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We are witnessing the result of the separation of the Church and State and the suppression of the Kingship of Christ at Vatican II with its exaltation of religious liberty of false religions The results are upon us in the following diametrically opposed warring world views that has silenced all absolute truth by force

The Kingship of Christ: Introduction – Instaurare omnia in Christo On The Fatima Center


Pete Buttigieg: A Mayor for the Twilight Zone – By Chris Ferrara On The Remnant Newspaper –


Then Watch – It’s A Good Life – On The  Twilight Zone Episode  #39  Which Explains The Whole Current Situation –  On YouTube


From Chaos to Order – On The Lepanto Institute We are approaching the triumph of Logos and the end of an age in human history. We are seeing signs of that future event in our own days. One of them is the implosion of the media complex designed to distract and enslave the minds of the masses in an attempt to impede the arrival of a universal conscience, a worldwide awareness of Logos. The political excesses happening everywhere had an unintended effect: to make many in the world aware that something unholy is taking place, something that reveals the work of evil minds.


Watch – Now US Bishops Says Priests Should Not Vote  ? How incredibly un-American.  | On CMTV’s The Vortex


There Is No ‘Catholic Vote’ -?!  Declan Leary –  On Crisis Magazine  Although that is what the Vatican II – US Bishops worked for decades to create – traditional Catholics would contest this article and say , ‘that is changing as we speak’


Watch – The Faithful Vote | On CMTV’s The Download Show


This is what the future looks like in the US if you vote for a Democrat President

US mom begs Trump to help free her children kidnapped by Norway’s child protective services | News | LifeSite


China Still Forcibly Harvesting Organs for Transplantation, From Prisoners of Conscience Independent Tribunal Finds (Including Coranova Virus)  – On CMTV


Thought Police Emerge @ Donna Brazile Meltdown: Shouts ‘Go To Hell!’ at RNC’s McDaniel – On Breitbart


The Monsters of Liberty – by Chris Ferrara On the Fatima Center


Project Veritas Releases ABC Information — Journalist Suspended – On The Eponymous Flower:


Facebook blocks Google Translate and Disney.com in its efforts to block Jihad Watch  On Robert Spencer’s Site


Organized Masonry Example  – Restaurant Owners Hit with Bad Reviews After Attending Trump Rally – On Breitbart


Antifa Blockade Major Passenger Railway, Force Toronto Cancellations – On Breitbart


Notre Dame Ignores Catholic Teaching to Promote Gender Ideology – On CMTV


Firing Up Conservatives – VP Mike Pence touches on Catholic themes – On CMTV


Bernie Sanders Praises Cuban Literacy Programs Under Fidel Castro – On Breitbart


Amy Klobuchar:  The Democrat Party’s Extremely Radical Moderate –  – On The Remnant Newspaper


Trump admin is defunding Planned Parenthood and 2020 a fight between freedom and socialism | News | LifeSite


Here’s what’s coming for America as the coronavirus spreads… city-scale quarantines, overrun hospitals, domestic flight lockdowns and MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW


Freemasonry Is Not Homosexual Per Say, But It Supports What The Lavender Mafia Is Trying To Break Through – The Rights of Man Above the Rights Of God At All Time

Fighting Back

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