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This is what we have discovered

Truth, objective Catholic Truths, is within our trinitarian God . Truth is absolute and has rights above all other rights

The new religion of Vatican II says this is false
Rights can only be found within the person and that is found in ALL the documents of the Council and within the general ‘pastoral’ applications of 1 of the 23 approved Rites of the Catholic Church the Novus Ordo.

To get around the absolute rights of personal conscience ( protestantism) VII teaches that the conscience has rights when it is based on ” circumstances”  of human dignity

This is based on a marriage between the enlightenment’s situational ethics and the grand  orient of freemasonry’s philosophies on rights

And unlike infallible Roman Catholic teachings that says that the actions of the person are always through the will. When the person violates the commandments and natural law they automatically violate the dignity of the person even in the exception of invincible ignorance which the new progressivist Catholicism converts to the norm.

The details of how and why these teachings of the new Catholic religion rising within the Church is a heresy, and differs radically from the first 1960 years of Catholicism, can be found in many places over the centuries in the teachings of the Saints and the magisterium, but never so more eloquently than in Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical ” Libertas”, if anyone is interested in proof text and is on fire for searching for absolute truth