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While we respect everyones position on this virus , for us the jury is not completely in but time will be very soon to tell us the answer  Here are some of the points – followed by the top alternative news round ups

  • Is it really a very bad virus ? Or like a bad cold as other doctors have said ? Or the hyped up media about massive lung damage and a gazillion deaths coming ?
  • Does it hit people completely differently due to susceptibility of greatly varying factors  ( resulting  in some people smoke cigars till 90 and others get Cancer within 5 years) ?
  • Is it really a virus or is it a disease – like cancer that only goes into remission but you always have – It has been confirmed as an HIV strain that was originally only a homosexual disease that spread outside of those communities when sodomy became legalized
  • Is it globally orchestrated and planned to change the structure of governments , economies and worship as three major revolutions did – protestant , french, and communist revolutions
  • Did it originate as one school of thought says by jumping over from the few animals where virus can jump from animal to person – At wet markets ,in Wuhan it moved between – they say rat, bat, and snake before the it came to the animal that looks like an armadillo and jumped into persons that ate these animals and handled them at market
  • Or is that an “out” and did it originate in a Wuhan laboratory as a bio-weapon since China economy and wide scale starvation were already being predicted as only a couple years out
  • Or is it the majority of traditional Catholics maintain related to the Fatima prophesies and a global chastisement where our Shepards abandon us, even though Christ and the Holy family will never abandon us
  • Many of us are working on our home Chapels and are in communications with Priests 
  • But based on this message , its appearing what is coming next
  • We may have to go more underground that you know House Masses Banned Near Detroit ?! ( Are more Diocese bans coming ?!) On CMTV https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/house-mass-banned
  • If it is indeed a biblical plague Catholic Salvation History which is always cyclical will determine how far it goes
  • Catholic History Dictates What Will Happen With This Virus Next | TCE | https://traditionalcatholicsemerge.com/2020/03/18/catholic-history-dictates-what-will-happen-with-this-virus-next/
  • In the various eras plagues are between 2 and 3 years until the people are brought to their knees and beg God’s mercy –
  • With more repentance & faith combined with reason (via modern medicine) the time of plague could be shortened by half
  • These plagues always follow apostasy and infidelities by the Church and its peoples .The Vicar of Christ refused the corrections of his Princes of the Church to orthodoxy and instead urged the faithful to process with and worship and pagan goddess And so now the Lord has removed the Church from the head Shepard because the Church would not remove its apostate head Shepard
  • But to believe this will end any time in this year would be a mistake – conserve everything – eat less as a habit – pray – 3 times as much – as we talk 3 times less
  • In the near future we will re-establish powerful confraternities and traditional 3rd orders – We will unite them in the style and example of the Sacramental Kingdom of St Louis IX organically uniting families with these apostolates and the traditional Catholic orders
  • St Montfort de Montfort’s consecration devotions will become the center of the majority of all Catholics life
  • And the reign of our Lady to restore all things in Christ towards the  Social Reign Of The Kingship of Christ will begin \
  • It will be a most privileged time to be alive and witness this historic era in salvation history with our children
  • Thank the Holy family everyday for the privilege to be one of the ones to stand in the gap and fight

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