The nightmare of our wrongly accused traditional Cardinal George Pell has ended , innocent and exonerated

Yet the Banking Fraud in the Vatican Cdl Pell  was betrayed for exposing marches through ON THE SAME DAY AS HIS EXHONERATED

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Something worthy of looking at is the real numbers that are very different than what the mainstream media are painting as a war zone – While this is a seriously strong contagious flu , this appears to be more of a globally engineered permanent societal change . There are less than 13,000 deaths from it in the US which is running 25,000 under the seasonal flu and it is less than 1% of the deaths from Cancer in the US this year and worldwide . The comparison to deaths from other diseases also pale by comparison  ESRI ArcGis COVID-19 Resources

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Watch – Weaponizing the Wuhan | CMTV’s The Vortex  -You can sense it in the air, you can feel it in your bones: The Marxists are weaponizing the Wuhan virus and are wanting to use it as a pretext to usher in their much-longed-for New World Order (NWO). And be certain, that NWO totally excludes God and any people who believe in Him.

Watch – The Deep State Connection to the Fatima Message – Fr. Isaac Reyes On YouTube At the 7 minute mark he begins to talk about Bill Gates role in the Chastisement that God allows because of the lack of the Consecration of Russia

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