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WatchU.S. Democrats propose ominous ‘6666’ bill for coronavirus tracing | LifeSite

Watch “LUCIFERASE QUANTUM DOT: Bill Gates’ Great Satanic Magnum Opus” on YouTube

Watch Missing Twilight Zone Discovered – Episode 666 – On Banned Video

Watch – Bill Gates Vaccine Leaves Permanent Mark With “Luciferase” – On YouTube

Watch – 666 The Mark Of The Beast Has Arrived – On Banned Video

Watch Live: HR6666, TraceForce & Starvation As A Political Weapon – On Info Wars

Watch – Democrats propose ominous ‘6666’ bill for coronavirus tracing – LifeSite On YouTube

In A Disturbing Wikipedia Site On Pro- 666 Concepts and pro- antisemitism – We now see the beast rising in every sector This web site makes the Beatles connection to Alister Crowley and the First three degrees of Freemasonry) ) (Masonic = 666 in Basis 9) Number of the Beast/666 – On Wikipedia

Aleister Crowley: Freemason connections to the Nazi hierarchy as detailed by Freemasonry itself

Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates’ – Om The Washington Standard Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates’ – The Washington Standard Approximately 50 people who received the vaccine subsequently contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome, a potentially fatal form of paralysis. According to an expert with the Centers for Disease Control, the incidence of Guillain-Barré was four times higher among those who received the swine flu vaccine than in the general population

Watch Dr Zach Bush and Del Bigtree On What Is In COVID-19 And Its New Vaccines : A DIRE MESSAGE TO OUR ELDERLY -Eugenics  On YouTube

The Global Plot To Kill The Children and Offer Them As A Blood Sacrifice To Lucifer For The New Satanic Elite

Watch – The Fall of the Cabal ~ A Janet Ossebaard Documentary.

Porn Baron Bankrolls Abortion Giant -Phil Harvey pumps millions into Marie Stopes – On CMTV

Federal Appeals Court Again Upholds Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz |

Watch -URGENT! Full Disclosure from ‘INSIDE’ – Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar, an American osteopathic physician whose questioning of the lockdown has drawn much high level interest – On You Tube

Big Tech censors Plandemic film, bans mentions of Judy Mikovits and Plague of Corruption –

WHO and China Collusion Deepen Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping asks World Health Org. to delay pandemic warnings  – On Breitbart

The Vatican Approves John Lennon: An Ill-timed Act by Mark Stabinski “The Beast/666” Aleister Crowley, the self-professed Satanist par excellence and 33rd degree Freemason whose photo image appears on the front cover of The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. The same album that hides the chanted song 999 which disguised the 6s meditation

The Church In Contradiction At A Time Where We Need Her Most



19 Leftist Contradictions About the Coronavirus Crisis – The American TFP Many who insist that science is a god to be worshipped in this crisis are strangely silent when “expert” models like the London Imperial College’s COVID-19 study, are proven to have grossly overestimated the scourge’s lethality

Thousands of People Are Dying at Home Due to the Lockdown – On Info Wars

Watch – Raymond Arroyo: The data does not support a national lockdown – On

A theologian analyzes the morality of the cancellation of public Masses and the closure of churches by the State — superb Thomistic treatment – On Rorate Caeli

Coronamania III:  Requiem for a Myth -On The Remnant Newspaper

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