Happy feast of St Fidelis old and new rite , a franciscan martyred by Calvinsts in the early 1600s in Switzerland for preaching the truth and converting many to the one true religion with the help of strong devotion to the mother of God

Vodaphone CEO – reveals the deception – breaks news on the 5G/smartphones relationship to Covid-19


Having worked  in the telecommunications and power system control business, design , construction, and project management – my whole career – decades –

 I have found this position and expose’  of the ex Vodaphone CEO to be HIGHLY credible Experts on the Truth About Cancer have detailed research that we were at 1 in 8 people contracting some form of Cancer We went to 1 in 6 which is where we are at now – contracting some form of cancer at some point in our lifetimes They predicted that some time in the near future we were going to go to 1 in 4 people  TWENTY FIVE PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION  That prediction might be sooner than everyone thought to be  The true test in all this is whether we are silently crossing that rubicon – with the help of the current food supply, vaccines , and 5G .The most important study that will ,needs be, come out in the next 3 years is how many Wuhan nano-tech virus survivors contract cancer or are unable to conceive children !  There are many many pending law suits from IBEW and CWA workers involving bad skin burns and internal organ damage from working on the construction and maintenance of the new 5G network 

To dismiss as unrelated is just not giving the due diligence to the consideration of the mounting factual evidence it requires 

This piece provides partial substantiating to my own research

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