may cap WHO funding to match China; Mysterious virus symptoms – OnYouTube

Coronavirus could ‘burn out naturally’ so vaccine not needed, former WHO director claims

Yet Another Dr. Speaks Out Against Quarantining Healthy Americans – On

Watch – More Doctors Come Out To Tell Of The Covid Hoax – And How They Treat Their Covid Patients s- Tuesday, 5/12/2020 — A MUST WATCH:Dr. Yvette Lezano… a medical doctor in Dallas, Texas… – YouTube

Watch – Judge Napolitano: Gov. Cuomo made ‘catastrophic’ nursing home decisions –On Fox

Breaking – Watch President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina Claims that the WHO, offered his country the sum of $20m as bribe to poison their COVID-19 cure,– President Rajoelina – On

11 Buildings in Shanghai Demolished | CCP Virus | COVID-19 | Coronavirus | Epoch News – On Epoch Times – On YouTube

Video: Nurse Exposes Coronavirus Face Masks Using Common Sense ‘You’re doing your body a disservice’ – On Info Wars

George Soros: Pandemic the Crisis of a Lifetime – ‘Never let a plague go to waste’ – On CMTV

Melinda Gates Shows Satanic Symbol To The World – On Info Wars

Three Bill Gates Expose Films in One Place – On Info Wars

USAID head to UN Secretary General: Stop peddling abortion as COVID-19 relief | News | LifeSite

Judge Overturns Oregon Gov Kate Brown’s Order Closing Churches, Leaving Abortion Clinics Open |

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Three Counsels for the “Unfortunate” Graduation Class of 2020 –

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