The whole country’s virus contraction is on the decrease despite the media reports The total death rate will not go past the regular yearly flu death rate by not that many thousands – Within the death toll , what is being reported on any death if they also had Covid , they died of Covid because they believe later states funding is tied to it . Information emerging is that majority of the people that died had significant underlining conditions that are not being “publicly” reported via main stream media and the remainder were the elderly ,the latter of whom it hits hard ( as it was designed to do) While it is indeed a highly contagious virus –  most insiders believe we’ll be on the beaches in July without major issues,  except lots of new rules , especially when 5G becomes a reality,  we’ll have live tracking and live policing

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The Master Data Map Of The Latest ArcGis World Wide Geo-data Sick Map –  Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) ( Consider the source of the data being input WHO)

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