De Mattei: Is the Corona Virus “the black swan” of 2020? “Our Lady asked for something more: the specific consecration of Russia, done by the Pope, in union with all the bishops of the world. It is this act, until now never done, that everyone is waiting for, before it is too late.” – On Rorate

Abp. Viganò calls on Pope Francis to ‘convert’ for Pachamama idolatry in St. Peter’s | News | LifeSite

US bishops must address charges of Catholic Relief Services collaborating with evil | LifeSite

Northern New Jersey Becomes An Underground Church As Newark Archdiocese Prelate Bans All Sacraments Newark Cdl. Joseph Tobin forbids confessions, baptisms, funerals in wake of COVID-19.

Cardinal Vicar of Rome tests positive for coronavirus – Vatican News

St Gregory, St Charles Borromeo: Where have you gone in this time of crisis?  By Father Richard Gennaro Cipolla On Rorate

“The Plague of St. Charles Borromeo” Chapters 7-8 As read by Canon Aaron Huberfeld –On

Blueprint for Obtaining Last Rites in the Hospital for COVID-19 Patients -On The Remnant Newspaper –

Here’s how to obtain Last Rites for a hospitalized COVID-19 patient | A  blueprint for navigating hospital refusal and ecclesiastical reluctance | LifeSite

Communism In The Hospitals Begins As The Management Of Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear

Rusty, cracked and unsterile’ tools: Louisiana Supreme Court case shows abortion centers as houses of horror | LifeSite

U.S. Prepares for Prolonged Shutdowns as Coronavirus Strains Hospitals – WSJ

Ben Carson: Build Homeless Tent Cities Outside, Solve Problem Now – On Breitbart

Federal Judges In Three States: Elective Abortions a ‘Constitutional Right’ During Coronavirus Pandemic – On Breitbart

Study shows middle-age COVID-19 mortality risk – On Yahoo News

French Revolution Ay Whole Foods –  Employees Are Staging a Nationwide ‘Sick-Out’ -Demand double pay for hazards- On VICE News

Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy –

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California Retailers Prepare For Civil Unrest; Boarded-Up Stores Seen From SoHo To Beverly Hills – On Info Wars

Coronavirus Starts Wave of ‘Food Nationalism’ As Russia Begins Locking Down Exports To Their Own Food Supply First – On Info Wars

Supplies Are Starting To Get Really Tight Nationwide As Food Distribution Systems Break Down – On Info Wars

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Invokes Emergency Powers to Rule by Decree, Has Unlimited AuthorityThe Hungarian parliament voted for the measures by a two-thirds majority – On Info Wars

Chinese Biological Experiments To Infect Humans With Coronavirus Exposed In 2015 By Italian State Media – On Info Wars

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