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“Isn’t it obvious that the reason the bishops don’t want their clergy out there “smelling like the sheep” in the “field hospital” (etc.) is because most of the clergy in positions of power are older—precisely the “Spirit of Vatican II” generation—and more vulnerable to being killed off by the virus? They know that as soon as the younger clergy take over, the revolution’s days are numbered. The natural fear of death has been pervaded and compounded by the fear of a catastrophic institutional death, the demise of the project to which several generations have committed themselves, for their own advancement and for the dissolution of traditional Catholicism. Thus, the sacramental interdict is a perfect reflection of their fear of change… the change that is coming, whether they want it or not.”

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Spy Wednesday 2020: The Hymn of Kassiani – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

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 With Uncovered Head – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Whilst the Lutheran heresy was spreading its ravages throughout Germany, Charles V., of Spain, hastened to Augsburg to assist at the diet convened there to stem the pernicious influence of this heresy. The feast of Corpus Christi fell at that time. It was celebrated with every possible pomp and magnificence; the Emperor Charles assisted thereat with the most edifying devotion.

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